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Authored by Aldrich Infantado

Still searching for miss right? Having trouble finding your soulmate? Then, date an adventurous and charming girl who finds joy in visiting exotic destinations, meeting locals and discovering cultures. Whether you’re a casual traveller or a certified travel junkie, dating a globe-trotting girl with a strong sense of wanderlust can be a pretty euphoric and intrinsically romantic ride that will give you tons of sweet and pleasant memories. Date a girl who travels.

From deep and meaningful conversations to mind-blowing adventures, there are plenty of upsides in dating a girl who travels.  As matter of fact, she can leave a lasting and positive impact in your life even if things won’t work out.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m no expert as far as relationship and love go, but trust me, having her around can be the best thing that will happen to your life.  With her exciting persona, unique charisma and optimistic outlook, she truly is a one-of-a-kind damsel who can mesmerize you in so many different ways.

10 Reasons to Date a Girl Who Travels

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She is Not Materialistic

Want to make her happy? You don’t have to buy fancy clothes or gadgets like an iPhone 6 or a gleaming piece of jewellery to impress her. She is, after all, an unpretentious woman who cherishes simple treats and surprises.

While most millennial city girls go crazy over the latest smartphones and fashion trends, she finds happiness by just staring at verdant landscapes, gorgeous sunsets and historic landmarks. You can even sweep her off her feet with a cheap gift like a quirky stuffed toy that would remind her of Tokyo.

She is Adaptable and Flexible

Wrong turns, cancelled flights, lost luggage and failed reservations – these problems are just the tip of the iceberg that backpackers and travellers often run into. But, guess what? These obstacles can help a globe-trotting girl transform herself into a strong, adaptable and flexible person.

Unlike the drama queens in your high school, she is – literally and metaphorically – ready to face any blocks and bumps on the road.

Hitch-hiking for free transport

She is Intelligent and Witty

There is, as far as I’m concerned, never a dull moment with a girl who loves to travel.  Whether she is sharing stories for her backpacking adventures in Europe or urging you to go on a canyoneering trip in Cebu, she will always find a way to amuse, entertain and captivate you. Find a traveler to date.

What’s more, she has an irresistible charm and wits to make your talks more engaging and fun. date a girl who travels thought catalog.

A World of Adventures

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Looking for a dating partner who can appease your thirst for adventure? As with most travellers, she is always up for adventures, and rarely says no to new and fun experiences. Honestly, she is an ideal candidate for a guy who is looking for a zesty and intrepid partner.

Want to go skydiving in Queenstown, New Zealand? Ever dreamt of going on a diving expedition in the Great Barrier Reef? She is an adventurous partner who is willing to try everything that is penned down on your bucket list.

Whether you’re a casual traveller or a certified travel junkie, dating a globe-trotting girl with a strong sense of wanderlust can be a pretty euphoric and intrinsically romantic ride that will give you tons of sweet and pleasant memories.

She is Open-minded

You can be as wild, crazy and weird as you can be, whenever she is around. She is not going to judge you for every not-so unusual and bizarre thing that you want to try. date a girl who travels solitary wanderer.

With years of meeting people and travelling, she has certainly immersed into many cultures, which means she is open-minded. Rather than viewing other folks and places as weird, she simply thinks of them as different.

She is Very Proficient in Budgeting

Having problems managing your earnings? Perhaps, you should try to get a piece of advice from a frequent female traveller. Although she is not as wealthy as Taylor Swift or Beyonce, she is nevertheless well-versed in money management. I want to date a girl who travels the world. 

Years of travelling the world gave her informal yet practical lessons on how to manage funds effectively, and how to extend her budget as far as she can. Furthermore, she is going to find ways to generate income while travelling.

Girl tearing money

She is Friendly

Have you ever met a frequent traveller or backpacker who is unfriendly and sheepish? After travelling the world for years, she has developed an incredible ability to befriend anyone in any situation and any place.

She has excellent social skills, and she won’t have problems making friends with your family and friends. What it’s like to date someone who travels. 

