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Eight Amazing Destinations For Campervan Trips

A campervan trip is one of the cheapest, best and most rewarding ways to explore some of the world’s most scenic destinations.

Offering the freedom and flexibility to go wherever you want, wherever you want, without having to bother about finding a place to stay, campervanning truly is the greatest way to travel, and, with your own transport, the ultimate way to venture away from the tourist trail and get off the beaten path.

Here are the seven top destinations in the world for a memorable campervan trip; remember however to book Campervan Insurance before you hit any of these amazing destinations.

New Zealand

New Zealand Nature RF

With stunning scenery, and unlimited outdoor adventure, it’s a no brainer to opt for campervan hire in New Zealand. Experience the country’s spectacular natural beauty by driving it’s wild coastline. Spend the evening in a lush forrest, or perhaps a glacier field.

Overflowing with pristine beaches, intimidating snowcapped peaks, and magnificent fjords and glaciers, NZ’s constantly changing landscape and variety of terrain makes the country perfect for campervanning.

Provided you drive at least 15km away from the nearest town and off the public highway, enjoy the convenience of parking and spending the night wherever you wish. There are also a number of caravan parks dotted across both islands where you can stay overnight at a low cost.

Most travelers get to New Zealand and wished they had planned for more time – if you do decide to extend your trip while there, it’s very easy to transfer extra money to New Zealand online.


The Australian Coat of Arms

Australia is another stunning country, perfect for a campervan holiday. The only practical way to truly explore and experience the vast outback is from the road – roads which seem to last forever, perfect for those travelers seeking a self sufficient and tranquil holiday – a true escape to nature.

Driving from Adelaide to Darwin is one of the more popular routes, incorporating Uluru, and through the beautiful desert city of Alice Springs into the heart of Australia. Ample camping grounds and national parks line the route, offering overnight campervan parking at relatively cheap rate. Normally you will pay no more than $50 Australian.

You can compare Australia campervan rental prices and get some great deals with Compare and Choose.


One of the stunning Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa (though belonging to Spain), Fuerteventura is a fantastic destination for a camper-van trip, and there is much spectacular scenery to explore.

The immense volcanic landscapes and pristine beaches earned the entire island the honour of UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve status in 2009. And it boasts some of the biggest and best beaches in the Canaries.

Choosing to campervan around Fuerteventura means you’re able to explore the island with absolute freedom, and not be stuck to the main tourist resorts. The weather conditions here are very similar to Florida and Mexico, and year round sunshine makes this island the ideal holiday location, with safe driving conditions.


RV Campervan RF car drive road

Europe is the best place to plan a campervan trip which takes in multiple countries. While many travelers head for Western Europe, Eastern Europe sports a number of spectacular locations which have not yet been spoiled by mass tourism.

Discover the stunning beauty of Poland, bohemian charm of the Czech Republic, traditional villages and mountainous national parks of Slovakia, and the glittering Hungarian city of Budapest. Discover it all from the comfort and convenience of your campervan.

A popular route throughout Europe incorporates the countries of the northern mainland, including cities such as Amsterdam, Bruges, Prague and Munich along the way.

United States

The United States is a country full of awe-inspiring natural wonders. Offering travelers an incredible variety of diverse and inspiring landscapes, breathtaking locations, and powerful panoramas, America truly is the land of dreams, perfect for any campervan enthusiast.

The most classic route is Route 66 which runs between LA and Chicago, cutting diagonally through the heart of the country, offering travelers the chance to experience some of America’s most famous roadside scenes.

Overnight camping is available in the majority of national and state parks, however prices vary between each park. Be prepared to book in advance during peak periods.


RV Campervan car drive road RF

Consider combining your US campervan holiday with a trip north towards Canada. Vast and varying wilderness makes Canada perfect for a campervan adventure, and between the glistening Great Lakes and the world renowned Rockies, you’re never short of remarkable routes to choose from.

Popular Canadian campervan routes include the Alaskan Highway, the Sea to Sky Highway which winds along the coastal mountains of British Columbia, and the Yellowhead Highway which offers access to the Wells Gray Provincial Park and the Athabasca Glacier.


Not dissimilar to New Zealand for it’s portfolio of striking fjords, tranquil lakes, rivers and forests and stunning snow-capped mountains, Norway is another epic campervan destination. With a rugged coastline which runs for over 20,000 kilometers, and incredible lakes, fjords and glaciers, only from your campervan can you discover the true natural beauty of Norway.

