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Fiji has over 300 sublime tropical islands that offer unique attractions and activities. But some of these destinations haven’t caught the attention of people traveling to the South Pacific archipelago yet.

Since we’re all about venturing off the beaten path, let’s take a closer look at some of Fiji’s itinerary-worthy hidden gems.

Discover Fiji’s Hidden Gems with Entire Travel Group

Yasawa Islands

Fiji Yasawa Islands RF

20 volcanic islands comprise the 80-kilometer-long Yasawa Islands, a common destination among backpackers visiting Fiji. However, these islands used to be hidden from view. 

The Yasawa Islands only reached public attention until the 1980s, after cruise ships failed to find a safe place where passengers could disembark. Since then, this hidden gem has welcomed tourists to its stunning paradise.

If you’re keen on underwater adventures, vivid coral reefs and limestone caves, plan your visit to the Yasawa Islands.

Check into Yasawa Island Resort and Spa or travel to Barefoot Manta Island and dive with manta rays off the island’s coast. Book your trip within May to October to see the mantas up close.

Dolphin Island

Are you looking to experience a private yet luxurious getaway? Travel to Dolphin Island, a private island 20 minutes away from Viti Levu by boat. Just note that it only welcomes up to eight guests at a time.

Once you’ve taken your first steps on Dolphin Island, you can put on your shades, turn your music up and hang out by the pool. Available packages include a three-night House Parties package, including meals and sunset cocktails.

Dolphin Island offers a four-night Family Time package as well. Enjoy cooking classes, snorkeling, trips to local villages and other family-friendly activities!

Vanua Balavu

Fiji RF

Vanua Balavu is a thriving, untouched island on Fiji’s Lau archipelago. It may be a tiny island at only 53 square kilometres, but this hidden gem has a rich culture and history.

You can learn more about Vanua Balavu’s history from approximately 1,200 locals, including stories about the legendary Tongan prince and Fijian chief Ma’afu.

Consider lodging at Moana’s Guesthouse on Vanua Balavu. Additionally, the island has local-style thatched cottages called bures near Lomaloma Bay. Have fun and swim or surf at Lomaloma’s beach.

Turtle Island

The next destination on our list is an ideal destination for couples. Turtle Island welcomes 14 couples at a time, so you and your special someone can enjoy your time spent together.

Nadi International Airport hosts direct flights to this 500-acre wonderland, and travel time takes about 30 minutes. Upon your arrival, you can settle in one of 14 bures that’ll lead you to a private beach.

You can then relax by the island’s turquoise waters, snorkel or go horseback riding. Turtle Island welcomes about to tie the knot as well — in fact, you can get married in traditional attire and try kava (a drink from a pepper plant’s roots), then indulge in local delicacies with your SO.

Rainbow Reef

Fiji diver coral reef RF

Scenic beaches aren’t just the only must-visit attraction in Fiji. The tropical archipelago has undiscovered natural wonders, such as Rainbow Reef in Somosomo Strait.

This Fijian destination houses vast coral gardens with vibrant marine life, making it extremely popular among divers. New and seasoned divers can explore Rainbow Reef and its surrounding areas, including the Great White Wall.

The Great White Wall is a 15- to 65-metre long vertical drop. It contains countless blooming Dendronephthya corals and over 1,400 species of fish, invertebrates, manta rays and dolphins. If you’re lucky, you’ll even spot some whales by the wall!

Sigatoka Sand Dunes

Viti Levu is home to the Sigatoka Sand Dunes, located at the mouth of the Sigatoka River. Some of these dunes are 60 meters long, and you’ll feel the energy and history surrounding the dunes as soon as you step on the sand.

A trip around the Sigatoka Sand Dunes could also help you discover pottery shards and get up close and personal with unique species of birds.

The Fiji fish warbler, Fiji goshawk and orange-breasted Mycenaean are some of the flying, two-legged residents you’ll meet in the Sigatoka dunes.

Make Your Way to Fiji’s Hidden Gems

Fiji Hammock RF

Fiji is full of undiscovered sights, so plan your trip early. Explore the archipelago’s hidden gems with Entire Travel Group’s Fiji deals, whether you’re traveling solo or with company.

Get one step closer to a South Pacific holiday with a Fiji travel package today.

Thank you to Entire Travel Group for these fantastic Fiji suggestions!

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