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I recently spent two weeks in Asia with my aunt, and I wouldn’t be surprised if, by the end of it, she was sick of hearing about how incredible my new shoes are … it may have been a daily conversation point!

They had arrived the day I was leaving; one of those times where you find out about an epic product 3 days before you board the plane, and pray to God that you haven’t left your order too late.

Stylish, comfortable ballet flats, made from super soft manmade rubber, they promised to be stylish for every occasion, easy to wash, and comfortable from the very minute you put them on.

Think crocs that people would actually compliment you on; a jelly shoe that you can walk in all day, that’s crazy light for traveling, and one you can wear to the beach, throw under a tap, and then wear to a 5 star restaurant. I came home from overseas and instantly bought 2 new colors!

If you’re looking for the perfect shoe for both home and abroad, the name you need to know is Mox. Read on to find out why I’ve been raving about them so much!

Why Every Female Traveler Needs Mox!

#1 Ridiculously Comfortable

Mox perfect travel shoe review Angkor Wat

I climbed the the top of ancient temples in these shoes! (Angkor Wat)

As a general rule, I always advise that when you’re buying new shoes for travel, make sure you leave yourself a couple of weeks so that you have time to break them in.

Mox is the exception.

Made from a super soft manmade rubber, these ballet flats are ridiculously comfortable, and they’re comfortable from the very minute you put them on. As mentioned, mine arrived literally hours before I was leaving for the airport, so I jumped straight into 8 hour days wearing them.

Unlike the jelly shoes from the 1980’s which were made of hard PVC plastic, Mox are made from a man made rubber that is soft, comfortable, light weight, fully submersible and easy drying. They feel very much like a traditional rubber flip flop but with the security of a closed toe shoe.

It’s exceptionally comfortable, and they mould to your feet, even if your foot is quite wide, or, if, like me, your feet have swollen to double their size because of the international flight!

The humidity of SE Asia didn’t exactly encourage the swelling to go down, and I had kankles for a good four days. While I couldn’t force my foot into my sneakers, fortunately, the mox shoes proved so flexible that they continued to shape to my foot over time.

Pro Tip: Surprisingly, your feet don’t sweat in them either (and I was wearing them in 75% tropical humidity). The basket weave design leaves gaps to provide ample ventilation for a closed toe shoe. Even though every shoe has an appropriate season, Mox has been designed with a moderate climate in mind making it a versatile all year round shoe. 

They almost become one with your foot; after full days of urban adventure, trekking through rice fields, rural farms, visiting temples, you’ll probably forget that you even have shoes on!

#2 Ridiculously Stylish

Mox perfect travel shoe review 17 colors

Mox shoes are primarily designed for comfort. That’s the main priority, and comfort comes first and foremost. But, they prove that you don’t have to sacrifice fashion or style!

Mox have been designed as a closed toe shoe, but in a basket weave style, and they’re absolutely gorgeous. Fashionable enough to fit right into the lobby of a 5 star hotel, even though you might have been walking the beach moments earlier.

And there are 17 color choices, so something to suit every outfit, every personality, and every style! There are universal colors you can wear anytime, with anything, and bolder colors to inject energy into your outfits.

Personally, I’ve gone for classic colors, and have pairs in Licorice (black), Latte, Sapphire, and Diamond (white). But I’m very tempted to add the Grape, Royal Blue, Platinum, Raspberry, Olive, Emerald, and Chocolate to my collection.

Who are we kidding, I want them all!

Pro Tip: If you’re having trouble choosing a color, I would go with Licorice. Regardless of the season, black is a constant trend and a versatile colour that can be matched with any shade, hue or colour and still look chic and gorgeous. Mox Licorice are the perfect little black flats – they compliment almost everything and happily adapt from day to night.

I’ve long held to the belief with fashion that when you find a good thing, you buy it in every color! And at $39 AUD, it’s an epic deal!

#3 Amazingly Versatile

Mox perfect travel shoe review

Beyond comfort and style, the biggest reason I’ve been raving about Mox Shoes, especially when it comes to travel, is because they’re amazingly versatile.

At home, you can take them with you from work to the beach to the park to the shops and then out to dinner. When traveling, you can wear them on the plane, through airports, through cities, on farm visits, and still stroll through the hotel lobby with confidence. 

And it doesn’t matter if it rains! Because they’re made from fully submersible, quick drying rubber, you can walk through puddles, let the water lap over your feet at the beach, and the shoes don’t get ruined.

Stick them under a tap to wash the dirt, mud, or sand off, and you’re ready for the next part of your day! Which brings me to my next point …

#4 Easy to Wash

Mox shoes are ridiculously easy to wash, which is fabulous for travel, because you can do whatever you want, and get as dirty as you want, without having to worry about keeping them clean.

The website recommends regular cleaning with liquid soap, cold water and a soft brush for making sure your shoes always look their best, but personally I’ve found just washing them off with a hose, or sticking them under a tap does the trick.

Even with my Diamond shoes (white), the mud washes straight off, without staining the color. It’s quite an intensely bright white, but the sparkle it adds to my outfits doesn’t fade after washing.

The nice thing too is that you can wear them while wet, and it doesn’t affect the comfort – while it’s a closed toe shoe the basket weave does mean that sand at the beach and the like will filter into the shoe, but it all washes straight off.

Ultimately, travel is about getting dirty! It’s about doing things you would’t normally do, experiencing things you wouldn’t normally experience, and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

It’s about getting dusty on back country roads, it’s about getting muddy with local school kids, and it’s about not worrying about a thing – least of all stressing out about getting your shoes dirty!

Photos: Getting Down & Dirty!

Mox perfect travel shoe review geting dirty

Mox perfect travel shoe review ox cart

What shoes do you wear when traveling by ox cart?!

#5 Super Lightweight

At around 300 grams a pair, Mox shoes are super lightweight, and very easy to throw into your bag when traveling.

Typically, shoes are the heaviest part of your luggage when traveling, so I try to keep them to a minimum, but you could easily travel with 4 or 5 pairs of mox and it wouldn’t even add 2 kg.

The packaging it comes in is also lightweight, and reusable for traveling with. The shoes come in a 100% cotton, biodegradable, reusable string bag, which have been designed to fit 2 pairs of shoes.

Cost and Shipping

Mox shoes are amazing value at only $39.99 AUD (roughly $27 USD). Mox is an Australian company, though they ship worldwide, with delivery to international destinations within 3-10 business days.

There is free shipping within Australia if you order 3 or more pairs; for international shipping costs you can check their website.

Seriously, what are you waiting for?!

Visit to buy a pair now!

Challenge: Spot My Ankles!

Mox perfect travel shoe

Spoiler alert, that was a trick question. My ankles in this photo don’t exist!

There was so much swelling in both my foot and leg from the long haul flight to Asia that I couldn’t get my feet into my regular sneakers. Fortunately, Mox had flexibility to expand, and comfortably moulded to my feet!

The humidity of Vietnam and Cambodia meant that the swelling stuck around for a good four days, fortunately though it finally went down, and the shoes remoulded to my regular foot size!

Read this post about how to stop foot swelling during air travel, and of course, buy a pair of Mox!

Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; an online magazine dedicated to opening your eyes to the wonders of the wild & natural world.

Having visited 50+ countries across all seven continents, Megan’s travels focus on cultural immersion, authentic discovery and incredible journeys. She has a strong passion for ecotourism, and aims to promote responsible travel experiences.


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