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Whether they’re your own or someone else’s, traveling with kids can be overwhelming and intimidating for the best of us, and it can often feel like traveling with a herd of wild goats! Though traveling with children can also lead to the most rewarding travel experiences, and it often teaches them more about the world than they will learn from a formal education.

And while you may think it’s a daunting concept, the reality is that parents are out there traveling with their kids on a daily basis – some even opting to travel with their kids full time, homeschooling them on the road. In fact, one family featured in this post travels full time with nine!

So as global explorers are becoming younger and younger in age, it’s time to highlight the cutest traveling kids of 2014! There are 65 adorable traveling kids featured in this post (don’t worry, half of them share a photo!) – take this as inspiration to instill a passion for travel in your own children!


Photo Credit: Bring the Kids

Photo Credit: Bring the Kids

Jimmy: Jimmy is 2-years-old and is pictured above hiking in Zermatt Switzerland.  He loves hiking with his family and is constantly running down trails after his older siblings. Behind the clouds in this picture is the Matterhorn! 

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Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Around The World L

Devi: Devi is a one year old traveling baby who is pictured here sunning in Puerto Rico. His next trips will be to Ireland and Panama.

He enjoys long walks on the beach (with his parents doing the walking), bread products from all nationalities, and being photographed by his Mommy.

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Malakai James

Photo Credit: Malakai James Young

Malakai James: Malakai James is the king of travel selfies – in fact, he snapped this selfie while taking a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon!

He has been to 6 countries starting from 6 weeks old when he took a trip across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand, and when at home he has his head in Lonely Planet’s “Not for Parents Travel Book” which his favorite aunt (Mapping Megan) got him for Christmas.

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Kalyra and Savannah

Photo Credit: Y Travel Blog

Photo Credit: Y Travel Blog

Kalyra and Savannah: Kalyra (7) and Savannah (3) were named to reflect a life of travel and freedom. Both names have a similar meaning of a wild and pleasant place.

Kalyra is a princess who dreams of attending fashion school in Paris or roller blading through Central Park. Savannah is most likely to excel at hotel escapes and zip lining adventures through the jungle.

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Toñito, Viviana, Maya, and Ricky

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Kid World Citizen

Toñito, Viviana, Maya, and Ricky: Toñito, Viviana, Maya, and Ricky are active siblings from Houston who love to have adventures.

Toñito, born in China, says his favorite place is on the soccer field, while Viviana is the family’s animal-loving naturalist. Maya is the world’s best snuggler, and Ricky, born in Ethiopia, is Mr. Curious, and wants to build robots when he grows up.

Whether traveling or at home, they especially enjoy playing outside and meeting new friends.

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Photo courtesy of the Fairytale Traveler. Gauge making his way over a sea of limestone rocks in The Burren, Ireland.

Photo courtesy of the Fairytale Traveler.

Gauge: Gauge AKA The Little Fairytale Traveler, is a junior travel blogger at The Fairytale Traveler.

At the young age of three years old, Gauge began traveling with his mom in search of places related to the greatest stories of all time from fairy tales, folklore, legend and mythology. When he is home, he attends an International Bachelorette school of international studies. After school he enjoys learning guitar and karate.

He loves room service and prefers to sleep in castles and log cabins. He loves the mountains, hiking, cool historic places and anything with a dragon, sword or an ice cream cone.

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Koby Ray

Photo Credit: Sharon Young.

Photo Credit: Sharon Young.

Koby Ray: Having collected more passport stamps than his age, Koby Ray has been traveling since he was 7 weeks old, and has hit up 5 countries including Fiji, the United States, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.

One of his favorite travel memories is being abducted from his seat in economy to sit with his poppy in business class on the flight from Australia to Hawaii for his favorite Aunt’s destination wedding. The rest of his family had to slum it in economy.

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*Mapping Megan is the favorite Aunt. “Favorite” is subject to which Aunt you ask.

 The The MarocMama Kids
Ohoto CreditL

Photo Credit: MarocMama

The MarocMama Kids: The MarocMama kids are American expats living in Morocco. M (10) and K (8) have been traveling since they were a few months old, eating their way through 3 continents!

While M loves to learn about history and cultures, K prefers seeking out animals and technology in each new place. They are pictured above camouflaging themselves with street art in Berlin.

