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Finding out that your business visa has expired before you’re through with what came for in the country for can be a pretty stressful experience, but you shouldn’t be worried; US immigration often gives you the chance to extend a b2 visa and stay a little longer.

However, it shouldn’t be lost on you that there are a few things you need to keep in mind when you set about extending your stay in the country. You should consider the following information, and ask yourself these three questions.

What You Need to Know Before Extending Your B2 Visa

There are many sites which will help guide you through the process and provide more information. You can check out resources on websites like for more details on this.

When Is Your Current Authorized Period Expiring?

If you check your immigration documents, you’ll find the date of your visa expiry indicated on the I-94 form. It’s recommended that you make efforts to apply for the extension 45 days before the date of visa expiry.

To apply for your b2 visa extension, you fill out form I-539 issued by the USCIS. Failing to submit your application in time could mean it gets rejected, and you definitely don’t want that.

Also, keep in mind that the consideration and approval process could take up to 6 months.

Why Do You Want To Extend B2 Visa?

The best and surest way to have your request turned down is to present a bogus reason for the extension of your stay. The USCIS doesn’t like people who only want to extend b2 visa just for the sake of staying in the country.

You need to convince the authorities that your reason for the extension request is genuine. In addition to this, you furnish them with a copy of your return tickets to prove your pledge to leave the country once done with your business or when your extension period expires.

The USCIS obviously vets these applications, so your record needs to shine. If you’ve had trouble with the law and acquired a criminal record during your current stay, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be granted an extension.

Steer clear of any criminal activity, and you’ll have a much better chance of having your request approved. That may sound like straight forward advice, but things like drink driving, and drug offences are very common offences which everyday people might be tempted to.

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Do You Have A Valid Passport and Enough Funds?

What’s worse than finding yourself in a foreign country with an invalid passport? A sure way of getting yourself arrested and deported.

Before you even entertain any thoughts to extend b2 visa, you’ve to be sure that your passport is valid for the authorities to prove that you’re in the country legally and that you’re cleared for travel.

Also, the immigration department will need evidence that you have enough funds to sustain yourself in the country if your stay is extended. These two factors are paramount if you really want that application to go through.

Keeping in mind the above three points of focus could really make the difference between a rejected application and an approved one. All you’ve to do is play safe and be straight-forward with the relevant authorities.

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