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Almost instantly after publishing our 2014 list of Sexiest Male Travelers Alive, we were bombarded with messages and emails from male travelers wanting to nominate their favorite females for the same title.

We all know you should date a girl who travels; “she spends her weekends jetting around Europe, her holidays trekking through Uganda in search of gorillas, volunteering in a school in Ghana or lying on a beach in Sri Lanka. She spends her evenings reading travel books, watching travel movies or following travel bloggers on Twitter. She might appear to be independent and solitarily happy but, in reality, she would really like that perfect companion to be able to enjoy all of these things with.”

You’ll never get bored with a girl who travels; she’s generally drama free and is less materialistic. She doesn’t dote on possessions but rather treasured experiences.

So, with these qualities in mind, the following is our list for the 25 Sexiest Female Travelers Alive, 2014.

The Sexiest Female Travelers Alive (2014 Edition)

Anna Kate

Anna Kate: Anna is a vibrant backpacker who has been exploring the globe solo full time for the last 4.5 years. When she’s not swinging from a cliff in Ecuador or climbing glaciers in Iceland, she’s putting her photography skills to good use, sharing vivid shots of her adventures for the rest of us to enjoy. She loves Couchsurfing, chocolate and would rather be caught being completely outrageous than totally boring.

The best thing about Anna, besides that she’s single? She’s stunning both inside and out!

Follow Anna at

Charli Moore

Photo Credit: Wanderlusters

Photo Credit: Wanderlusters

Charli Moore: She’s an adventurous nomad who lives a life “undefined” – undefined because she puts no time limits or restrictions on her epic journey around the world.

She embraces every opportunity for adventure and has been fortunate enough to experience adrenalin highs in seven different countries to date; scuba diving with sharks, driving an SUV along the Trans Canada Highway, and spending a night in a grass hut on a Hawaiian beach, though sorry boys, she’s taken. Her very handsome partner Ben appeared earlier in the week as one of the sexiest male travelers alive.

Follow Charli at

Trisha Velarmino

Photo Credit: PS I'm On My Way

Photo Credit: P.S. I’m On My Way

Trisha Velarmino: Trisha is on a mission to travel to all visa free countries for Filipinos. She travels full time and always volunteers, not just for the free food and accommodation (well, that’s one of the reasons), but to also learn how to eat, cook, speak and live like a local.

She’s a big Barcelona FC fan, loves to read, and loves to eat cupcakes and Asian food!

Follow Trisha at

Kiersten Rich

Photo Credit: The Blonde Abroad.

Photo Credit: The Blonde Abroad.

Kiersten Rich: Let’s be honest, this wouldn’t be a legitimate list if Kiersten wasn’t on it! California native, who, not too long ago, left her career in corporate finance to become a world traveler, since then she has traveled to 40 countries, knocking off fairly big bucket list adventures as she goes.

She hopes to inspire others to live a life they love, and settle for nothing less than extraordinary.

Follow Kiersten at

Alexandra Kovacova

Photo Credit: Crazy Sexy Fun

Photo Credit: Crazy Sexy Fun

Alexandra Kovacova: Called Saška at home and Alex abroad, Alex spent 25 years looking for the reason of her life, and finally found it in travel.

She travels to see new places, adventures, different cultures, local food, music, habits, meet new people and much more. Her blog is about crazy travel, fun adventures and sexy photos. You’ll find her travels include a lot of the spa, swimming, snorkeling, massages, adventures, flying, beaches, hiking, animals, city breaks and other experiences around the world.

Follow Alexandra at

Pam Godnig Malone

Pam Godnig Malone: Pam is an “unusual Italian chick” with a passion for photography, sunsets, green-tea ice-cream and rooftop pools! She was born in Italy 29 years ago, and since then it seems her only purpose in life is getting away from it.

She first fell in love with the world when she moved to Sweden at 17 as part of an exchange student program. Since then she has been back to Sweden almost every year, lived some months in Finland, and visited as many countries she could.

Follow Pam at

Christina Gmyr

Photo Credit: Fleeting Life

Photo Credit: Fleeting Life

Christina Gmyr: Christina is a travel addict with passion for great food, healthy living, languages and international human rights. She recognizes that this life is so brief, and aims to make the most of it.

Follow Christina at

Jodi Ettenberg

Photo Credit: Legal Nomads

Photo Credit: Legal Nomads

Jodi Ettenberg: Jodi is beautiful, bright, and, of course, a world traveler! In 2008 she quit her job as a lawyer and took off to travel for what she thought would be just a year. She soon realized she did not want to return to the law, and instead kept traveling to the places that left her wide-eyed and smiling.

