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Last week, People Magazine, announced it’s list for Sexiest Man Alive 2014, a title which went to the incredibly hunky Australian movie star Chris Hemsworth. And while People Magazine had a fantastic range of contenders for their list, sadly, none of them were travelers or explorers. A travesty in my humble opinion, as there are some pretty hunky men out there with an incredible passion for travel and worldwide exploration, and we all know you should date a boy who travels.

This past weekend, female travelers have nominated (in secret) their picks for Sexiest Male Traveler Alive 2014, and in no particular order, here are the 21 who are awarded the title.

*None of these men knew of this nomination. It was a very “stalk, steal (their photos), and yell SURPRISE across social media” kind of operation.

#1 Mike Jerrard


While I say there is no particular order to this list, Mike Jerrard definitely comes in at #1 for Sexiest Male Traveler Alive. Then again, the diamond sitting on my finger probably makes me a little biased!

The face behind the camera of the photos you find here on Mapping Megan, Mike prefers the outdoors above anything else, and you’ll find him buried in National Geographic magazines before you’ll find him behind a computer screen. In fact, he’s not on social media at all. In his spare time he enjoys poking venomous snakes for a better camera angle, and spending time in the great outdoors.

But back off ladies…he’s mine!

More photos of Mike at

Matt Gibson


Photo by Steven Vigar of Up Against the Wall.

Matt Gibson: an adventure travel writer and photographer who grew up at the edge of a small mountain town and spent most of his youth outdoors, when he’s not traveling Matt likes to hike, run, bike, surf, and snowboard.

Follow Matt at

Ben Jones

Follow Ben at

Photo credit: Wanderlusters

Ben Jones: a nomadic traveler who sold everything to pursue a life of travel back in 2010, he is an adventurer who has driven over 35,000km across the Australian continent, hiked across the crater of an active volcano amid the South Pacific Ocean waves and is a qualified PADI Divemasters. Plus, which woman can resist a British accent?!

But sorry girls, he’s taken. SPOILER ALERT, his beautiful partner Charli will be in our upcoming female edition of the sexiest travelers alive!

Follow Ben at

Mike Corey

Follow Mike at

Photo Credit: Kick the Grind

Mike Corey: 27 with a degree in biology, instead of figuring out what to do after graduating and answering “what now?” he decided to take off and get a taste for our planet.

He’s been to 33 countries since, and is an incredible photographer and videographer, bringing us amazing video from around the world proving that our planet truly is incredible.

Follow Mike at

Gunnar Garfors

Follow Gunnar at

Photo credit: Gunnar Garfors

Gunnar Garfors: One of the very few who can claim he’s been to every country in the world, Gunnar Garfors is also a world record holder, a recent fete for having visited the most amount of countries (19) in a single day.

Follow Gunnar at and check out our recent interview with him about his World Record.

Justin Jones

Follow Justin at

Photo Credit: Justin Was Here

Justin Jones: Girls, if Justin was here you would know it. Incredibly good looking but also a blogger, writer, editor, podcaster, Burning Man camp organizer, and travel expert, he has been on the road and in the travel biz for most of his adult life, traveling off and on for the better part of the last 10 years.

He studied in London, lived for a year and a half in Australia and New Zealand, traveled multiple times across Eastern and Western  Europe, spent time in Malaysia and Israel and Turkey, and for the better part of the last 2 years, has been living in Central America, bouncing between Nicaragua and Guatemala.

Follow Justin at and stalk his facebook page for a very nude photo in front of the Sydney Opera House. You’re welcome!

Justin Carmack

Follow Justin at

Justin Carmack: They say there’s nothing sexier than a man who’s been to prison, and well, Justin’s been locked up in an Egyptian one (falsely accused!).

A digital nomad who has been living the dream since he never returned home from a university trip to South Africa 4 years ago, Justin is a backpacker with a hell of a long list of bedtime stories!

Follow Justin at

Robert Schrader

Follow Rob at

Photo Credit: Leave Your Daily Hell

Robert Schrader: Rob runs a popular travel blog which encourages his readers to travel and leave their daily hell.

