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Cruises are a fantastic way to discover the world, and travelers who haven’t yet tried this form of travel are definitely missing out. A vacation which combines the price your transport, accommodation, activities and meals into one package deal, and which places every amenity and on-board activity imaginable right at your door, cruises come in all shapes and forms, and there is absolutely a cruise to suit every traveler out there.

Couples cruise for the romance, families for the stress free and family friendly environment for their kids; solo travelers cruise to be social, and others to enjoy excursions in multiple exotic lands in one trip.

No matter what your reason for taking a cruise, there is always a reason to take one. If you’re among those considering a cruise for the first time but haven’t yet taken the leap, here are 7 reasons why you should write off some time, and book a cruise today!

#1: Great Value for Money

Cruises offer great value for money. Think about it – everything you could possibly need for a great trip is bundled into the one fare, and depending on the cruise line, prices can start as low as $100 per person, per night.

That’s all meals, accommodation, entertainment and transport between destinations at substantially lower cost than if you were spend the same on land for a hotel, taxi, dinner and a show.

Photo Credit: Forget Someday

Great value for money. Photo Credit: Forget Someday

Luxury cruise lines are even more inclusive, and offer the additions of alcoholic beverages, land based excursions, on-board spending credits, and sometimes even flights.

#2 Rewards

Just like with airline miles, Cruise Miles is a Rewards Programme which will save you money on your next cruise.

Every time you cruise, earn cruise promotions and take advantage of each cruise line’s loyalty benefits which can include free hotel stays, cabin and flight upgrades, free parking, chauffeur services and more.

#3: Wake Up in a New Destination

A cruise liner is essentially a floating hotel. Cabins on a cruise ship offer the same amenities as a standard hotel, the only difference being that this hotel takes you from city to city or from island to island.

The cruise ship is your transport between destinations, and guests essentially fall asleep in one destination and wake up to a new horizon in another!

There is no messy transit, no hectic transport, and you can take in multiple destinations and only have to unpack once!

Photo credit:

Your standard cabin on a cruise. Photo credit: Forget Someday

#4 Planning is Stress Free

Planning a cruise couldn’t be easier or more stress free. With accommodation, meals and transport already taken care of for you, it’s literally just a matter of picking a ship, choosing an itinerary, and booking your cabin of choice.

There’s no need to spend hours searching for accommodation in multiple different cities, and no need for coordinating travel between each new port.

Itineraries are already set for you, meals are in the same place every night, and there are almost no extra expenses once on-board (though check out these cruising travel hacks for minimizing additional expenses).

Photo CC

Planning is stress free. Photo CC by Forget Someday.

A cruise is one of the easiest vacations to book; there’s almost no planning involved at all!

#5: Every Amenity & Activity On-board

Not only is a cruise ship the equivalent to a floating hotel – it’s essentially a floating city in itself. Cruise ships today offer absolutely everything you could possibly want or need on-board; from Wi-Fi, phone reception and satellite TV, to shops, casinos, clubs, bars and rooftop pools – you’re definitely not going without by stranding yourself in the middle of the sea!

All ships include medical facilities with trained professionals on-call, and housekeeping services will keep your linens fresh with regular turned-down services throughout your stay. Gyms, restaurants, cinema screens – there really is everything on-board!

Just as there is every amenity on-board, there is also every activity!

Cruise ships today aim to keep every-one happy, and travelers can fill their days with spa treatments, sports, cultural learning or dance, or gamble away their on-board credit at a casino if they so wish.

There are wine tastings, yoga, language classes, and shows, or you can choose from computer courses, live music, star gazing, pottery or paint. Most activities are free to join, though some will be available at a charge; the range of activities offered on-board a cruise is truly diverse, and you’re guaranteed never to be bored no matter what your interests or tastes.

#6: Fantastic Food All Hours of the Day

Any cruise you take is going to present you with a bountiful buffet available at almost every hour of the day. All meals are included, and it’s an all-you-can-eat kind of deal.

Photo CC by

A bountiful buffet. Photo CC by Forget Someday.

Cruises present their guests with an absolutely amazing array of choice when it comes to their meals, and the selection and quality of food is truly out of this world.

Pig out on all you can eat, or enjoy exquisite cuisine on the high seas with a fine dining booking – there are many different dining experiences available on a cruise, though food is generally available at all hours of the night and day.

Cruise liners are also incredibly accommodating to those with dietary requirements or food intolerance, and it’s very easy for those requiring options for vegan or gluten free to eat well.

Photo CC

Exquisite Cuisine on the high seas. Photo CC by Forget Someday.

#7: Discover More

A cruise is one of the best ways to combine multiple bucket-list destinations in one easy trip, and cruise itineraries hit the major ports and destination highlights without you needing to research the best places to go.

Sure, traveling this way means you’re spending limited time in each new port, usually 1-2 days, though this is a great way to lay the groundwork for future vacations.

Discover multiple destinations to get a feel for a continent or region, and familiarize yourself with their destinations to decide where you would like to return and spend more quality time. Cruising is a great way to get an overview of a destination for a more immersive trip later down the road.

It’s a fantastic idea once ashore to head out and explore on your own, however for those less comfortable with independent sightseeing, each ship will normally provide an English speaking guide, and there are many shore based excursions you can sign up for in advance, on-board, prior to your arrival on land.

