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Authored by Illia Strikhar & Nastia Rays’ka-Ptashka

There’s nothing better than traveling to an exotic destination with your significant other. The thrilling feeling of adventure combined with butterflies in your stomach guarantees an unforgettable experience, and you will be creating memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. Destinations for couples.

While planning for a romantic trip, it’s important to think outside the box. Destinations like Paris, Venice, and Bali are all iconic destinations for couples seeking romance, though you need to think about whether you really want to share your memories with thousands of other couples too.

The following are 10 romantic destination ideas for couples to visit this year. Consider traveling here if you are looking for something a little more exotic than Paris and an experience that is truly unique.

10 Romantic Destination Ideas For Couples This Year

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San Augustin, Colombia

San Augustin is the hidden pearl located in the south of Colombia perfect for adventurous couples. There is no road leading to this place.

In order to get to San Augustin, you will have to take a small muddy path through the mountains. In case you are both looking for a more adventurous type of travel, you can take the so-called Trampoline of Death, a road high in the mountains, known for its inaccessibility!

San Augustin itself is a small village built on the site of an ancient civilization, the origin and name of which is still unknown to scientists today. It is here where you can spend your romantic holidays among thousand year old stone monuments, fascinating waterfall views, steep paths, and tropical gardens full of parrots!

San Augustin is the hidden pearl located in the south of Colombia perfect for adventurous couples. There is no road leading to this place.

Langkawi, Malaysia

Looking for countryside-like island experience? Then Langkawi is for you! It doesn’t matter whether you stay in a five-star luxury hotel or a backpackers’ hostel, a stay in Langkawi means surrounding yourself with uncountable ducks, geese, chicken, buffalos, and cats (especially cats!).

Looking for something wilder? Head to the jungles to meet the super-friendly Malaysian monkeys. Beaches with free Wi-Fi, boat and diving tours, as well as affordable seafood make Langkawi the best option for couples who are fed up with their daily routine and just looking for a laid back holiday.

Andaman Islands, India

Known for the best beaches in Asia, Andaman Islands are one of the most faraway destinations in India. Located in the middle of Andaman Sea, these islands have much in common with such famous places as Maldives or Bali, but at quite a lower price. Romantic vacations on a budget.

Here you can swim with the elephants, get lost in the ancient jungles, explore the underwater world, and swim in the cleanest and the most transparent water in the world. Best vacation spots for couples on a budget.

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

Narrow streets, colonial boutique hotels, picturesque mountains, and delicious Chiapas cuisine make San Cristobal de las Casas one of a kind. We included it to the list of romantic destinations because this is the place where we had the most memorable candlelight dinners, enjoyed the most spectacular sunsets, and fell in love with each other all over again. Romantic vacations for two.

The town is surrounded by numerous indigenous tribal villages, markets of which are world-famous for craftsmen’s products.

Barcelona, Spain

One of the brightest towns of Europe, Barcelona is the perfect place to combine cultural explorations with seaside activities. Couples vacation ideas.

A favorite destination of ‘The Bachelor’ (TV show), Barcelona is an ideal town for romantic getaway: explore Spanish specialties at the local market, learn to dance flamenco, kiss in the backyard of some random Gaudi building, or just have a picnic at the scenic boardwalk. Anniversary trips on a budget.

To add some spice to your romantic holidays, the city beaches allow topless sunbathing! Best places in the world for a romantic holiday.

Bermuda Islands, British Overseas Territory

Pink sandy beaches, breathtaking sunsets, wild rocks, and unexplored caves are waiting for you on Bermuda Islands. Travelling on American Airlines will take you to this little paradise on Earth in just three hours from New York.

Bermuda is very small: you can walk from one side of this moon-shaped island to the other in just seven hours. Nevertheless, this is a destination full of romanticism. Accommodating endless beaches with picturesque white lighthouses, Bermuda has lots of hidden places for unforgettable dates under the moon. Travel ideas for romantic vacations. Places to reconnect.

Don’t forget to visit the Crystal caves and the countless forts all over the island. This is also one of the top wedding destinations for those who dream about seaside ceremony. Best countries for romantic travel.

Pink sandy beaches, breathtaking sunsets, wild rocks, and unexplored caves are waiting for you on Bermuda Islands. American Airlines will take you to this little paradise on Earth in just three hours from New York.

Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

A surfers’ paradise, Arugam Bay is a great destination for anyone who dreams about simple but unforgettable romantic vacations. What can be better than living in a wooden hut somewhere among the palms, cuddling in a hammock, eating mangos straight from the trees, and, of course, surfing with your loved one! Where in the world should I propose? Is Sri Lanka romantic?

