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Regardless of whether you’re a romantic, your honeymoon should be one of the most unforgettable holidays of your life. But if you’re struggling with romantic honeymoon ideas, you’re not alone.

These days your option are endless, and it can be difficult to figure out where you want to go. Type “honeymoon” into Google and you’re bombarded with hundreds of pages, suggestions, and honeymoon packages abroad. It’s overwhelming!

We understand that wedding planning is hectic and stressful, so to ease some of that strain, we’ve collated a short list of romantic honeymoon ideas – 10 international honeymoon destinations for when you tie the knot.

Romantic Honeymoon Ideas: 10 International Honeymoon Destinations

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

One good thing about this option is the opportunity to visit two major countries: USA and Canada – the famous Niagara Falls straddles the border between them both.

What can you do besides seeing the water fall by land? Take a boat ride just below the waterfalls, at Maid of the Mist. You’ll definitely want the waterproofs they give you!

Niagara-on-the-Lake (so-called the city) has a culture scent that is rising higher than all American or Canadian cities.

And there are fabulous award-winning wineries which harvest the unique ice wine, made from grapes harvested in the winter when temperatures are way below freezing and sugar content is highest.

You may get a little wet, but that’s part of the fun.

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With so many beautiful islands at your disposal, it’s hard to go wrong with a honeymoon in the Bahamas. These islands are home to some of the most beautiful (and colorful) beaches in the world.

Tell your hotel it’s your honeymoon and they’ll have a range of romantic options for you to choose from: dinner at a sunset beach, a private boat ride for two, night-time fiesta with live music exclusively for you and, of course, tours to many nearby islands – of the 700 of the cluster.

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Nice, France

A honeymoon in the French Riviera? Yes please!

With a subtropical climate and beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean coast (a breath away from Greece), Nice is the ideal destination for couples who want to relax and enjoy their love.

There are “fabulous markets, an enticing old town, glorious architecture and a wealth of super restaurants. It’s scruffy in spots, but if you really want to soak up the Riviera vibe, there’s really no better place to do it.”

With a subtropical climate and beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean coast (a breath away from Greece), Nice is the ideal destination for couples who want to relax and enjoy their love.

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Turks and Caicos Islands

575 miles (75-minute flight) southeast of Miami, Turks and Caicos Islands sit in the heart of the Caribbean.

And, with one of the largest coral reef systems in the world (1,000 square miles), they make for a truly breathtaking sight. There are vast white sand beaches with crystal clear blue water, ideal for swimming but also for diving in shallow waters. One word: paradise!

If you marry the new year, remember that from the end of December until April, thousands of whales migrate past the islands, a breath of the shore. You’ll enjoy an unforgettable underwater concert with songs of huge marine mammals.

Beach Maldives

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Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is the perfect honeymoon destination for nature lovers, and if you and your partner love the snow, a wedding date in winter will make it a magical affair.

Of course, Aspen is a great destination for a summer vacation, and if you’re not interested in skiing and snowboarding, there are ample opportunities for golf, fishing, hiking and rafting.

After a long day of skiing or hiking, unwind with an unforgettable couples spa at the famous Yampah Spa at Vapor Cave in Glenwood Springs. About an hour drive from Aspen, the world’s oldest (106-year) spa, offering treatments and massage techniques that have been replicated all over the globe.

Skiing Photo CC by SkiStar

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Las Vegas, Nevada

The ultimate destination for couples who know how to spend their holidays as rock starring stars!

Every corner has a casino, every casino has terrific honeymoon suites, every suite has a jacuzzi, and every jacuzzi, a bottle of champagne next door. In Las Vegas, reality surpasses even the most unbridled imagination, and the standard of accommodation you can get for the price you pay is insane. (Think $300 USD for a penthouse suite).

You can imagine you’re in Venice, on a gondola ride through the canals that are exclusively built inside the Venetian Hotel. Or dress up to the nines to try your luck at the tables.

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Tahiti, French Polynesia

Nicknamed the “Island of Love”, there’s no better honeymoon destination than Tahiti.

