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Weddings are a wonderful time of celebration, and should be one of the most unforgettable events of your life. But if there’s one event more memorable than your wedding day, it should be the honeymoon!

If you’re tossing up between an unforgettable honeymoon and the value of the diamond ring,  it could be a tough choice in deciding which one should win.

But with the aim of strengthening the bonds of togetherness and marriage, perhaps one of the following destinations will inspire you!

Your Search for the Top Honeymoon Destinations Ends Here

The Emerald Isle

This nickname for Ireland stems from the country’s gorgeous greenery in the form of rolling, lush hills and rich landscapes.

Whatever your heart desires, whether it be moody castles and history, quaint villages with inns that serve authentic breakfast or cultural events and sights, your perfect honeymoon awaits you in the Emerald Isle.

If you want a taste of the farm life, head to West Cork. If you need old world experiences, Kilmore Quay, in County Wexford, will give you exactly that. And when you want a night on the town, Dublin is the place for you.

Sunrise in Baily lighthouse, Dublin, Ireland

Photo by Giuseppe Milo via Flickr.

The Galapagos Islands

Head to the pastoral beauty of the Galápagos Islands in Ecuador for a honeymoon with a difference. This is the perfect destination for any wildlife enthusiast.

You’ll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with a diverse range of exotic of animals and plants not found anywhere else on the planet.

That’s why the Galapagos is one of the seven (underwater) wonders of the world. Scuba dive for a closer look at what makes the place truly special. Romance and discovery await you.


Hawaii; a chain of islands where every single part is spectacular. From lush foliage, majestic waterfalls, cliffs, and some of the most amazing beaches with every possible shade of sand, from green to gold, and red, and black.

If you need a sombre reminder of the fleeting quality of life then the WWII memorials will do that for you. Or you could spend a day on the beach and unwind from the wedding madness.

Honolulu offers you a slice of fun life, food and customs and you will return with indelible memories.

Beach Maldives


Iceland is truly magnificent and isolated. With quicksilver scenery, it seems to change in a matter of minutes.

One moment you’re in the sprawling Blue Lagoon hot springs, getting some time in the hot springs and pools, the next you’re in vast, stark volcanic environs, and then there are the soaring waterfalls, spouting geysers and green verdant spaces.

You should especially make a trip to the National Park – Snaefellsjökull – to discover a hidden waterfall, a private sanctuary, and gaze at two humongous lava formations. Or just chase the Northern Lights as they light up the sky, for a sight you’ll never forget.

 Photo credit: TJ Drysdale Photography and Follow Me Away

An island defined by dramatic landscapes, with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, lava fields, and elves.


Santorini is what you’re most likely to see in the picture postcards of Greece. This is perhaps the most famous and fascinating of all the Greek Isles.

It’s hard to miss – the cliff towns with their colourful flowers and brightly painted doors, the Greek white and blue-domed churches, and the serene sunsets on the unimaginably blue Aegean Sea makes it one special place to visit.

Photo CC Pedro Szekely

The volcano of Thera erupted some 3,600 years ago.


Kenya – what’s not to love about this country? Go on a luxurious safari and take in the fabulous animals that call it home. Or trek up to Mt Kilimanjaro and enjoy some time together.

From the large tracts of land of the savannah, to the national parks and reserves, there’s so much to see in this East African country.

If you time the honeymoon correctly, you can witness one of the most magnificent scenes in nature – the migration of the wildebeest.

Africa safari lion Tanzania


This is one country which is familiar with providing romance. The very air in France reeks of romance!

From Paris and its monuments and museums, to the countryside rich with wine and splendid food, France is a honeymoon to be done leisurely and with complete enjoyment.


When you visit this country, you are visiting timelessness. The pyramids are testaments to man’s innovation, the Abu Simbel temples are grand and awe-inspiring and the Great Sphinx is enigmatic in its silence and knowledge.

Take a cruise down the Nile or visit the River Valley and enjoy the crops. This is a good country to look for antiquities too.


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  1. The Galápagos Islands will certainly make for a honeymoon with a difference. Santorini is beautiful and in Iceland or Ireland, you will find plenty of isolated places to get away from it all. We got married in Gretna Green and then went to Edinburgh (Gretna Green is the wedding capital of the UK where couples used to elope to in the past.)

    • The Galapagos Islands is one of my favorites. But if you can’t choose why not turn it into one epic RTW itinerary right :D

      Gretna Green looks beautiful and so idyllic! I hadn’t heard of it before but just googled images, and I can definitely see why you chose to get married there. Edinburgh is one of my favorite cities – Scotland should definitely be on this list for an amazing honeymoon :)

  2. My sister will get married this year and she still hasn’t decided where she wants to honeymoon: I’m definitely passing her this article, thank you!!! And I had no idea that there was such a beautiful farming area around West Cork, now I feel bad that we didn’t visit!

    • Wish her a congratulations from us! Yes West Cork is beautiful – a fabulous choice if they both love rural retreats an countrside escapes :)

  3. I am all for an adventurous honeymoon over a wedding ring! My husband and I did a 2-week road trip in New Zealand for our honeymoon. I highly recommend that destination for couples! Galapagos would be so amazing – imagine starting your married life with such an adventure. So would be Santorini, beautiful memories to be made there. A safari honeymoon in Kenya sounds great as well.

    • Me too! We’re actually on our way to NZ right now – on a cruise, but I would love to organize a road trip at some stage. The scenery we’ve heard of sounds incredible!

      Galapagos, Santorini and Kenya are also fabulous choices – maybe an around the world trip which takes in all three … or repeat honeymoons every year :D

  4. So many amazing honeymoon destinations, and not enough time (or potential husbands) to visit them all! ;) We joked the other day at work that women need multiple husbands, here’s another reason why – so we can go on multiple honeymoons! I really loved Hawaii and would love to visit there again and explore more than just Oahu. I totally agree on you with Santorini – it’s one of the most beautiful and romantic places we’ve visited. And both Egypt and Iceland are on our travel wish list too (literally was looking at Egypt options this morning!).

    • Bahaha potential husbands – love it :D You can definitely take multiple honeymoons with the one husband, why not right! Second , third and fourth honyemoons (etc) are definitely a thing :D … or maybe head to these amazing locations to renew your vows. Santorini would be an amazing place for that!

  5. Santorini is definitely a romantic destination. There are so many little boutique hotels with your own private pool or jacuzzi perfect for sitting in with a glass of wine to watch the incredible sunsets there. And beach destinations are always sexy, though I like the Caribbean or the Indian Ocean far more than Hawaii.

    • I agree that beach destinations are always sexy – and nothing beats a luxury hotel with a private jacuzzi and amazing views of the sunset over the ocean. Couldn’t possibly get more romantic than Santorini!

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