If you are looking for a more secluded experience, go to Whiskey point (15 minutes by tuk-tuk) to live in a hut on the sandy beach with no electricity (great place to get more attention from your Internet-addicted partner!).

Koh Samui, Thailand

Known for its Full Moon parties, luxury beach resorts and Thai massage centers, Koh Samui has much more to offer. Instead of staying at crowded Chaweng beach, head to more serene Lamai beach. Living in a small bamboo hut with the breathtaking sea view will help you to explore the simplicity of life and to understand once more how important your love is. Is Thailand romantic?

Together you will have the opportunity to visit Buddhist temples, walk to the nearest seaside rocks, safari through the jungles, and of course, visit a parrot farm. So many possibilities to spend time with your significant other!

Tbilisi, Georgia

This ancient town, lost behind the Caucasian mountains, is one of the most unique places on Earth. Ancient cathedrals and palaces, tiny streets, and cozy cafes might sound way too familiar to anyone who has ever traveled around Europe, but the truth is that it is neither geographically nor culturally European.

In fact, the Georgians belong to the unique ethnic group with no genetic relatives anywhere in the world. The latter is evidently reflected in their one of its kind architecture, culture, and traditions.

Georgians are the most hospitable people we have ever met and Tbilisi is a great destination for gastro and wine tours, a nice addition to any romantic holiday. Romantic destination ideas for couples travel.


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Photo credits: Blue and gold macaw by Juan Castillo and Michael Keen. Adamans island transparent water by Lawrence Goh. Elephant beach by Mark Shann. Barcelona at sunset by Moyan Brenn. Casa Batlló by Kim. Chaplain Bay, Bermuda by Johnny Peacock. Horseshoe Bay by Johnny Peacock. Koh Samui beach by Iker Urteaga.


  1. Thank you Megan! If anyone has any questions feel free to ask us :)

  2. So many great recs on this list! We’ve been wanting to Sri Lanka and the Andamans for a while, but I will say that Georgia has recently piqued our interest for a unique escape. Awesome round-up!

    • Hi Shannon! George is unlike anything you’ve seen – although it’s quite poor, but its people, food, landscapes, churches, … – are really really unique.

  3. Great list! I’ve only ever heard of two of these places, so this is a great highlight of not-so-popular romantic destinations!

    • Yeah, some of them are not very well-known, but they will, soon. Like the Andaman Islands – they might become the new Maldives, so go there before they do :)

  4. We went for our honeymoon to Scotland, where is not considered as a romantic destination. We had fun and many romantic moments. It was cold since it was winter. Our effort to keep each other warm was romantic.

    • Awesome! We are yet to visit Scotland, but I can imagine why you liked it – medieval castles, beautiful landscapes :)

  5. These are some really great off the beaten part destinations to go on your honeymoon. I really like San Augustin, Colombia, really secluded. Every step seems like an adventure and when you do get their you can spend quality time with your spouse.

    • San Augustin was something special – exactly, everything felt like adventure, like part of a several-thousands-old history. A beautiful obscure quiet place.

  6. Great article with some fun alternative destinations, especially Tbilisi and Andaman Islands. Julie and I actually spent our honeymoon in Barcelona, so perfect pick!

    • We are going to Barcelona again in a few weeks – can’t wait! But Andaman Island are probably my favorite place out of the list – if you like strange quiet places with gorgeous forests and crystal clear water – go there :)

  7. I’ve been to one or two of the places on your list – but there are some great ideas here. I’d love to try bermuda for instance – and I’ve been to Sri Lanka but not to the glorious Arugam Bay. Now I just need to find the man!

    • Hi Fiona! Maybe you need to go to Arugam Bay to find a man – plenty of tanned fit long-haired surfer boys there – if you like that sort of thing ;)

  8. I’m a bit surprised seeing St. Augustin or Tbilisi on the list – I loved them, but never considered them romantic.
    I guess I need to rethink it :)

    • I do think that any destination has the opportunity to be romantic if you’re experiencing it with your partner and it’s a new experience for you both. Also depends on what your joint interests are :)

    • Both of them are ancient places full of history which make up for a quiet and peaceful adventure :) And I totally agree with you Megan – every place has potential as long as the good spirits are there :)

  9. Great ideas here! I’ve biased but I have to add Santorini, Greece to this list – the most beautiful place I’ve ever been :)

    Thailand is definitely next on my list!

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Kate! Santorini is a great addition – I haven’t yet been, but I’ve seen photos of the sunsets there and OMG yes, oozes romance!!

    • We are yet to visit Santorini, but we’ve so many good things about it. Can’t wait!