Camp in the wilderness underneath the stars, and, if you’re lucky, witness the amazing Aurora Borealis.


Argentina epitomizes a great South American roadtrip.  Breathtaking coastal roads and magnificent mountains, an abundance of national parks offering immense plateaus and shimmering waters, rough wilderness and exotic wildlife; campervan enthusiasts flock to Argentina.

Argentina is an easy country to navigate – it’s highways are efficient, it’s national parks offer modern facilities, and campsites with the bonus of electricity are dotted throughout the country.

Popular campervan routes include the drive to The Lake District, the drive to Tierra del Fuego, and a drive to the Pampas – grasslands famous for exotic birds and spectacular long drives.

 About Megan Claire

Megan is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging around the world for the last 7 years to inspire others to embark on their own worldwide adventure!  Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

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  1. I had a great time on my road trip through Australia, but driving through the outback was a one time experience for me :)

    To much road with not much to see, but still a great experience. If I could do it over again I would road trip New Zealand instead.

    • I agree – I think the Outback is something you definitely have to do and see once in your lifetime, though definitely agree that once is enough :) I did really enjoy the wide open spaces and just the vibe with wildlife jumping along-side us on the road. On the other hand though, NZ is definitely one of those places you can just keep going back to time and time again without finding yourself bored :)

      Happy travels!

  2. definitely a great place to relax, enjoying this wonderful view of nature where we can find peace and harmony in our stressful soul

    • Absolutely – Campervan trips are a wonderful experience :)

  3. Just finished a campervan trip around the ring road in Iceland. Exquisite!

    • So glad to hear you enjoyed your trip Maggie! Magical isn’t it!

  4. Yes, this was helpful for my holiday and now It’s easy to make the holiday better, So thanks for this simple but thoughtful and amazing. I will use your tips again and again until I got any better idea… So I think this is gonna be a long time part of my life…..

    • Campervanning can definitely become an addictive way of life! Glad you enjoyed the post Nina :)

  5. yes, New Zealand is stunning, perfect, everywhere is so picturesque. i would like to go down there again one day. one fine day. maybe with my own children and my own family.

    • I hope you do have the chance to plan a trip at some stage Anna :) New Zealand is perfect for a family vacation :)

  6. Thank you for informative post.
    Many countries allow wild camping, but it can be good to reserve a campsite a couple of days every week. That way you can have the pleasure of a hot shower, do some laundry, and importantly, meet other people. Staying in touch with fellow campervan travellers on the road is great for picking up tips on how to survive and where to go next.

    • Absolutely Vidhan, so glad you enjoyed the post. Great tips about reserving campsites in advance :)

  7. It seems like Chile/Argentina don’t have very many options as far as camper van rentals. The ones we have found are quoting us $350/night. Do you have a list of companies by chance?

    • Hi Sarah, fabulous to hear that you’re heading to South America! If you’re looking at Chile, you can get budget vans through Wicked Camper ( for around $90 a night. is another company that does budget vans.

      For Argentina, is a good company, and you can often find deals searching through

      It’s not a full list of companies, but I hope that helps!

      Happy travels :)

  8. Hi,

    Loved all the great ideas.
    We were thinking to go for a month to new Zealand and rent a campervan.
    Do you have any suggestions of rentals with decent prices?
    We saw pretty expensive options…

    • Hi Mel, thanks for reading :)

      A month in New Zealand sounds incredible, such an awesome place to spend some concentrated time exploring.

      Re campervan prices, one thing to keep in mind is that the time of year can affect the price, so if you’re traveling December – March this is peak season and the prices are usually double what they would be in low season (June – August). So if you’re flexible with your dates and you’re getting high prices, it could be worth just checking what the price would be a month earlier or later, just in case it helps the cost.

      For budget campervan rentals check out Mad Campers ( or Escape Campervans (

      For mid range rentals check out Juicy Rentals

      Hope those help!

  9. Campervan trip is by far the most enjoyable and best trip for me. Being in a campervan is very comfortable and chep. Thanks for the recommendation. These places are awesome.

    • So glad to hear from other campervan fans – definitely one of the most comfortable ways of roadtripping, and yes, very cheap especially if you’re traveling for long periods of time :)

      Thanks for reading Christian – happy travels!

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