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When it comes to a Greek holiday, Mykonos is an island that gives you a bit of everything. Not only does this glamourous island have sizzling weather nearly all year round, but with its mix of party atmosphere and family-friendly amenities, Mykonos is a holiday destination that everyone can enjoy.

Even better, despite its St Tropez meets Ibiza reputation, this little island won’t break your bank account to visit. Intrigued? Here are 7 other reasons why Mykonos needs to be on your bucket list.

7 Reasons Why Mykonos Should Be Next on Your Bucket List

Beaches for Everyone

Every beach on Mykonos features crystal-clear waters and golden sands, so no matter what beach you choose to spend the day on, you know it’s going to look like a beach straight out of paradise.

For a more family orientated beach head to Ornos, as not only is this beach very central, but it has a wide array of restaurants and bars nearby. The water is shallow and calm here too, perfect for youngsters who want to dip their toes into the sea.

Party-wise, you can’t go wrong with beaches like Paradise and Super Paradise, where beach parties start from 4pm every day. In peak-season expect midnight-daybreak parties with some of the world’s top DJs. If you like your tan to be all over, head to Paraga beach where you can happily ditch your clothes to avoid those tan lines.

Paraga Beach Mykonos

Hitting the beach in Mykonos

Luxury Accommodation

Mykonos is a location that oozes luxury, and its accommodation is no different. With something for everyone, you could spend your vacation staying at the Myconian Ambassador, one of the best hotels on the island.

Or, if you prefer your holidays more peaceful, rent one of the many private villas available – many of these have the most breath-taking views of Mykonos and their own private pools so you won’t have to compete with other travellers for the best poolside spot.

Idyllic White-Washed Town

Nothing says Greece quite like a white-washed house. The trend started centuries ago to help reflect the harsh sun and heat away from people’s homes.

These days, the white-washed houses of Greece, with the odd blue dome of a church, are one of the captivating and alluring aspects of visiting places like Mykonos. Just imagine spending an afternoon walking through Mykonos Town taking in the idyllic views.

Mykonos is a beautiful white washed town

Mykonos, Greece

Photo Opportunities Everywhere!

Apart from the obvious picture-perfect beaches and white-washed houses, there are photo-opportunities everywhere in Mykonos, so if you love Instagram and Snapchat, there really couldn’t be a better holiday.

The Mykonos windmills are an iconic sight on the island, as is Cynthus mountain, where, in Greek mythology, Apollo was said to be born.

Simply grab a camera and spend your day exploring Mykonos, you’ll find a social media-worthy view around every corner, and your friends back home will be wildly jealous.

Delicious Cuisine

Mykonos has a little bit of everything to please every palette, meaning that it doesn’t matter if you want upmost luxury or authentic Greek street food, you’ll find your perfect restaurant easily.

Expect most places to serve Greek classics like moussaka, pastitsio and gyros, as well as food local to the islands including kopanisti, a spicy cheese and louza, a dish made from sliced pork.

As Mykonos is an island, also expect some of the best in freshly caught seafood, including delicacies such as octopus. For sweet lovers, baklava is served through most of the island and is a must to try, as is the islands traditional almond cookies, amygdalota.

Mykonos has a little bit of everything to please every palette

Mykonos has a little bit of everything to please every palette

Mykonos has a little bit of everything to please every palette

Endless Shopping

If you adore shopping then Mykonos will feel like a paradise, with its endless markets, cave-like boutiques and numerous fashion designers, everywhere you walk in the towns of Mykonos is filled with shops just begging to be explored.

Fashion and jewellery shops are the most plentiful, with many keeping their doors open until midnight. Here you’ll find the best in local design and intricate jewellery, perfect for taking family or friends home a present.

There are also plenty of souvenir shops selling locally made crafts as well as postcards and trinkets to remind you of your holiday.

Perfect for Budget Travelers

One of the greatest things about Mykonos is how budget-friendly it can be. Unlike other popular islands in the area, a holiday in Mykonos can actually be kept to a really reasonable price.

Especially if you use sites like Skyscanner or Hotels Combined to get the best deals on flights and accommodation in the area. You can also opt to go through a travel agency and book an all-inclusive package holiday, which will save you money on food and drink.

Mykonos has great weather even in months like April or October, so try to visit in one of these months (shoulder season) as you’ll get yourself a far better deal than you would in June or August.

When you get there Mykonos isn’t too pricey either, as many of the best activities involve relaxing on the beaches, which are free. It’s also easy to find restaurants and bars within your budget, especially if you go a little further afield than the more popular tourist hotspots.


