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One of the most frequently asked questions this year has been whether I read other blogs.  The answer is YES!  I love reading other travel blogs and use them as inspiration and resources for my own adventures, as well as for entertainment during my bedtime reading!

Here is a list of the blogs I have loved this past year; if you’re not already following them I highly recommend checking them out! These may not all appear in the Top 100 Travel Blogs, but they’ve all inspired me in one way or another.





Gary Arndt

Gary Arndt runs one of the most popular travel blogs in the world.  His phenomenal daily photos inspire wanderlust like you wouldn’t believe, and he has a certified addiction to UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  He sold his house in March 2007 and has been travelling the world ever since, inspiring passion for travel in others all around the world.

I listed Gary as one of the coolest people I have met while traveling; he is really relatable, very modest and a genuinely down to earth guy.

The Planet D


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Dave and Deb are The Planet D

Dave and Deb also run one of the most popular travel blogs in the world, and one of the most inspiring.  They are the world’s favorite adventure travel couple and are inspiration for people all around the world to live their dreams.

Their adventures are epic; from cage diving with sharks in Australia, taking the polar plunge above the Arctic Circle, and kayaking with crocodiles in South Africa, they’ve inspired a new generation of adventure travelers, and their website is the first place I go for new adventurous ideas!  Their blog is full of high quality content and travel tips, as well as professional photography which ruins all productivity for the day and leaves you daydreaming of far off lands instead!

As you can imagine, I was incredibly honored to have a guest post published on their site this year!

True Nomads



Justin Carmack is a true nomad!

Justin Carmack is one of the world’s most inspiring travelers. He has been on the road for the last three years and has never looked back once.  After traveling to South Africa three years ago on a University trip, he fell in love with travel and literally didn’t return home!

He now roams the earth freely with not much more than the pack on his back. He travels with very little money, finding work in hostels when he has to.  He has hitchhiked throughout the majority of Europe, randomly wound up in the beautiful Halong Bay, Vietnam, and scuba dived in more destinations than I have personally travelled to!  I interviewed Justin recently about his amazing lifestyle; his website is full of the tales you dream of living yourself.

Travel with Bender



The Bender Family

Any parents who travel full time with a 2 & 4 year old in tow deserve respect. Enough said!  Travel with Bender is a family travel blog dedicated to tips, tricks and advice for traveling with kids.

Their adventures are phenomenal, and their lifestyle inspiring.  Read all about the Bender Family in my recent interview with them.


The Legendary Adventures of Anna



Anna Kate is the Legendary Adventures of Anna.

Anna and I became instant friends on meeting in a Starbucks in Florida.  Her main mission in life is to enjoy it, and her passion for both life and travel are infectious; hence her huge following on social media!

Her crazy adventures around the world are legendary, and achieved on an incredibly small budget.  Her website shows travelers how to travel on any budget, her travel photography is National Geographic quality, and her straight forward and honest approach to travel blogging make her incredibly approachable and relatable.  



Kimmy and Drew

Kimmy and Drew

AfterGlobe is a travel website dedicated to the story of an inspiring American couple who quit on the American dream and went after their own…of travel!

Kimmy and Drew decided they were done with the American dream of too much debt, not enough time and being exhausted, and now specialize in travel to Hawaii. They have been working hard towards becoming debt free to travel the world, and start their first international adventure in 2014.  These guys provide amazingly helpful, honest and down to earth advice on how to become debt free to travel, and even offer valuable insights on how to travel while still in debt!

***Kimmy recently passed away in a tragic car accident. Please read this tribute to the amazing woman she was.***



Extreme honeymooners

Extreme honeymooners

Mike and Anne Howard are my favorite travel couple!

Extreme honeymooners who have been on their honeymoon for over 600 days now, there is no end in sight for the Howard’s. Having quit their jobs and rented their house in January 2012 they have honeymooned through 29 countries and 275 cities around the world. Apparently a 10 day honeymoon wasn’t nearly enough to celebrate a new life together!