Leave Your Daily Hell is a one-stop shop for anyone who wants to break free of monotony, see the world and start living, though also for more amazing photos of Rob around the world.

Follow Rob at

Steve Moore

Steve Moore: Steve enjoys budget style backpacking and has been traveling for twenty years alongside his beautiful partner Leslie.

Watch for an inspiring traveler interview with Steve later in the week with photos from his experience cage diving with Australian crocodiles!

Follow Steve at

Danny Flood

Follow Danny at

Photo Credit: Open World Magazine

Danny Flood: At 28, Danny has traveled to over 30 countries on four continents and done and seen many of the things that he wanted to. He has crossed half of Southeast Asia on a motorcycle. He’s rafted down the Amazon and climbed the tallest mountains of South America. He’s rappelled off waterfalls in the jungle and sailed across the South China Sea.

Through his many adventures around the world, he has been robbed, fallen from bridges and motorbikes, hugged exotic animals, and nearly died several times in pursuit of his dreams.

Follow Danny at

Johnny Ward

Photo Credit: One Step 4Ward

Photo Credit: One Step 4Ward

Johnny Ward: Johnny is an Irishman on a mission to visit every country in the world (125/193 & counting) and become a millionaire without working 9-5. Ever!

But sorry ladies…looks like this incredibly sexy Irishman is already taken…

Photo Credit

Photo Credit One Step 4Ward

Follow Johnny at

Josh Cahill

Photo Credit: Go Travel Your Way

Photo Credit: Go Travel Your Way

Josh Cahill: A native German, Josh is a regular guy doing irregular things. he has hitchhiked to Iran, become part of the national choir in Georgia after a few pints of beer, walked through a mine field in Bosnia, joined the Arab Spring in Egypt and claims the only university he has ever attended is the University of life.

He has never spent a dollar on accommodation and to date has travelled to 60 countries on five continents. He has lived in Dubai, Australia and Germany, and everything he owns fits into his backpack. He lives a life of travelling and is going to die poor one day, but full of stories and knowing that he spent his life doing the things that made him happy.

Follow Josh at

Nathan Allen

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: I Dreamed Of This

Nathan Allen: I think many girls have dreamed of this! As a young child, Nathan dreamed of a life full of adventure, wonder, and most importantly, freedom. As such, he now runs an incredibly popular travel blog about beauty, food, culture, and adventure.

Seeking the “good life”, one that minimizes stress and maximizes smile, he booked travel with no return ticket, and now jumps between some of the world’s most fascinating cultures and stunning locations.

Follow Nathan at

Ryan Gargiulo 

Follow Ryan at

Photo Credit: Pause the Moment

Ryan Gargiulo: Ryan is a location independent blogger and world traveler with a passion for adventure. In 2010, he kicked his 9 to 5 to the curb to take a six month trip around the world. Four years later, he’s still on the road.

When he’s not out wandering the world, you can likely find him instagrammin’ his current paradisiacal location or hunched over his laptop, working away, somewhere in the tropics.

Follow Ryan at

Joel Key

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Motoguider

Joel Key: A hottie with an even hotter bike, Joel explores the world from the seat of his motorcycle.

Together with his stunning partner Phoebe (sorry girls), he has explored many foreign lands (91 to be exact), and embarks on epic journeys of magical proportions. He recently completed a round the world motorcycle trip and is already planning for the next.

Follow Joel at

The Boys from High on Life – Sundayfundayz

Follow Sundayfundayz at

Photo Credit: Sundayfundayz

The Boys from High on Life – Sundayfundayz: They produce probably the most entertaining travel video online, and 87,000+ other Youtubers think so too. Their antics around the world are hilarious to watch, and they have over a million stories to tell.

They have been traveling continuously since January 2012, run one of the most popular travel channels on Youtube, and now even have their own clothing line to boot.

Follow Sundayfundayz at

James Kelley

Photo Credit: Escaping Abroad

Photo Credit: Escaping Abroad

James Kelley: James is an avid traveler, jungle explorer, beach bum, scuba diver, wildlife seeker and digital nomad. He left the American dream nightmare behind to explore more of the world we all live on but rarely see much of!