The awe that floods the landscape, with mountain peaks reaching the clouds, huge green valleys, lush forests, hundreds of waterfalls, tranquil rivers and exotic beaches; you’ll never want to leave.

Do you feel both ready for adventure? Head out on a treasure hunt. There is a legendary lost treasure worth $ 1.8 million in gold, which according to rumors is hidden somewhere on the island of Tuamoto, an hour and a 15 minute flight from French Polynesia.

Nicknamed the "Island of Love", there's no better honeymoon destination than Tahiti.

Nicknamed the "Island of Love", there's no better honeymoon destination than Tahiti.

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South Africa

Many of us dream of going on safari at least once in our lives. To see the exotic landscape and get up close and personal with beautiful and majestic animals really is the experience of a lifetime. So why not make a South African safari your honeymoon?

Kruger National Park stretches over two million hectares of land, making it one of the world’s largest wildlife attractions. Explore it on foot or with a rented jeep or as a member of an organized safari group.

Africa safari lion Tanzania

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 Costa Rica

Travel guides describe Costa Rica as the “precious jewel” of Central America as your choices here are diverse, and it’s a very easy country to travel through.

You’ll find long stretches of deserted white sand beaches, dense jungles filled with a rich diversity of exotic wildlife, lush rain-forests, raging rivers, towering volcanoes, and smiling communities.

The beaches really are second to none, the scenery is phenomenal, the country boasts wildlife you have never before encountered, and all inclusive Costa Rica luxury resorts are world-class. On top of all of this though, Costa Rica has an adventurous activities scene which rivals that of New Zealand!

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Bali, Indonesia

Bali is by far one of the best honeymoon destinations in Asia, offering travelers a diverse mix of experiences. There are beaches, watersports, and resorts great and small, though also a rich culture to explore for those looking for more than just a fun-in-the-sun retreat.

The small volcanic island is home to the only Hindu society in Southeast Asia, with distinctive temples and elaborate festivals for those seeking a spiritual stay. The island’s cultural capital, Ubud, sees frequent musical and dance performances, and it is here where you will find galleries selling woodcarving, silverware, textiles, paintings and sculpture.

Book in for a couples massage at the best spa in Bali; as the island is considered a paradise for spa treatments.

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Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; a website dedicated to opening your eyes to the wild & natural world.

Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! They haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on their list.

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Photo credits: Ski resort CC by SkiStar photographer Ola Matsson. – Tahiti by Bret Love of Green Global Travel. 


  1. Great list.. some good choices.. like this.

    • Thanks Ava – glad you enjoyed the post :)

  2. It’s not like a honeymoon is anywhere to be found in my near future, but these destinations make it so difficult! I will already start thinking ;-)

    • Maybe you could plan trips to each of them in the meantime to figure out which you enjoy the most :D

  3. I was desperately looking for Mauritius on the list. That was my honeymoon spot. Anyway loved Bali more and deservedly makes the list I guess! Wouldnt mind Tahiti either.
    Sad I cant marry nine more times and tick off this list:) Or can I:)

    • An obvious oversight on my part – Mauritius would be an amazing place for a honeymoon!

      Haha you can def take second, third, fourth, and even fifth honeymoons – or just an awesome vacation just because :D

  4. AMAZING options! you made me want to get married! No kidding :D “If you marry the new year, remember that from the end of December until April, thousands of whales migrate past the islands, a breath of the shore. You’ll enjoy an unforgettable underwater concert with songs of huge marine mammals.” THIS Is the kind of honeymoon I’d love. Nature +adventure+ the person you love <3 You put up some really cool destinations like Tahiti for the mountains,Turks and Caicos islands for the reefs and Aspen for a snow white wedding!
    Bali is certainly a hit with many honeymooners. Strangely I always had New Zealand and Greece as my top picks but your post made me add a few more to the list! :)

    • Thanks Divyakshi! A nature + adventure honeymoon is my perfect idea too – maybe you could hit up a few of these in the interim, and then you would know which place is the best when it comes time for your honeymoon :D!

