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These beach camping destinations around Australia are gorgeous, and they’re some of my favourites. Here’s where to go to sleep (and wake up!) this summer by the sea:

Whitehaven Beach, Queensland

You’ll find a gorgeous array of beach camping sites in the Whitsundays, but one of the standouts is Whitehaven.

Pristine white sands and glistening blue waters await, with the campsite and toilets nestled in the bush just metres back from the beach. It’s only small (with seven sites), so book early to grab a spot.

The lookout at Tongue Point looking over Hill Inlet to Whitehaven Beach is one of the most stunning in all of Queensland.

Rottnest Island, Western Australia

One of the most beautiful destinations in WA, Rottnest Island’s campground, is just a short walk from the infamous Basin swimming spot. There are 43 sand-covered sites that are powered, as well as kitchen, BBQ and toilet facilities. You can even get your luggage delivered to the campsite straight from the ferry!

Sites can be booked up to 18 months in advance and a maximum of six people are allowed on each site.

Marion Bay, South Australia

On the very tip of the Yorke Peninsula you’ll find the Innes National Park and magnificent Marion Bay. The caravan park here is perfect for camping, caravanning and even cabin-staying.

Most sites are powered and facilities include toilets, hot showers, kitchen/BBQs, a children’s playground, washing machines and a kiosk. Out the front you’ll also find the beach – which is ideal for both swimming and fishing.

On the very tip of the Yorke Peninsula you’ll find the Innes National Park and magnificent Marion Bay.

Cave Beach, New South Wales

When it comes to the Booderee National Park on breathtaking Jervis Bay most people will tell you to head to Cave Beach. This is an idyllic camping spot but bear in mind it’s only suitable for campers that pack light (you have to carry your equipment in, about 300m) and only small tents are allowed.

Facilities are good with toilets, cold-water showers, BBQs and running tap water.

Apollo Bay, Victoria

No trip to Victoria is complete without a journey along the Great Ocean Road. And there’s no better place to stop for camping than at Apollo Bay overlooking the beach and the Twelve Apostles.

The Big4 Pisces Park offers a range of cabins and campsites, not to mention a pool, a games room and a kids’ playground. There’s also excellent access to waterfalls and rainforest treks, as well as the centre of town.

Fortescue Bay, Tasmania

Yes, you can find exquisite white-sand beaches in Tassie! The beach at Fortescue Bay is one of them and it’s only a 1.5 hour drive from Hobart. There are two great campgrounds here; Banksia is perfect for tent camping, while Mill Creek is where you want to be if you have a caravan.

There are toilets, BBQs, fireplaces and even a basic shop on site, and bookings are needed to secure a spot. You’ll find yourself in the Tasman National Park, so there’s no shortage of things to do! Key sights include the Tasman Arch, Waterfall Bay and Remarkable Cave.

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Photo credits: Whitehaven Beach by Mark Wassell. Marion Bay by Stephen Beaumont.


  1. I’ve heard so much about Rottnest Island, I wonder why it has that unusual name? I’m a bit of a wimpy camper so the idea of the hot showers at Marion Bay appeals the most to me!

    • Rottnest Island was discovered in 1696 by Willem de Vlamingh, a Dutch explorer, who named the island Rats’ Nest due to the many large rats that he found on the island :D Hence the name now Rottnest :)

  2. Aw Whitehaven beach brings back such good memories for me. It is without a doubt the most stunning beach I think I will ever see although I’d rather stay in one of the nearby luxury hotels than camp if I’m being honest. I’ve gone soft in my older age!

    • Haha happens to the best of us :D! Totally agree – I think it’s a difficult task to find a beach more beautiful than Whitehaven!

  3. Wow the beaches seem well equipped with necessary facilities. Advance booking in 18 months! So much in demand I understand.

    • Absolutely – Australian campsites are really well equipped :) But yes, Rottnest Island is a particularly popular spot, so definitely need to make that booking well in advance!

  4. Oh this is perfect timing, I’m off to Oz in December. And to boot, I freaking love wild camping.

    • Awesome Mike! Have an amazing adventure!

  5. Australia has sooo many great beaches! Thanks for highlighting these – I’ve only been to one – better get a move on to see the rest of them!

    • Absolutely – I’m extremely bias lol but the beaches elsewhere don’t even compare :D!

  6. I can testify that Apollo Bay is a beautiful spot for camping, as that’s where we stayed the night when we doing our Adelaide to Melbourne road trip! Weather was a bit dodgy, but it was still spectacular!

