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Usually associated with washing in rivers and pooping in horrible public toilets, a campervan holiday doesn’t exactly scream luxury.

However, a holiday on the great open road should not be completely dismissed by those folks who fancy the finer things in life. With the right choice of vehicle, it really is possible to combine the freedom and flexibility of a road trip with the luxury of a four star apartment.

That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to the fanciest mobile homes the Aussie dollar can buy. Whether you’re buying or hiring, take a look and see what we mean – you might just be surprised!

Concorde Charisma

In its third generation, the German Concorde Charisma just keeps getting better and better. With its sleek style and souped up gadgets, it’s like driving around in a trendy downtown Berlin apartment.

There’s enough space to sleep four, with twin beds at the back that can be bridged to make a double, and a massive glide-down double above the cab area.

Other facilities include an ensuite bathroom with shower, sink and toilet. Meanwhile, the fully equipped kitchen sports stainless steel hob and sink, plus a fridge/freezer, finished off with mineral worktops.

The skies really are the limit with this vehicle, with the top of the range model including space to park a Smart Car INSIDE the van for when you need to nip out on a brief excursion.

With its sleek style and souped up gadgets, it’s like driving around in a trendy downtown Berlin apartment.

With its sleek style and souped up gadgets, it’s like driving around in a trendy downtown Berlin apartment.

With its sleek style and souped up gadgets, it’s like driving around in a trendy downtown Berlin apartment.

Paradise Inspiration Supreme

Being cramped up in a narrow van doesn’t sound that luxurious does it? Well, the Paradise Inspiration Supreme has the answer.

A 4.3m slide out section produces a spacious interior (pictured below) that rivals some studio apartments. There’s space for a fully equipped kitchen, lounge/diner, ensuite bathroom and full size queen bed.

It also features a good deal of kit, with plenty of USB ports for charging mobile tech, a 215L built-in Fridge and wall-mounted flatscreen TV. Some pricier models even have a built in Nespresso machine.

Finally, a superb 4WD driving experience makes this classy and spacious motorhome your one stop shop to living the life on the open road.

a superb 4WD driving experience makes this classy and spacious motorhome your one stop shop to living the life on the open road.

Jayco Optimum

The Jayco Optimum is really one for those those that love the great outdoors. Coming with all the same modcons as the models featured above, what sets this model apart is the unfolding electric awning on the vehicle’s nearside.

With overhead LED lights, a slide-out BBQ, drop-down picnic table, external shower and an entertainment hatch with an extending arm for a TV – this campervan is fully decked out for luxurious outdoor living.

The interior pulls no punches either. On top of the usual gadgets and appliances, the spacious cab also includes a washing machine, microwave and electric grill.

Check out this video tour from Caravan World to see what else this beauty has to offer.

The Jayco Optimum is really one for those those that love the great outdoors.

Motorhome Tips

For those of you new to the motorhome scene, there are some important things to remember:

  • Before buying, check whether your house’s deed or lease has a covenant preventing you from keeping a motorhome.
  • Motorhomes can be very expensive – if you want the luxury, but not the price tag, searching for used motorhomes at dealerships can save you a ton of money.
  • Try before you buy: we’re not just talking a test drive – you need to rent a vehicle as close to the one you want as possible for a short trip before committing.
  • Make sure you license and insurance is set up for driving a motorhome, or you could be breaking the law AND losing money.
  • Make sure you have a pair of polarised sunglasses for driving long distances in sunny and bright conditions. These will improve your vision and are particularly effective at reducing the effects of glare.
  • Pack for the road – taking plenty of bedding, books, a rechargeable torch, battery packs and music – LOTS of music.


5″ LCD Color Rear View Backup Camera

Compact First Aid Medical Kit

LE Rechargeable LED Flashlight


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Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! They haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on their list.

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Press Images provided for our use by: Featured header & Concorde Charisma courtesy of Concorde. Paradise Inspiration Supreme courtesy of Paradise Motorhomes. Jayco Optimum by Brett Goldsmith, courtesy of Jayco. Pinterest images provided by Concorde.