They have a wicked sense of adventure which constantly inspires, a passion for life which is contagious through their writing, and their website provides tips on both luxury and budget travel for those who love a bit of both!

Just a One Way Ticket



Sabrina has just a one way ticket!

Sabrina is just another random girl from Berlin, who has been almost non-stop traveling since 2008.   Her blog is a summary of her experiences, disasters and escapades, coupled with tips for cheap traveling around the globe.

Sab’s writing is brutally honest, and I love her posts for exactly that! So do 50,000 other readers every month.  She calls things as they are, and doesn’t sugar coat experiences or destinations as so many other travel writers do.  She writes about not only her ups, but also her downs, offering a very real and well rounded insight into a life of full time travel.  She is very real.

Her writing is entertaining and stories fantastic, and she allows her readers to experience the world with her, providing tools, tips and resources with every article for how we too can achieve a lifestyle of nonstop travel!

Suitcases and Sippy Cups


Jessica Bowers...and boys!

Jessica Bowers…and boys!

Jessica Bowers is another one of those mothers who deserves serious credit.  Traveling with 4 boys, Jessica’s blog details what happens when a totally average family sets out to see the world.  She is a typical suburban mum, except for that bit about leaving everything behind to follow her family’s dreams of travel!

An authority on family travel, Jessica’s blogs are entertaining, inspiring and refreshingly honest.



Ben and Charli - a serious case of Wanderlust!

Ben and Charli – a serious case of Wanderlust!

Every time I visit Ben and Charli’s website I’m almost convinced I’ve been accidentally re-routed to National Geographic. Their professional photography, captivating stories, savvy tips, and colorful, sophisticated web design continually see me green with blogger envy!  In fact, they’ve actually been featured on National Geographic!

In 2010 Ben & Charli made the decision to live a life less ordinary and six months later embarked on an undefined period of travel. Enforcing no restrictions on their itinerary they have chosen to travel at a slow pace and incorporate house sitting assignments in each country they visit.  True digital nomads, with no time limit restricting their experience, from backpacking through Central America to road tripping around Australia, they embrace each and every opportunity for  adventure.

The Travel Camel


Shane Dallas is the Travel Camel.

Shane Dallas is the Travel Camel.

Shane Dallas is the Travel Camel, and goes where others will not tread.  He heads to destinations with some of the worst safety reputations in the world, and offers absolutely phenomenal photography and rare insights from destinations like North Korea, Afghanistan, Ethiopia,  Iraq and Yemen.

He has the most amazing collection of travel tales and experiences from the world’s less appreciated countries and truly takes the ‘road less traveled’. Exploring his site is an addiction in itself!

Green Global Travel



Saving the world one story at a time!

Bret and Mary are saving the world one story at a time!  The world’s most popular ecotourism website, their words, photos and videos from around the world both entertain and draw attention to the importance of environmental conservation at the same time.

They are constantly featuring unique content from phenomenal eco-friendly destinations around the world, and have inspired a new generation of ethical travelers.

YTravel Blog



Caz, Craig, Kalyra and Savannah

Caz & Craig’s Y Travel Blog is one of the fastest growing travel sites in the world. They are incredibly down to earth and consistently provide great travel resources, tips, destination guides and inspiration.

They have a wealth of useful and practical information about traveling the world on their website, and their family adventures are a huge inspiration and motivation to get out there and see the world!

Treepot Travels


Rachel and Mike - traveling and photographing the world together.

Rachel and Mike – traveling and photographing the world together.

Treepot Travels is a new website to the travel scene, but Rachel and Mike’s phenomenal travel photography is quickly turning it into a huge success.  This is my favorite photo travel blog, exploring the world one picture at a time!

Know of any other great travel blogs I should read in 2014?


Megan is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging around the world for the last 7 years to inspire others to embark on their own worldwide adventure!  Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

Follow their journey on FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter.


