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Header photo by Bengt Nyman

The Aegean Sea has been characterized by many as the heart of the Mediterranean and has been commonly linked to colorful mythology, tales of pirates and fishermen, and, in recent years, as the hot-spot of cosmopolitan summer party life for island-hoppers.

This timeless popularity should really come as no surprise considering its location, its climate and maritime economy, its history and traditions and of course its unique islanders and their famous hospitality.

Among the family of the Aegean islands however, stands one in particular which is perhaps its most precious jewel: Mykonos beams effervescently due west and it’s certainly not shy at showing it.

Being the favourite destination of vacationists worldwide, Mykonos has become synonymous to beautiful, luxurious and vibrant vacations. But Mykonos is so much more than what the eye meets: it’s actually the ideal place where  you can lose yourself on its surface and also find it in its depth.

Where to Lose and … Find Yourself in Greek Mykonos

Find yourself in Greek Mykonos

Photo by Bengt Nyman

Lose Yourself In…

The Luxury of Villa Elia

Sitting atop a hill in the outskirts of town, Villa Elia is the most preferred residency for those looking to enjoy all the leisure that Mykonos has to offer for a surprisingly affordable price.

Settled over the famous Elia Beach and able to accommodate up to 5 guests, the Villa offers a sublime view of the Aegean sea as well as an endless list of amenities such as an outdoor private swimming pool, high-speed wi-fi, a barbecue, daily maid service and a wide terrace with an outdoor dining area.

This Mykonian country estate, with its modern architecture and elegant venetian minimalism is guaranteed to make your holidays cozy and comfortable, truly fit for kings and queens.

➡ Check rates and availability.

The Luxury of Villa Elia

The Luxury of Villa Elia

The Luxury of Villa Elia

The Party-Life of Super Paradise

Easily mistaken for one of Ibiza’s beaches, this Mykonian sandy shore is famous for hosting the most hectic summer parties of the Aegean.

The best Djs from all over the world have witnessed the amazing sunrise from behind the decks of Super Paradise, making it the ideal place to lose yourself in loud music, nonstop dancing, fruity cocktails and the gay-friendly atmosphere that vibrates through the entire island!

The Tastefulness of Greek Delicacies

Breakfast from Orno’s traditional bakeries as a little snack before hitting the beaches? Lunch at Nicolas’ traditional tavern at Aghia Anna? Or maybe fresh fish and loukoumas at Sea Satin for dinner is more your scene.

The local cuisine comes hand in hand with the Greek Kefi (which translates to traditional singing and dancing) and is sure to fill your stomach as well as your heart.

Restaurant Scene

Photo by lo.tangelini

And Find Yourself In…

The Picturesque Backstreets

Mykonos is known for its all-embracing attitude towards people.

Whether you’re shopping souvenirs at the local gift-stores in the morning, taking amazing pictures of the labyrinthine castle-town at dusk or walking back barefoot from a night out, Mykonos is one of the best places where you can experience true freedom of expression.

Mykonos’ Windmills

One of the most characteristic landmarks of the island, Mykonos’ windmills date back to the 16th century when they were built by Venetians, and were kept in use up until the 20th.

Harnessing the power of the strong southern winds, the windmills were originally used to mill flour but serve today as a place of safe-keeping for various of the island’s most precious heritage.

An idyllic place to visit, the crisp-white windmills with their straw caps offer a breath-taking view of the Aegean that is sure to fill you with a sense of awe.

Mykonos’ windmills

Mykonos’ windmills

Mykonos windmills (from top) by Alaina McDavid, and Rich.

The Mykonos Biennale

Held every odd year since 2013, this festival truly captures the energy of the island. Featuring dozens of artists each time, the Mykonos Biennale has presented a wide array of artworks including short films, performances, and dramatic nights.

It has even held philosophical marathons making it a conglomeration of Greek tradition, culture and contemporary art. Hosted in odd places like pirate houses, warehouses, schools and churches, this symposium lasts 7 days every other June or July and will even take you treasure-hunting in nearby Delos!

Why Mykonos

Mykonos, although a small Greek Aegean island, truly has no shortage in the way it expresses its unique cosmopolitan nature. For those looking to add a bit of substance to their St. Tropez-like vacations, Mykonos is the place to go.

So if you’re planning your vacations to include pirate houses, sandy beaches, dancing, but also art, delicious cuisine and a sense of freedom, all wrapped in one warm Mediterranean summer, look no further.

There you’ll have many opportunities to be submerged in culture, taste delicious traditional foods, experience the Greek temperament, but also celebrate life, diversity and all things splendid.


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  1. WOW, a wonderful country with many unforgettable sights! Can you tell me how much it cost to travel in Greek Mykonos?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Zenni, you can easily travel through Mykonos for around €150 a day, and then increase this budget if you want higher levels of luxury.

      Meals on a budget might put you back roughly €36 a day. But if you’re there for longer and hitting grocery stores, you can get groceries for €50 a week. It’s one of those things where hitting the restaurants in the main town can be as expensive as you want it to be.

      The price of the hotel will vary depending on the type of accommodation you want. An average hotel for a couple might be around €101. You can get budget hotels for as low as €50. But if you want a private villa experience like Villa Elia you should budget around €380 a night. Definitely worth the splurge!