She is deeply addicted to noodle soup, and is the brains behind Legal Nomads, a site which houses resources for world travel, tips for eating street food, and hand-drawn typographic maps of delicious meals. More than anything, it is about connecting to others through food and learning.

Follow Jodi at

Candice Rose Rardon


Photo Credit: Candice Rose Rardon

Candice Rose Rardon: Candice is a brilliant artist who brings us fabulous stories and sketches from around the world.

Her latest sketching commissions include the Taj Mahal, Paris and a hand sketched map of the United States, and she finds there is nothing more thrilling than bringing a scene to life on the pages of her sketchbook – be it her backyard or the back of beyond.

Follow Candice at

Lindsay M Hawley (RIP)

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Live More Happy

UPDATED: Lindsay Hawley passed away January 1 2017. She made a huge difference around the world, managing fundraising events and digital marketing campaigns for non profits such as Dr. Interns in India, Peruvian Hearts in Peru, Vida Outreach in Baja, Mexico, and Share the Fortune and Urban Angels in San Diego, California.

She completed non profit works around the globe, had been to Necker 3 times, and worked alongside Richard Branson aiming to inspire others to live a happier life full of purpose, gratitude, excitement, love and most of all fun.

Her site, Live More Happy wasn’t just a blog, it was a way of living, always in search of the next adventure and a deeper meaning in life.

Phoebe Mroczek

Photo Credit: Short Road to Happy

Photo Credit: Short Road to Happy

Phoebe Mroczek: Have motorcycle, will ride. Phoebe is all about creating an adventurous life you love, and together with her hunky partner Joel (see Sexiest Male Travelers Alive 2014), has recently completed an incredible motorcycle journey around the world.

Her adventure travel blog is one like no other; one to scare your mother!

Follow Phoebe at

Mary Gabbett

Photo Credit: Green Global Travel

Photo Credit: Green Global Travel

Mary Gabbett: By night she’s a Greek Goddess, by day she’s saving the world, one story at a time.

A dedicated advocate for saving our planet by promoting ecotourism and ethical travel experiences, Mary and husband Bret run the largest online nature / wildlife conservation & cultural preservation magazine.

Follow Mary at

Kristin Addis

Photo Credit: Be My Travel Muse

Photo Credit: Be My Travel Muse

Kristin Addis: A 20-something Southern California-native, Kristin woke up one day to realize she wasn’t happy with the direction her life was headed in.  She spent the better part of her early 20s as an investment banker in Newport Beach, which burnt her out and pushed her to make a change. So she bought a one way ticket to Thailand and hasn’t looked back.

Since then, she has sought off-the-beaten path destinations and experiences all over Southeast Asia and Oceania, all while traveling solo and perpetuating a nomadic lifestyle.

Follow Kristin at

Alex Baackes

Photo Credit: Alex in Wonderland

Photo Credit: Alex in Wanderland

Alex Baackes: Alex has spent most of her life fighting an incurable case of wanderlust. Now that she’s found a way, at least for now, to make her life centered around travel, she feels like she is Alex in Wanderland! Not to mention, she was a pretty big fan of a certain book and movie character who had a penchant for chasing crazy characters down rabbit holes.

She travels in pursuit of  adventure, adrenaline, and a lifetime of globe-trotting daydreams to fulfill. Along the way she indulges her passions for photography, design, scuba diving, and squealing over small animals.

Follow Alex at

Jenna Kvidt

Photo Credit: Wander the Map

Photo Credit: Wander the Map

Jenna Kvidt: Jenna is the planner behind the adventures which continually make us jealous at Wander the Map – a couples travel blog (sorry boys!) full of stunning video and photography from every corner of the globe.

She’s climbed glaciers in Iceland, hiked the Flam Valley in Norway, and believes if she can do it, you can too! She is a big advocate for travel not needing to be expensive, and promotes the line that you don’t always have to go far. Sometimes, the best experiences happen right in your own backyard.

Follow Jenna at

Emma Higgins

Photo Credit: Gotta Keep Movin'

Photo Credit: Gotta Keep Movin’

Emma Higgins: A beautiful and brilliant writer, in 2010, Emma stepped on a plane to India. What followed was an eye-opening, poignant experience, an impactful glimpse into our planet and the millions of stories it tells each day. This, coupled with four years of adventure after that trip, cultivated in her an insatiable habit for both listening to and writing stories, and thus Gotta Keep Movin’ was born.

