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Last year we thought it would be a fun way to recognize the adventurous spirit and inspiring lifestyles of 21 deserving male travelers by awarding the title of “Sexiest Travelers of 2014”. And the post quickly became a viral hit, crashing our site 4 times in the first day; proving that adventure has been the new sexy for a while now! Date a boy who travels. Where to find a boy who travels.

Because it’s unlikely you’ll find yourself bored dating a boy who travels. He treasures experiences over toys, and talks of distant places. His hands have explored the stone relics of ancient civilizations, and he has lived out of a backpack because he lives happily with less. He is enthusiastic about the world, and passes on that enthusiasm to you. Sexy traveling men.

With these qualities in mind, the following are the sexiest male travelers of 2015. If we’ve missed your favorite traveler, they could very well have been featured in last year’s list. Otherwise leave us a comment with your nomination for next year! Sexy male travelers sexy boys who travel

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*None of these men knew of this nomination. It was once again a very “stalk, steal (their photos), and yell SURPRISE across social media” kind of operation.

Jeremy Scott Foster

Jeremy Scott Foster

Jeremy Scott Foster: One year out of college, Jeremy gave up the ordinary life in search of something slightly more unusual. He quit his job, booked a flight to the other side of the world, and never looked back. That was five years ago, and it was the best decision of his life.

He has been working his way around the world as a blogger and cocktail bartender, and through his blog has created a lifestyle for himself which suits his strengths while offering the creativity and freedom to do and roam as he pleases. His intention is to inspire you to do the very same.

And, ladies…if you have the chance to catch him bungee jumping … he has a habit of jumping naked. Click to enlarge [below photos].

Follow Jeremy at:

Will Hatton

One man, one goal, thirty countries, no flights, from the UK to Papua New Guinea. Will Hatton's travels are extreme!Will Hatton: One man, one goal, thirty countries, no flights, from the UK to Papua New Guinea. Will Hatton’s travels are extreme!

Will is an amateur adventurer, digital nomad and travel addict. He likes to get muddy, naked and painted, and is an expert at being on the road while having no money.

He first started backpacking when he was eighteen since then has lived in India for a year, worked on bars in Vietnam, herded goats in the Holy Land and conquered the highest navigable pass in the world armed with a poorly drawn map and a packet of ritz crackers.

He has survived knife-point robberies in Nepal, guerrilla encounters in Myanmar, motorbike crashes in Vietnam and numerous other mis-adventures. 

Follow Will at:

Will is one of those sexy, hunky experts who will be personalizing travel itineraries via TripEasel in 2016.

Pre-book a 2016 travel package before January 15 2016 using the code MEGAN65 and you can get a personalized itinerary for a 1-7 day adventure customized just for you. For only $10 USD. Visit

William Patino

William Patino: He takes some of the most incredible travel photography you’ll ever see, but the view of the man behind the camera is pretty alright too!

Will lives in Wollongong, on the South Coast of NSW Australia with his beautiful wife Renee, their young son Judah and chocolate Labrador Milo. He first picked up a camera in 2012 and hasn’t been the same since.

Looking at life through a lens has really opened his eyes and mind to the vast, intricate beauty of the world we live in. Through photography he has developed a deep appreciation for nature and learned to understand and admire life’s simplicity. Photography isn’t just about the images but also the moments that surround them. I want to find a good looking guy who travels

Follow William at:

Will Tang

Will Tang

Will Tang: Will Tang is an electrical engineer turned business consultant and now full time blogger. And his passions for new experiences and for learning about this world that we all share are contagious!

A fan of adventure, luxury and just flat out epic experiences, his travels have included everything from trekking to the hilltribes in Chiang Mai, to enjoying luxury digs at the Conrad Maldives. Sexiest male travelers

If anyone was to play him in a movie it would have to be Bilbo Baggins. “Unexpected adventures is the explanation point of my life so who better to play that role than the one who decides to leave the comforts of Shire and go on an epic that becomes The Hobbit!!”

Follow Will at:

The Nomadic Boys

Stefan and Sebastien: are the sexiest mermen we’ve ever seen! Their website is overflowing with chiseled shirtless pics which would make any girl swoon, but you know what they say…the good ones are always either taken or gay! These gorgeous guys are both. Sexy male travelers who are gay

Sebastien is from France and grew up in Lyon. He moved to London where he became an IT geek and also met Stefan. He quit his job to eat his way around Asia with Stefan starting with the Trans Siberian railway.

