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How to Overcome Your Travel Obstacles

There are always things that pop up, limiting our ability to travel. But sometimes, it’s simply the way we view situations that make us believe they are obstacles.

Next time you think you can’t visit that country you’ve had your eye on, consult this list and find out how you can make travel happen anywhere, anytime.

Obstacle #1: Money

Solution: When it comes to travel, money is nearly always the biggest obstacle. But it shouldn’t be. There are a variety of resources online that can help you plan out a low-cost trip.

Opt to stay in hostels instead of hotels, seek out free museums and spend your afternoons reading in the park while you travel. If you use your money effectively, you’ll save a lot while still having a spectacular time seeing the world.

You can also save money in your everyday life to put into a travel fund. Skip things like Starbucks coffees, trips to the movie theater and fast food. You can also seek out free local events to pass the time without spending any cash.


Obstacle #2: Job

Solution: Work situations can be a huge obstacle for many who would love to travel the world. While quitting and taking on a nomadic life sounds simple in theory, for a lot of people, it’s not possible.

Whether you love your job and want to keep it or need the benefits it offers, it’s possible to travel while working. Save up your sick time and use it for a vacation instead of your next common cold.

It’s also possible to find jobs that include travel, which is a great help when you want to wander. Whether you find a gig where you work from home or where you’re paid to travel internationally, it’s the best option for those who are dedicated to their careers but still want to travel.

Obstacle #3: Lack of Knowledge

Solution: Many times, those who don’t have much experience with traveling are uncomfortable with the idea of going international. Maybe you’re unaware of other country’s customs or worried about violence or even getting lost in an unknown city.

Whatever is holding you back, combat it by learning. Do some research on destinations you’re interested in. Whether you learn a few words in another language, identify the parts of the city to avoid or read locals’ excerpts on the amazing sights in their town, replacing fear with knowledge can spark a new passion for travel.

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Obstacle #4: No One to Travel With

Solution: If you’re ready to travel, but everyone else is having the same money and work-related qualms you once were, go anyway. In the modern era, solo travel is not uncommon. Men and women of all ages are hitting the road on their own, ready to experience the world.

Sure, it’s always nice to travel with a friend, family member or significant other, but if that isn’t possible, don’t let it stop you from venturing out alone.

Obstacle #5: Fear of Flying

Solution: Most international travel involves air travel at some point. But with calming supplements and other natural remedies to calm you down before getting on board the plane, there’s nothing stopping you from conquering your fear.

If you simply can’t do it, consider other methods of transportation. In a growing travel industry, it’s possible to travel internationally without taking a plane at all.

Consider a cruise instead. Whether you’re heading to the Mediterranean, the Caribbean or somewhere else entirely, you’ll be able to visit a few different destinations and your on-board food and activities will be included in the price.

This post has some fabulous insight on how you can save in 2017, making sure you’re always getting the best airfare!

Obstacle #6: Kids

Solution: Having children is never a reason to stop traveling. It may take some extra effort, but find a way to bring them along. You’ll raise a built-in travel buddy and educate your little ones along the way. There’s no replacement for seeing and, even more so, experiencing the world.

Rather than allowing your kids to make travel difficult for you, teach them how to travel well. Have them pack and carry their own bags, if they’re old enough, and teach them about safety in new places.

Obstacle #7: Timing

Solution: It may never be “the right time” to travel, but if you keep putting it off, you’ll never know. Take the leap and just go. Those who say that they’ll travel later on in life typically don’t.

And if they do, they’re often limited on what they can enjoy because of their age. Don’t let your life pass by without doing the things you want to do. If you’re interested in traveling, don’t let time be an obstacle.


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