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Authored by Steph Parker

Having just driven 20,000km around Australia (that’s the same distance as flying London to Sydney) in an battered, old Landrover, I can definitely attest to this country’s Instagrammability … if this is even a word!

Yes when you’re living out of a tent on a roof, surrounded the beauty of Australia every day, you realise just how perfect this place is if you want to snap some amazing travel shots.

With stunning scenery and vibrant visuals, the Land Down Under is so diverse and has so many unique sights, that it really is the most #instaperfect country in my opinion.

So check out these 8 places I’ve selected as the most instagrammable in Australia and start getting your friends jealous now!

The 8 Most Instagrammable Places in Australia

#1 Uluru

The big daddy of them all, Uluru is one giant big rock surrounded by red dirt. Sounds boring, but really, it’s anything but, especially when those massive Outback sunsets send their golden rays to bounce off every surface possible!

#2 Cable Beach, Broome

And if it’s sunsets you’re after, then it’s hard to look past Broome’s Cable Beach, for that awesome Instagram capture.

With the sun going down off the Indian Ocean, I’ve never seen so many purples, reds and deep pinks combine in the sky as I have from here.

#3 Sydney Opera House

A classic and a classic for a reason, Sydney Opera House is one of the most iconic buildings in the world.

And, set against those classic Aussie blue skies and the beautiful harbour views, it makes one heck of a recognisable image everyone loves to like!

#4 Figure Eight Pools, Royal National Park

And just down the road from Sydney is another amazing spot you simply have to take your camera too … despite the hike.

The figure 8 pools in Royal National Park were actually catapulted to fame through the power of Instagram, so there’s nothing like jumping on the bandwagon and snapping some of their beauty too.

Set at the edge of the ocean, the 4-hour hike to get to these perfectly shaped plunge pools is hard, but definitely worth it. Just watch out however, the pools are only accessible and safe to visit during low tide, so do your research first!

#5 Gunlom Falls, Kakadu National Park

From one National Park to another, Gunlom Falls in Australia’s Northern Territory is pretty hard to look past too when it comes to epic Instagram spots.

Another swimming hole, but this time set up high, enjoy looking over nature’s ultimate infinity pool as the vastness of the Outback unfolds before you.

#6 The 12 Apostles

If it’s greatness you’re after, then Victoria’s 12 Apostles could well be the Instagram shot for you.

Despite there only being 8 left now, these towering stacks of limestone, set against the wildness of the great Southern Ocean, make for an incredibly atmospheric image few will forget in a hurry.

#7 Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays

Let’s be honest, Whitehaven Beach in Queensland’s famous Whitsundays has got to be on this list.

Known for having some of the whitest sand in the world and surrounded by the tropical reef, this is the ideal place to either grab an overhead shot of the beach and the turquoise ocean beyond, or an underwater pic of the Great Barrier Reef … so just remember to pack to GoPro!

#8 Nature’s Window, Kalbarri National Park

And finally, probably the least famous of these 8 most instagrammable shots in Australia, but definitely not any less worthy for it, Nature’s Window can be found within Kalbarri National Park in Western Australia.

Standing in front of it, you are given the most perfectly framed shot of the Murcishon River Valley that stretches for miles and perfectly showcases those wonderful West Australian colours.

So if you’re running out of inspiration for your Instagram account, maybe it’s time to book a trip to Australia! There’s really no place like it on earth!


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Stephanie Parker is the travel addict behind Big World Small Pockets budget travel blog. Originally from the Channel Islands, but currently based in Australia, she backpacks the world on a shoestring collecting tips, advice and stories, to share with a smile.

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  1. Wow these places are stunning, definitely Instagram worthy! I’ve never been to Australia but it’s on my list of course!

    • I’m bias, but Australia is the most beautiful country in the world for sure :D! Hope you have the chance to visit soon.

  2. Great pix, but even better is that when you get to OZ, you’ll find a LOT more HOT spots to photograph off the beaten track. That’s because Australia is Vivid Colours, Wide Open Spaces, Big Sky and Beach Central all rolled into one. And even our Public Loos are scenic :D

    • Absolutely Marion! Lol and that’s very true on the public loos – many a time I’ve found myself on a back country road trip, and then pulled into a rest stop to a stunning view. Not bad for an instagram shot either (the view, not the loo!)