      For getting around you can rent a moped for one day for 22 EUR. Hope that helps!

    • Thank Meg Jerrard so much ^^

    • You’re welcome :) Have a great trip!

  2. I haven’t been to Mykonos for years – and when I did go it wasn’t in any way a destination. I love the look of Villa Elia – and it’s such a pretty island. I like Delos (next door too). Did you get there?

    • Let me know if you have the chance to get back to Mykonos – it would be so interesting to hear how it’s changed since you were last there. Villa Elia is stunning isn’t it! Can highly recommend if you’re looking for somewhere memorable to stay.

      I haven’t been to Delos, but hoping to get some more of the Greek Islands in soon – will make Delos a priority for the next trip, thanks for the tip!

  3. I love Mykonos! I was there a long time ago on a cruise, but would like to go back and this gorgeous villa is right up my street. I like staying in villas in Greece as it a lot more relaxing and having a maid service is like being in a hotel with all the other people!

    • We should start a club :D A cruise through the Greek Islands sounds incredible, I bet you have awesome memories from that trip! If you do have the chance to visit Mykonos again, I can definitely recommend a villa stay; it’s ultimate luxury and does make everything very relaxing!

  4. While I’ve cruised the Aegean Sea on my own, hubby still hasn’t seen all the beautiful Greek islands. We were thinking of going to Santorini but gosh, it’s SO crowded! Mykonos looks the perfect place to go. I love your suggestion of lodging at Villa Elia, the view is spectacular and having a private swimming pool and high speed wi-fi would be absolutely amazing!

    • Well you definitely couldn’t find a better setting for a romantic couples escape! Yes, Santorini can get pretty crowded, though if you do head there too, private villas are a great way to escape the crowds and enjoy the famous sunset in peace.

      Can highly recommend Villa Elia on Mykonos – it’s the perfect combination of everything you want a Greek vacation to be!

  5. We first remember Mykonos after seeing it in the late 80’s film ‘Shirley Valentine’. It looked really beautiful then and it still does today. Villa Elia looks a great place to stay and as you say, it is actually quite affordable, especially if there is a small group of you.

    • Absolutely – you start splitting the cost of a villa with another couple, or 3 other people, and you have incredible luxury at what you would probably pay for an average hotel.

      I haven’t seen Shirley Valentine before – will have to check it out!

  6. Oh you brought back great memories from our trip! That villa you’ve suggested looks absolutely superb, great suggestion I’d say. We stayed in some small hotel by the beach but it didn’t look half as gorgeous as this villa! I agree the local cuisine is great and paradise as well as super paradise have great nightlife (and even afternoon parties for that matter). Mykonos is such a picturesque and lively island!

    • Awesome Medha, so glad you had a fabulous time in Mykonos too! If you get back, definitely check out Villa Elia – it’s actually really reasonable for a private villa compared to other hot spots in the Mediterranean.

      I could eat Greek cuisine every day and be happy for the rest of my life lol – and can’t beat it when it’s sourced locally!

  7. Mykonos is a whitewashed paradise, so I have heard! The windmills look very quaint and a great place for photo op. I am also very interested with the singing and dancing you mentioned. The food must be really good and I think experiencing Greek food with music and dancing is the perfect cultural experience. Would you agree?

    • It is indeed! An incredible paradise, with charming history (the windmills are super interesting!), and an incredible food scene! Totally agree that combining Greek food with music and dance is a must cultural experience – nothing beats the atmosphere of a Greek party / celebration!

  8. This post is a great summary of all the highlights of Mykonos. I have been to the island three times, but I didnt know they had a biennale. I loved the villa you suggested. The nightlife never disappoints. I also love the sweets and the pastries they sell in the bakeries. The Greek Islands are certainly very special.

    • Thanks Barb :) Awesome that you’re such a frequent visitor – Mykonos definitely has a way of capturing your heart! Glad that we could give you a couple of new ideas for your next trip – definitely organize a stay at Villa Elia if you have the chance to :)

  9. I really love the idea of outdoor dining area overlooking a wonderful view. Seems like Mykonos has everything we’ve ever wanted in one place. The sandy beaches, delicious foods and culture. I’m definitely sure my partner and I will visit Mykonos as we are always in love with such beautiful villas and islands. And local cuisines are something to fill up our stomach, fish must be so fresh here!

    • Really is an island with a fabulous balance of everything you could want from a paradise vacation! If you’re looking for a romantic getaway with your partner Mykonos is a really good choice. And Villa Elia is incredible accommodation :)

  10. What a gorgeous island. I can’t really say I’ve explored Greece – only passed through it quickly a couple years ago on the way to Istanbul. I’m really curious about that windmill. I can’t tell how it would catch the wind. But that’s why I love exploring new countries and seeing things I’ve never known about before. I do plan to get to Greece sometime in 2018, and I’ll certainly keep this post in mind.

    • Hope you do have the opportunity to spend some time exploring Greece in 2018 – can’t beat the Greek Islands, and there’s definitely a lot of really interesting culture and history to discover :)

  11. Mykonos has been on my “to do” list for way too long.
    Your description renders it higher on my priorities. Thanks.

    • Glad we could reignite some wanderlust – maybe in 2018! :)

  12. Such a wonderful country with many unforgettable sights! Thanks for sharing.

    • Absolutely – so glad you enjoyed the post :)

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