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Corporate travel has become a lucrative market, and more and more hotels are beginning to cater to the specific needs to business travelers to meet a growing demand; the industry in the U.S. is expected to reach $302.7 billion by the end of the year.

Even Airbnb has begun directing their attention toward business travelers, launching a Business Travel program which enjoyed a 700 percent growth in it’s first year.

So whether you’re a hotel looking to attract the corporate market, or a first time business traveler who wants to know what to look for in a hotel, the following are 5 things business travelers want in their hotel room.

5 Things Business Travelers Want in Their Hotel Room

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Free / Reliable WiFi

Internet access is the major consideration for business travelers looking to book a hotel. And a majority of business travelers say they prioritize hotels which offer WiFi for free. Though a fast, reliable network which works in all areas of the hotel and room is more of a must.

The connection should be secure and offer unlimited data, which doesn’t throw you off every hour. On top of this, business travelers look for free local calls, and free long distance calling over the Internet.

An Office-Away-From-the-Office

While leisure guests want a home away from home, business travelers want an office away from the office. The room should be conducive to office work, with good lighting, strategically placed power outlets, and comfortable seating. Lighting is especially important, and should be bright full spectrum especially near tables, chairs, and beds.

Other in room amenities business travelers appreciate include hair dryers, bottled water, coffee makers and full-length mirrors. Thoughtful extras like stand up desks, and being able to easily sync devices to the TV really make a difference to the overall experience.

The property itself should have well-equipped business spaces with time-saving technology (for instance many hotels have stair lifts installed), and access to a printer is a must, whether this is part of a business center or allowing guests to utilize the front desk.


A Quiet Environment

Remembering that a room should be conducive to office work, business travelers want a quiet environment. Rooms should be sound insulated, or at least in a quiet corner of the hotel, facing away from the road, and not next to or below the elevators or gym.

Though this is also essential for achieving a good night’s sleep. Uninterrupted sleep is important, especially if you need to be fresh and at the top of your game the next day.  Quality bedding is also essential for a good night’s sleep.

Quick Turnaround Dry Cleaning

Quick turn around dry cleaning is essential to the business traveler who needs to stay looking sharp throughout their stay. Especially if the weather is hot and humid like Singapore, one of the world’s biggest business hubs.

And an iron and ironing board should be provided (one which is clean and does not ruin their clothes). Expect business travelers to bring business or formal attire with them for corporate entertaining. These clothes get wrinkled inside their luggage and on flights.

In Room Dining

A variety of hot, in-room dining options at all times of the day is an important factor for business travelers, and many appreciate having healthy options.

To go the extra mile, some hotels are beginning to post in-room dining wait times on the TV or in an app so that guests know if they should order in or go out for dinner.

Booking Your Hotel

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  1. An iron that works well, with consistent steam is critical for me. I’m always surprised at how many hotels get this wrong, with irons that are clogged or otherwise in poor condition.

    • SO many hotels get the iron wrong! And it’s such a blow when the iron mangles your shirt, leaves stains or burns a hole. So definitely something more hotels need to be on top of!

  2. True business travel demands different needs! This is a good list!

    • Absolutely – it’s a completely different landscape to leisure travel. Glad you agree!

  3. I totally agree with all of the points stated above. Especially wifi, that is an absolute must. Airbnb is also fantastic. Planning to use it on my next trip.

    • Airbnb is great isn’t it! And yes, I can’t deal without WiFi on my trips, especially when I expect to be able to get work done, it’s definitely a must :)

  4. One thing I’ve never understood about lots of hotels is the wifi. Free wiif is a must. If a cheap and cheerful hostel can manage free wifi, so can a hotel.

    • Totally agree with you – it blows my mind that hostels offer it for free, where-as luxury brands tack on a luxury price tag.

  5. I used to travel a lot in my corporate job – always choose the hotels that had free meeting rooms and free minibar! It’s the little things that really made it worthwhile.