    I must have completely missed Marion Bay, when I was in South Australia. Don’t remember coming across it on my travels! Looks incredible Rottnest Island is somewhere I really want to visit as well, looks beautiful from all the photos I’ve seen. Would be unreal to camp there!

    • Glad to hear you’ve made it to Apollo Bay Tom! Isn’t it spectacular! Yes, the weather can always be a bit unpredictable, especially winds when you’re in a coastal region like this, though I actually find storms make the scenery more incredible :D

      Hope you have the chance to visit again soon, and take in Marion Bay and Rottnest :)

  7. Apollo Bay looks like it would be a perfect place to host me! I would love to spend a day looking at that view.

    Sometimes I wish I was born in Australia.. Hopefully, I will get to travel in its open outdoors underneath the Australian skies..

    • Apollo Bay is incredible – definitely a place I can highly recommend!

      I hope you have the chance to visit our beautiful country sometime soon :)

  8. Wow – all of the spots look so fab. Also I would love to camp on the beach – have you done it before? If so, whats your fave spot of all and is it easy to setup etc?

    • We’re very big fans of beach camping … most offer legitimate camp grounds with sites which are set up and have great facilities. But if you’re doing wild beach camping our biggest tip is to make sure you set up a fair distance away from the water line and have gauged how far it will come in at high tide. Don’t want to be swept away!

  9. I am not a camping girl but, oh yes, with these wonderful beaches around I can quickly change my mind. My favourite one is Whitehaven even if I dream of going to Tasmania so I don’t know which one will come first!

    • Can’t really beat Whitehaven, but yes, Tasmania is a fantastic option as well. Our beaches have a way of doing that to you – turning non campers into adventure seekers willing to sleep in the outdoors :D

      Hope you have a wonderful trip to Australia

  10. There is so much I still need to see in Australia. I love how you combine my two favourite things – beaches and camping! I think camping locations with a beach view are just the best, plus the sound of the ocean is just beautiful.

    I love the look of Cave Beach in New South Wales. Adding it to the list!

    • I hear you! We’re from Australia, and there’s still so much we need to see! So glad that we could set you up with a list which combines your favorite things! Hope you have the chance to camp at Cave Beach soon!

  11. I’ve actually never been beach camping, but as long as there is a clean facility for me to have a hot shower I’d give it a go. The spots you chose look beautiful. How crowded do these spots get with other beach campers?

    • These are all pretty popular spots, so I definitely recommend booking early. Rottnest Island in particular can see sites book out 18 months in advance, so you will be sharing the experience with other campers. But yes, clean facilities across each of these :)

  12. I really look forward to posts like these especially when it comes to camping destinations. Thank you for sharing this! :)

    • So glad you enjoyed the post Jeric :) Happy camping!

  13. Haven’t tried beach camping before but sound fun to do

    • Absolutely, it’s so fun! Definitely recommend giving it a try on your next trip :) Happy travels!

  14. Apollo bay and Marion bay looks promising for a beach camping. Going to add this to the travel list. :)

    • Absolutely – two of the best! Happy camping!

  15. What a life this must be. I’d pack up and travel any day of the week had my job allowed me to travel that much.
    May I ask – how do you support yourself while traveling? Does your blog generate some form of passive income you can life of?

    • Hi Sofi, our blog is our full time income which allows us to work from anywhere in the world. Though our main work is in the form of freelance writing and sponsored posts as opposed to passive income.

      Feel free to shoot me an email if you would like tips on how to start – :)

  16. this is a good place fo team building at least for 2days off! lol cool!

    • Absolutely! You would be a favorite boss to take the team to the beach!

  17. Awesome pictures you have here and great, informative content. With this kind of natural beauty, Australia is set to become the Mecca of travel, if it isn’t already one.

    • Thanks Pat, so glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, Australia is definitely a country which doesn’t disappoint!

  18. I spent a week earlier this year camping on the beach in NJ USA and loved it, but these places look 1000x more amazing. I hope someday I’ll make it to one of them.

    • Sounds like a fabulous week Jason! I’m very bias being Australian myself, but I do like to think our beaches are some of the best in the world :D Hope you do have the chance to visit soon!

  19. Its really nice blog to refer beach camping list. Australia is full of beach camping spots. One can really enjoy nature.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Prashant, yes, immersing yourself in nature through camping is a delight :)

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