Stefan is an ex-lawyer of Greek origin, born and grew up in London.  He also quit his job and left London in June 2014 to travel the world indefinitely with Sebastien and a bright red 65 litres backpack. hot gay travelers

Follow the Nomadic Boys at:

Erik Prince

Erik Prince

Erik Prince: Erik is a former US Air Force Aerospace Engineer, photographer, philanthropist, and world traveler on a quest to become the first African American to visit every country in the world.

His seediest travel vice is food and and debating with other westerners. “Apparently American’s that can carry a strong conversation are rare out here. I’ve spent many long hostel nights debating the merits of capitalism and why the hell Miley Cyrus matters (still arguing this one).”

In 2016 he plans to hit 100 countries and complete a full continent. His primary purpose for traveling is to inspire and motivate low income students and people of color to travel. African American men who travel

But you better be quick ladies…he has a number of birds already chasing him … and it’s no surprise … who doesn’t love a strong, handsome man who also knows how to cook?!

Follow Erik at:

Lee Abbamonte

Lee Abbamonte

Lee Abbamonte: Lee Abbamonte was described by Arthur Frommer (founder of Frommers Guidebooks) as the Marco Polo of the 21st Century…though Marco Polo wasn’t this good looking! The youngest American to visit every country in the world, Lee has visited 318 total countries and is one of the world’s most-traveled people. Hot men who travel the world.

Some of his extreme traveling highlights include hang gliding over Rio de Janeiro, dodging bullets in the Libyan civil war, conquering the world’s highest bungee jump in South Africa, tracking silverback gorillas in Rwanda, summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, playing golf in Afghanistan during the war, going on safari in the Serengeti, and white-water rafting down the level-five rapids of the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe. Who are the hottest male travelers?

Follow Lee at:

Adam Lukaszewicz

Adam Lukaszewicz

Adam Lukaszewicz: A Mechanical Engineer by profession, burnt out from the past several years working in the food processing world, so took off to see the real world. I want to date a hot man who travels the world

Adam’s perfect day would start with an amazing sunrise, preferably on a beach or in front of something amazing like, say, Angkor Wat (not because he is a morning person, he just likes to photograph them).

After the camera gear is packed away, he would jump on a dive boat bound for a reef full of fish and colorful coral. After about 3 tanks it would be back to shore for happy hour and the sunset. Sexiest male travelers

For dinner would be green curry, followed by a Belgian beer (unlikely to happen in a beach restaurant, but he can hope). The perfect end to the night would be a massive bon fire on the beach surrounded by friends, and more beers.

Follow Adam at:

Two Bad Tourists

David Brown Two Bad Tourists

Auston Matta and David Brown: As a young gay couple, Auston and David have a unique perspective on travel. Whether it’s Pride hopping around Europe or traveling in Africa where gay rights are negligible, they are constantly exposed to new experiences and unfamiliar cultures.

Though they consider themselves to be great travelers, they are most definitely (by their own account) Bad Tourists. But they assure us that this is a good thing! They like to travel “their way” and not the way you’re “supposed to.” They try to avoid the pressure of hyper-sightseeing and prefer to experience a destination as if you lived in that city. Are men who travel sexy?

They might be bad tourists, but they’re certainly not bad looking!!

Follow Auston and David at:

Guy Richardson

Guy Richardson

Guy Richardson: An up-for-anything adventure addict who loves scuba diving, mountain biking and hiking,  Guy’s love of travel started with a family trip to Fiji and he has never forgotten the incredible hospitality of the people or the pristine, crystal clear waters. Best looking male travelers. 

Since marrying his beautiful wife Kim-ling (sorry girls!), his life has been a whirlwind of trips around Europe, North America and South-East Asia.

Guy speaks decent French, unintelligible Spanish and failed miserably at trying to learn Arabic. Despite being completely unaware of his lack of ability (Kim-ling’s words not mine), he loves learning languages and exploring cultures by talking with locals. I want to date a boy who travels. 