Follow James at

Ron Robbins

Rob Robbins: Traveling non stop around the world since 2011, Ron may be the most adventurous of them all. A travel television host and bizarre food enthusiast, he has a deep passion for exploring the world around him and experiencing everything the outdoors has to offer.

You’ll find Ron way off the beaten path, or out to sea filming his television series from his sailboat.

Follow Ron at

Drew Binsky

Photo Credit: The Hungry Partier

Photo Credit: The Hungry Partier

Drew Binsky: is a 20 something from Arizona, obsessed with traveling, meeting new people, and having maximum amounts of fun everywhere around the world.

He currently resides in Seoul, South Korea, and is hitting up all of Asia in a very major way.

Follow Drew at

Matthew Karsten

Photo Credit: Ex[er

Photo Credit: Expert Vagabond.

Matthew Karsten: He pulls off the Viking look incredibly well, Matthew Karsten is passionate about both adventure travel & photography.

Traveling our planet for the past 4 years, he shares entertaining stories, useful tips, & captivating images from all around the world. He takes risks and meets interesting people – why? because “it’s pretty damn fun!”.

Follow Matthew at

Craig Makepeace

Photo Credit: Y Travel Blog

Photo Credit: Y Travel Blog

Craig Makepeace: Craig is a down to earth Aussie bloke from the Central Coast of Australia, who likes to call the world his home.

He has lived in over 5 countries and traveled through 52. He believes life is about accumulating memories, not just possessions, and now creates those precious memories with his stunning wife Caz and two daughters.

Follow Craig and family at

Meg Jerrard is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging around the world for the last 7 years to inspire others to embark on their own worldwide adventure!  Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

Follow their journey on FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter.


    • Oh no! Will have to start making additions to the list lol! Glad you enjoyed it!

    • Lol come back for further reference anytime 😀

  1. Since there are a couple of gays, it would be smart if male travelers nominated as well. And, by the way, where is Wandering Earl?!

    • You make an excellent point – seems like I’ve missed a few!

  2. What a great idea! And it’s ok to be biased lol Great list Megan! 🙂

    • Lol thanks Vicky! Glad you enjoyed the list!

    • Lol thanks Mike! Had a great deal of fun with it!

    • Lol anytime! We’ll all be eagerly awaiting episode one!

    • Lol feel free to come back as much as you would like :D!

    • Anytime! All very worthy travelers 😀

  3. This is hysterical! Bet it goes viral. You sadly missed the Baby Boomer Generation. Men over 50 are sexy, too! At least to some women. You definitely missed my husband!!
    santafetraveler recently posted…Tidbits: the holiday season is nighMy Profile

    • Lol thanks! I would be glad to have it go viral of course…why didn’t I think of exploiting the images of half naked men before now!

      Maybe we can do a baby boomer edition…I agree – there are definitely men over 50 who would make it. Pity George Clooney isn’t a traveler lol 😀

    • Of course! Glad to have you as part of it!

    • Lol I’m so glad – thanks Miriam!

  4. Omg…Matthew Karsten’s viking photo just completely made my day. Actually, this whole post made my day. Next can we get a “single travelers” edition?? 😉 Haha
    Mandie Sanders recently posted…5 Travel Lessons You Can Use at HomeMy Profile

    • Lol thanks Hayley – glad you enjoyed the post! Hope you bump into one or two as well 🙂

    • Oooooh, great pic! He definitely should have been on the list! Lol sounds like I’m going to have to establish this as an annual thing and perhaps open up nominations more publicly next time round!

    • Lol glad you enjoyed the post 😀

    • Lol thanks Suze! Glad you enjoyed it 😀

    • Lol 100% I promise 😀 Watch for the female edition tomorrow 😀

  5. What a novel and interesting take on travel bloggers Megan. I must admit there are a few new names here for me, readership wise, I’m obviously not interested in their sexiness.

