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There comes a time when you really need to get away from it all – you know, the normal hassles and tassels of life, loud noise from traffic, tight deadlines to beat, and all that.

But whether you’re traveling to the farthest corner of the world or supporting local tourism one thing is for sure; how to get there will matter a great deal.

Flights are one of the most obvious ways to travel these days, but that doesn’t mean that they’re the most affordable or comfortable.

In fact, there are many other methods of transportation you may find more effective.

How To Travel Between Destinations Effectively

 Travel by Air

Planes are often the fastest and most reliable means of transport in the modern day. If you’re taking a vacation to an area with a solid and well-developed air transport system, flights may be the easiest option

However, not all airports are going to be situated close to your destination of choice, especially if you’re traveling off the beaten path, and not all great travel destinations have an airstrip nearby. So you may have to combine air travel with a second method of transport.

Keep in mind that when looking for cheap flights, the cheapest days to fly are when other people don’t want to. Tuesdays are typically the cheapest day to fly, as are routes which depart / arrive at inconvenient times of the day, like early morning or late night.


Waiting for a taxi cab RD

Especially if you’re taking a trip to the city somewhere, a taxi can be a reliable way to get around and about. Taxicabs are even more effective in places with a well-developed transport infrastructure.

However, not all travel destinations may have a reliable taxi network. You should always research the taxi situation in a country / city before you arrive; make sure you know things like the most reputable company, common taxi scams, whether you can pay by cash or card, and how much your trip should cost you.

You can use mainstream taxi apps like Uber or MyTaxi too if you’re worried about safety / overpaying. You can book, pay for, and rate a taxi all directly through the app.

Simply book a taxi, add a payment method to your account (credit card or PayPal) and pay for your journey with the app, and watch it arrive in real time and on the map along with receiving a notification when your driver arrives at your location.

Hire a Local Car

The US was made for iconic roadtrips. Anyone with a car can go anywhere, and the nice thing about this mode of transportation is that the journey is the destination in itself – a road trip is an adventure!

If you’re going to spend quite a considerable amount of time on your trip, car hire can be an amazing option too. In most travel destinations, you will find cars for hire in their different sizes, makes, and models.

Cars for hire are also highly affordable in most areas, including chauffeur-driven options. You just need to conduct your research beforehand to find the various reliable car hire services in your destinations of interest and the options they have in their fleet.

Online and early booking discounts are plentiful, so if possible book up to three months in advance.

Buy a Recreational Vehicle

RVs, campervans, and travel trailers? Yes, these are highly interesting for the long-term road trip enthusiasts. With a good campervan or RV with a travel trailer, you get to travel while feeling as if you’re home.

You can effectively move from destination A to B, enjoying every moment without even thinking about home or work stuff. As a matter of fact, travel trailers for hire are also available depending on the destinations you intend to travel to.

Take the Train Once-in-a-While

West Coast Wilderness Railway Strahan Tasmania

In most places around the globe, trains are the most affordable yet reliable transport options. Especially when traveling long distances between travel destinations, taking the train can save you a considerable amount of money.

And a scenic train ride is often a vacation in itself; many people take the train because it means they have access to more of the country than they would if they had caught a plane.

Depending on your route, your window seat view may include towering mountain peaks, bustling metropolises, desert vistas, or rolling prairies and plains. Taking the train is is the best way to maximize your sightseeing.

Cruise Ships

Sydney Opera House Cruise

Cruises are a fantastic way to discover the world, and travelers who haven’t yet tried this form of travel are definitely missing out.

A vacation which combines the price your transport, accommodation, activities and meals into one package deal, and which places every amenity and on-board activity imaginable right at your door, cruises come in all shapes and forms, and there is absolutely a cruise to suit every traveler out there.

Couples cruise for the romance, families for the stress free and family friendly environment for their kids; solo travelers cruise to be social, and others to enjoy excursions in multiple exotic lands in one trip.