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Jossilyn and Luca

Jossilyn and Luca: These well-traveled kids, ages 4 and 8, love swimming in the ocean, making friends with locals, and finding wide open spaces to run around anywhere in the world.

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Photo Credit: 1 Dad 1 Kid

Photo Credit: 1 Dad 1 Kid

Tigger: Tigger has been traveling the world full time since 2011. He loves the ocean and is a certified scuba diver.

He’s also a bit of an adrenaline junkie and loves roller coasters and Bungee jumping. Tigger also loves animals and is especially a cat lover.

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The Luxe Recess Contributor

Photo Credit: Luxe Recess

Photo Credit: Luxe Recess

The Luxe Recess Contributor: This little girl has been coming to Versailles Gardens in the Bahamas since before she could walk.

She loves every aspect of air travel, including airport security, with such enthusiasm, grumpy TSA agents procure stickers and treats. The beach is her favorite playground, and she can pack her suitcase in ten minutes.

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Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: The Vacation Gals

Jessica: Jess is a teenager who has been to many cities and countries in her life. She can thank her mom for this. Though sometimes, being a teenager, she’d rather stay home and surf instead. Understandable.

Her favorite countries she’s explored so far are Cambodia, Scotland, and Germany. She loves snorkeling, hiking, and seeing theater in other [English-speaking] countries.

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S and Z
Photo Credit: Where's Sharon

Photo Credit: Where’s Sharon

S and Z: S and Z are two preschoolers who share their adventures, and all the good, the bad and the ugly of family travel on Where’s Sharon.

They love seeing animals, exploring new playgrounds and eating new food. They are currently relocating from Australia to Malaysia.

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Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Pit Stops for Kids

Nate: Nate Whitley has been adventuring with his family his entire life. His favorite destinations (so far) include the Inside Passage of Alaska, the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico (shown here, swimming in a cenote), and British Columbia.

He likes art and culture, but give him outdoor adventure any day!

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Bohemian Traveler
Photo Credit: Bohemian Mom

Photo Credit: Bohemian Travelers

Bohemian Traveler: The Bohemian Traveler is 7 years old, and the youngest of 3 kids. he loves swimming in the ocean, hiking with family, and playing video games..loads of video games!

Currently in Hawaii and loving it!

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Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Family Travel Times

Robert: Robert is 9 and loves a good mixture of reading and theme park rides, paddling in the sea and making sandcastles, baking, Marvel superheroes and generally having fun.

This is Robert paddling in the beautiful Lake Wolfgang in Austria.

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Photo Credit: Bring the Kids.

Photo Credit: Bring the Kids.

Mason: Mason was thrilled to get to visit Paris with his family this summer.  Mason is 7-years-old and loves to help his family plan trips and adventurous things to do on their vacations.

Here he is showing his excitement in front of the Hotel De Ville in Paris.

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Miss Gruber

Photo Credit: Globe Guide

Photo Credit: We 3 Travel

Miss Gruber: Miss Gruber has been traveling since she was just a few weeks old and in the last 10 years she has been to 15 states and six countries. In second grade she started reading through the library’s selection of country reference books so it is no surprise that she recently advanced to the next level of a school-wide geography bee.

When she isn’t traveling, she is excelling in her studies in fifth grade, with dreams of becoming an astrophysicist. Outside of school she is a passionate rock climber, avid reader, Lego robotics team competitor, and burgeoning pianist. She is hoping that her next international trip will be to Iceland.

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Little Nomad

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Little Nomad: Little Nomad (L.N.) was travelling before he was born. One month before leaving on a long trip to SE Asia, Ariadne and Micheal McGuinness discovered that they had a stowaway aboard.

With plane tickets already booked, they left their home in Prague and travelled through Thailand and Cambodia before returning to Micheal’s home in Ireland so that L.N. could be born. Since then, L.N. has visited 17 countries before his second birthday.

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Mia and Caius

Photo Credit: Travel with Bender

Mia and Caius make up the cutest factor of Travel With Bender. They left Australia when they were 3 and 2 and have been travelling more then half their lives. With 45 countries under their belts they have seen more of the world then most adults.

Their favourite experiences to date include Christmas in Lapland, abseiling down cliffs in Malta, flying in a hot air balloon in Turkey, visiting Disneyland in the US and making chocolate in Guatemala. Mia is a bubbly, vivacious 6 year old ready who just got a camera to take after her photographing Daddy. Caius is almost 5 and a very independent little boy who would spend every day all day in a pool or ocean.