    • Megan, sincere thanks for placing me on this esteemed list, and thank you for your comment Katherine! I still have a rather small site, but I’m currently in Somaliland, so will be adding information and photos from there in the coming days. I’ve been debating whether I should put a few other countries on the site (Ethiopia being one) but it is already well visited by tourists.
      Shane Dallas (The Travel Camel) recently posted…What to see in AfghanistanMy Profile

    • Of course – seriously love following your travels! Can’t wait to hear about Somalia – I would still class Ethiopia as well off the beaten path, even if tourism is starting to pick up :). Happy New Year…and safe travels!!

  1. I already follow a few of these Blogs. Great suggestions.

    My Friend Fil Resendes, has a website at: . She is just starting out, but, I think this website is going to be something big in 2014.

  2. Wow,thank you for the kind words. Great to see some amazing blogs we follow and thank you for introducing us to new ones! All the best for 2014 and keep the great work. We follow you too and think that you are one to follow for 2014 also! Cheers. Deb and Dave

  3. Thanks so much for including us Megan! FAntastic list. I have just discovered a lot of new blogs now. Very dangerous considering I have a lot of work to do. I think I’m going to be easily distracted!!! Happy New Year
    Caz Craig Makepeace (@yTravelBlog) recently posted…Where Are We Headed in 2014?My Profile

    • I have the same problem – writing this list took so long just because I kept getting sidetracked by everyone’s blogs!!

      Happy New Year!
      Megan Claire recently posted…Travel Blogs to Read in 2014My Profile

  4. Awesome list Meg! It makes my heart the happiest that you included me! I am going to go through and check out all of the blogs I don’t already follow! I can’t wait to read about your 2014 adventures!!
    Anna recently posted…Exploring the Winter Forest – Etna, MaineMy Profile

  5. Great list! Some are also on my list of faves but many are new to me, so thanks for pointing them out! I’m a big fan of Jeff Titelius’ – tons of daydream inspiring photos – check him out! 🙂
    RobRob recently posted…Ono Grinds – Three Things to Eat in HawaiiMy Profile

  6. I would recommend “Serena & Johnny at FivePointFive tv”. I enjoy their adventures & how they highlight all the inspirational people they meet along the way. Have a great year!!!

  7. Love your round-up. Some, of course, we read regularly, and some have been early inspirations to us in our own blogging efforts. You also reminded me of several sites we haven’t checked in on for quite a while. Thanks for that! Happy New Year, and Safe Travels for 2014!
    Tamara recently posted…2013 Year in Food, Turtle-styleMy Profile

    • Thanks Tamara – glad you enjoyed the round-up! Happy New Year to you both as well. Looking forward to following your 2014 adventures!!
      Megan Claire recently posted…Travel Blogs to Read in 2014My Profile

    • It wouldn’t be a list without Green Global Travel! Thanks so much guys – 2013 was a blast. I loved being apart of the GGT team 🙂

      Happy New Year!
      Megan Claire recently posted…Travel Blogs to Read in 2014My Profile

    • Thanks Laura – will do! Love your section on tech/gear – that’s one section I’m currently lacking on at the moment. Need to head out on a shopping spree 😀

      Happy New Year!
      Megan Claire recently posted…Travel Blogs to Read in 2014My Profile

    • Thanks so much Jess 🙂 Will be looking forward to your adventures in 2014 as well! Happy New Year!!
      Megan Claire recently posted…Top Travel Tips From 2013My Profile

  8. Megan, WOW we are so flattered we are your favorite travel couple! You and your husband Mike totally have that same intrepid spirit…couples like you show it’s possible to have an awesome marriage on the move!
    Anne & Mike Howard recently posted…2014 HoneyTrek PreviewMy Profile

    • Thanks guys! We seriously appreciate that – lol we have our moments … everyone was telling me that I was nuts for getting married so quickly to someone I hadn’t spent a lot of time physically with, but I figure if you can spend 2 weeks every few months traveling together without killing each other it’s a match :D!