No matter what your reason for taking a cruise, there is always a reason to take one.

Travel Coaches

Day trip from Melbourne booked via TripVerse

Last but not least, travel coaches are a great option for traveling from one destination to the next if you’re staying within the same country / continent.

They’re a cheap way of getting from one location to the next, or, if you’re traveling in a large group, actually hiring a travel coach or shuttle bus can be an affordable and reliable way to travel.

Most coaches are managed by tour guide service companies that will also provide a tour guide if requested. Excellence Coaches & Tours is a good example of such a company.


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Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; an online magazine dedicated to opening your eyes to the wonders of the wild & natural world.

Having visited 50+ countries across all seven continents, Megan’s travels focus on cultural immersion, authentic discovery and incredible journeys. She has a strong passion for ecotourism, and aims to promote responsible travel experiences.



  1. I love train travel.

    • I did a lot of train travel throughout Europe and it was a fabulous way of getting around :)

  2. Cruising for us all the way!

    • There’s something magical about being out on the open water isn’t there!

  3. Buses are less popular than air and rail over long distances, the bus is still a good way to explore the country, and considerably less carbon emissions if you care about that.

    • I’ve done a couple of long bus rides and they’re not bad if you find a comfortable coach :)

  4. Our travels usually always involve a rental car. Maximum freedom and independence, and allows easy access to different parts of a country that might be poorly served by public transport. Plus, a road trip is always fun :D!

    • I do love a good road trip! I agree with you on the freedom and independence, and being able to see parts of a destination that would otherwise be impossible to reach. Really is my favorite form of transportation :)

  5. We used to do a lot of camper trips as a family when I was a kid. My parents have just taken off around the country in one too, who knows when or even if they’ll be back. A good option for sure if you’re in a big country like America or Australia where you can drive and the country is really about discovering those places outside the big cities that you can only get to by road. Some of the luxury campers I’ve seen these days too are like wow, they’re pretty swish if you can afford it!

    • Sounds like you have some great childhood memories Bret, and how fabulous for your parents that they’re living their dream :)

      I know I’ve seen some of those luxe campers and they’re like first class on wheels aren’t they!

  6. A bit riskier perhaps than other methods you’ve listed here, but hitchhiking is a cheap and often sociable way of travelling, just make sure you take a few precautions.

    • I’ve hitchhiked a couple of times, and yes, a lot riskier, though typically safer than the media leads people to think if you have your wits about you and trust your gut instincts.

  7. I’m dying to one day take a super yacht :D!

    • Take me with you :D!

  8. If you’re in Asia you’ll likely become familiar with the tuk tuk. You’d probably assume they’re not suited to traveling long distances, but you’d be wrong. In countries like Sri Lanka, renting a tuk tuk to go large distances is not only common but has become a tourist attraction.

    • I didn’t know that Josiah, I thought they were more like a short taxi ride. I’ll look for them when we get to Sri Lanka :)

  9. So many different forms of transport around the world, these are pretty generic, but yes you’ll find them in most major destinations. Dog sledding is a unique one if you’re heading up north in regions like the Arctic. Seaplanes too are pretty fun.

    • Dog sledding is not something I’ve done before, though I did take a seaplane just out for an hour when we were in Auckland earlier in the year and it was definitely fun! I believe they use seaplanes a lot in regions like atolls which are made up of a lot of small islands :)

  10. I would love to go a long distance route on horseback … one day. Thats the main way they get around in countries like Mongolia.

    • You can do camel safaris in Australia too if that’s also something of interest once you’ve done Mongolia :)

  11. A lot of the time you’ll find yourself combining these modes of transport – for instance flying in, catching a cab to a cruise liner etc. We’ve never caught an actual train, done day tours before but not done a ‘get to point A from point B’ type of train journey.

    • Absolutely :) If you do have the opportunity to try long distance train travel at some point I can highly recommend it :)

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