Follow Guy at:

Tyson Mayr

Tyson Mahr

Tyson Mayr: Travelling since 2009 (50+ countries through 6 Continents, on less then $10k a year), Tyson is not only ridiculously, ridiculously good looking, (seriously), but also the Global Charity Ambassador for RainCatcher, committed to carrying & installing water filters while he travels & fundraising every opportunity he gets. Best looking men who travel

“The Naked Traveller” is more then just a name which was given to him on his travels, it is a philosophy & way of travel that does make it possible to see & experience more from each location you visit, for cheaper then you could imagine, for as long as you desire. It is freeing yourself of material possessions & travelling ready to experience everything the world has to offer!

Follow Tyson at:

Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson: Otherwise known as Jones, Dave has an undeniable passion for travel. 26 years old and from Anaheim, California, after his first 7-week trip to Europe back in 2009, he knew that traveling was something he was strongly passionate about. Male travelers with no shirt on.

During his junior year of college, he decided to spend a semester abroad in Rome, Italy — he has been addicted to traveling and living abroad ever since. Two years as an international tour guide saw him paid to attend Oktoberfest in Germany, Toga Parties in Greece, and the Cannes Film Festival in The French Riviera.  He is living and working in Sydney, who knows where he’ll be going next! Shirtless Male travelers without their shirts

Follow Dave at:

Jmayel El-haj

Jmayel El-haj

Jmayel El-haj: Jmayel is a professional photographer, part Burmese, African, Arabic & Scottish and was born in raised in London.

J caught the Travel Bug from now wife Sacha when she decided she wanted to embark on a Round the World trip in 2005-2006. When he returned a normal life didn’t satisfy the relentless need for more adventure and they set about finding a way to travel on a more permanent basis.

In April 2012 that dream became reality when they set off on the first leg of their adventure to Thailand and began the Cinematic Travel Vlog known as 8 Miles from Home. Who are the most sexy travelers on earth?

He loves an eating competition and seems to have a bottomless stomach.  He has a soft toy seal called ‘Wife’ (Don’t Ask) that accompanies him on each journey. He celebrated his 21st birthday on the Great Wall of China.

Follow Jmayel at:

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson: Matt is a Michigan boy who grew up without ever setting foot aboard a sailboat, though now he sails around the world! He decided to take up sailing as a hobby one summer in 2008, and since then it’s been an obsession.

Together with his wife Jess, they have been cruising in a Sabre 34 Targa since January 2010, hitting up destinations like the east coast of the US, the Bahamas, Cuba, Central America, and and last year sailing across the Atlantic to the Azores, Madeira, and Canary Islands before crossing back to the Caribbean.

Follow Matt at:

Ben Schaschek

Ben Schaschek

Ben Schaschek: Also a sailor, Ben grew up in Germany, and after finishing his last few years of school in Australia he decided that instead of flying home to Germany, he wanted to sail back!

Together with friend Hannes, they bought a 32 ft boat and have spent the last 4 years making their way back…producing music along the way.

Follow Ben at:

Boomer Pick – Mike Hinshaw

Mike Hinshaw

Last year we missed the Baby Boomer Generation, an obvious oversight on our part! Because men over 50 are sexy too!

Mike Hinshaw: Everyone’s favorite “young man”, Mike is a writer, blogger, foodie and all around Travel Geek! He is a native Texan, born and bred in the Lone Star state, who loves to explore new countries and engage the people, digest the food and learn new cultures.

He is very partial to exploring new countries and doesn’t plan to stop until he falls over. But sorry ladies,he’s been married to the same fantastic woman for 37 years.

Follow Mike at:

For Those Who Love a Beard – Chris Walker-Bush

There was outrage after last years list for having excluded ginger bearded men from the countdown (running joke), and while a number of the men on last year’s list sported admirable stubble, there was not a single full beard to be found. Obviously another oversight on my part….because bearded men are sexy too! How to look sexy when you travel

Chris Walker-Bush: Rocking a full ginger beard, it’s a tragic result of his upbringing that Chris has absolutely zero interest in ever holding down a down 9 to 5 job, raising 2.5 rug rats, and having a mortgage. Instead, he daydreams about a life of scuba diving, beaches, drinking, video gaming, and new adventures.

In the seven years since this wide-eyed and naive country boy stepped on the plane from Sydney to Seoul, he has lived and taught English in two countries (China and South Korea), visited a further thirteen countries, written a Chinese sitcom, been on safari, fallen in love a few times, fallen out of love an equal number of times, been aimed at by a sniper, fallen asleep on distant beaches, drank a lot of beer, and loved every minute of it.

