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Exploring luxury holiday rentals in the UK can be a fascinating experience; from cottages to castles, the country has a lot of truly unique and historic rentals available. The only question now is where do you want to start?

The following are a range of options for holiday rentals in the UK … depending on how you want to feel! These luxury holiday rentals are ready to spice up your emotions to make your trip a memorable one.

I’m at Home in the Cotswolds

If you want to take your journey to Cotswolds, then better check out these luxury holiday rentals by Bruern. They are self-catering, so you can really enjoy with your family just like when you are at home.

One good thing about Bruern is that on your first night, you will be given luxurious food and drinks like champagne, homemade cakes and local artisan cheese along with your favorite home foods like eggs and sausages.

So if you want to take that “at home” feeling on your journey, then this place is perfect for you.

I Am Royalty in Scotland

Scotland offers luxurious holiday castles like Ayrshire Castle. The castle has existed for a while now since it was built in the 15th century.

This was a wedding present for Princess Mary, daughter of James II of Scotland. So if you feel like becoming a royalty on your holiday break, then this place is just right for you.

The castle can accommodate up to 14 people, and if you only wanted a short break, then you’ll need to spend £1,770. If you and your family or friends decided to stay for a week, then it would cost around £2,950 to £3,750.

I Feel the Farm in the Midlands

Discovering the beauty of the Midlands is an excellent idea, and if you want to spend your break at a farmhouse, then you should stay at Severn Farmhouse. This place is one of the luxury holiday rentals that the Midlands provides.

It is located within a 65-acre land with a vineyard. You will have fun seeing the area’s countryside. This amazing farmhouse is around £2,187 to £4,601 a week.

There are many rural properties available for stay throughout the East Midlands, some farm stays privately owned, though many operating under estate management.

I Own a Lake in Ireland

So you want to spend your holiday in Ireland near a lake? Well, you should stay at The Lake House. This place is situated on the shores of Caragh Lake. Here, the lake is the first thing you will see in the morning and the last at night.

Aside from that, if you want to experience some special activities, the owners are happy to arrange it for you with the help of the local outdoor personnel. You can do lake sailing, bushcraft in the forest that’s just behind the place and sea kayaking. A week stay in the house will cost £2,633 to £3,291.


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  1. Great info on the luxury options. Thanks. My bucket list keeps getting looooooonger.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post – luxury accommodation which has a story and some history is the best :)

  2. Imagine hiring one of these! I’ll take the one in Scotland I think :)

    • Incredible accommodation experience right! Definitely memorable at least :) Who doesn’t want to say they’ve stayed in a legit castle!!

  3. How lovely that the Bruern house gives welcome treats. But I have to say that I can only imagine what it would be like to sleep in a 15th century castle in Scotland! :D What a scenery to wake up to, right! :)

    • Absolutely, Bruern house is one of those where you really feel welcomed and at home :)

      And agreed on the castle in Scotland – once in a lifetime experience right!!

  4. The Scottish castle sounds OK with us as long as the evil villain doesn’t follow us there. Wait a minute, that’s the end of James Bond’s Skyfall.

    Seriously, we visited a place in Hereford that was outstanding. The owner did mention that their place was often rented out by famous people and their entourages, getting away from everyone. They didn’t mention any names.

    • Haha it does seem like you’d be living the life of a Bond film right!! Feels quite surreal to be immersed in the type of landscapes you see in incredible Hollywood films.

      Always fun too to imagine who may have stayed in the past. Too bad the owner didn’t mention names lol!

  5. The UK must be the place which has the most charming and vintage mansions that one could rent. But renting a castle is definitely something that actually transforms dreams into reality. This is something that we would love to do some day when we get to UK and bask in luxury the way Royalty did in the times gone by.

    • Agree with you there – the UK has such a long and rich cultural heritage, and there are so many well preserved mansions, estates, cottages, and castles which were previously royal homes etc which are available now for rent, to transport you into a world of luxury living, and back in time.

      It really is a dream destination if you’re looking for unique accommodation which in itself is the main event :)

  6. Even 5-10 years from today. one could not have imagined such unbelievable experiences as alternatives to regular accommodation in so many destinations. Travel styles and opportunities are really changing so fast. Lovely list. Will save this for future.

    • Absolutely – it’s quite incredible to look at how the travel industry has evolved and the types of experiences on offer to everyday travelers now. The UK is a great spot for varied accommodation experiences – we love the range :)

  7. We don’t normally stay in luxury places when we travel because we want to spread our money, but these do look nice. I wouldn’t mind visiting Scotland again.

    • We’re usually the same, though sometimes an accommodation experience pops up which is totally worth the splurge – a Scottish castle for instance :D Can highly recommend it – we stayed in a castle in 2011 and it was the highlight of our time in Europe.

  8. Oh wow! I would love to stay at the bruern cottages in Cotswolds. Cotswolds has been on my list since my time in London. Really wanted to go, but didn’t get a chance. I would love to take my husband there some day. Looks so romantic!

    • Bruern cottages in the Cotswolds is a great place for a romantic escape. Definitely carve out some time for a detour if you have the chance to visit London again :)

  9. I like all your proposals but I think that in the end I would pick the Scottish Castle. I’ve visited a couple (as a tourist) and I think that it would be a great way to spend a week or so with a group of friends. Plus I love Scotland!

    • Thanks Elisa! The Scottish castle is probably my favorite also … really unique way to spend an overnight!! And yes, Scotland as a destination in it’s own right is the best!

  10. All these rental options look great and would love to explore some of them for sure. The Scottish castle experience will be once in a lifetime thing.

    • The Scottish castle seems to be a fan fav! Really is one of the most unique experiences to say you’ve spent overnight!

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