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You can spot a seasoned traveller from miles away. They’re the ones that know how to move up a class, always pack a portable phone charger and appear immaculate and mighty fresh. They know how to survive a long flight.

You may not be a frequent flier but we talked to Gordon Bayne, Head of Travel at Scoopon, who has flown the hard miles and is happy to share the ins and outs of travelling like a pro. Keep these tips and tricks handy for your next getaway, to maximise your travelling experience. Efficient travel. 

Pack Smart

Losing your luggage easily tops the list of travel nightmares – and it can happen! Make sure your suitcase isn’t black, because if it does get lost, you will struggle to work out which bag is yours amongst the sea of other black suitcases. Things I can do so that the airline doesn’t lose my bag. 

Always pack an ‘emergency kit’ in your carry on, which should include a spare change of clothes and underwear, toothbrush and basic toiletries, as well as your phone/laptop charger. Having a backup makes a world of difference when the unexpected happens. If you’re tight on space stuff your shoes with socks and underwear, which will also help to keep their shape.

luggage in the airport

Come Prepared

Frequent fliers are well prepared for the downsides of flying which often include crying babies. There are certain items to pack to ensure a comfortable journey. Invest in noise cancelling headphones to block out the noise of an upset baby or child. This will also help reduce the sound of the plane when watching entertainment or trying to read. Travel like a pro. 

Always bring an eye mask, especially if someone on the window seat decides not to close the window or keeps their reading light on. I will also take all chargers with me as carry on, in case there is a delay and I need to charge my devices. How to travel more efficiently. Travel tips from seasoned travelers. 

It’s always worth asking if the flight is full as there are often spare seats at the back of the plane, which may provide an extra seat for an improved sleep.

Research & Plan Strategically

The art of scoring a good travel deal comes down to strategic planning and research. Always search for a flight via your incognito browser tab. This blocks third party access to your web cookies and browsing history, preventing airlines and other suppliers from hiking up their prices. Travel tips from experts.

Also, take the time to do some research online. Don’t just accept the first price you see, whether it’s for tickets or for accommodation. Look for travel deals and holiday packages that match your dates, location and requirements – you may just score a bargain and save a hefty amount. Expert travel tips. 

Mapping Megan 2

Stick To A Healthy Regimen

Since you are not expending a large amount of energy while flying, avoid salty or sugar laden foods as these can cause unwanted bloating, which is never comfortable on a plane. If possible, pack your own healthy snacks and always eat before you head to the airport, so you’re not tempted by the fast food options at the terminal. Travel tips for how to travel better. 

Stick to water as your liquid of choice and always stay hydrated throughout the flight, to ward off any headaches or dryness. Make a point of getting up every hour to stretch, even if it’s just walking back and forth to the bathroom.

If you have a layover, get a massage to help promote the circulation in your body – much needed when you’ve remained stagnant for so long.

Stay Loyal

Airlines value loyalty from their fliers. You have a higher chance of being upgraded if you fly exclusively with one airline for all your travels.

Avoid faking a sickness or injury to score a better seat, because they will ask for a medical certificate. It’ll also look very embarrassing on your behalf if they call you out for it. Instead, done your best dapper outfit and politely make the request. Sometimes you never know! Travel tips from the professionals.


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Megan is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging since 2007, with the main aim of inspiring others to embark on their own worldwide adventure. Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! They haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on their list.

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  1. Oh yeah, the travelers can be seen from a mile!

    On long term trip I also carry a small sewing kit. :)

    • Brilliant point re the sewing kit – we try to travel with one too. I’ve found you can fix almost any problem with access to nail clippers, tweezers and a needle and thread! Duct tape too :D

  2. Great tips, especially the noise cancelling earphones. I really do need to get myself some. and the massage – another thing I have never done in a layover, but might add to my next trip.

    • Massage is an amazing way to spend a layover. So is a shower if you have access to an airline lounge. One of the best things that you can do to freshen up during/straight after a flight :)

      And yes, noise cancelling headphones are absolutely worth the investment. Never leave home without them!

  3. I’m still learning how to pack smart. Last time I managed to take 15kg for over 5 weeks of travels so I was so proud of myself! I also figured that 1 pair of really good shoes is a great idea when travelling! No sandals, no fancy shoes but 1 decent sport shoes! :)

    • 15 kg for over 5 weeks is awesome – nice work! Packing is also the one thing which stings me every time lol no matter how experienced I am, I always seem to have an issue with overpacking. Even though I know that I never end up wearing half of what I bring along!

      Good call on the shoes – I’ve found the same recently. I usually try to take one pair of sports shoes and one pair of nice flats and that’s generally it. Saves on space and you generally don’t need much else.

  4. Frequent flyer points or the likes don’t really do it for me anymore. They always find ways to hide traps in their small print. At one stage I had enough miles Star Alliance to fly business from Australia to USA. Bloody United didn’t want to acknowledge points collected on Singapore Airlines. Then I overlanded through the Americas during which time all points vanished. Puff – gone!
    Ever since I don’t care anymore!

    • You definitely need to have read the fine print and know the ins and outs of the terms and conditions of your program when it comes to FF points. Though for regular travelers who stick to one airline they can be fantastic when you can put them to good use.

      Sorry to hear about United not acknowledging points from Singapore.

  5. Frequent Flyer miles are my indispensable go-to for booking trips, which helps me to travel more frequently than I ever could afford. I always carry an eye mask and my chargers with me. I aslo have a compact travel power strip that lets me charge multiple devices at once.

    • Compact travel power strip is a brilliant idea Jackie – I’ll have to look into securing one for myself :) I always have to stay really on top of my international adapters and chargers – Mike is from the US and I’m from Australia so now that we’re both living in Aus, half our electronics are of different plugins and voltages! So we have to make sure we’ve got all the right gear because it’s super easy to get confused :D!