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Photo credits: Featured header image by Luigi Cavasin. Paraga Beach by Leonora (Ellie) Enking. Beach picnic by John M. Mykonos by the water by Luigi Cavasin. Mykonos white washed town by Zen Voyager. Greek cuisine by Jaime Fok – Moussaka / Mussels / Gelato.


  1. So many Greek Islands, so little time. There is quite a contrast between cruising the Mediterranean and cruising the Caribbean. The culture and history are so much more in the Mediterranean. Great cities are so close that it is like a river cruise with a different city every day.
    Blog on!

    • It’s a bit like that!! Definitely a lot more history in the Mediterranean region, with perhaps more well known civilizations which have shaped modern society. Agree that it’s an incredible place to easily island hop between new destinations!

  2. Thank you for sharing this article. We will be there in a few weeks and this guide is exactly what I needed.

    • Have a great time Niels! Glad we could inspire a couple of ideas before you take off :)

  3. Mykonos is definitely on my list and British Airways were supposed to be flying direct from Manchester from this year. Every time I look though I can’t find flights. Will keep looking though

    • Would be incredible when those direct flights come in! Hope you manage to catch one soon :)

  4. This is one of the very many Greek islands I would love to see, and seeing loads of photos of the place bantered about on social media. I love the look of the beaches here and it looks like I must hit up the island very soon. I been to both St Tropez and Ibiza so be interesting if it has that vibe :D

    • Definitely gets a lot of play across social media – can’t go wrong when so many people rave about a place right! Hope you have the chance to travel soon :)

  5. Great roundup on Mykonos. I didn’t visit this island when I was in Greece. I had no idea that this could be a budget-friendly destination! That puts Mykonos higher on my radar. I’m a sucker for sweets and already love baklava, but I’ll have to give those almond cookies a try when I get there.

    • Thanks Paige :) The whole of Greece is so budget friendly right now, the economic crash was obviously devastating to the local economy, so it’s a very cheap time to travel around. Hope you have the chance to visit Mykonos on your next trip X

  6. When I think of Mykonos, I think of the beautiful views. Whether it’s the water or the white houses, it’s a gorgeous place! Worth visiting for that alone in my opinion :)

    • Agreed – it’s definitely one of those postcard worthy destinations, where every shot is a scenic one!

  7. I had no idea Mykonos is a reasonably priced place to visit! Great to hear. Thanks for the tour of food and sights – and I agree it would be hard to keep away from the camera for all the idyllic views!

    • Absolutely, the country is still feeling the effects of the recent economic crisis, so everywhere in Greece is relatively cheap. Hope you have the chance to visit soon – between the food and the views, it sounds like you would love it!

  8. Mykonos did offer a lot of good food, we ate in several restaurants and all of them were recommendable.

    You are right in saying, everything in Mykonos is very picturesque. WE must have taken 1000 photos while we were there. It’s just too pretty.

    We also found a good AirBNB in the middle of town for a good price, so I appreciated that.

    In terns of shopping though, I feel like Santorini was cheaper but just by a few.

    I really enjoyed Mykonos.

    • Glad to hear you enjoyed Mykonos Karla – definitely a LOT of good food!

      Haha I’m right there with you on taking thousands of photos, I remember my first couple of trips were before digital cameras had hit the market, so we were working off 24 shots on a single film – crazy to imagine now!

      Thanks for the heads up on Santorini being cheaper for shopping – good to know it’s pretty much on par though :)

  9. Wow Mykonos is so pretty. I have always wanted to go but have not made it yeat. Heard great things about it and now seeing this post i see why

    • Hope you have the chance to travel soon! You’ll love it :)

  10. Mykonos is a place that I have read and read about again and again as well as drooled over the pictures of this idyllic island. But I never get tired of reading about it and hence I enjoyed your post. The white washed town and the gorgeous beaches indeed are a photographers dream and I hope to land in Mykonos sooner than later.

    • So glad you enjoyed the post, Mykonos is a understandable destination to drool over!! Idyllic in every sense :)

      Hope you have the chance to experience it first hand!

  11. Mykonos is one of the top island destinations for a reason- there’s something for everyone! You can obviously island hop but you can have a great time just on this island alone.

    • Absolutely! Glad to hear you’re a fan of Mykonos too!

  12. We love Mykonos!!! Rented a yacht for the day and just cruised around. We will definitely go back. Any similar destinations we should also try?

    • Sounds amazing Marley! If you’re heading back to the Greek Islands, you could also check out places like Crete and Santorini. These would probably be my favorite two after Mykonos :)

      Have an amazing trip!

  13. Hell, one reason is good enough for me. :)

    • haha very true, you really don’t need 7 :D

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