  3. Wow you have brilliant photography skills. These places are totally instaworthy!!!

    • Thanks Suvarna :) The instagram shots are a mixture of our favorites from a range of different photographers. They are talented indeed!

  4. That figure 8 pool is just amazing! I love it! Australia is so pretty. Uluru was my ultimate favorite and the sunset and the sunrise in that area was just surreal.

    • Isn’t it beautiful! Definitely one of the most stunning and unique natural pools I’ve ever seen. And Uluru obviously is a must too, yes, I’m usually not an early morning riser, but this is an incredible exception to make to catch sunrise.

  5. OMG This post makes me want to visit Australia so bad!!!
    I am obsessed with sunsets, so if I ever get to Australia, Cable beach is a must LOL

    • If you’re obsessed with sunsets you’re definitely in for a treat, Australia has some incredibly memorable ones! Hope you have the chance to travel soon, definitely recommend taking in Cable Beach :)

  6. These are definitely some instagrammable spots! I’ve never heard of the figure 8 pools, but they’re so beautiful! I wonder if they’re as deep as they look? That arch is pretty spectacular as well! I better get my camera ready, huh?

    • The figure 8 pools are incredible for sure – they’re only safe to visit at low tide, (injuries happen otherwise from people getting washed over the rock platform and slipping etc), but if the ocean is calm it’s fine to swim and they’re not that deep.

      Definitely get your camera ready (and perhaps a waterproof case if taking in the water spots :D)

  7. Hi Megan, thanks so much for sharing my article and my most insta-worthy spots in Australia … this really is just the tip of the iceberg, and in truth, the list could have gone on and on!

    • Thanks again for a great guest post!

  8. These images are incredible! This is the first I have seen Nature’s Window

    • Nature’s window is a beautiful outback attraction – glad we could introduce you!

  9. Stephanie! These are absolute gems! You had me staring at my screen for many many minutes with these mind blowing pictures. Oh yes, you did succeed at getting me all Jealous! What beauty.

    While the Apostles and the Opera House are mostly known, the Gunlom falls and sunset over Uluru were eye openers. Figure eight pools instantly finds its way in my bucket list.
    Great natural wonders of the world!

    • So glad you enjoyed the post Divyaksi! Steph has definitely submitted an incredible list of gems – every one a reason to visit Australia in it’s own right!

      I hope you have the chance to travel soon!

  10. So much inspiration here! I love a good sunset picture, but those beautiful natural landscapes at sunset are over the top gorgeous. The figure 8 pools look incredible, and I’d never heard of them before. This post definitely makes me want to hop on a plane down to Australia!

    • Do it! Give into peer pressure and book that flight :D lol You’ll love it in Australia Jen, so many amazing landscapes, and incredible sunsets. Hope to see you soon :)

  11. The 12 apostles and the eight pools are my fave. Definitely stunning.Why the great barrier reef is not on the list?

    • An obvious oversight – the Great Barrier reef should definitely make the list! Though technically Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays is part of the GBR, so maybe I should make that more apparent in the paragraph :) Thanks for the tip!

  12. I just read somewhere that young aka 20something travelers in the UK pick destinations for their travels based on “Instagrammability” (though I think they’re going more for the selfies). The Figure 8/Infinity Symbol pool reminds me it’s more of a chicken and egg problem: what’s first, the people with Instagram on their smartphones or the places that are there for the picture taking…

    • Haha crazy, I can believe it! Seems like people are traveling more these days for the photos instead of the experience :( Hopefully we can strike a balance of the two!

  13. So beautiful. This makes me really want to visit Australia. My camera is insisting on it, lol.

    • Hope you have the chance to visit soon!

  14. Quite thrilling to think of Australia,its wonderful beaches,the malls & above all the people-always willing to assist…. It was a wonderful experience by itself to stay with a family for 3 months. It felt like having established an extended family. I really wish to see the Blue Mountains with my three daughters.

    Sham Sunder Azad

    • So glad to hear you had a wonderful experience in Australia Sham – I hope you have the opportunity to bring your daughters on your next trip too :)

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