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Whoever told you to pack clothes for every season should be sacked as your travel adviser, as every traveler knows one of the most effective way to packing light is through investing in versatile clothing. But editing down your wardrobe when packing for travel can be tricky – you don’t want to lug too much around, though you don’t want to pack too lightly in case you missed something important. Versatile travel clothing. Best Versatile travel clothes for women. 

Enter multi-purpose clothes. Pull up 10 of the top articles from Google on tips for packing light, and from independent travel blogs to Forbes, they all have one thing in common. The word “versatile”. So it shouldn’t then come as a shock that the secret to packing light is versatility. It’s all about getting creative with your clothing so you can have fun with it and wear it more than once.

I mean, why travel with a scarf when you can travel with a scarf which has built-in hidden zip pockets to hold and carry your essentials? Why try and stuff your suitcase with 10 pairs of shoes when one pair of interchangeable sandals will give you shoes for every occasion? Or, in the case of the Versalette, why travel with a shirt, a skirt, a dress, a scarf, & clothes for some serious partying when you can travel with one garment which covers it all?

That’s right – I’ve found the most versatile piece of clothing for women who travel; the Versalette by It’s one piece with over 30 ways to wear it, and even better, sustainably produced from surplus fabric (excess from knitting mills and factories), knitted and sewn entirely in the USA.

In hanger form, the Versalette is essentially a plain, square piece of fabric which you can step through. Though the brilliance in it’s design comes down to a series of drawstrings and hidden sleeves which allow you to turn a dress into a skirt, a shirt into a scarf, and a scarf into a cardigan. Want to create a casual look with a sleeveless shirt? You can do it with the Versalette. What about a halterneck dress for a night out? You can create that too.

Created and designed by a serious traveler herself, this is the ultimate garment in travel friendly women’s wear. I’ve genuinely never come across a product with this many potential wears, and how it’s accessorized and paired can turn it into a COMPLETELY different garment, every time, every season, every year.

Different Ways to Wear the Versalette:

How to wear the Versalette

The Versalette The Versalette The Versalette The Versalette The Versalette The Versalette The Versalette The Versalette The Versalette The Versalette The Versalette


When you get your Versalette in the mail you also get a huge hangtag which has illustrations of all the different ways to wear it inside, fantastic to use as a point of reference. Versatile travel clothing. Best Versatile travel clothes for women. 

You can wash and dry it no problems, you’ll just want to tie off your top and bottom drawstrings before you put it in the washer. That way you avoid the potential of losing your draw strings inside your Versalette.

So whoever tells you that traveling with more clothes will save you doing laundry is giving you travel advice you should not be listening to, because when it comes to packing light, it’s all about sourcing versatile clothing.

Take it from the girl who wore 5kg of clothes onto a flight from Prague to Milan to avoid paying EasyJet overweight bag penalties (there’s a video)…for a traveler, versatile clothing like the Versalette is answer to all of your packing woes. Click to enlarge photo for 30 ways to wear the Versalette:

The Versalette

This is the part where you realize this is ridiculously awesome and click to buy the Versalette (Use the Discount Code “MAPPING10” for $10 off your purchase)

The Versalette


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Megan is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging since 2007, with the main aim of inspiring others to embark on their own worldwide adventure. Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! They haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on their list.

Follow their journey on Facebook, TwitterYouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.

Disclosure: Thankyou to for providing the Versalette for review. My opinion has been solely influenced by the ridiculous amount of extra space in my suitcase since then.


  1. Thanks for sharing this Meg…it IS a great idea, especially for those of us who travel a lot and do need different clothes for different seasons.
    I’ll look into it.

    • You’re welcome! I seriously love mine so much, just last night I managed to quickly change it from a shirt to a skirt halfway through the night when we decided we were heading out after dinner. It’s seriously the most lightweight and just easy to use garment I’ve ever owned. Love my versalette!

  2. I have recently seen a similar piece of garment, but more expensive and less versatile. If I keep seeing these, I might eventually buy one :)

    • do a fantastic job of keeping their prices affordable and really pushing out a high quality product :) Recommend them all the way!

  3. What a fantastic creation! Somethiuso simple that’s easy to convert into many styles is perfect for travel Thanks for sharing!

    • Glad you’re a fan Brooke – the brilliance really is in the simplicity – it’s so quick and easy to use, and so lightweight for traveling. Best travel friend a girl could have!

  4. This is fabulous. I’ve got my bag down to three shirts. But thats three shirts, going on a year a half…. BORED!!!
    If only they delivered to China!

    • Maybe you know someone like a friend or relative who would be willing to post it to you if you shipped to them? It’s wonderful for versatility and keeping your outfits varied!

      Happy travels through China!

  5. OMG this will totally save my life. I usually overpack and I am now learning not to. This is perfect. Super. It’s like a travel must have. I want one.