      Happy New Year!
      Megan Claire recently posted…Travel Blogs to Read in 2014My Profile

  9. Great to see so many of my favourite bloggers up there on the list, great to find some that I never knew about be for that I can follow and continue to be inspired by.

    Top work on the list 🙂
    Dale recently posted…Our Finger-Licking Love For HousesittingMy Profile

  10. Great list. A couple I’ve not heard of before so I will definitely check them out.

    Thanks Meg.
    Bex recently posted…Usk – South WalesMy Profile

  11. Some of those blogs are truly inspirational!
    I hope we’ll all travel more and more enjoyably in 2014!
    Fresh new year, new opportunities ahead!

    • I havent been to the Fairytale Traveler yet – sounds amazing though, will check it out this weekend, thanks!

      Thanks for sharing the list! Have a wonderful new year 🙂
      Megan Claire recently posted…Travel Tip: Never Leave Your Bag UnattendedMy Profile

    • Thanks Dariece! Absolutely love following your adventures as well, and looking forward to following your travels in 2014!

      Have a wonderful new year – hope it’s full of safe and amazing travels!
      Megan Claire recently posted…Travel Blogs to Read in 2014My Profile

  12. Great list here. I have been reading some of these blogs regularly since last few years. Gary Arndt’s Everything Everywhere, PlanetD to name two and of course my favourite Travel Camel! 🙂 Shane is a dear friend whom I met 2 years back in Malaysia & I love his narrations, photos & yes the formal dressings. 🙂

    Thanks for introducing some more travel blogs to me, will check them up.

    Happy New Year, and may we all travel more in 2014!

    • Nisha, it was wonderful sharing the stage with you at a conference in Kuala Lumpur in May of 2012. Hope life is great for you, and hope we meet again somewhere in the world – perhaps in India or even another conference!
      Shane Dallas (The Travel Camel) recently posted…Somaliland – is it safe?My Profile

  13. Have a look at my blog. I am an Indian woman living in India. You might find things from a different perspective.

    Travel blogging in India isn’t that old or great compared to other countries but it’s catching up fast. 🙂

    P.S.- Why isn’t my latest post showing in commentluv?

    • Thanks Nisha – I will do! I love reading other perspectives, so I will definitely check out your blog 🙂

      I’m not sure why your latest post isn’t showing up in commentluv, I’ll check the settings on my plugin 🙂

      Have a wonderful new year!!
      Megan Claire recently posted…Sunday Snapshot: Sunset Over the SerengetiMy Profile

    • Thanks Lisa! Will definitely check out your adventures – absolutely love Italy, and I’m an Aussie myself so I’m sure I will love the blog!

      Happy New Year!
      Megan Claire recently posted…Travel Blogs to Read in 2014My Profile

  14. Nooo now I have even more reading material to distract me, like THANKS. But really, this list looks great and I’m excited to explore some new blogs. And of course keep following your adventures, Megan! You must be one of the busiest bloggers I follow.
    Silvia recently posted…Our 13 Best, Worst, and Strange Travel Moments of 2013My Profile

    • Lol it’s a bit like that!! I get bored easily so have to stay busy to stay sane :D!

      Have a wonderful week Silvia – thanks for reading!
      Megan Claire recently posted…Sunday Snapshot: Sunlit SpiderwebMy Profile

  15. Good list. Usually I hate these lists since they all seem to recycle the same names over and over again. It’s good to see a few I haven’t seen before so it gives me some new blogs to check in 2014!
    Anwar recently posted…Friday Photo: You get smarter with age…perhaps.My Profile

  16. Aaaw Meg, you are amazing! From all the bloggers in the world, you are the most kind, friendly and helpful blogger out there and I really enjoy being part of the WTWB community on Facebook. Keep up the great work, your blog should be listed on top of that list! <3