  6. Would love to get an upgrade one day (plane or hotel) and luckily my luggage has never been lost though I have a black suitcase (but with a colored strap on the handle to identify it better, haha (of course this is what my mum has told me :)

    • Never hurts to ask! (re the upgrade). Ive recently started trying it – hasn’t worked for me yet with an airline, but it’s worked a couple of times at hotels. Having worked in hotel reception myself, if a hotel isn’t full and you happen to catch the clerk on a good day, sometimes they’ll give you the upgrade because they’re in a good mood. So never hurts to ask politely :)

  7. Couldn’t agree more Megan! If you’re prepared the trip will be much more enjoyable. Noise cancelling headphones are a must-have for me on every adventure.

    • Noise cancelling headphones are a godsend! Such a good idea to have with you on a flight – I now never travel without them :)

  8. Great article! Not only are they things that frequent travelers do, they are things smart travelers do. Great advice for those who love to travel.

    • Thanks Mary :) And I agree – traveling smart takes a lot of the hassle and strain out of the equation. Makes for a much better experience all round.

  9. I’ve been travelling for many years and I’d like to think I’m a pro in my own right. But I guess there is always things to learn. Never thought about using the space in my shoes..this is one of the best posts I’ve read in awhile.

    • Always new tricks to learn even for the most experienced travelers. I’m glad we could offer a few you hadn’t yet thought of – the trick with stuffing your shoes is a great one, especially if you’re heading straight out to an event and need everything to stay nice.

      Glad you enjoyed the post Christopher. Thanks for stopping by :)

  10. Great advice! I always pack earplugs and an eye mask, makes long flights a lot more bearable;-)

    • Thanks Lotte! Eye mask and earplugs are on our must pack list of essentials for any flight. I know you usually get them on board, but we always travel with our own just in case. As you said, makes a long flight far more bearable!

  11. Very smart tips…. I’ve never reflected about some of them even if I’m a frequent flyer and do 3 out of four!
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks Sabrina – I’m glad we could offer up some tips you have never thought of before.

      I’ve found even though I think of myself as an experienced traveler, there are always little tips and tricks out there that other people do I haven’t heard of. I love that the internet makes it so easy to connect and share between each other to make it easier to travel smarter than ever before :)

  12. Great info. I drive everyone I know crazy with my travel research and planning. We can’t book anything until I’ve checked that I’ve found the absolute cheapest/best option anywhere on the internet. Of course, I also keep checking after I book just so I can feel back about it if the price goes down a week later. Its a little masochistic, but I love a bargain.

    • Thanks Mags – and nothing wrong with having all of the information! Researching and planning is key – we always keep checking prices after we book too. Hotels, for instance, often have free cancellation, so if last minute travel deals pop up and you can find cheaper accommodation else where, why not! One of the best ways to save :D

  13. Sticking to a healthy diet is so important. It has the potential to make or break the entire journey. A small amount of wellness and good choices can go very far.

    • Yes, absolutely Nicole. There’s nothing worse than winding up sick while traveling. I’ve found too that the healthy regime works best when I start before I actually depart for my flight. Low stress levels, well rested etc – makes for much more smooth sailing health wise when you go to take a trip :)

  14. A healthy regimen, I cannot recommend that enough too! Especially water, sugared drinks make me feel a bit sick after. Also learned never to overeat on the plane, even if they provide much more food than you need. No food is worth the awful bloating for hours!

    • Totally agree with you on the point on overeating on the plane … it’s absolutely not worth feeling bloated and gross when you’re stuck in a confined space for long periods of time! And the bathrooms aren’t that friendly a space when you’re sick :S!

  15. I travel with less than 10kg – 46 litre backpack, been travelling continuously for 12 months, does that make me a seasoned traveller?

    • Definitely does! Nice work on the expert packing skills! I could probably learn a lot from you lol no matter how many times I travel, I always suffer from severe over packing disease :D

  16. I am all those things except for staying healthy sometimes hahaha. The desserts are my kryptonite, i must try local dessert everywhere I go!

    • Nothing wrong with a little dessert every here and there :D I will admit I usually go for seconds of the desserts on the plane. Lol they’re usually so much better than the actual meal they serve!

  17. I always bring at least a change of clothes and my shaving kit in my carry on. Of course if you have to go through the United States and if I’m not mistaken the EU has followed suit, your shaving kit needs to be see through, or you have to open it. I don’t mind opening my shaving kit. What’s also really good is a rubber shaving kit. Toothpaste and shaving cream can leak out and you don’t want it getting on your clothes. Plus, as nice as leather is, leather doesn’t keep liquid in. Does anyone know how to cope with getting the middle seat? I loathe the middle seat as most people do. As I wrote in my own blog post “What’s the worst seat on every Flight” As I wrote it’s getting more and more difficult to avoid and the bottom line is, someone has to take the middle. I have never been able to sleep in the middle. Are there any products which might help?

    • Hi Ken, thanks for sharing your tips; spare change of clothes in carry on is definitely a must – I’m always amazed at how fresh you can feel with even just a simple change of underware after a long flight!

      Wasn’t aware of shaving kit needing to be see through, though I’m sure most people would be happy to just open it too. I usually buy ziplocks before I travel for all of my liquids, that way if it does leak (have had that happen once or twice!!!), it’s all contained to the ziplock and doesn’t go all through my clothes!!

      I guess I’ve been lucky with the middle seat, I always avoid it completely by checking in online and completing my seat selection 24 hours before the flight. That way I never have to worry about being stuck inbetween strangers. So highly recommend that as a way to combat getting stuck with the middle seat :)

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