She is fascinated by the people that live in our world, and by the infinite ways in which they exist. Gotta Keep Movin’ is a mishmash of stories about these people, herself, and her ceaseless love affair with travel.

Follow Emma at

Sabrina Iovino

Photo Credit: Just One Way Trip

Photo Credit: Just One Way Ticket

Sabrina Iovino: In her words, Sab is “just another random girl from Berlin”, who has been traveling non stop since 2008. In 2007 she stopped buying crap she didn’t need and instead used the money to purchase a one way ticket.

She doesn’t need an iPad (or any pad!!), nor an iPod or an iPhone. She doesn’t need those fancy sneakers. That sexy dress. Another Bikini. Or a plasma TV. All she needs are her continual string of one way tickets, which have seen her explore the most amazing corners of the globe. She has a wicked sense of humor and calls things exactly as they are.

Follow Sab at

Toccara Maytrott Best

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Forget Someday

Toccara Maytrott Best: Toccara has a passion for travel, adventure, and exploring new places and cultures. She’s a phenomenal photographer, loves travel planning, and, above all else, aims to inspire the rest of us to get out and explore this beautiful world we live in!

But sorry boys, hands to yourself…she’s taken!

Follow Toccara at

Lisa Ellen Niver

Photo Credit: We Said Go Travel

Photo Credit: We Said Go Travel

Lisa Ellen Niver: She’s breathtakingly beautiful and has the amazing personality to match it. A member of the exclusive Travelers Century Club having traveled to over 100 countries in her lifetime, Lisa’s primary purpose is to bring global awareness.

She is an inspiration to so many, a passionate writer, educator, social media ninja, speaker and global citizen, and advocate for setting goals and achieving them – her incredible weight loss was highlighted in print in First Women Magazine. You might find her underwater, traveling to an exotic location, teaching in the classroom or in print about social media, science education, lifelong learning, books, and travel.

Follow Lisa at

Suzette Barnett

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Try Something Fun

Suzette Barnett: A California native, Suzette travels in search of breathtaking landscapes, wildlife encounters, crystal blue waters and good wine, always with camera in hand. Her goal is to live a life filled with as much fresh air and sunshine as possible.

She makes friends around the world and shares off the beaten path travel gems on her website

Follow Suzette at

Melissa Jennewein

Photo Credit: OneWomanNomad

Photo Credit: OneWomanNomad

Melissa Jennewein: Melissa has got wanderlust and she’s got it baaaad. She is a wanderer, wanderlust pursuer, drifter, seeker of laughter and love, and giver of free hugs.

In 2012 she donated 98% of her belongings and has been backpacking the world ever since. She decided that it was time to chase inspiration, challenge herself, and search for the answers that she is seeking to the secrets of the universe.

She wants to fill herself with the wonder and excitement of a 5 year old again, playing with and enjoying the simpler things in life and letting each new day be a surprise.

Follow Melissa at

Nellie Huang

Photo Credit: Wild Junket

Photo Credit: Wild Junket

Nellie Huang: Nellie is passionate about independent travel, outdoor adventures, languages and food. She has been traveling around the world since 2003, experiencing over 70 countries on seven continents with her husband Alberto.

She has lived and worked in London, Madrid, Granada, Tanzania and Singapore, and also spent months backpacking through South America, volunteering in Tanzania and exploring Southeast Asia. Some of her most memorable adventures include expedition cruising in Antarctica, climbing an active volcano in Iceland, skydiving in Spain, wildlife watching on the Galapagos Islands and paragliding in South Africa.

Follow Nellie at

Lauren Juliff

Lauren Juliff: Lauren quit her job, sold everything, and headed out on what was supposed to be a one year trip around the world. This was in 2011.

This incredibly inspiring woman stepped on that plane, one-way ticket in hand, without having ever travelled alone before, and never for more than two weeks at a time. She had no life experience, zero common sense, and had never eaten rice. She suffered from debilitating anxiety, was battling an eating disorder and had just had her heart broken. On Never Ending Footsteps, she shows that transformation through travel is possible, even when terrible things happen to you.

She is probably also in the running for the unluckiest traveller in the world…she’s been scammed, assaulted and robbed, lost teeth and swallowed a cockroach. She’s fallen into leech-infested rice paddies, had the brakes of her motorbike fail while riding down a mountain and a boat started to sink with her on board. She’s been caught up in a tsunami, sat beside a corpse and experienced a very unhappy ending during a massage in Thailand.

