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For every woman who has ever wanted to travel light, though without compromising style, Australian designer Chalisa Morrison has created a brilliant new garment called the Zippy Skirt. A high quality, stretch pencil skirt with a unique zip on, zip off panel system, you can change your look in seconds by literally zipping-on different panels. Versatile travel clothes for women.

A qualified fashion designer with over 20 years experience working in product design, trends, styling and body image, Chalisa set out to create a versatile skirt that was stylish and flattering and could be effortlessly worn multiple ways by all shapes and sizes. She wanted to create a product to empower women to feel stylish and sexy while living a busy life; including travelling with a light suitcase  – empowered and on the move! Zippy Skirt review.

1 skirt + zip-on panels (which also doubles as a stylish strapless top)…. Zippy Skirt is the little black skirt that every female traveler needs.

Zippy Skirts: The Little Black Skirt Every Female Traveler Needs

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Versatile for Lighter Luggage

Every traveler knows one of the most effective way to packing light is through investing in versatile clothing. You want to achieve lighter luggage through less items of clothing, without compromising style. And the Zippy Skirt does exactly that. Best travel clothes for women. Travel clothes for women europe.

You buy your basic skirt, then buy your choice of panels to change your look. The stretchy black versatile skirts can also be worn as a strapless top, and there is the option of a zip on travel bag for carrying all of your personals when you’re on the move. It’s very stylish and super comfortable, and you can change your look in seconds by literally zipping your choice of panels on and off.

The skirt fabric is super stretchy and stretches up to 20%, and you decide how you want it to fit. You can pull up higher for a mini skirt look, or pull down for a longer skirt look (ie. when you’re on a plane, train or bus to increase leg cover). This is truly your versatile ‘little black’ skirt for travel and every day.

Zip On Panels Explained

You have two choices when purchasing your basic skirt – you can go for a regular fit, which is a classic straight skirt silhouette (‘pencil’ skirt), or a sexy fit (skirt silhouette follows your curves and sits firmer).

After you have purchased your basic skirt, there are then three panel types. There are flat panels with different patterns and prints, and plain panels of varying colors with elegant front pleating (called the Elegance Panel). Zipping them on and off is exactly like zipping up a jacket – it’s ridiculously easy, and literally only takes 2 or 3 seconds. Travel clothes how to be comfy.

And then there is the option of a zip on travel bag. Holds your personals close when on the move –  passport, phone, boarding pass, map, lip gloss, money, credit card. When this is unzipped in favor of a different panel, it can be used as a hand carry clutch. Wrinkle free travel clothes for women. 

Effortless Style For Everyone

One of the best things about the Zippy Skirt is that it’s effortless style. The garment is made from no fuss fabrics. It’s durable, easy to wash, quick dry, and doesn’t need to be ironed. When traveling with the skirt, there is only minimal creasing when packed (shake to remove). Women’s travel fashion.

Though with a huge range of multi-purpose clothing starting to hit the market, what stands out about the Zippy Skirt is the wider, double knit waistband which creates a flattering silhouette for all body shapes.

The skirt is designed specifically to cater to different shapes and sizes, and the waistband design enhances comfort and holds you in. The addition of the elegance panels are flattering and hides the tummy area (great as a skirt or top). You can fold down the waistband (covering zips) or leave up for a smooth waistline (sucks in your waist). Travel clothes for women plus size.

In a Nutshell

Versatile, stylish, comfortable, practical, and absolutely no fuss, the Zippy Skirt is the little black skirt that every female traveler needs.

For more information and to browse their collection of zip on panels, visit I’m not alone in loving the Zippy Skirt – read other traveler reviews.


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Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! They haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on their list.

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Disclosure: I was provided with a Zippy Skirt in exchange for an honest review. For those looking to invest in versatile clothing for business or travel which is both comfortable and effortlessly stylish, this is an excellent choice.


  1. This sounds like a very exciting product and great to hear that it is coming from an Australian designer. Almost all the clothing I own is versatile for travel, so I am always looking for other options besides the basic pieces that I already have. It is hard to be on the road for long periods of time and stay stylish ha ha. The Zippy skirt seems to provide an alternate option with many different options to change the style. I love that it is practically wrinkle-free and quick dry.

    • Exciting it is! I absolutely love mine, and I’m with you 100% – starting to build up quite the collection of versatile clothing for our trips. It just makes sense!

      Probably my favorite thing about the zippy skirt is that it’s wrinkle free meaning I don’t have to iron :D Chalisa has done a fabulous job in creating the skirt design – they’ve really thought of working in everything possible to make it as effortless as possible on our part :)

  2. The Zippy skirt sounds like such an interesting product! It’s amazing how versatile the designers have made it! Thanks for sharing!

