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There are many reasons to include Mykonos in your Greek itinerary. Besides the music, the party atmosphere, the colour of the water and the sky, and the amazing elite villas set atop hills overlooking the Aegean, there is also a food scene that will blow you away. 

Lobster, sausages, onion pie, and freshly-caught fish are some of the signature dishes every traveler should try when visiting Mykonos. So, whether you wish for tavernas serving feta cheese and baklava, or eateries whose menu is specifically catered for light eaters, there are many great finds. 

Now, if you are wondering where to start this culinary journey of all five senses, here are some recommendations. The following are our favorite restaurants in Mykonos. 

The Best Restaurants in Mykonos


Set on a beautiful setting at Paraga Beach, Scorpios restaurant is a great place to enjoy a sunset dinner. Their organic stretch of coastline is a welcoming place where horizons of blue mix with yellows, golds and pinks born of the generous Cycladic sun.

Come early and you may see people working on their laptops with a cup of green juice at hand while others as still trying to get themselves together after the crazy party of the previous night!

The indoor area is spacious and light, with a well-designed bar and comfy couches. Outside lies a superb beach with lounge beds, a large bar featuring an equally impressive deck, and, of course, a restaurant of a massive size.

The specialties? Spicy pita chips, hummus, Mykonian salads with fresh vegies, tzatziki, whole roasted fresh fish (accompanied by a sauce of your choice), and quinoa with raisins.  

Scorpios embraces the Mediterranean diet not just as a culinary mode but as a lifestyle. As for drinks, lets just say that the particularly long list of cocktails will spoil you for choice! 

Beach Dinner

Beach woman girl water traveler female RF


A superb place to go for dinner and take in the beauty of the Mykonian sky and crystal clear waters, Interni Resturant combines a club atmosphere and fine dining.

Sit outside – the place exudes elegance and style – and order any Greek delight of your likes. Suggestions? The Sea bass, lamb, and scallops are absolutely delicious.

However, there are also dishes with Italian influences (i.e. truffle pasta, mozzarella salad) that will satisfy your palate a great deal too.

Interni is a laid-back, friendly eatery in town with a sexy vibe after dark where you can both savour some great food and also make new friends!


A master of the Mediterranean menu, Nammos brings you a blend of fresh fish caught in the Aegean and traditional Greek meze (appetizer).

The menu also features unbelievably tasty sashimi, sushi, prawns, spicy crab tartar, usuzukuri in chilly garlic soy, salmon teriyaki, beef louza, eggplant millefeuille with feta cheese and so many more.

Plus, a great selection of pavlovas, cheesecakes, mousses, and pannacottas!

Greek seafood

Greek seafood

Photo credits: John Joh via Flickr


Definitely a must-have-lunch-there restaurant. Spilia is a seaside restaurant with plenty of multi-level dining verandas offering breath-taking views (if you wish, you can sit right on the beachfront, with the sea licking your toes). 

You will find Spilia next to Kalafati beach, in the cove of Agia Anna, and it is undeniably one of the chicest restaurants on Mykonos.

Their lobster pasta is iconic, as is every seafood dish offered there (ask for sea urchins and the waiter will catch and open them in plain sight). Close a fine dining experience with the chocolate cake – you will be hugely rewarded.

Other Exceptional Places to Dine:


A family-run restaurant that serves delightful pies (try their spinach or meat pie) and authentic Greek comfort food. Read reviews.

Kiki’s Tavern

Mouth-watering salads, fantastic vistas, and perfectly-grilled fish and meats (try their sausages!). Read reviews.


A super romantic spot with a courtyard filled with bougainvillea plants.

Candles and white linen on the tables, and excellent flavours from the traditional moussaka, fried feta cheese, halloumi bacon, and spinach crepe among others, await. Visit website.

Book a Private Chef

My two-cents? Ask for a private chef to come to your luxurious Mykonian villa and cook all these mind-blowing dishes for you privately! 

This is a great approach if you don’t feel like going out or trying to figure out which restaurant can please your culinary preferences the most.