    I dare say that these guys are adventure seekers and live a life different from the normal makes them interesting and sexy by nature.

    Of course, Mike would have to be number 1 🙂 That’s quite a six pack he’s got on him. Mind you a few of these guys clearly work out to an intense level. Quite different from my long slogs to the office and business diners.
    The Guy recently posted…Christmas Gift Ideas For A TravellerMy Profile

    • Lol thanks! Very glad i could provide some new names for you readership wise!

      I think that’s what makes travelers so appealing – not necessarily their 6 packs (though who’s going to lie, we don’t mind them!), but their sense of adventure which is ultimately what is the sexiest quality about them.

    • Thanks Oksana! Well after this was published someone slipped me the link to Danny Flood’s dating profile lol so going on the assumption that he’s definitely up for grabs!!

  6. Oh gosh, I feel a bit weak after that! Thank you for just introducing me to a whole lot of new stalking material! Best thing I’ve seen in days.. nah weeks!
    Becci Kyle recently posted…Living Local in Chitwan, NepalMy Profile

    • Lol I’m happy to oblige :D!

    • Glad to know we could provide you with new…reading material :D!

    • Glad you enjoyed the post! Will have to focus on a more well rounded approach for the next list!

    • Lol I heard back from one of the boys who said he’s now getting a tonne of random facebook friend requests – you may have some competition lol

    • Sounds like I should start working on this list of mature sexy travelers!

    • Lol anytime – glad you enjoyed the list!

    • Apparently I need to create another list 😀

    • Well looks like the list has been fairly well received so it will most certainly have to become an annual thing!

  7. it’s about time travel adventurers are put on the limelight 🙂

    i rarely see male travelers who don’t have well-sculpted bodies. with all the moving around, lugging heavy backpacks, climbing, rowing, swimming, and dodging airport obstacle courses, having a sexy body is a given lol

    can’t wait for the female list. cheers! 😉

    • Glad to do my part then! Very good point – most male travelers are sculpted because of the physical activity required from traveling – lol I do find that when I travel I come home having lost weight – just because you don’t realize the exercise because you’re doing something you enjoy 🙂

      Female list just came out – head on over and check it out!

    • Lol I think they actually have something like that already – like an online dating site but for travelers – you put in your location and find other single travelers in the area lol. Can’t remember what it’s called though off the top of my head!

    • Sounds like this list would be just as popular (mature travelers) so I should probably start working on it!

    • Thanks Lisa! Lol will let you know!

  8. Bump! Great and funny post! Now it cannot be said that there are no sexy and hot wandering guys. Haha 🙂
    These guys should make a female edition too!

    • Lol thanks Darlene! So glad you enjoyed the post! Female edition coming out today if I can finish it in time before heading to work lol my inbox went nuts after publishing this with female nominations from the guys!

  9. great list! although you are missing just one.. Toby Pritchard is a traveler who is pursuing the meaning of truth in existence and has been backpacking for over 8 years in search of … well, just about everything! I recommend checking him and his blog out!

    • Ooooh awesome – thanks! Will head on over and check out his blog 🙂

    • I agree! Because these guys are real lol and honestly you probably have mutual friends with most of them!

  10. Thank you Meg for such an important piece of blogging research that I am sure will be cited by many other bloggers (both male and female) for years to come.

    Because I take research and evidenced-based practice so seriously (because of my science background), I have reflected deeply on your findings, and would like to humbly suggest 3 other inclusions:

    1. Bret Love of Green Global Travel because integrity, generosity of spirit and humility is always sexy;
    2. Raphael Alexander Zoran of Journey of Wonders – outrageously wicked sense of humour, and when you meet him, that accent…..
    3. Mike Hinshaw from Nomadic Texan because isn’t he everyone’s favorite “Young Man”?

    • You’re welcome Jo. I’m very glad you appreciate the hard work, time and effort it takes to create such a quality piece of content 😀

      I conclude that your additional findings are accurate and I will have to include them in the updated version after more research comes to light!

      Lol thanks!! Glad you enjoyed the article!