    • It’s such an innovative idea and creative design – they’ve really done a fantastic job of creating something for busy women on the go. Loving mine!

  3. I love the practicality behind the design! I’m that traveler who uses my pockets as a purse so its pretty good to see that there is actually a fashionable way to carry my things on me! Wonder if she’ll release something for menswear too!

    • Absolutely Izzy – Chalisa has done an amazing job at creating something which is so practical yet stylish at the same time. I love the travel pouch zip on – can literally fit everything I need in there. I used to carry my phone and credit cards etc in my knee high boots when I wouldn’t want to go out carrying a bag, so now that I’ve got the skirt it’s perfect! Lol and I don’t have to dig around in my shoes when I want to pay for a drink :D

      Will keep you posted if I see anything re menswear :)

  4. Fashionable and functional…I love it! It’s perfect for traveling.

    • You’ll love it Colby! They’ve mastered the balance of fashionable and functional with this :)

  5. Thank you!!! This is exactly what I have been looking for! Fashion that is practical for the win – thanks Meg

    • You’re most welcome! Practical and stylish – a girl can’t ask for much more :D!

  6. If only we blokes had an equivalent! A sarong is pretty close though :-)

    • A sarong could be styled in a couple of genius ways for men for sure! Sounds like Chalisa has taken note of your comment and put a mens garment on the list for a future study :)

      Thanks Jack!

  7. I love seeing pieces like that that are so versatile. They make packing light so easy and yet you still have so many options. A skirt with a place for my cell phone would be really optimal. Why haven’t more people thought of that?

    • Brilliant in its simplicity right!

  8. This sounds like the perfect item for every female traveller. I love the idea that the panels allow you to have multiple outfits from the same item.

    • Absolutely! Nice to have access to a quick and easy change of style :)

  9. It looks chic yet so practical. An excellent present for female travellers…Would also look quite dandy on a night out in Silom on Sebastien too :)

    • Absolutely Stefan – if you’re in need of a gift for a girlfriend definitely consider the Zippy Skirt :)

  10. This sounds like a cool skirt and definitely a way to pack less and get more outfits out of each piece you bring. I will consider this, since I like to have the option to dress up or down and bring something that I can wear at a fancy event or just for taking a stroll around town.

    • Absolutely Maria! Nice knowing your covered for everything from casual to formal wear while still being able to pack a light bag :)

  11. Little black skirts are very sexy on women. I like the functionality of this dress with the ability to hide your iPhone. I agree with Jack. Men need to have outfits like these…lol.

    • Sounds like Chalisa has taken your comment on board and will put a versatile man’s garment on the list for future study :)

  12. What a cute, handy skirt!! Looks like it’ll match with everything :P travel

    • Absolutely! I chose black for exactly that reason – I thought it was a classic option which would suit everything :)

  13. I’ve been seeing a lot of advertisements for it on Facebook. Looks very handy and practical.

    • Can highly recommend it as both :)

  14. I like the concept of this design and love supporting small-scale designers. I am not sure I would wear this. I would always be losing the interchangeable panels.

    • The great thing is you can wear the skirt as a pencil skirt and fold the top to hide the zip if you don’t want to wear the interchangable panels … It looks great as a plain skirt too :)

  15. Thanks for your positive feedback everyone. I’m all about encouraging people to explore the globe with a light suitcase – I’ll put a versatile man’s garment on the list for future study :) I’m currently giving away a complimentary personal style session with all online Zippy Skirt sales over $150 – it’s a great time to buy Zippy Skirts.

    • Thanks for the note about the style session! And the idea for a garment for the guys does seem to be a hit!

  16. I LOVE that it has a pocket- my husband and I were just complaining today as we’re travelling that none of my clothing seems to have pockets, and I’m always trying to hand him stuff to carry! :-)

    • And the even better thing is that it’s a pocket which zips closed – so much better than a jacket pocket or keeping things in your jeans which usually don’t close :)

  17. The zippy skirt sounds like such an interesting and versatile product – it would be great to be able to reduce packing items by having something that can be worn and paired with so many other things!

    • Absolutely Vicki – that’s my biggest aim now – reducing my luggage through investing in versatile items. Love the zippy skirt for that :)

  18. This is great – hardly anything makes it into my pack if it can’t be worn in more than one way. What a pretty version of those zip pants men have been wearing for years!!

    • Glad we could introduce you to Zippy Skirts then Jessica! I’m pretty much the same – versatile clothing for travel or it doesn’t make it into my bag!

      Definitely jump over to their site and check out the different skirt options. I love mine :)

  19. The skirts are just awesome, but the most i like the small purse you can attach with the skirts. Its easy to carry on everything rather than hanging purse on shoulder.

    • Glad you love the zip-on travel bag (purse), we currently have a 70% off all online product until this Wednesday at :-)

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