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It’s a dream we’ve all fantasized about from time to time. A big lottery win, and millions in the bank!

Once the mortgage has been paid off, you’ve told the boss what he can do with his job and you’ve at last repaid that $100 you’ve owed your sister for the last three years, the next thing on most people’s mind is to see the world.

Where would you go with a massive lottery win? Here are our favorite spots.

Dream Vacation Spots for When You Win the Lottery

That Big Lottery Win Really Can Happen

It might sound like the stuff of fantasy, but from nine figure sums in the EuroMillions or US Powerball to just becoming a plain old millionaire on the Polish lottery, lottery wins happens every week!

Much has been written about how winners spend their money, and a common theme is that they often waste it on things they really don’t need. Take the example of the couple who bought an eight-bedroom mansion with seven bathrooms. It sounded amazing, but within weeks, they realised that they simply didn’t need such a big home. They soon sold up and moved somewhere more comfortable.

Travel, on the other hand, is another matter. New experiences, memories that last a lifetime and all in the pointy end of the plane and with luxury all the way. There really is no downside. In fact, the only question is where to go?

Island Paradise hotel RF

Start at the Burj

If there’s one city where nobody will bat an eyelid as you leave the airport in the Bugatti you hired for the weekend it is Dubai.

It might have stuttered a little over the past ten years of global recession, but it remains the playground of the Middle East, and love it or hate it, there’s nowhere quite like it on earth. In the city of excess, there’s one place to stay that stand head and shoulders above the rest. The Burj Al Arab looms over the city, both literally and figuratively.

It is often described as the world’s only seven star hotel, which is actually nonsense, as five star is the maximum rating, but the tag gives some indication of the splendour that awaits you in this beautiful hotel!

The most luxurious hotel in the world

Vegas, Baby!

If luck is on your side, perhaps Vegas should be your next port of call. There’s no shortage of luxury hotels, and if you’ve never been before, you will probably be surprised at just how reasonable they are price-wise. Especially after Dubai!

The point is, the casinos tend to heavily subsidise room rates and even restaurants, just to get people in the doors and spending money on the machines and gaming tables.Having said that, we can definitely find something a cut above the rest for those who want something truly exclusive!

The Sky Suites in the Aria hotel probably top most people’s list – amenities include a world class concierge service, which starts long before you even arrive and  24 hour butler service. Even the highly praised Mandarin Oriental and Four Seasons just can’t come close.

Fountains of Bellagio.

Get Away From it All

Dubai and Vegas are both amazing cities. They are also extremely busy. So perhaps the next stop should be somewhere you can get away from it all.

A lottery winner can do that quite literally – how about your own private island for a week? Musha Cay is a 150 acre tropical paradise in the Bahamas, owned by illusionist David Copperfield. You can rent the island for as long as you like, and while there is accommodation for 24, he only rents it to single parties at any one time.

Privacy and seclusion are guaranteed, and it is known as one of the most popular hideaways for the rich and famous.

People at the beach RF

King of the Castle?

For the European leg, you could enjoy some old fashioned luxury with your very own castle. There are plenty scattered across the UK and mainland Europe, but for sheer opulence, it is hard to see past Chateau Cotignac in France.

The 16-bedroom castle is set in the beautiful and unspoilt landscape of Provence, and boasts crystal chandeliers and Versailles-style marble floors.

There is a ballroom in case you want to invite some friends along, plus the small matter of three swimming pools and a helipad. A cook, housekeeper and chauffeur are all to hand whenever you need them.

Back to Bora Bora

Wherever you wander, there’s no place like home. Bora Bora is the ultimate luxury travel destination for Aussies who don’t want to spend 20 hours sitting on a plane.

Or perhaps you could simply factor it in as the last stop on your world tour. The most luxurious places to stay are actually on their own private islands, known as Motus. Most hotels have stunning overwater villas, with uninterrupted views of the crystal clear water.

There are a few top hotels to choose from, but perhaps the best known is the Conrad. Guests are transported to their room via golf cart, and the resort has become a favorite among the Kardashians.


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Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! They haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on their list.