She Will Make You a Better Person

She is a type of girl who is going to transform you into a better and well-rounded dude. Plus, she is going to make your life a lot more exciting, with your escapades and getaways together. don’t date a girl who travels video

To top it all off, she will introduce to you to a plethora new ideas and theories that will make you a little wiser. don’t date a girl who travels vimeo

Life is Fun With Her

Whenever your life starts to go towards the mundane, she is going to come up with a holiday that will bring bliss as well as a sense of excitement into your life. She will plan a trip, and have your flights and budget sorted out. Afterwards, she is going to take you to destinations that you have never been to, and help you discover things that may bring some spice to your life.

Likewise, she is a girl who can easily recognize every opportunity for fun and adventure. And she is willing to try something unusual and new with you, whether at home or abroad. What kind of qualities do travelers have?

She is Not Clingy

She is not the kind of girl who is going to call you every hour, just to know what you are doing. She wants to be you not because she needs to be with you every minute, but because she really loves you. Find a girl who travels. 

Unlike most romantically hopeless women and men, she is not going to use her partner to fill a void. Sexy girls who travel the world. 


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Aldrich Infantado is a fitness junkie, a battle-scarred backpacker and a writer extraordinaire who loves to share insightful tips and inspiring articles to his readers.

He currently works as the content manager and writer for Trekeffect.

Photo credits: Girl Hitchhiking by Mapping Megan. Girl tearing money by Other images from Thinkstock. All of Thinkstock’s images come with a royalty-free license


  1. I agree with everything!! (Even if I am slightly biased.. being a travel girls and all!)

    • Haha I’m slightly biased too so we’re on the same page :D

  2. Very interesting read, I would love to meet my soulmate who likes to travel, it would be a lot more fun travelling with someone you trust and shares the same interest.

    • Thanks James – glad you enjoyed the post. Keep searching – that perfect girl is out there for you!

  3. So true!!! :) But still.. why nobody dates me?!?!? Hmmmmm :-/

    • He’s out there for you! The world is a very small place, I’m sure you’ll bump into your soulmate somewhere spectacular!

    • Makes no sense to me! ;)

    • Hey , im ready to date you. Haha
      Life is a journey and definately youre going to find someone lucky

  4. Where do I find her??? She sounds perfect!

    • Keep looking, she’s out there somewhere! I’m sure you’ll find her soon :)

    • Thanks Meg!

  5. Good writeup. A woman who travels, or at the very least understands my interest in extended trips, is very important to me when it comes to dating. I’ve dated women in the past who were homebodies. Nothing wrong with that, but I eventually felt like it wasn’t for me.

    • Thanks Dan – so glad you enjoyed the post. As you said, nothing wrong with women who choose to be homebodies, but there are definitely qualities in women who travel which would appeal to an adventurous man!

  6. My then boyfriend had to pass the “But can we travel together?” test before any “I do”. He passed the test 35 years ago and is still my favorite travel companion.

    • Oh absolutely – that’s the biggest test to pass! I’ve always said that travel will either make or completely break a relationship! Luckily I actually met my partner traveling and that was all we did in the first year of being together, so I figured it was meant to be :D

      Congrats on 35 years of marriage!

  7. This is all so very true. And equally true for guys. As a woman who has spent more than 20 years travelling, I find it very hard to be attracted to guys who don’t. And for all the same reasons – even down to the being clingy. I want a guy who has these qualities. A traveller is a good catch for anyone.

    • Absolutely Mackenzie – the exact same can be said for guys too. I count myself so lucky to have met and fallen in love with a fellow traveler while on the road. Means I didn’t need to put him through the “do we travel well together” test after having invested time in dating :D

  8. YOu don’t have to twist my arm, that;s for sure. :) (Seriously, it’s a lucky guy who takes you up on these reasons.)

    • Happy travels!

  9. I love that you mentioned my hometown, Cebu! I love the article as well ?.

    • Great place to call home … you have an awesome backyard! Glad you enjoyed the article Charish. Thanks for stopping by :)

  10. Exactly!

    • :)

  11. What more could a guy want?!? Great qualities listed! Certainly agree… And the search continues…

    Thanks Meg!

    • Happy travels John :)

  12. Yes to all of this! What more could you want in a potential partner? :)

    • So glad you enjoyed the post Brooke! :)

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