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Every relationship experiences its fair share of highs and lows, and it’s no secret that committing yourself to another person is something you continually work at. For some people, it comes easy. Others have a more difficult time.

Arguments and disputes can become a dividing issue in a relationship, though it has recently come to the attention of psychologists and other medical professionals that traveling with a partner can have significant benefits to renewing your connection.

Here are some tips and examples of how traveling together can be therapeutic and has the potential to save your relationship.

Reacting Together

No trip is ever likely to go exactly according to plan, and dealing with unexpected bumps in the road is something you’ll have to deal with together. Losing your key to the hotel room, forgetting your phone charger, opening the door to a room with no TV and a twin size bed – all of these are just scratching the surface of a bad vacation.

On your own, you might freak out about these details. I mean, how are you going to get to the Bahamas without your passport? But that is the beautiful thing about having your loved one with you. Chances are that they are going to take charge of the situation and calm you down.

They might respond to stress in a completely different way to you. The combination of your reactions may put you somewhere you never thought you would be. Instead of going to the Bahamas as planned, the two of you may decide to travel to the west coast of California. Being there with someone you care about can change how you think about a situation and create a bond like no other.

Noticing Small Facts

While being stuck on vacation with one person might seem like a nightmare, it can actually be eye opening. When you spend so much time with the same man or woman, you start to notice their preferences and habits; which movies genres they choose, how they wrinkle their nose when they smile, or even which condiments they eat with their burgers.

Learning little details such as these means establishing a more intimate connection, and in the long run, this goes a long way to strengthening and improving your relationship.

It feels comforting to know that somebody is ​paying attention​ to the little things about you. It is great to know that when you tell a story, the other person is going to remember it, too. This is what happens when you spend so much time with your partner. You come to realize that your other half is incredible. You start to see the little things that make them who they are and how breathtaking that can be.

It is even more astounding when they reciprocate that amazement. Traveling allows the two of you to have more alone time to notice these signature details, and that makes traveling a vital part of any relationship.

Couple on the beach love RF

When to Seek Professional Help

If your problems seem like too much to handle, it may be a good idea to ​see a counselor​. Seeking help may be a way to ​save your marriage​. There is no shame in trying to make your relationship last. Sometimes people fight and it cannot be solved by taking a vacation.

Traveling with your partner might not be the only saving grace for your relationship. However, there is no disagreeing with the fact that it is beneficial.

Going places as a couple is one of the best ways to get to know your significant other and to understand how they feel. Understanding and communication is key to any relationship, and this can be majorly improved by traveling together.


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Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; a website dedicated to opening your eyes to the wild & natural world.

Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! They haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on their list.

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Photo credits: Featured header image & couple on a boat by Moyan Brenn.


  1. I think if you travel together you need to compromise, as you do with any relationship. I like to do a little shopping when the other half likes to do his own thing for a couple of hours, so we build this into a holiday

    • Absolutely agree Mellissa – I think that alone time when you’re on vacation can be very important, especially if you both enjoy doing different things. Though it’s always about balance, and of course if you can build the alone time into the holiday without taking away from the idea to spend time together, that’s great :)

      Happy travels!

  2. This is a bit of a sticky subject for me as I broke up with my wife last year but now in another relationship (hence the other half of the Curious Explorers). Traveling can make and break a relationship but for me it didn’t towards the end of the marriage. I wont go into details, but all I can say is, it takes two people to save a relationship, not one and a lot of compromising is needed (as well as love of course).

    • Sorry to hear about the breakdown of your marriage Danik – I agree, two people have to be invested in saving a relationship, and a lot of compromise is always needed. If only one party is invested and the other has already given up, I don’t think even the benefits of traveling would work. Both need to be open minded and willing to give it another try.

      Wishing you all the best X

  3. I think travelling can either make or break a relationship, depending on your personalities and how you handle the very different life on the road. On our first trip together, before we were married, my now-husband and I broke up! Then we got back together and have travelled together for the last 15 years – we managed to figure out how to handle each other through the stresses and trials of a permanent nomadic lifestyle, but it definitely took time!

    • I agree Jane, I think travel puts a couple under a whole range of new stresses, and it can be very difficult to deal with if you don’t mesh, or your travel personalities clash. That said I think people should travel together for exactly that reason, to truly learn about each other’s traits and personality, and learn how to function really well as a couple under stress.

      Glad to hear you and your husband found each other again, and are enjoying the nomadic life! Happy travels :)

  4. I think I’m really experienced when referring to travelling as a couple! It is the only thing that works every time for me and it is life-saving. Even the most unexpected incidents during a trip can bring you and your soul-mate really close together.

    • Glad to hear that Efthimis! Wishing both you and your partner continued happy travels :)

  5. A few years ago, my partner and I spent 10 months of being together almost 24/7 travelling the eastern states of Australia with a small camper trailer. Our friends were horrified! But you’re right – the experience can bring you closer together, and as a couple we were able to offset our strengths and weaknesses. We’ve clocked up quite a few more years together since then, and a LOT more travel, so I guess it worked for us!

    • Sounds incredible Marion! I think it takes a very special relationship to be able to spend so much time together, but if you truly find your best friend in life you can withstand anything … even a small camper trailer every day for 10 months lol!!

      Happy travels to you both!

  6. So far I have traveled only by myself. However, for a future relationship, the man next to me must be someone who I can get along with on the road, otherwise, I can’t see it happening. But for the people who are already in a relationship, I believe that travel really can save their relationships.

    • I was a solo traveler too until I met my husband Mike. I think we were lucky as we started our relationship by traveling together and that’s how we got to know each other, so we adapted to each others habits and quirks fairly quickly. I was always the same – if I couldn’t get on with someone while traveling they were not a valid marriage prospect lol!

      I think traveling together really can set you up for a strong relationship, and save it if you’re in a tough spot.

      Happy travels Bilyana!

  7. I know a couple who fight like cats and dogs when they are at home but as soon as they go travelling, everything is hunky dory. On the other hand, if your relationship isn’t strong, the stress of travelling could be the catalyst to break it up. It’s hard to say what will happen until you try it! Every relationship is different.

    • So interesting! People’s dynamics fascinate me! But yes, I think traveling can either make or break a relationship, it will always depend on the couple in question of course. I personally think that if you can’t travel together, it’s not the best sign for a strong relationship in every day life, but that’s also going to be dependent on the individuals, so in many cases I could be wrong :)

  8. If traveling together is a conscious effort to mend the relationship, it may work. They key is to have the will to work on it. Traveling together can offer so many opportunities to bond, if one is open-minded.

    • I agree – both people need to be open and willing to put in the work to fixing a relationship – travel is an incredible way to strengthen your bond but it’s by no means a magic cure.

      Thanks for your comment Punita :)

  9. This is very interesting since I alway travel solo. I experienced traveling with my ex partner just for couple of days and it was
    Good but we always ended fighting at the end when we are both tired. Hahaha what more if we travel longer.

    • Haha yes I find that being tired or hungry whether you’re traveling or not is when most couples experience fighting. Definitely need strategies in place when traveling to avoid tension and getting on each others nerves! We usually set aside personal time on our trips so we can enjoy each other but also enjoy some space – works well :)

      Happy travels!

  10. I think travel is a great way to test a relationship as solo travel is totally different from traveling with a partner. It’s great if you find someone who shares the same values and gels well, but if not, as they say, would turn out to become an experience :)

    • I agree, if you find someone who has the same values and interests as you it can work very well, though if not you just need to make accommodations and vary the way you travel so you can both enjoy the time :)

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