    • Thankyou so much Sab! I really appreciate your kind words! Have a wonderful new year! Hope it brings many safe and adventurous travels!
      Megan Claire recently posted…Sunday Snapshot: Sunlit SpiderwebMy Profile

  17. Great list, Megan! There were a few that I am familiar with and others that I didn’t know exist. Looking forward to checking them out! Thanks 🙂
    Kollin recently posted…Photo Essay: Wanderlusting in ChicagoMy Profile

  18. Very nice photography and felt refreshed by reading this blog.Happy New to Every One from Travel Store

  19. wow great blogging..keep it up
    you can also check for travel related information

    • Thanks Sarah – there is definitely a thirst for new content and amazing new adventures! There is amazing opportunity for new bloggers out there; I wish you all the best!

      Have just started following your blog and looking forward to more of your beach adventures!
      Megan Claire recently posted…White Water Rafting, Costa RicaMy Profile

  20. Thanks for sharing Megan – Caz & Craig’s yTravelblog was the very first ‘travel blog’ I ever came across, which six months ago started a snowball I wish to turn into an avalanche!!! Love your work 🙂
    Anna McPherson recently posted…AUSSIES: How To Work Full-Time & Travel MoreMy Profile

    • Thanks Anna! Trust me, once you dive into this amazing world of blogging there’s no turning back, and I’m sure it’ll avalanche before you know it!

      Wishing you all the best! Meg x
      Megan Claire recently posted…Discover East Africa With Pole Pole SafarisMy Profile

  21. Really nice post. Some of the blogs listed here are really amazing! Wish i could take a year off:)

  22. Excellent work on this blog! Thanks for sharing a useful information about the traveling and destinations. Keep sharing!!

  23. Awesome list Megan. Have been reading blogs for a few years and now building my own. This is a great help to get some ideas on what works and who is using what on their Blog!
    Phil recently posted…Vietnam, Chasing Ghosts Along the DMZMy Profile

  24. I love reading travel blogs as much as I like traveling. After reading experiences of other travelers I feel inspired to explore the world.
    Alena recently posted…How to Get Rid of Eczema NaturallyMy Profile

  25. Very impressive list, and I don’t just mean the selection but also the research and care that has gone into this post!

    Fellow travel bloggers from (shameless self promotion…)

    • Thanks Bojan! Heading over to check out your blog now – nothing wrong with a little bit of shameless self promotion!

  26. Megan, this is a brilliant list of all my fav travel bloggers! I use these sites regularly for inspiration and bed time reading. Thanks for sharing!
    Honeymooning Nomad

    • Thanks Jacqui! Glad to hear you already enjoy all of these awesome bloggers! There are so many amazing blogs out there I need to start putting together more lists!

    • Thanks Celeste! So glad you enjoyed the post!

    • Thanks Katie! So glad you enjoyed the list! In the midst of compiling another for 2015 so watch this space!

  27. I will definitely check out this list !! Maybe you can check out his blog for 2015:
    Seeing the World Through the Eyes of an Artist : 1.Photography Blog about Travel, Art and Food by Artist Georges Le Chevallier 2.Term in the food service industry to refer to the kitchen area of a restaurant 3.Le Chevallier’s art studio and garden are located in the back of his house.
    Georges Le Chevallier recently posted…TRAVEL: Eastern Triangle (Wake Forest, Franklinton, Youngsville) North Carolina, United StatesMy Profile

    • Thanks Georges! Will definitely head over and check it out!

    • Glad you enjoyed the selection! Hopefully some more reading material to inspire your wanderlust!

    • Thanks for letting us know Nicu 🙂

  28. Nice blog on travel blogs and use them as inspiration and resources for adventures, as well as for entertainment I like you travelling place for nice weekend.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  29. Nice Blog Post, Thanks for sharing you adventure traveler experience and I feel inspired to explore the world.

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