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  1. Oh to win the lottery! If I did, I would travel and run women empowerment projects across the globe. Would love to really splash the cash though – Las Vegas is totally on my list and visiting Bora Bora would be lush <3

    • Lol I know right! It sounds like you would make a fabulous difference across the world if you won – and after having given so much back, you would definitely deserve to splash some cash!

  2. Such a fab article. Can never get enough reading about these fantastic places. Though we’ve been to dubai recently, pretty sure it doesn’t compare to the experience of staying at the Burj!

    • Glad you enjoyed it Rishabh! Maybe you’ll have the opportunity to stay at the Burj one day on a return trip :D

  3. oof – right in the dreams! My partner and I play the lotto occasionally with this exact thing in mind! Fab list, and totally getting discussed the next time the Euromillions is 50million +

    • I feel like everyone’s answer to “what would you do if you win the lotto” always includes world travel; bring me along when you win those Euromillions lol :D

  4. Great post that kept me dreaming during the whole time I was reading it! I would prefer to stay in Europe for a while after winning but then I think I would move to some Asian tropical paradise for ever!

    • Europe has some elegant luxury on offer for sure – what a whirlwind it would be to move through places like London, Paris, Tuscany etc on a huge budget! We can dream right! :)

  5. I was reading the post and thinking to myself, I have to tell Meg to add Bora Bora to this list HAHA. And then, you did! It’s true, there is a LOT you can do in Dubai if you have the big bucks, you can live like a king! And living on a private island in Bahamas also sounds pretty damn cool. But I’ve always wanted to travel to Bora Bora and unfortunately, it’s the one place you cannot get to (not from where I live) in a budget manner at all. Believe it or not, just a flight from Dubai to Bora Bora costs about $7000!!! I totally need to win a lottery for this one.

    • It wouldn’t be a list without Bora Bora haha! Oh wow though I didn’t realize the flights from Dubai were so expensive! Maybe if you find yourself on a holiday somewhere close to Bora Bora in the future, you could organize a side trip :)

  6. I used to dream about winning a lottery and where to go with the money.The 7 star hotel sounds cool since I used the hotel just as my background when I go to Dubai :D but I think if I win the lottery I want to travel non-stop instead of spending it on one or two trips. I am a travel addict :)

    • I still do lol :D I think traveling non stop and just jumping from luxe destination to luxe destination is probably what I would do too :D

  7. Such an interesting article Meg. I wish we win this lottery right away and hop over to the Musha Cay Island. The idea and thought of the whole Island belonging to us, itself is such a pleasant thing. I don’t know what and how it will be in reality

    • Glad you enjoyed it Suruchi :) I expect the reality of a place like Musha Cay would be one of those experiences which is even better than in the dream!

  8. Now you have me day dreaming! If I won the lottery I would go to Dubai, New York, Hong Kong, Maldives, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and so much more. I would would stay in the best hotels and do all the attractions in each place, eat amazing food, drink fine wines and go shopping!

    • Why not turn it into a luxe world tour right!! Sounds like an amazing list of places – feel free to bring me with you lol :D

  9. I’ve often thought of what I’d do if I won a big lottery sum. Some of these locations definitely make my list! Musha Cay definitely sounds like somewhere I would treat my friends and family to a visit. I already spend a lot of time in France, but staying in a castle (nay, BUYING a castle) is a bit of a dream – so tick off Chateau Cotignac too :-)

    • You could have an amazing gathering on Musha Cay for sure! Totally support the buying of a French castle too btw – put a towers aside for me? :D

  10. If I were to win that lottery, I would have picked the island from your list. Hell – I would love to be the king of the day with those stunning waters. Burj seems passe and Vegas too when I see that island. The closest option that gets me high would be the Chateau one! You have got me day dreaming!

    • Hell you could even buy your own private island if you won the lottery :D Maybe that’s the best way to go lol!

  11. Seriously lol at the spots to travel to if you win a lottery! I can’t even start to think of where money would be spent, but I definitely know that I will take a full year off to travel non stop around the world and share my experiences of it. That would be an amazing break away from constantly working hard to afford the next adventure

    • If I won the lottery I think I would take off for that year and probably never come back! Lol :D

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