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Photo Credit: Flashpacker Family

Photo Credit: Flashpacker Family

Reuben: Reuben is a founding member of Flashpacker Family. Born in July 2010, he has been travelling with his parents Bethaney and Lee since the age of 7 months. He’s spent over half his life outside of New Zealand having travelled to over a dozen countries.

His favourite trip of 2014 was roadtripping from Seattle to Las Vegas, stopping at many of the USAs best National Parks along the way, including Yosemite, Crater Lake and the California Redwoods. He loves exploring children’s museums and science museums in each city he visits.

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The Nothing if Not Intentional Girls

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Nothing if Not International

The Nothing if Not Intentional Girls: The travel bug bit these two early! Each of these girls took their first flight (with their daddy, a pilot) when they were just one month old.

In 2014, these sisters (ages 4 and 2) enjoyed sipping smoothies on the beach in Cancun, jumping through waves in Puerto Rico, meeting Winnie the Pooh at Disney World, seeing mummies and pyramids at the Luxor in Las Vegas, and riding on the Polar Express in their home state of Indiana.

Next up: flying from Indiana to Washington in a small, six-seater plane. With any luck, they’ll catch a glimpse of Mt. Rushmore from the air!

Follow the Nothing if Not Intentional Girls at

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Sand and or Snow

Molly: Molly adores traveling and, as she is cyber schooled, loves learning about American history during her road trips. Her favorite subjects are science & history, she loves drawing cartoons, and is an all-around amazing kid!

She wants to be a Disney artist when she grows up and would love to live anywhere inside Walt Disney World.

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Photo Credit: Dish Our Town

Photo Credit: Dish Our Town

Bailey: Bailey Tolentino is a ten year old girl from New York City who has been traveling the world since she was just 3 months old! She loves to eat all kinds of food from all over the world. She is very adventurous and has an urge to discover more of our awesome planet!

She’s traveled around the U.S.A., Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Italy, France, and Sweden SO FAR… Her favorite foods ever are Ramen and Pasta.

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Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Trips with Tykes

Virginia: Virginia is 5 1/2 years old and currently in kindergarten.  She’s traveled all over the United States and is just starting to explore international destinations, having visited Hong Kong and Montreal in 2014.

She loves all things Disney and getting to watch (nearly) unlimited movies on the iPad while in-flight.  She’s also the proud big sister to Baby Charles and is now teaching him the traveling ropes.  She’ll celebrate her 100th plane flight some time in 2015.

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Photo Credit: Stuffed Suitcase

Photo Credit: Stuffed Suitcase

Grace: Grace has been traveling with her family since she was an infant. She rocks road trips and is a fearless flyer. While traveling she loves chatting with new friends she meets at the beach or pool. Here she is checking out the sites at Tulum, Mexico.

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Anya and Lars
Photo Credit: Wagoners Abroad

Photo Credit: Wagoners Abroad

Anya and Lars: Anya and Lars Wagoner left the USA and have been traveling with their parents since August 2012.  They lived in Spain nearly 2 years and are both fluent Spanish speakers.

Currently they are nomadic in Southeast Asia and have a thirst for learning new things.  Anya is beginning to dabble into photography and Lars loves making YouTube Videos. They also contribute as writers to their family travel blog.

Follow Anya and Lars at:

Photo Credit: Flashpacker Family

Photo Credit: Flashpacker Family

Hazel: Hazel is the newest member of Flashpacker Family. Born in March 2014 in New Zealand, Hazel has already been on 14 plane rides, one helicopter one cruise and has visited nine countries and five states in the US.

At nine months old she’s been travelling for half her life along with her nomadic family. She loves food and will happily eat Japanese, Mexican, Thai or Cuban. Travel has taught her to be a very calm, flexible and easy-going little girl.

Follow Hazel at:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Working Moms Travel

Lucia: Lucia is 5 years old and lives in Chicago. She loves to travel and has her own blog because she said she wants to be a travel blogger just like her mommy. Aside from travel, Lucia loves Abraham Lincoln and playing soccer.