Follow Lauren at

Ashley Fleckenstein

Photo Credit: Ashley Abroad

Photo Credit: Ashley Abroad 

Ashley Fleckenstein: Ashley spent a year traveling the world at 23 and hasn’t looked back since.

Her adventures? Carnivale in Venice, learning how to scuba dive in Thailand, skiing in Switzerland, motorcycling across Vietnam, completing her Yoga Teacher Training in India, hiking the Himalayas and embarking on an independent yoga retreat in Bali.

Follow Ashley at

Becki Enright

Photo Credit: Borders of Adventure

Photo Credit: Borders of Adventure

Becki Enright: Becki spent her childhood years staring at maps, and started embarking on grand adventures when she was a teenager, visiting Russia and Europe on school trips to learn about Cold War history.By 2007, at the age of 24, she had quit spending her money on short package breaks and had saved enough money to take off on her independent trip to another place she had studied enthusiastically in text books – Vietnam.

Her aim is to show the world how to travel differently, adventurously, responsibly and with purpose.

Follow Becki at

Erin Holmes

Photo credit: Explore With Erin

Erin Holmes: Who says mums can’t be sexy? Erin has been travelling the world nomadically for nearly 3 years with her husband and two small kids. She just crossed country number 50 off her list. She is bubbly and full of life, and her magnetic personality can be seen throughout the photos on her blog and YouTube videos.

She has stayed in hostels and 5 star luxury resorts, travelled on scooters and cruise liners, danced with leprechauns and cuddled tigers. Nothing is out of bounds or out of reach for this remarkable fellow Australian sheila.

Follow Erin at

Thankyou for all nominations. Check back again next year for the 2015 Sexiest Traveler Awards, or enjoy more traveling eye candy by checking out Travel Blogger Crushes 2015 by “Aussie on the Road”.

For more mud-caked bikini shots, make sure you head over and “like” Mapping Megan on Facebook!

Signing off

Check back again next year!

Meg Jerrard is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging around the world for the last 7 years to inspire others to embark on their own worldwide adventure!  Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

Follow their journey on FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter.


  1. Is the calendar on the way?

    • Lol I’m sure it would be a best seller!

  2. Awesome! Thanks for including me, too! Found some new faces here (y)

    • Anytime :) Glad you enjoyed the list and found some new faces to follow.

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    • You can send me your Chinese leftovers :D LOVE Chinese food!!

    • Sara, I love Chinese and I won’t stop eating Chinese. Except that, they have fake Chinese food here in South America. I totally miss the real one.

  4. Such a fun list! Genius idea, do it every year please!

    • Thinking it’s definitely going to be an annual thing! So glad you enjoyed the list.

  5. Meg,
    WOW! I am honored to be on a list of so many talented and hot women. Thank you & the secret voting council for including me. I like Charles McCool’s idea–Let’s do a calendar for charity & we can do a reality show too! Happy Thanksgiving!
    We Said Go Travel

    • Hi Lisa! Of course! It wouldn’t be a list without you!!

      Have a wonderful thanksgiving also!

  6. Thanks for keeping me entertained at work ;)

    • Count on it :D

  7. Haha, we were all looking forward to this post :-)

    First off Megan where are you in here? I’m sure we all agree that you belong here.

    Sorry I didn’t make any nominations, I wouldn’t know where to start. Alex of Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler for sure, the name says it all. I’m also a big follower (blog wise) of Alex Baackes and Backi Enright.

    Adding to the list, crikey where to start and narrow it down? Casey of A Cruising Couple. Samantha of Mytan Feet, Agness of E-Tramping. Anna of Anna Everywhere, Mica of Senyorita……

    I’d love to hear other people’s nominations too.

    • Sorry it was a typo, Becki not Backi.

      Angela of Angelas Travel, SOfie of Wonderful Wanderings……..

    • So sweet of you to mention me :D

    • Lol thanks so much! Though I am actually at the end of the post lol I included my own little bikini photo at the end as a sign off – though I’m caked in mud because i don’t take myself too seriously :D

      So many amazing women out there I could make so many lists!

  8. Woot woot! Kudos to all the sexy ladies!

    • Glad you enjoyed the post :)

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    • I’m so glad! Thanks Christie :)

  10. I can see you have a thing for blondes!! ;)

    • Lol I don’t know why people keep saying that – 11 blondes out of 27 – I’m very biased towards brunette’s lol :D

  11. great list! I have found so many amazing, inspiring travelers to follow thanks to you- love it!! <3

    • Fantastic! I’m so glad to hear :)

  12. found some new bloggers here I wasnt aware of :) great list Megan…but i think you forgot yourself!

