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As we age, our bodies change. Sometimes, after the wear and tear of everyday life, bunions form on our feet. And this can be a literal pain if you’re someone who walks a lot when you’re traveling.

Bunions mostly show up in women, especially those who used to wear tight, pointed-toed shoes such as heels when they were younger. A bunion is swelling of the joint on the big toe. It can be very painful and make shoes uncomfortable.

Fortunately, there are some ways to manage bunion pain and even remove them with Northwest Surgery Center. But before you consider surgery, consider if these products will relieve your bunion pain.

5 Best Products for Traveling While Suffering from Bunions


Insoles shoes feet RF

Many people who have flat feet tend to develop bunions in their older age. This is due to how they walk and the position of their feet.

To help prevent bunions from forming or relieve bunion pain now, try putting insoles in your shoes with arch support. 

These insoles will help put your foot in a better, more stable position, so your toes aren’t scrunched together. It will also help with toe alignment and relieve some pressure on your bunion. 

Bunion Corrector

A bunion corrector is a sleeve for your foot that goes over your toes and covers the bunion. There is usually a separate pocket for your big toe to separate it from the rest. 

A bunion corrector will put your foot in a proper position while temporarily relieving bunion pain. Usually, you can find bunion correctors in a kit with gel padding.

The corrector is meant to stabilize your foot and take the pressure off of your bunion. 

Bunion Guard

Bunion feet RF

If you’re suffering from constant rubbing on your bunion from wearing closed-toe shoes, then you may want to consider getting a bunion guard.

This product is usually made of gel and covers the bunion while separating the big toe from the rest of the toes. You can wear it all day, and it usually fits in your shoes. 

Look for a bunion guard with aloe vera to offer even more relief. 

Bunion Relief Socks

Socks feet RF

At night if you want relief while you sleep, try bunion relief socks. These socks have a separate pocket for your big toe and take the pressure off of your bunion so you can rest.

They are great to sleep in and will have your feet feeling much better when you wake up in the morning. 

Toe Spreader

A common trend in bunion pain relief is separating your big toe. You can do this easily with a simple toe spreader.

It relieves tension and prevents friction while you’re walking during the day. It’s important to note that you can wear this all day with your shoes, too. 

If you feel that you may develop bunions in the future, this is also a great device to prevent them. It will keep your feet stabilized and in a proper position rather than scrunching your toes and encouraging bunion growth. 

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