Follow Lucia at:

Megan and Riley
Photo Credit: Have Baby Will Travel

Photo Credit: Have Baby Will Travel

Megan and Riley: Megan (9) and Riley (5) had quite the year! They traveled to Mexico in May, California in August, and New York City in November.

Megan studies ballet and Riley plays hockey at home in Toronto, Canada, so they fit travel into their schedule and do lots of exploring in and around their hometown as well.

Follow Megan and Riley at:

Will and Charlie

Will and Charlie: At 6 and 4, Will and Charlie have spent most of their lives on the road. From exploring the great Canadian winters to snorkelling before they could swim, these kids sure like to leap before they look. This summer they drove over 10,000 km solo with their mom from Toronto, Canada to Texas and back stopping in over 30 cities.

Follow Will and Charlie at:

Evelyn and Sadie
Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Travel Babbo

Evelyn and Sadie: Evelyn and Sadie traveled to 13 countries and 5 continents last year.  A highlight was wearing traditional Austrian outfits to the opera as part of the Salzburg Festival.

This photo was taken at their hotel, the Schloss Leopoldskron (one of the settings for the Sound of Music) right after the opera. Their brother chose not to participate in the traditional dress – no lederhosen for him!

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Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Cosmos Mariners

Britton: Since her first road trip at six months old, Britton has grown up traveling. Now nineteen months old, she loves visiting places where she doesn’t have to hold anyone’s hand, and she finds most museums worthy of a nap.

When she’s not traveling, she can be found loving on her dog or tearing up her parents’ favorite books.

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The Inion Kids
Photo Credit: Travel Deep and Wide

Photo Credit: Travel Deep and Wide

The Inion Kids: The Inion kids were selected with their parents as the 2014 People’s Choice National Geographic Travelers of the Year. Learning by travel has been a way of life for these kids, some of whom were born on the road.

They are currently worldschooling and traveling overland from Pennsylvania to Argentina in an RV. They swimming, painting and laughing across the globe.

Follow The Inion Kids at:

The Globalmouse Kids

Photo Credit: Globalmouse

Photo Credit: Globalmouse

The Globalmouse Kids: The Globalmouse kids are always on the go and love to travel – from hanging out in Moscow’s Gorky Park to taking a gondola under the Rialto Bridge in Venice they get out and about and love to see the world.

Follow The Globalmouse Kids at:

Dek and Ty

Photo Credit: Walking on Travel

Photo Credit: Walking on Travels

Dek and Ty: Dek and Ty have been traveling the world since they were born. They love to visit aquariums, eat the sweets of whatever country they are in and swim as much as possible.

When their parents drag them to “boring” museums and attractions, they enjoy taking photos on their mom’s phone or with one of her cameras. No matter where they go though, they love being with their parents nonstop and exploring new places together.

Follow Dek and Ty at

Aidan, Joshua, and Raphael

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Our Awesome Planet

Aidan, Joshua, and Raphael: Aidan (9), Joshua (7), and Raphael (4) love to travel and eat out with the family.

Aidan is a foodie and likes to discover new and interesting restaurants, while Joshua is a bit picky with food, though usually enjoys the company of his brothers where ever they go. Raphael loves checking into new hotels in each place he visits.

Follow Aidan, Joshua, and Raphael at:


Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Our Oyster

Jacob: Jacob has had a passport since he was three weeks old and has been to eighteen countries so far across four continents. His favourite travel experiences so far are playing with snow in Iceland, digging on beaches in the Maldives, and learning to walk through ancient Greek ruins.

Hes looking forward to trips to Borneo, Vanuatu and Thailand in 2015.

Follow Jacob at:


Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Someday I’ll Learn

Sidekick: This spunky baby trekked 3500 miles overland through the American West, camping with his family and two dogs in the back of a Ford truck. Favorite sights included Yellowstone, the Rockies and Crater Lake.

Follow Sidekick at:


Photo Credit: Bring the Kids

Photo Credit: Bring the Kids

Chloe: Chloe was thrilled to play in the snow at the Jungfraujoch (aka The Top Of Europe).  Here she is 4-years-old and is a true mountain girl at heart.  She loved visiting Switzerland and traveling by train all through the mountains.

Follow Chloe at:

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Meg Jerrard is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging around the world for the last 7 years to inspire others to embark on their own worldwide adventure!  Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

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    • I was the same though then I realized it’s one of those things which is just a new way of life/traveling, and once you go in and make the plunge you look back and can’t remember how to travel differently!

