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Authored by Kate Campbell

The Surf Coast of Victoria and its world famous beaches, makes it an incredible destination for an escape from the bustling heart of Melbourne. Just over an hour west of the CBD, The Surf Coast stretches along the Great Ocean Road, so you’ll be at no shortage of breathtaking ocean views from atop the rugged cliff faces.

Whether you make the trip in summer to soak up the sunshine from the sand, or choose to explore the region on a cooler day, there’s so much to see and do!

Check Out The Trendy Brunch Spots

Take some time to enjoy a delicious wholesome brunch at the sustainability conscious, Little Green Corner, who promote a focus on delivering yummy food that comes straight from local gardeners, farmers and growers.

Craving an epic smoothie bowl or a turmeric latte? Look no further than Surf Coast Wholefoods, an organic wholefoods store and café that showcases an incredible range of fresh produce, locally made goods and gifts. More foodie highlights here.

Yoghurt brunch breakfast food

Learn to Surf

You can’t come to the surf coast without learning to surf! With the beautiful beaches and world class waves, Go Ride A Wave’s expert team will not only teach you the basics, they’ll make it an experience that’s hard to forget.

Walk Along The Great Ocean Road

The entire Surf Coast is made up of a walking trail that totals a massive 44kms long, boasting the most stunning ocean views and regional landscapes.

My favourite section of the walk was from Urquhart Bluff to the Split Point Lighthouse which works out to about 1.5 to 2 hours each way (allowing some time for photos in between).

The walk is fairly easy however the ground is uneven and with a few stairs. If you’d prefer to take a shorter walk, turn around at Sunnymead Beach which will take around 30 minutes each way.

Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road

Taste Test The Local Brews

Grab a Tasting Paddle from Blackman’s Brewery featuring brews with quirky names like Regional (IPA) that’ll “jump from the glass and fill your nostrils with every sip” or Ernie (Golden Ale) an “all-rounder made with session-ability and Sinatra in mind.”

Sit down with a tasting paddle with six choices which can feature their staple brews or limited releases (the cider is a must!)

Retreat Yourself

Located just outside Torquay, Saltair Day Spa is surrounded by rolling hills, offering a scenic escape away from the stresses of daily life.

Using all Natural Organic products, the professional team will give you the ultimate relaxation whether you come alone, as a couple or with a group of friends.

Ride Horseback Along The Beach

The team at Blazing Saddles offers a 5 hour ride on horseback which includes riding through the Otway National Park and onto Fairhaven Beach where you can enjoy 10km of pristine beach.

St. Andrews Ocean Beach, Mornington Peninsula

Get Up Close With Australian Fur Seals

The cute and cheeky fur seals have a reputation for loving attention. There are plenty of boat tours available, however we found South Bay Eco Adventure tours to have a great reputation.

On their Discovery Tour you’ll explore areas that are only accessible by boat highlighting the unique history, wildlife and coastal landscape of Southern Port Phillip Bay.

Taste Some Cool Climate Wines

The Bellarine Coast (closer to Geelong) is speckled with wineries all specialising in cool climate wines. But the real unique beauty of these wineries is not only are you treated to a picturesque view of the vineyards, you’re able to see the ocean too.

Wine glass winery Picasa

Discover Waterfalls

The Otways are full of loads of waterfalls, depending on how far out you want to explore. My favourite waterfall, and popular tourist spot, is the Erskine Falls which plunges 30 metres into the lush tree-fern gully of the Erskine River.

A truly magical experience, deep within the forest of ferns, you’ll feel the mist on your skin as the water cascades into the water.

For more amazing places to eat, explore and splurge, check out the Surf Coast Chief Active Getaway Guide. Complete with a two day itinerary and interactive map, this guide will make planning your escape will be super easy!


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Kate is a co-founder of health and fitness site Chief Active ( and is passionate about delivering an honest and authentic approach to wellness.

She loves that her business brings together a community of beautiful people and works to educate and inspire them to be the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves. She’s obsessed with smoothie bowls, puppies and peanut butter and sees the world as being full of endless possibilities.

Find out how to be the best version of you here, or connect on Facebook and Instagram.


  1. Man this looks right up my street! Healthy grubs, spas, outdoorsy activities and stunning beaches. I mean, what more can you ask for!

    • Exactly right!! It has it all :D!

  2. Sign me up for the horseback riding and the spa! Preferably in that order! I love the focus on organic foods, too. It’s always great when you can easily eat healthy while traveling. The wine counts, too. After all, grapes are a fruit. ;)

    • Haha yes, that’s very true … grapes are fruit so therefore wine too :D

  3. It looks like an amazing area to visit. The beaches are great and I would love to do horseback riding there.

    • Nothing beats horseback riding on the beach :D Hope you have the chance to visit soon!

  4. Your post sucked me in from the beginning when you mentioned “brunch”. And brunch where the food comes from local farmers? How perfect! And I can drink wine while looking at the ocean? Sold! Your pictures are great and although I have never visited the Surf Coast of Victoria, you have definitely made me want to do so.

    • Some of the best organic brunch options in the country! And yes, wine with a view of the Ocean – it really doesn’t get any better than that! :D Hope you have the chance to travel soon :)

  5. My absolute number one thing to do would be to learn to surf! I have actually been here and didn’t even try…feeling silly now ?

    • Sounds like the perfect excuse to plan another trip :D!

  6. I have never been to Australia, but I would love to travel there one day. The breakfast looked amazing. Horseback riding on the beach must be so much fun!

    • I’m incredibly bias, but best country in the world :D Hope you have the chance to travel soon :)

  7. This makes me want to get on a plane to Australia and head straight to Victoria’s coast! I love all of your tips on eco-friendly businesses. It’s great to know where to eat and shop that supports local farmers. I would definitely hit up Blackman’s Brewery too!

    • That’s the aim! :D Lol – so glad you enjoyed the post, yes, Victoria is very big on eco-friendly trade, and there’s a lot of community support for farmers and pushing their produce. Hope you have the chance to visit soon!

  8. The Great Ocean Road has been on my “list” for ages! This post reminds me why. And I would love to ride horses on the beach! I used to ride horses when I was five and miss it.

    • One of the most spectacular coastal drives in the world! And yes, combine that with some horseback riding next to the ocean, and Victoria is the perfect place for a holiday :D!

  9. It is true that victoria’s surf coast has plenty of things to see & do. I think that I would start with one of the great breakfasts mentioned above, then I would hike some kilometres along the coast and would end my day in a local brewery. Not bad, right?

    • Pretty great day in my opinion :D!

  10. This is one comprehensive things to do on the Surf Coast. When we were in Sydney for a while we always wanted to drive down to Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road, especially since I had seen so many beautiful pictures of the landscape and seascape. Well, it did not happen! Maybe sometime soon. Thanks.

    • Sounds like you have the perfect excuse to travel back to Australia soon! The nice thing about Melbourne is that it is a big international hub so you can get direct flights from many places :)

  11. You had me at trendy brunch spots! What a beautiful part of the world. I’m really hoping to visit Australia in 2018. Great post, thanks for sharing!

    • Definitely a hotspot for trendy brunch spots! Do include the surf coast on your itinerary next year – you won’t be disappointed!

  12. Loved the theme of your blog, can you please mention its name. I want to use the same for my own Gifts blog. Thanks

    • We use a theme called Explorable by Elegant Themes :)

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