    • I’m so glad! Lol I actually did include my own bikini snap at the end there – I’m just caked in mud because I don’t take myself too seriously lol :D

  13. Sexy ladies :-) :-) but you forgot me…..sad face

    • Ah! I forgot so many amazing women! Will have to g\kick start another list!

  14. Great, thanks for balancing things out for us guys. I could add a few ladies to the list but they might find that more creepy than anything…so I’ll keep my favorites to myself :)
    Frank (bbqboy)

    • LOL well I hope I managed to provide a well rounded list with new faces to follow :)

  15. Can I also nominate myself? :))

    • Sure! A few people actually nominated themselves lol! It’s all done as a bit of fun so no exclusions :)

  16. Awesome list! And let’s not forget that these ladies are not only sexy and pretty, but true adventuristas and amazing writers! I’ve been reading a better half of the list already an d would love to check out new faces too!

    • And that’s exactly what i was going for. being sexy is not just about looks – but a combination of brains, talent, kindess – sexy is really all about being a well rounded person.

  17. Where’s adventurous Kate? Seriously, not impressed with this list ;)

    • Lol I’ll strive to do better for you next year. Hopefully 2015 will meet your expectations :D

    • How can you not like the list Leif!? My eyes were bugging the whole time. I went and stalked a few right away too. Don’t need Kate for a good list either

  18. Wow! lots of sexy travelers. And a lot more asking to be included. I guess all travelers are sexy by default.

    • Agreed! What I was really trying to push is that there are so many different qualities which make a person sexy – appearance, yes, though also humility, adventure, humor, all the qualities which make one a well rounded and grounded person :)

  19. Well, I’ve developed a series of new crushes!!!

    • Lol I’m glad :D!

    • Excellent choice – thanks Scott!

  20. Oh what a surprise seeing my butt in this list :) thanks so much for the mention Megan!! I know and follow some of these hotties already, looking forward to connect to the other beauties as well! :)

    • Lol I spent some time stalking your many stunning photos but I thought this would prove to be a favorite :D! So glad you enjoyed the list :)

  21. This is a great list Megan! And I’m loving all the new faces as well. I’ll definitely step up my sexy game for your next list ;) Cheers!

    • Lol thanks Kollin – glad you found some new faces to follow!

  22. Nice! Thanks for putting this together. I’m looking to get married soon, some good candidates here :D

    • Lol glad I could be of service :D!

    • Can’t wait to see your results for Romania! Two very beautiful girls – thanks for introducing us to them!

  23. What a fun list. Definitely agree this should be an annual thing.

    • Thanks Matilda! So glad you enjoyed it! We’ve had a great response so will definitely have to make it an annual thing :)

  24. Just a small note: African American women travel too. In fact, I several photos that would top these. Women who have traveled to over a 100 countries, have been to the non touristy parts of the world, whose bucket list check offs would leave you speechless. A simple beach photo or a photo of a women at Devils pool in Zimbabwe……come on.

    • Thanks Ms Banks – you are more than welcome to send me your own nominations for the 2015 list if you feel there are further women who should be included.

      We believe very highly in the spirit of inclusion, and as such, every name I was sent for this post was included in the final list. But I can’t include someone if I don’t know of them.

      Email is if you would like to send through nominations for 2015.


  25. Just curious, do you not know any women of color who travel? Not only do my friends and I travel and write successful and poppopular travel blogs, I belong to a huge travel group made up mainly of people of color who literally travel daily. It’s called Nomadness and we are epic.

    The fact that this list is so devoid of color is truly telling about your standards of beauty and it’s shameful, especially in 2014.

    • Hi Roni – thanks for your feedback. This post was a fun post which was aimed at throwing some extra promotion at some inspiring women who deserved it – color had no bearing on who was included whatsoever. And while they may not necessarily be colored, you’ll note there is a wide variety of different nationalities and cultures here including girls from all over Europe, Asia, the America’s and Australia.

      I believe that the post definitely speaks to my standards of beauty, because as you’ll note, the post was largely about the fact that beauty isn’t just about what’s on the outside, but also about the promoting that different qualities like kindness, charity work, adventurous spirit etc also make a person sexy. It was very much about the qualities of women making them sexy and not just physical appearance.

      There were open nominations, and in the spirit of inclusion, every name which was sent to me was published here – we even had a few girls write saying they would love to be included.

      Please do feel free to nominate yourself and your friends for the next list this time in 2015 – I can only include those who I know about.