      Hadn’t heard of Luna, though will definitely have to head on over and say hi! Thanks Aleah!

  13. Hey, if you want two little cuties for next year’s feature, my 6yr old is about to get to country #20, and my 4yr old is not far behind! Traveling is amazing, and kids bring alot to the whole experience. I’m always trying to encourage my friends to travel with their wee ones, too, though they usually just tell me how “brave” (read: crazy) we are!

    • LOL. I hear that too. Mostly from friends in the US that think taking their kids on a domestic flight for a couple of hours is traumatising. I love travelling with my kids and they now get really upset when they get left behind on the occasional trip we take without them.

    • So glad to hear you both travel with kids despite what everyone says – hopefully they’ll see how much of an amazing impact travel has on children and will be inspired to find that bravery for themselves!

  14. But, will the kids remember the experience?

    • Hi Allan, There is far more to it than memories. Every day things influence our lives and help mold and shape us, no matter where we are. When children are too young to “remember” they are experiencing things that will hopefully help them be a more well rounded, responsible global citizen. Of course time will tell, but it does go beyond remembering.

      Not to mention we are in the day and age of technology, so many things are captured and the memory lives on that way as well. I am 49 and I can remember “moments” from 3 years old. It is funny which moments the mind chooses to remember.

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    • I think you’ve totally summed it up – it’s just getting used to something new – everyone I’ve spoken to has said you get into a really good system after a little while, and then not too long after that you can’t remember what it was like to travel without them!

      Lol and there’s the spirit! Raise him to benefit your travels later in life – love it!! Happy travels Shobha!

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  25. What lucky kids and cool parents! I’m not dissing our caravan park holidays as they were fun mind you!

    • I loved Caravan holidays growing up as a kid! Plus, they totally count as travel – more people need to be traveling and exploring their surrounds :)

  26. What a lovely post! It’s so much fun to travel with kids. We are currently in Bali in the middle of our rtw trip.
    It’s great to see that many others start that adventure as well!

    • Thanks Barbara! So glad you enjoyed the post! It really is so much fun to travel with kids – they add a whole new dimension to travel and you see a place with totally different eye.

      Have fun in Bali – sounds wonderful! Travel safe!

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  28. Oh man, what a bunch of cuties. We’ve been travelling with our son since he was four months old and I have to say it’s been a challenging but rewarding experience. He’s now a total travel junkie and I’m quite sure I have ruined any hope of him ever being happy with a regular, static life!
    Thanks for this list, now I’ve got some new blogs to check out.

    • Nothing wrong with ruining hope of a regular static life lol wanderlust is one of the hopeful symptoms of life :D

      So glad you travel with your son though, it really is one of the best educations you can offer a child; and the world knowledge and street smarts he will grow up with is absolutely invaluable.

      Glad you’re inspired to check out the blogs – happy reading!!

  29. Very cute kids – my son says you need to add him to the blog LOL – he has been traveling the world for the last 3 years and just turned 10 yrs. He is very humble :)

    • That’s the most adorable thing! So glad to hear you’ve got a little traveler Ruth – in my opinion there’s no better way to grow up!! Tell him we will most definitely include him in our next post – will make sure I let you know when I’m calling for more submissions at the end of the year :)

  30. Hi

    Very Cute. Very nice collection here.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Stella :)

  31. These kids are blessed! They will be able to see the world in such a different way than their friends. I’m glad my parents took me with them everywhere they went cause I wouldnt be the same person now if they did not!

    • Totally agree with you – I feel like if more children traveled from a young age we would be living in a completely different world – one more accepting and with less prejudices and more open minds!

  32. Awe, to be young and carefree again. They all look like they are having a great time. Thanks for sharing these wonderful memories.

    • I know right! Wouldn’t it be nice!! I would give anything to be a kid again lol. Though there are definitely perks of having the freedom to travel independently once you’re an adult too :)

    • Thanks Stephen :)

    • Thanks for the link Leah! :)

  33. Thanks for the listing of unique travel story about children. My son 4 years aged now travel last year Paris with me. Now this year He will travel Bhutan With me. he loves to travel the exploring the world.Thanks

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Nakisha! Fantastic that your son has a sense of wanderlust just like you! The best gift a parent can give is the gift of travel :)

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