  10. Love all the travel tips! My husband and I have been in Langkawi twice and loved! The islands is beautiful, the nature is well preserved and hotel… OMG… The hotels are to die for! Looking forward to visit Sri Lanka and the Anadaman Islands!
    Thanks for the tips!

    • Have a great time in Sri Lanka and the Anadaman Islands Nat! So glad to hear you loved Langkawi :)

  11. A great list compiled. Andamans can never be a disappointment. Lonely Planet has mentioned Jammu and Kashmir in this list. :)

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Indrani! Thanks for the tip on Jammu and Kashmir – I haven’t made it to either yet so will have to add these to my list :)

  12. Wow, all of these destinations are perfect for a romantic getaway. I am most curious about Colombia and the Andaman Islands!

    • Definitely two destinations you should have on your list! Hope you manage to take them in soon Megan! :)

  13. Going to Tbilisi by myself this year and I am really excited! I think I should bring a partner then!

    • Absolutely Trisha! Have a wonderful time in Tbilisi :)

  14. This is a great list of romantic destinations.It’s very hard to decide where to go.All places are exciting and interesting!I think I would start with Barcelona Spain,really gorgeous place.

    • You’ll love it in Barcelona Maggie – and I would definitely recommend planning a trip soon – have started to hear some rumblings that the President of Spain wants to limit tourism to try and curb the masses that are starting to pass through.

  15. You really have a good feel on this topic, and the way you wrote about it made it both entertaining to read, and informative at the same time. Kerala and andaman is one of the best honeymoon destinations for couples, they can enjoy beach resorts, beautiful sunset, amazing food, nice people, less crowd and more. For adventure lovers scuba diving, sea walk and snorkeling.

    • Hi Nishu, so glad you enjoyed the post :) I haven’t yet made it to Kerala or Andaman myself yet, though will have to add them to the list! Thanks for the recommendation :)

  16. Wow! Andaman Islands are definitely one I’m adding to my bucket list. Swimming with the elephants, count me in!

    My husband and I recently visited Boracay, in the Philipines. It’s gotten quite touristy, but it’s still a truly magical and romantic island.

    • I was recently in Boracay as well, and I agree – while very touristy, there are some fabulous resorts and retreats which would be perfect for an intimate getaway.

      Hope you have the chance to visit the Andaman Islands in 2017! Happy holidays :)

  17. Wow, this is an awesome list of places – I have bookmarked it for future reference : ) Hopefully when my partner and I celebrate a major anniversary we can visit India or Sri Lanka!

    I live in Spain and I have to agree about Barcelona. It’s one of the most romantic cities I’ve ever been to. There’s something very special about it, from the architecture to the food to the sea breeze… Thanks for the great list!

    • Thanks Samara, so glad you enjoyed the post! I can imagine Spain would be such an incredible place to live – Barcelona is one of my favorite cities, I hope to get back again soon :)

      Hope you can make India / Sri Lanka happen for that anniversary! Happy travels :)

  18. Awesome lists for romantic moments.I and my beloved visited last year the Andaman Islands, India.We enjoyed so much. The moment I passed with my beloved husband in that place, Now These moments revive with me.I bookmarked these without it for travelling at the end of the year.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Nakisha! And your time in the Andaman Islands. It really is a special place :)

      Wishing you and your husband happy travels!

  19. Really awesome ideas! Seems like I have some convincing to do to get my hubby to take me to one of these places. :D

    • Where-ever you go, I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful trip! Happy travels – glad we could offer some destination ideas :)

  20. So interested in Arugam Bay. My wife and I have been planning a vacation for long and now we can set off with our boy. My only wish is that it has not become a hot spot yet. :D

    • Arugam Bay is still a very undiscovered hidden gem, so can definitely recommend a trip if you’re looking to avoid tourist crowds. Hope you have a wonderful time in Sri Lanka with your family!

  21. Water slides that slide into the ocean? Nah fam I’m fine not going in the water slide when i can’t even swim in the deep end for ten seconds in a swimming pool ?

    • I’m not sure I understand what your comment is referring too – did we mention waterslides?

  22. Me and my family visited Europe last summer, and Barcelona was our favorite. A second favorite was Prague.
    Thanks for sharing! :)

    • Barcelona and Prague are great choices – that’s the nice thing about Europe really, there aren’t a lot of destinations where you can go wrong! :)

  23. List is great but you should also give little bit about expense so people can arrange vacation according to there budget :)

    • Thanks for the feedback Sandra :) We’re working on updating past articles on our site to have more practical information about how to book each recommendation, so I appreciate the heads up, and glad to hear that this info would be useful :)

      Thanks for reading!

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