Follow Chris at:

Healthy is the New Sexy

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Things happen when you least expect it, and you don’t need to be taking a crazy adventurous trip to find yourself in an emergency situation. You could be in the very best of health, however the fact is that environmental factors are beyond your control. All it takes is one major health incident to bankrupt you for life, or worse, see you refused emergency medical care because you don’t have the insurance and can’t afford to pay.

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Megan is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging since 2007, with the main aim of inspiring others to embark on their own worldwide adventure. Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! They haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on their list.

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  1. There’s are the sexiest male travellers of 2015. Well done them. Although they can never beat me. I’m the sexiest traveller for the 21st century, not confined to one year, 2015. ;)

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    The mermen get my vote for most fun photo.

    • The mermen are my fav for the most fun too! And Will Hatton is a solid choice :D

    • Two blushing mermen say thank you :)

  6. best. post. ever. :)

    • So glad you enjoyed it! Merry Christmas!

  7. I love your list of sexy male travelers, and I’m so happy to see my husband’s name up there! :) I think I may have to slowly scroll through the rest of those names too, haha.

    • Thankyou Jessica! And wouldn’t be a list without Matt! Happy holidays :)

  8. I actually love the diversity of this year’s list. Hot men everywhere traveling the world!!

    • Glad to hear it Amy! Absolutely!

  9. Oh wow what company I am in! Thanks for including me this year. Truly flattered :)

    For next year, I’ll have to send you some topless shots Meg haha!

    • Wouldn’t be a list without you! Happy holidays :)

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  11. Well, all I can say is I hope my travel paths will cross with some of these dishy fellows. The ultimate man for a girl traveller – is a guy traveller! Love the list, esp the inclusion of fellow Australian, aussie on the road. Ginger beard. Love it.

    • What can I say, digging the ginger beard too lol :D Totally agree that the ultimate guy for any girl is a traveler – I count myself very lucky that I found a husband and a travel companion all in one!

      Merry Christmas – hopefully your travels see you bump into a few of these in 2016!

    • Well… hey there!

      I knew all of that pestering and guilt-tripping this year would pay off!

    • Haha you did well

  12. Sexist male travelers . . . maybe, but this is definitely the best travel blog post of 2015!

    • Thanks Rhonda!! So glad you enjoyed the post :)

  13. Ooft – this was a really enjoyable read. I think you missed the Scottish (lean) beef – Craig from Two Scots Abroad… Though Stefan and Sebastien – top notch!! Merry Christmas Megan.

    • Very true!! Can’t believe I missed Craig! Well, his name is here in the comments now and this is the first place I visit for nominations when completing next year’s list :D

    • Haha! Craig is a cutie!! Was also gonna throw out a vote for my soon-to-be-husband Nathan. ;) I always tell him how sexy he was when I first saw him in that Edinburgh hostel. Of course, I thought he was Eastern European or something at first glance. Didn’t expect the slight Southern drawl to come out! lol :) and yes, Sebastien and Stefan soooooo perfect!!!

    • Thanks Gemma :) xxxxxxxxx

  14. Great list! Not good for guys like us whose better halfs might be peeking at this list and then urging us to get in shape! Definitely not good for a guy who has a girl who travels and who himself doesnt! And totally definitely most certainly not for someone working this Christmas :) But great list nevertheless!!

    • Thanks Rishabh! Thanks and sorry :D :S! lol. Sorry to hear you had to work on Christmas though – I hope the holidays have been fabulous in lieu of having to be at work on the actual day. We’ll have female list coming out for you to peek at next week :D

  15. megan this is such a great post !! love the guys listed you did a great job.. :)

    • Thanks Jasmine! There are some pretty all round superstars out there traveling the world!

  16. What about the thousands who are not in the public eye or with a blog or who constantly want attention and publicity?

    Most travelers don’t do the digital nomad crap and some even have no blogs.
    I feel it’s to the point where some travelers care more about blogs than they do seeing the world. The fact it these men have the stereotypical model body. That is only sexy to some people. You should change the title to “Western idea of Sexiest travelers in the public eye.”

    • Ha! Can’t say I’ve ever been described as having a ‘stereotypical model body’ before!

      I’m 20kgs overweight and have a beer belly!

    • What Chris said. Not all of these men have a stereotypical model body, not all of them are digital nomads who travel full time, and not all of them actually have a blog – note that I linked to Tyson’s Facebook page as he doesn’t have a website yet.

