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For avid travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, shaving becomes a nuance on the go. Especially, when you consider the different voltages, plugs, ports, adapters, chords and cables that are a requirement in an unfamiliar country.

For traveler’s comfort, we have created a quick guide for choosing a travel friendly shaver. Our top pick is based on currently available best travel shavers in the market.

How to Choose a Travel Friendly Shaver for Men

Rotary head shavers were once the talk of the town due to their unique and innovative adjustable pivoting, but nowadays, once considered old school, foil head shavers have mastered this trick of adaptability.

Choosing between foil and rotary head is now only a matter of personal preference, not comfort. You can opt for either one of them, but keep the following quick points in mind:

Should be Travel Friendly

Any shaver you purchase should be travel friendly, meaning it must have the capability to handle 120 to 240 volts. Also, it should come with a lock, a solid head cover or at least a pouch to keep fragile head and blades safe from bumps and thumps of traveling.

For travelers to EU, UK, AU or USA, a single kind of wall adapter will be sufficient in most cases. However, if you are planning to explore the great locations of Africa, Asia or South America, then it is wiser to go with a battery powered shaver and ditch the rechargeable option, since there are around 5 different adapters being used in these regions.

How to Choose a Travel Friendly Shaver for Men


The best travel charger is the one that has quick charging capabilities and offers at-least a week of shaving on a single charge.

For this reason, the newest kid on the block, USB powered rechargeable shavers, don’t measure up as the best one only offers a 30-min shave. Realistically, this isn’t good enough after 4 hours of charging.


A travel shaver should be versatile enough to handle wet and dry shaving or at-least be water washable for quick cleaning and easy maintenance.

Our Choice: Panasonic ES-LA63-S ARC 4

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Belonging to highly regarded ES range of shavers, this is one of the priciest shavers available, but certainly among the most capable ones.

Its high quality micro-thin stainless steel foils coupled with agile multi-flex head and 30 degree nanotech blades offer closest shave with or without foam.

  • Multi-fit arc blades along with multi flex pivoting head offer complete contact with skin, delivering almost perfect shave every single time.
  • Dual motors offer 14,000 cpm, resulting in close and precise shave.
  • Charges only in an hour and delivers 40 minutes of shaving action non-stop.
  • LED screen clearly indicates battery level, so no guess work is needed.
  • Comes with a rugged zipper pouch and a foil cover for extra protection on the road.
  • Capable of handling wet and dry surfaces with ease.
  • Requires universal 120-240 volts for charging.
  • Power adapter is included, but you will need wall adapter traveling outside USA.

  • Needs additional adapters while traveling outside of USA
  • Shaving time on a single one hour charge is 40 minutes

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Wahl Smart Shave Rechargeable Water Proof Foil Shaver


Panasonic ES-LA93-K, Arc4 Electric Razor


Braun Series 5 5090cc Electric Foil Shaver

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  1. A long charge is essential. My husband is able to get three weeks out of his razor. So he saves space by leaving the charger home.

    • Three weeks is a great charge – and definitely beneficial if you can then save space by leaving the charger at home as you’ve said. Happy travels Carol!

  2. not going to lie, I hate electric shavers because my beard is so course! however these seem like they would fit the bill for quick convenience compared to my old Gillette Double blade razor cause I would have to carry my brush and soap

    • Definitely great for quick convenience, though it comes down to a personal choice as everyone’s different :) Happy travels Eric!

  3. Good information, I actually used to use a cheap Panasonic $20 foil shaver that takes AA batteries. But now I just don’t shave until I get back home, three weeks was pushing it though, a little too scruffy by then.

    • Thanks Todd – if you can get through the trip without needing to shave, bonus! I always find we forget to pack enough batteries for our electronics when we’re traveling, so usually prefer being able to use a plugin charge :)

      Happy travels!

  4. Great tips, I’ve never considered bringing an electric shaver on my travels, but it seems like a good idea, I would save a lot of space, considering I wouldn’t have to bring all the other accessories I carry for shaving :)

    • Glad we could help Vlad – for sure, electric shavers are a great way to save space :)

      Happy travels!

  5. I haven’t thought so much about this. My boyfriend only uses cheap razors, but I think it is better to use a proper shaver and use one that is good for travelling. And long battery life and adapter is essential. Thank you for these great tips. ?

    • Glad we could help – feel free to pass the link along if your boyfriend is looking to invest in a travel shaver :)

  6. I need to show this post to my husband! He switches between using an electric shaver or hand razors off and on. We’re hoping to go on rtw trip this year so he will have to decide what’s more convenient for him once we leave!

    • Definitely a decent idea to invest in a shaver which has been designed with travelers in mind, especially if thinking about a long term trip. Hope this helps!

  7. Great article as usual about travel friendly shaver. I have faced some problem for this. I think I’ll stay with following this article. Thanks for sharing your good experience with us.

    • Glad the article was helpful for you Jenifa – these recommendations are specifically for men, but there are many travel friendly shavers on the market for women too – personally I stick with disposables for myself :)

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