  5. There are some amazing places you have highlighted for honeymooner, with a big variety of options. I love the idea of the Ice wine in Canada it sounds delicious, and is definitely different made in freezing temperatures of the winter. Did you get to taste any of the ice wine, and is it any different to non ice wine? Turks and Caicos Islands does sound like paradise even for non honeymooners, and the opportunity to see and hear the migrating whales between December and April would be amazing. One place we have been really wanted to go is Las Vegas, and staying in the penthouse suite on the honeymoon would just top it all off.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Beverley! I love Icewine so much –
      I’m a very big fan of anything sweet though. It’s got a very intense flavor, with rich flavours of ripe tropical fruits like lychee, papaya and pineapple. It’s very sweet and a little acidity, but well well balanced.

      Turks and Caicos Islands is definitely paradise even if you’re not heading there for a honeymoon. Never need an excuse for an island vacation! And the whale migration – incredible to witness.

      Hope you manage to cross a couple of these off on upcoming trips soon!

  6. Love these options! It would still be a hard decision but I’m going for Tahiti, relaxing on the beach with a cocktail after planning a wedding sounds perfect!

    • Pretty much the iconic picture of a honeymoon right!

  7. Fantastic post and good recommendations apart from one. How did Niagara Falls get on the list. Its a huge tourist trap with Canada’s Las Vegas overlooking it. But saying that, when I was married to my ex, we did do a 4 week road trip as our honeymoon and Niagara Falls was visited. :/

    • Sorry to hear that you’re not a fan of Niagara – Canadian side is definitely better than the US. I think it’s one of those destinations / wonders which people have to visit for themselves – but it’s definitely touristy, so it’s not at all a secluded experience as some of these other destinations might be :)

  8. I love the wide range of the locations you’ve listed here. My husband and I took a 2-week adventure in Hawaii, which was perfect. If we could do a second honeymoon, Bali would be at the top of my list because of that mix of experiences you mentioned – that’s why we chose Hawaii too. I think Aspen would be an amazing winter honeymoon location.

    • Thanks Paige :) A 2 week adventure honeymoon in Hawaii sounds epic – I bet you have the most amazing memories!

      Bali and Aspen are great choices for a second honeymoon :D!

  9. That is quite an interesting list. Out of all these Tahiti; Caico Islands and Aspen goes to my favourite list. I am already married and we went to Sri Lanka for out honeymoon. But looking at your list i feel like planing my next honeymoon. And my sister is getting married next month so can share these options with her too. Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks Suruchi :) Sri Lanka would be an amazing place for your honeymoon – I bet you have amazing memories! It’s a destination I want to go with my husband at some point too.

      Congrats to your sister on her upcoming wedding!

  10. This post took me back to my days when I was planning for Honeymoon  and seriously it was so much difficult to finalize. This post, with a wide range of option, has come at right time for me as I have been now asked to plan a honeymoon trip for my sister in law. Out of all these, my heart goes for Nice, France as it would offer a great beach and rich heritage to relax and roam around.

    • Nice would be a great destination for your sister in law – they’re very lucky to have you as their travel planner!

  11. Hey I like the idea of typing “honeymoon” into Google and getting bombarded with hundreds of pages, suggestions, and honeymoon packages….it helps to keep the subject of marriage off the table…lololol
    Just joking of course… ;)
    All joking aside I have to say that your first choice of Niagara on the lake is a fantastic one. Not because I’m Canadian…well maybe because I am Canadian but seriously some of the best wine come from that region. I’m not much of a wine person but ice wine I love!!!
    Its funny you included Vegas in that list for Honeymooners but I wonder how many of the people who get married in Las Vegas actually stay married…lol

    • haha well you’ve definitely got options if you’re ready to tackle Google search!!

      Totally agree with you that Niagara on the Lake is one of the world’s best wine regions – I’m not a huge wine person either, but OMG that ice wine! I RAVE about the stuff!

      Haha I figured you couldn’t not include Vegas … would definitely be interested in those stats too though!!

  12. Wow! What a great post Megan. Love all the places and hope to visit all of them in future. Thanks Again.


    • Thanks M! So glad you enjoyed the post – and happy travels!

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