      This is a fun way of recognizing the inspiring lifestyles of 20 odd men out there who I believe deserve the recognition. And the list is quite diverse covering what sexy would mean to quite a number of people – you can hardly lump this group into the same stereotype. So I’m pretty good with the title I’ve got, but thanks.

  17. Fab list. Possible choices for next year matjoez and sam yeldham. The travel blokes ?

    • Thanks so much! And noted on the nomination for the travel blokes :) Merry Christmas!

  18. Aw, some good friends found on the list :) Awesome!

    • You travel in quite good company!

  19. My birthday is coming up, Megs…. hook a sister up! Love this list, fingers crossed my adventures mean a catch up with one or all of these sexy chaps. Fun post lady! :)

    • Happy Birthday! Hey, no promises, but I’ll see what I can do :P

  20. Very nice! Someone want to tackle a “silver foxes” edition for the empty-nest set? So far I haven’t encountered even one solo male traveler in my age bracket. They must be out there!

    • Thanks Lauren! I’ll start compiling a list during 2016 for a silver fox edition perhaps next year! They would be out there for sure!

  21. Frothing over these. Good job Will. You’ll always be my fave :D XoX

    • :D Glad you enjoyed the post. Will’s seemed to dominate the post this year – 3 of them lol

  22. Dayummmmmmmm……!

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  23. Wow, thank you for this oh so naughty Christmas present ;)

    • You are most welcome :D Happy to help!

  24. this is my kind of top sexiest list!

    • Happy to hear it! Glad you enjoyed the post :)

  25. It’s beauty that captures your attention, but personality which captures your heart. ;)

    • Absolutely! Couldn’t have said it better myself :)

  26. Thanks so much for the mention Megan! Honored to be among these awesome (and sexy) bloggers and travelers!

    • Absolutely – wouldn’t be a list without you :) Happy new year!

  27. Take a look at this italian guy:
    He’s travelling All the world in 1000 days.
    With no flights!!!!!

    • Thanks Claudio!

  28. Haha. I love the intro! Stalk and steal their photos… not at all creepy. Good selection though. I might have to do a little stalking of my own based on this…

    • Not creepy at all right :D Some of them I dug through their photos pretty intensely to find an amusing one lol was a fun day putting this all together!

  29. Alright, that’s it! I am gonna be on this list next year! It’s decided. Brb *runs to the gym to work on that badass six-pack*

    • That’s the spirit! Lol … nomination noted :D

  30. A great article further celebrating fellow travelers! Haha! I’m glad you were able to find a ginger bearded man for this years list!

    • Haha glad you enjoyed it Mary! And yes, couldn’t leave off our favorite ginger bearded man this year :D!

  31. Haha, this is brilliant Meg! I’d add my husband James, but you’ll just have to take my word for it as he’s very camera shy!
    A contender for next year could be family friend of ours, Joss of Jossy’s Journey. He’s a British 25 year old currently cycling and hiking his way around the peaks of Europe and raising money for Alzheimer’s Research UK in the process! His blog is:
    Keep up the good work guys!!

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Nina!! Thanks for the tip on Joss of Jossy’s Journey – am going to be starting to put together the next post soon, so duly noted!

  32. Meg,
    My sincere apologies I didn’t see your comment until just now. If you still have a spot for a “Boomer” I would recommend Tom Fakler the photographer for “Anitas Feast” or perhaps Tom Bartel who travels with Kristin Henning. Sorry I didn’t see this earlier.
    PS: I have loved the engagement this post gave! Thank you again for the post nomination young lady! I hope you are healthy and happy!

    • Hey Mike! No worries :) Thanks for the Boomer nominations – going to be compiling this years post soon, so noted! And you’re most welcome – thankyou for being such a wonderful and positive force within our community :)

  33. robbed

    • Always next year!

  34. Hahaha no clue how I ended up here, but Dave Anderson you rock! Wish I could tag you here! Lol

    • I’m glad you did! Dave is a superstar :D!

  35. Haha, this is brilliant Meg!

    • Glad you enjoyed it :D!

  36. Why am i not on this list ?

    • Always looking for new nominations for the next one :)

  37. Check out the owner of HillcrestHostel, aka TheHostelCalifornia, THC in the 420 friendly state of California.


    • Thanks for the tip Andy – will check it out! :)

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