    • Hi Laureene, thanks for the link to your group – I have shot through a request to join it. As I mentioned to Roni above, color had nothing to do with the inclusion or exclusion of girls in this post. There were open nominations, and every name which was sent to me was included here. It’s nothing about me not believing people of color are sexy, I can only include people if I know about them.

      Please feel free to nominate yourself and your friends for the next list in 2015.

  26. Not really feeling this list…
    It lacks TONS of color.
    I have traveled all over the world and I am pretty hot.
    Not to mention loads of other beautiful Brown, Yellow, and Black HOT travel bloggers that did not make the list. . .

    Just a thought.

    • Hi Rachel – thanks for your feedback, and I’m sorry that you’re not really impressed with the list. As I mentioned to Laureene and Roni above, there was absolutely no statement here that women of color who travel are not hot or beautiful, so I apologize if this is how you have interpreted the post.

      I had hoped that the message which would have come through from this post was that “sexy” is a subjective term, and not just about physical appearance, but also about qualities like an adventurous spirit, kindness, humor, and inner strength which make a person sexy.

      There were open nominations for inclusion in this post, and the women listed here were the only names I was sent. Feel free to send me the names of those you feel should make next years list.


  27. Hey very cool that I just happen to know a couple of these girls on the list!

    • You walk in some very sexy circles then!!

  28. What a fun list with some fabulous and talented women! My only point for improvement would be to make the list more diverse. There are some beautiful women travel bloggers out there from diverse ethnic groups.

    • Thanks Jess for your feedback – so glad you enjoyed the post! This year was done solely off a nomination process, and we included all nominations in the final post.

      Will make an effort next year to do some additional research, though I think that since the list has seen a fair bit of attention, next year we’ll hopefully have a more diverse range of nominations.

  29. Megan, you forgot the #1 most sexiest person on your list. Her name is Megan Claire

    • Awww well thanks Sy! Lol that’s actually me at the end covered in mud so I semi included myself :P Thanks for your kind comment!

  30. Nice and interesting women here… very cool ;-)

    • Glad you enjoyed the post :)

  31. I just showed my bf this article, and his response… ‘where are you on the list… number 1’? bless. The boy knows how to answer a question properly haha.

    New Years Resolution- Make sext years list :-P

    Carly and Michael

    • The boy does know how to answer a question! You’ve trained him well lol :) And absolutely – was an oversight not including you in the first!

  32. That’s so sweet! Can I republish this on my blog?

    • Glad you enjoyed the post :) Because of the many permissions required to republish this post, it would be best if you just point people to the original link here :)


  33. Hey Megan! Love this – You should defo do a 2015 edition! I’d like to nominate myself – Ha! x

    • Thanks Sarah! So glad you enjoyed the post! Your nomination is noted for the list in 2015! :D

  34. Funny how my eye went directly to this post on your sidebar! What a great list featuring so many female travelers out there. I hope you do another Male/Female list for 2015 too. And I kind of would like to nominate myself for it, haha.

    • Haha it must have been calling out to you :D Will definitely be putting together another list for 2015 by popular demand!! Nomination noted! :)

      Glad you enjoyed the post :) Happy travels Jess!

  35. So great & happy. I wish I will have more photo happy like them :D

    • Glad you enjoyed the post :) Happy travels!

    • Will absolutely be putting something together for 2016. Will be referring to the comments section here for the next list to see who I missed! X

    • Hope to be featured then :D :D

  36. Awesome to find out about other female travelers. How do we sign up to be considered for the 2016 list :P Would be cool to see a vloggers list!

    • So glad you enjoyed the post Anika! Consider yourself signed up! I check the comments in the posts from the previous lists to source for the next. Watch this space come December :)

  37. Hey Megan,

    Do you have a top ten sexiest travel couples? I’m not much to speak of but Jenn is pretty cute and might raise our composite score. Great list by the way.

    • I haven’t done a couples post yet … will had to start compiling nominations and of course add you both to the list! :)

  38. Wow~
    Thank you so much for this amazing list of top-notch female travelers list.
    Do appreciate your great effort.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post :) Happy travels!

  39. I found some new bloggers here that I wasn’t aware of. great list Megan…
    But i think you forgot yourself!

    • Glad we could introduce you to a couple of new names :) Haha and you’re too kind … thankyou :D

  40. Sadly,featured sexy traveler Lindsay Hawley took her own life on January 1, 2017. Google it.

    • Thanks Andrea, I have updated her section with an RIP. Very tragic news indeed Xxx

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