    • You’ll love the Versalette then Karla! Really is a travel must have :) Have fun!

  6. Wow! I always have my eyes open for multi-purpose travel clothes. This looks amazing!

    • Glad we could help you out with some inspiration! You’ll love the Versalette – I’m wearing it right now! :D

  7. I have a similar piece of clothing I bought in Singapore that I carry everywhere when I travel – it is fantastic and it turns from long dress to short dress to top and a few other options my un-creative self can’t put together ;) band I love it so much that I am heading to buy one of these too just now! Thanks for sharing!

    • You’ll love the Versalette then Mar – and the best thing is it comes with a super easy instructional guide so you don’t need to channel your inner creativity to come up with fun new designs – all the ideas are already laid out there for you :D

      Happy travels!

  8. This IS ridiculously awesome!! Since we travel with a carry-on sized backpack, i’m always struggling to put together an appropriate outfit for more than hiking or touring the streets. This would be perfect for me! Will be dropping hints for Christmas time!

    • Isn’t it though!! Especially if you’re a carry-on only traveller – space is one of your most valuable things! I’ll likely include this actually in a Christmas guide for travelers too – didn’t realize how close we were getting to the end of the year! Man that comes up quickly!

  9. What! How come more people don’t know about this. I need one! It’s perfect for everything, travel related or not. What better use of one piece of clothing. All clothes should be this versatile.

    • I know right!! And I absolutely agree, whether you’re traveling or not this is an amazing garment; there’s really nothing better! Hook yourself up!

  10. I have to say that is pretty awesome. Especially for the over packers who need an outfit for everything. I have seen a couple of these types out there, but not much. I am glad you really showed the many ways to fully utilize it.

    • Always glad to help Holly! The fab thing is that the Versalette comes with an amazing instructional guide which shows you every which way you could possibly imagine to wear it. Need to be able to use it to it’s full potential!

  11. Amazing! I want one. Does it ever actually look like a repurposed piece of scrap? Or do you think it repurposes wonderfully?

    • I think it repurposes wonderfully :) Love it to bits & highly recommend!

  12. Oh my, where has this been all my life? I’m a flight attendant and I’m always looking for something to throw in my bag that will work for any type of layover and this is definitely it! I’m really into the “pretty serious night out” and the “casual dress” look. I really do need to get this ASAP!!

    • This is definitely a fab piece for a layover, because it can repurpose for almost any look! And worst case if you’re stumbling back after a pretty serious night out you can super quickly change into the casual dress look without having changed your clothes! Brilliant hack :D!

      Happy travels!

    • ABsolutely – 30 in fact! Love changing it up from a dress to a skirt to a shirt to a scarf! The possibilities are endless!

  13. Nice! This looks so easy and convenient, and is perfect for someone who is always on-the-go, plus all the styles are so pretty! Thanks for the info.

    • Absolutely Mary – glad we could inspire with the different ways to wear! Happy travels :) Hope you can get your hands on a Versalette soon!

  14. Hello Megan, you’re an awesome author. I really like your blog post and it’s concept is pretty amazing. The versatile travel clothing for women you presented here seems to me truly nice and looking forward to buy some of these clothes. I’m about to travel for 1 months, so it’s just perfect time to explore this clothing line. Thanks for a nice contribution.

    • Thankyou Mallory – I’m glad you enjoyed the post and happy that we could introduce you to the clothing line. They really do have some fantastic creations which are super useful for travel. Enjoy!

  15. The most wanted thing by women’s and girls in clothing is versatile clothing, in short it is known as all rounder clothes to wear in traveling purpose and in any situation of clothing. There is no stress in selecting these kind of clothes as it is well described by your post.

    • Totally agree with you – versatile clothing eliminates the stress of choosing what to wear! Glad you enjoyed the post :)

  16. OMG! It’s really amazing. I am really impressed about this cloth. I could not see this kind of cloth before. Versalette really useful for those who are goes to travel in several times of a month. Especially for me; I am also a traveller. Please let me know, how can I get this versalette?

  17. Hi Megan, thanks a lot for sharing such travel clothing for women.

    This is great useful for me. As you have discussed earlier that most travel person face a clothing problem. Here you have beautifully explained the whole travel clothing tip. You have suggested outfits which is really useful for every travel women.

    These outfits are comfy and fashionable that may help to make our travel moment more beautiful and joyful. Now a day, every person tries to keep up date yourself with trendy and fashionable outfits and here is the best collection of outfits for a travel women.

    I love looking these all travel outfits. Thanks a lot for introducing about it. Have a great day ahead.

    ~ Ravi.

    • Hi Ravi, thanks for stopping by :)

      So glad you enjoyed the post and reading about the Versalette – one of my favorite things to do is experiement with new ways I can wear it so I have new travel outfits every day :)

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend & happy travels!

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