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Luxury Accommodation You Can Only Dream of Staying In

Authored by Tom at

Just like most people when it comes to traveling the world, I keep a very long bucket list, and have recently started crossing off dream destinations and epic experiences alike.

For backpacking travelers like me, luxury hotels and vacation clubs are a dream. Egyptian cotton, silk pillows, and the finest Italian Frette. It would be amazing to rest my head in luxury everywhere I go.

For right now these spectacular hotels remain active on my bucket-list, though who knows, sometimes dreams do come true! Here are 4 of the most luxurious accommodations around the world of which I would love to organize a stay if money was no object!

Burj Al Arab in Dubai

Topping my list is the only 7 star hotel in the world. Known for its jaw-dropping architecture and engineering, Burj Al Arab is one of the most famous landmarks in Dubai. Shaped to resemble the sail of a ship, it’s unique design has made it famous all over the world.

The hotel stands on a reclaimed island in Jumeirah beach. Housing 202 luxurious suites, this haven offers travelers the total privacy and luxury that every vacation deserves. Guests may choose to arrive the hotel via helicopter, and enjoy an aerial view of the city of Dubai in the process.

Guest-rooms come with the option of private butler service, and don’t be surprised if you’re offered the use of a gold iPad! Various luxury cars are also available for hire for those wanting to take a Ferrari or Lamborghini for a spin. After all, there’s no better way to fit in as a local in Dubai!!

Images by: Peter Gronemann and Kunal Mukherjee via Flickr

Shemshak Lodge, Courchevel

Shemshak Lodge is a stunning ski chalet in Courchevel, France, and is truly ultimate in ski accommodation.

Shemshak is a dream destination for any ski lover, and having this as your base for a ski holiday definitely allows for bragging rights. Set right on the piste and with service that would please even the most demanding customer, there really is no better place to get your ski on. And Courchevel itself isn’t too bad either!

Make this ski dream a reality and book with Consensio Chalets.

Ski RF

Palacio Nazarenas in Cusco

Now one of the world’s most luxurious hotels, the Belmond Palacio Nazarenas was once a palace, then a convent, and now a hotel. Today it is one of the most exclusive hotels in Cusco.

An ancient fountain sits at the heart of the hotel, and continues to capture the hearts of many guests today. Alongside sits the first outdoor heated pool in the city.

The 55 luxurious suites come in various styles, all equipped with their own private bar where guests can choose to enjoy concocting their own drinks. Worth a try, isn’t it?! Moreover, a large well-preserved chapel stands near the entrance, and a library full of artifacts is found on the second level. This property is a living history book, and a luxurious one at that!

For those who wish to pamper themselves with a relaxing massage when in Peru, the spa is open to serve you. And, who could forget the fine restaurants? Dine in and you will gladly be served with its famous local cuisine.

Spa and wellness RF

The Peninsula Hotel in Tokyo

While Japan remains one of Asia’s top tourist destinations, one should not miss visiting Tokyo, and organizing a stay at the Peninsula Hotel.

The world class hotel can be reached through a variety of elegant transportation services such as helicopters, riverboats or motor yachts, or perhaps you prefer to travel via tuk-tuk, jeepney or BMW instead. Of course, your gastronomic experience will be filled with only the finest in local cuisine and other Japanese delicacies as well.

Each of the Peninsula’s private rooms are uniquely structured for a comfortable lifestyle. Not to mention, the Peninsula Tokyo has gained recognition for its patronage to support energy conservation.

Now that the movement behind responsible travel is truly taking hold, the hotel’s commitment to be an environmentally responsible hotel attracts more tourists than almost any other luxury property in the world.

Japan being famous for its cherry blossoms, the hotel also keeps up a range of beautiful decorative displays allowing guests the opportunity to truly experience the famous season. Contact Ampersand Travel for more information.


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  1. Hm…I’ve been at the Burj and really didn’t like it – it’s ostentatious and laking true refinement. Okay the view from the restaurant at the top was sweet.

    Peninsula in Tokyo is also only, decent but didn’t like it either. Rather go for the four seasons (way bigger rooms and better service; is a boutique hotel tho). Ur best option in Tokyo would be the Aman Resort. You’ll have your own onsen in your room.Only recently opened so getting a room will still be easy.

    As for Cusco – I’ll be at the Palacio Nazarenas in 5 weeks. Hope I can tell u more by then. It looks nice for sure.

    • Sorry to hear that Norman; I’ve been to Dubai myself but only appreciated the Burj from afar. One day I would love to experience it for myself – one of those things I think you’ve just gotta do! Even if I only go to the restaurant and splurge for the view :D

      Thanks for the tip re the Aman Resort Tokyo, will add that to the bucketlist also. We’re moving to Australia in a month or two so will be fairly close to Asia and hopefully can organize a trip :)

      Enjoy your time in Cusco – looking forward to hearing about your experience. I hope the hotel proves to be better for you than your experiences thus far :)

      Safe travels!

  2. Hi Tom and Megan,

    Nice looking selection which most of us can only dream of. I guess as the most famous the Burj is on the list of most people, true Arabic indulgence. Although I’m sorry to read Norman’s comment that he didn’t think much too it.

    We were just very excited last week whilst staying in a Marriott to receive a complimentary upgrade to a suite. It was lovely to be honest having a separate lounge, nice bathroom and entrance hallway. We couldn’t find a butler though!

    • Glad you enjoyed the post :) The Burj is definitely the most famous I think; I walked past while in Dubai a few years ago though didn’t venture inside. Would love to splurge and do dinner there one evening even if I didn’t manage to make an overnight stay work.

      Your Marriott suite sounds amazing! Anything which has an entrance hallway I think would excite me :D!

  3. These hotels sound so nice. I dreamed of hotels when I was hosteling it in Australia.

    • Don’t they! I think I need to starts a bucket-list for just hotels alone!! Australian hotels can definitely be expensive – so glad you got to experience the country though, Aus hostels are a great way to go if you’re on that tighter budget :)

  4. The Burj Al Arab in Dubai would be an amazing property to stay at! Wow .. a 7 star property! Some of us can only dream! :)

    • Doesn’t it look divine! I’ll have to pull up some info as to how they allot the star based system. I wonder what sets a 7 star property apart from a 5 star for instance. Probably the inclusion of a heli-pad lol!

  5. I was lucky enough to be invited to a Burj Al Arab suite once and the word luxurious does not even begin to describe it. Yes, it was over the top (because that’s how luxury is in Dubai) and there was a private butler and everything! I can only imagine how it must be living there. Oh and not to forget the fantastic view from the rooms.

    • Wow Natasha, so glad to hear you’ve had the fortune of experiencing the Burj, and so glad it lived up to it’s luxurious reputation! I can imagine it probably would be over the top, maybe even to the point of being uncomfortable? Though I could definitely find a way to be comfortable if the opportunity to live there presented itself I’m sure lol!

  6. Great article, There are some places in Australia that stand out and also so many luxury accommodation available in Australia. They provide best accommodation service to make your journey stress free

    • Thanks Shrona :) Agree with you on Australia – there are some truly spectacular properties here, especially if looking at glamping which I’ve noticed has really started to take off :)

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