    • Jo,
      OMG I love you! Thanks for the nomination. Meg just told me about this post! We could call it the “Men of Depends” calendar, but the other two are “young men” compared to me! LOL!
      Mike (Nomadic Texan) recently posted…Holiday in Lanzarote: Top 5 active pursuitsMy Profile

  11. I guess its just white people that travel huh

    • Head on over – it’s up :D! Linked in on the “if you liked this” box at the end of the article.

    • You have no idea 😀 Thinking I should start on next year’s already…just the research of course 😀

  12. this list is very very very white and seriously lacking in diversity

    • You are absolutely more than welcome to make your own nominations. We take recommendations for everyone – these were the ones which came through 🙂

  13. For those who have replied that they think these posts need more diversity, please do nominate your favorites! That’s what I say! 🙂 I personally love meeting travelers and hearing there tales no matter what “colors” they come in <3
    melissa recently posted…Michael in America Spares Some ChangeMy Profile

    • Thanks Melissa – you’re absolutely correct. Everyone is welcome to make further nominations – we accept nominations from everyone, and color absolutely no part.

    • Anything to help the travel community :D!

  14. Great list but agree with an earlier comment that it needs some more guys in their 30s/40s. I’m nominating Anil Polat and Lee Abbamonte for next year!
    KatIe recently posted…My Plans for West AfricaMy Profile

    • Love Lee Abbamonte! Can’t believe I left him off this list lol thanks for the suggestions!

    • Thanks Andrew! Lol will have to check out!

    • Lol happy…erm…reading :D!

    • Lol shoot me your shipping address and I’ll put it on priority!

    • Glad you enjoyed the list – will have to make it an annual thing 😀

    • Thanks Nikki! So glad you approve :D! Will begin work on compiling a second for the end of 2015 – one list I don’t mind spending all year researching 😀

  15. Whoah. All of them are my friends. Nah just kidding! LOL!

    But the inspiration these men have offered to many to travel and just do what you love is undeniable.

    Great list by the way!

    • You have some pretty good looking friends! 😉 Thanks Jon – so glad you enjoyed the list!

    • Agreed! Travel is definitely a quality which gives a man a huge sex appeal lol! The female version actually already came out lol but ill definitely be making it an annual thing and continuing another list in 2015! 😀

  16. Oh gosh, will i have to travel the world to find all of these guys?? 😉

    • Lol probably – though they travel so much, you may find they come to you at some stage 😀

    • Excellent, glad you liked it :D!

    • Thanks Arnie!I have been told by a number of people I need a boomers edition, so it’s on the cards!

    • Absolutely! And adventurous really is the new sexy :D!

  17. I could marry Mike Corey right now.

    • Make sure you forward me an invite! 😀

    • Glad we could bring a little sunshine to the week 😀

  18. Nice!!! I appreciated the read. Perhaps if I am lucky I will cross paths with one of these amazing men while on my own adventures!
    Cat recently posted…Chefchaouen, MoroccoMy Profile

    • And there’ll be a new post for 2015 coming out in around a month so we can add 15-20 or so more – better chances of bumping into them with a wider pool lol 😀

    • Thanks Dave! 2015 list should be coming out in around a month 🙂

  19. But of course it’s just the writing and adventures the reason I would read and follow their blogs ?

    • 2015 list should be out in a few short weeks – starting to put together my list now 🙂

      Thanks for the nomination! Will head over to check him out 😀

  20. Thank Megan! new blogs too…ejem…read!!
    I am going to read the female version in case I am there lol

  21. Manly. I enjoyed your information. Very attractive

  22. Glad to see so many friends on this list, but also guys I’ve never heard of. Time to check out new blogs, me thinks ?

  23. Whoah. All of them are my friends. Nah just kidding! LOL!
    But the inspiration these men have offered to many to travel and just do what you love is undeniable.

    • So glad to hear that Tet! Our 2017 list has just been released – a big 100 page magazine this year! Be sure to check it out too 🙂
      Meg Jerrard recently posted…Sexiest Travelers of 2017My Profile

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