  1. Owning or traveling one of these in India is a very distant dream :P :) Some time back I experienced a camping van in Bangalore with near modern facilities like the ones you have mentioned only we couldn’t drive it. It was a parked one and we experienced its internal facilities. :) Hopefully I can experience driving one these luxury mobile homes some day.

    • Hopefully you have the chance to experience a camper-van on the road soon Indrani! We’ve stayed in parked vans before too, many campsites are beginning to offer them as glamping options – a very cool alternative if hitting the road in one is a little far out :)

  2. OH this is awesome, my family have always been “Mobile Homers” My parents have been all over North American in their’s and they love it. We have often thought it should be our next purchase but yes cramped is what I always think of with 3 kids and a dog. This one looks spacious and homey at the same time. Thank you for sharing your expertise on these!

    • You can definitely find options for spacious living, there are some fantastic mobile homes around which have been really well designed to maximize room and give everyone their own space :)

  3. I think I could pretty comfortably live in the Paradise Inspiration Supreme. My aunt and uncle had a motor home and they would travel every winter in it when they retired. Definitely not a bad way to tour a continent!

    • One of the best! We’re hoping to take a year off to tour Australia this way very soon :) Really great way to tour a continent indeed!

  4. Oh, wow! I’m not even sure which one to pick since they all look fabulous. I have never traveled this way but I’m sure it would be an amazing experience.

    Really need to try it one of these days!

    • Really is a fantastic way to travel! If you’re looking to buy definitely rent one for a test run first … you can get to know what you like and don’t like / what you’re looking for in a mobile home :)

  5. These are truly fancy home bordering on luxury. I have never been in a motor home travel yet. and I am not sure if I would be up to it. As of now the thought of not having a “stable” home spooks me. Good going guys!

    • A lot of glamping sites now are offering a night in these kind of luxury campervans, parked of course :) It’s a fabulous way to experience it if you don’t think you’ll actually hit the road :)

  6. The funny thing is we never talked about the space, hubby just doesn’t want to drive one. Maybe these would change his mind! Especially the second one with the slide out, how perfect is that. We do want to head back across to Australia as we missed the entire area between Perth and Port Ferry along the bottom. A mobile home would be so much more convenient way to go.

    • Mobile homes really are such a convenient way to explore Australia, especially when you’re hitting the more remote areas. Haha maybe he can employ yo as his designated driver :D!

  7. Great tips there! Motorhomes and caravans can be the ultimate in glamping, a new and stunning view whenever you want it, and as clean and comfortable as you choose.

    • Absolutely Toni! Luxury way to travel with the ultimate freedom and flexibility of life on the open road!

  8. Wow, these are places to be spoiled by:) So much better than a hotel room! Especially Concorde Charisma is really a luxury that I would like to experience!

    • Absolutely! Fully self catering and hotel rooms don’t have the benefit of being on wheels :D!

  9. Wow, those look super nice!! I wouldn’t mind riding around in one for a while :) We always love road tripping, camping and camper vans, so this would be a fun step up! It’s crazy that the Concorde Charisma can fit a smart car inside!!

    • Isn’t it just! There’s some serious room in these mobile homes!

  10. WOW! How amazing would be to travel with one of those? They are much better than most of the hotels I stay in :p When I was in Kenya, I met one couple from New Zealand who were traveling in a fancy camper also (not as fancy, though) and started from South Africa. Their final destination was Egypt and, they were around 70 years old! I wish I will be able to do the same that when I get retired!

    • Wow Africa in a luxury camper van would be an amazing retirement trip … or even an amazing now trip :D! Campervans are definitely the best way to really see a continent!

  11. thanks for your information. this is awesome!!.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post :) Happy travels!

  12. Wow! Cool! Travelling with this mobile home is adventurous! I want to have one of those mobile. :)

    • Absolutely :) We hope you have the chance to experience one of these soon!

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