So, try local delicacies and meals by the hands of experienced, awarded chefs while gazing the endless blue of the Aegean, up to the point when it becomes one with the sky. A one-of-a-kind experience worth having while visiting Mykonos!


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Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; an online magazine dedicated to opening your eyes to the wonders of the wild & natural world.

Having visited 50+ countries across all seven continents, Megan’s travels focus on cultural immersion, authentic discovery and incredible journeys. She has a strong passion for ecotourism, and aims to promote responsible travel experiences.



  1. Is that you in the water? Looking HOT

    • Not me, but Scorpios does have a pretty sexy scene :)

  2. Scorpios sounds like an incredible restaurant, big fan of the concept of being able to eat and drink with my feet in the sand. Mykonos is on my bucketlist, I’m hoping to organize some Greek Island hopping this summer, and while I love eating out, I do like the idea of having a private chef whip up some amazing Greek food. Thanks for the tips!

    • Nothings beats eating on the beach! I hope you do have the chance to visit Mykonos soon – you can book incredible private villas in Greece for really reasonable prices, and having a private chef available is a huge perk of going the villa route :)

  3. Yuuuuuuuum – you can’t beat seafood in Greece. I’ll take those scollops from Nammos please.

    • Right!! It doesn’t get any fresher than at Mykonos restaurants :)

  4. I’m all about the grilled meat with a glass of ouzo and hitting up the party scene. Sounds like Interni would be my scene.

    • Can’t beat grilled meat and ouzo!

  5. Hi Megan

    Thankyou for these recommendations – we visited Mykonos last year and the food was wonderful. We ended up eating most of our meals at Kikis Tavern which we stumbled on by accident.

    A hidden gem in the truest sense of the word – there are no signs so you have to follow your nose to find it. There’s actually no electricity either which sounds strange for a restaurant but they grill everything outdoors on a charcoal barbecue and the food is just divine.

    Was glad to see it listed here as an exceptional place to dine :)

    Regards, Jenna

    • Hi Jenna, so glad to hear you had a fabulous time on Mykonos and fell in love with Kikis Tavern. Definitely a hidden gem!

      I’m all for following incredible smells to the restaurant they’re coming from and finding places to eat that way!

  6. Check out Hippie Fish as well if you go back to Mykonos.

    • Thanks for the tip Christen, will do!

  7. Meg, good article – I want to go to all of those restaurants and try some onion pie! I adore scallops. I wish I’d been to Mykonos way back when. I just read that it is one of the top 10 places being ruined by IGers. But let’s go anyway and eat everything in sight!!!

    • Oh scallops!❤️

    • Glad you enjoyed it – scallops are basically the love of my life (lol sorry Mike!!) Ruined by IG-ers how? As in just being flooded with crowds? Yes, that does seem to be the curse of popular destinations lately!

  8. Greek food is incredible, we haven’t visited Mykonos yet, but spent a week in Athens, and the seafood was spectacular. Only problem being it’s ruined seafood for me at home because I’ve not found anything else which comes close to competing.

    • Yes it is!! Sounds like you have the perfect excuse to head back to Greece at some point :D

  9. Booking a private chef sounds like a great idea. I’ve actually never much been a fan of eating out, but by the same token I can’t personally cook! So I’m kind of stuck on that one. But if the villas you’ve mentioned come with a personal chef we’re golden. Thanks.

    • A private chef sounds like it would be the perfect solution then! Yes, booking a villa in Mykonos is an incredible experience, and they come with many optional extras you can add on, like the services of a chef :)

  10. Making a mental note of Scorpios – good to know that it’s a great place to work. Going to Mykonos next month and will need to take the laptop with me, but I do enjoy finding somewhere atmospheric to set up as opposed to being stuck in the hotel at all times.

    • Can’t beat a work station with a front row view of the beach! Have a great trip Jesse :)

  11. So many restaurants! I’ve bookmarked your list and it’s now my mission to visit each and every one of these.

    • Indeed – you could turn a visit into just a purposed food tour!! Have a wonderful trip :)

  12. Sigh we love Greek food!

    • Can’t say I blame you!!

  13. Mykonos do scallops :)
    excellent ❤️

    • They’re so incredibly delicious! :)

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