Explore and discover more.

There are many great reasons which make cruising a fantastic way to travel, and some have even been cruising non stop for up to seven years!

If you’re hesitant to make the leap into cruise based travel don’t be – there are seven reasons and more which will make you wonder why you didn’t book one sooner.

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Meg Jerrard is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging around the world for the last 7 years to inspire others to embark on their own worldwide adventure!  Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

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Featured Photo CC by Damian Gadal


  1. We have been on 2 cruises, one to the Galapagos and another to Croatia in September. Crazy good food on both!

    • Oooh both sound amazing! I traveled to both of those destinations via land, but a cruise to either or would be unbelievable – great choices!

  2. I’ve never really considered going for a cruise but it actually sounds like so much fun! I only went from Helsinki to Stockholm by ferry (16 hours) but it doesn’t count here I guess :)

    • It truly is just the most fun – I hope you manage to find the opportunity to travel on one soon – so much more amazing than travel by ferry :D

  3. I never payed much attention to cruises, because I’m more of a “fuck it and let’s go explore randomly” kind of person, and you can’t really do that on a cruise trip. But after reading your post I have a new enlightenment on how cool it might be to try it once !

    • Definitely try at least one – you may just be surprised by how much you love it. And you can still apply that same strategy to randomly exploring during days on land :D

  4. This is not what I want to read when I’m desperate to go somewhere warm but am saving my time off/money for travel in the fall. >.< I keep getting emails about last minute deals for beach vacations and cruises. It's definitely a will power fight, haha. One day though, I would love to take a cruise. Never been on one before.

    • Ah our bad!! Lol some of those last minute cruise packages are amazing value, so I’m super impressed at your will power to fight it lol!

      Definitely consider taking a cruise one day though, maybe after your trip in the fall :)

  5. I did Croatia Sail, does that count as a cruise? I absolutely loved it! Tho’ I’ve never been on a larger cruise ship

    • Sailing Croatia sounds amazing, such a great place for it too. Definitely think about booking onto a cruise on a larger ship though – they’re so much fun! Something everyone should experience at least once :)

  6. I think it would be really fun to wake up in a new destination each day! I’ll have to go on a cruise someday.

    • Absolutely! It’s a floating hotel which means absolutely no horrible days in transit!

  7. I’ve never done an official cruise before, but I have sailed! And the thing I liked the best about sailing is the same as your one point: waking up to a new destination each day. I LOVED that about sailing through Croatia! :)

    • Sounds like everyone’s done the sailing through Croatia -awesome country for it!! I’ve only ever done sailing day trips, but would love to experience a proper tour and spend a few days at sea that way.

      Sounds like a really fun way to travel also :)

  8. Call me a cruise convert now, great article!!!

    • Glad to hear it! Enjoy!

  9. I’ve never really been one to think about going on a cruise, but you give some really good reasons for it! I always do like the fact of waking up in a new location though–it gives you an idea if you like the spot enough to return for a later trip one day!

    • Absolutely – and the same in reverse, for instance I took a cruse through the Pacific Islands and really wasn’t a fan of New Caledonia – so I’m glad I experienced the islands on a cruise and didn’t book a proper 2 week vacation. Cruises can be really great for figuring out which destinations are for you :)

  10. One day I’m going to do this. Not sure when, probably when I’m older and have no energy to hike anymore … but would love to explore the southeast of Alaska for sure!

    • Absolutely – you should splurge and reward yourself with a cruise after one of your epic multi-day hikes! No better way to relax and unwind :D

  11. I’ve always been hesitant to do a cruise because I don’t like the idea of being held hostage in the middle of the ocean, nor do I like having such a limited amount of time in the port stops. But I do like the way you framed it – as laying the groundwork for future vacations. Will consider ;)

    • My husband is the same way, and generally I agree re not having enough time to spend in each new port – though it really is a great way to get a feel for a general region if you’re unsure. I did a cruise of the Pacific Islands a few years ago and loved it. They weren’t islands I would have been happy allocating time for a full vacation, so I was glad that I could island hop and enjoy a new location each day :)

  12. So inspiring blog.Will surely plan a cruise holiday someday.Now its in my bucket list of 2015.


    • Glad you enjoyed the post Tanmay :) Have fun on your cruise!

  13. Lovely post..11 Loved it reading this, probably because I’ve never been on a cruise. But I’m definitely planning to go this year.!!!
    Thanks for Writing.


    • So glad you enjoyed the post Howard – and excited to hear you’ll be taking your first cruise! Enjoy!

  14. I like the food and cruise pictures, thanks for sharing this. I’ll planing for next tours after reading your blog

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Tom, and I’m glad we could inspire you to head on out and give it a go! Happy cruising!

  15. We tend to cruise with our family at Christmas. There’s plenty to do on and off the ship, and everyone can do whatever they want to, but we’re all still together. Since we’re spread all over the country, everyone has to travel no matter what, so a cruise is a perfect, affordable solution.

    • Brilliant idea! A cruise does sound like the perfect solution for everyone getting together – my family is in the same situation spotted all over the place, so I might actually suggest something like that for this coming Christmas. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before actually!

      Thanks Laura :)

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