    • Really is the little things – from working in the hotel industry I’ve found companies like to pick a hotel and stick with it, so the little things go a long way to maintaining a loyal relationship :)

  6. I never travel for business, but I agree that internet connectivity is essential for any traveller. I had a nightmare trying to submit an university assignment while in a hostel in Cartagena that had really patchy internet. I ended up sitting up on the floor of the reception as close to the modem as I could get!

    • I feel your pain on that one – I’ve rocked up to many a hotel which claimed to have steady WiFi and had to painstakingly push through just to get a few emails sent. In the world we live in nowadays where everyone’s communication is through the internet and so much of our lives are dependent on WiFi, it really should be something which hotels prioritize getting right.

  7. I would also add that the location, if possible, should be very accessible to nearby places like restaurants, meeting locations, etc.

    • Great point Erica, yes totally agree, location is always key!

  8. Reliable wifi is an absolute must! That is definitely the priority if working away from home. While I’m not as fussed about dry cleaning, a good working office space and a quiet environment would be the other key things to consider. Nothing worse than having your laptop crammed up on your knees!

    • Absolutely – an uncomfortable work space is not productive, and hotels are definitely going to lose the potential for repeat business this way. There’s nothing I hate more than having my laptop on my knees!

  9. An office-away-from-the-office is definitely key. Good wifi, a comfy desk, peace & quiet. Spot on! In my specific case, I’d add an ironing board in the room, as I always needed to iron my shirts but didn’t want to pay the hotels’ prohibitive prices.

    • Yes, Ironing board in the room is something I always need – I’ve never once been tempted to spend $5 per sock for my clothes to be dry cleaned!

  10. I totally agreed with you! I used to travel for business and having a reliable Wi-Fi connection is super important. Without it, I wouldn’t get much work done.

    • Next step is convincing every hotel to offer it for free :D!

  11. Such a great list Meg. As a person who travels for business quite often I agree with all of this. I can’t believe how many times I have found the desk in the room has no power point close enough to plug lap top and other various things in to charge. Wifi is a must as well. And late night room service for when you fly or arrive late and just need a little nosh!

    • Thanks Sara! Ugh the power point thing is something which very few hotels get right!!! Frustrates me to no end. So I’m always genuinely impressed when I find one which has their outlets sorted out! – We actually usually travel with an extension cord just in case.

      Late night room service is the best – has saved my life once or twice!

  12. Hey Meg,

    I totally agree. As for me (I travel a lot) wifi is my main concern. Unfortunately in many hotels Wifi is really bad or (!) they also charge money for using it. Nowadays it shoudl be 100% in all hotels. Might be sometimes worst connection or better, but they should always have it for their guests. I also like when they have a nice comfortable desk and a lot of sitting spaces in Front Desk area where I can have a chat with my colleagues or have a quick meeting with an employee or someone from company.


    • Hi Kasia, thanks for sharing your experiences – am 100% with you on the WiFi – we run the blog full time now, so if I can’t get online it frustrates me to no end!

      I feel as though, not only from a work perspective, but internet connection is so entwined with our everyday lives now, from safety, to access to information, and booking our activities, that it should be acknowledged as the norm to offer a reliable connection, and have it free of charge. Hopefully more hotels will start to jump onboard!

      A comfortable lounge area in the front office is also a great point. On top of what you’ve mentioned, also if you arrive for check-in early and have to wait for the room.

      Happy travels! Thanks for stopping by :)

  13. This is true! I hate it when I booked a hotel I didn’t know have a crappy wifi connection! From then on, I make sure to check reviews before booking a hotel. Anyways, thanks for sharing this post. Cheers!

    • Absolutely – it’s the most important thing! I swear I would rather have no wifi than bad wifi!!

  14. Needless to say, but an excellent food quality is also must. After a long tired conference, if you get an awesome food then your day pays off!! After all, ends well then alls well!! Nice blog. Keep it up

    • Great point Vijay – so true! Glad you enjoyed the post – thanks for your comment :)

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