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Cuba Travel Resources (How to Plan a Trip to Cuba)

Cuba Travel Resources

Everything you need to plan a trip to Cuba + all Cuba blog posts


Find the cheapest flights to Cuba with free email alerts from Dollar Flight Club; a free email subscription where you get notified every time a cheap deal hits the web. Members save $500 USD on average per flight. A similar deals site is Airfarewatchdog.

If you’re happy doing your own research, click to compare prices on flights with Skyscanner.

Or, get clever with your bookings and use AirWander to discover stopovers via cheap multi city flights.

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Staying with a local family in Cuba is much cheaper than opting for a hotel (which are all government run).

Homestays in Cuba are called ‘casas’, and allows you to interact with local Cubans, and experience the country the way a local would.

Check rates and availability on Cuba accommodation via CubaEden. You’ll find that many of the mainstream booking sites don’t list accommodation in Cuba.


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Don’t just admire the classic cars in Cuba – rent one from Zun Zun Car!

There’s no better way to feel like a local than driving the streets with the top down in a classic 1950’s convertible; you can rent a car with a driver and adjust your itinerary to go wherever you like!

Or, organize a transfer from the airport so you don’t rock up and find yourself stranded in Havana.



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For small group tours that are open to Americans, the following two companies have fantastic itineraries that allow you to explore the real Cuba, beyond what you see on a postcard. Click to view itineraries from:

Our favorite travel guides for Cuba are listed below; we typically love Lonely Planet, however their guides aren’t overly accurate for this country.

? Click to view all itineraries & tours


Travel insurance in Cuba is mandatory – you won’t get past immigration without it.

We recommend travel medical insurance with SafetyWing; a reliable company with plans for as little as $37 for 4 weeks.

Stock up on Travelan to avoid Travellers’ Diarrhoea while you’re overseas – an all natural, gluten free prevention.

Learning Spanish before you go will greatly improve your safety while in the country.

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Free Wi-Fi does not exist in Cuba. It is also very slow, and only available in hotels and some other specific spots, such as public parks. The price starts from 1 CUC for an hour.

Always use a VPN when connecting to the internet overseas. This allows you to re-route the connection through your home country meaning you can’t be hacked. You can also get around country based censorship / location based restrictions with this. We use HotSpot Sheild VPN.

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Articles We’ve Written About / Mentioning Cuba

What to Pack for a Trip to Latin America

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What to Pack for a Trip to Latin America

Latin America is a HUGE region with many different climates and ecosystems that neighbor each other, so we don’t blame you if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the impossibility of what to pack.

One day you could be sunbathing in Colombia and the next trekking through a rainforest in Peru – with 20 different states and territories, Latin America makes up nearly 13% of the Earth’s total land surface area!

So, how can you pack for such a diverse continent in one backpack? Read on for our top packing tips for your upcoming Latin / South America trip.

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10 Things to Know Before Traveling to Cuba

Posted by on 4:48 pm in Blog, Cuba | 9 comments

10 Things to Know Before Traveling to Cuba

Cuba has been a popular tourist destination for many years, and especially now that their relationship has warmed with the United States, tourism to the island has never been higher.

And for good reason! Cuba is so different from any other country; travelers can seek romance in its old colonial streets, step back in time thanks to an old-world spirit, feel the heat of the Latin culture, or turn to nature for a relaxing quietness.

Everyone has their own reasons to visit Cuba, however, all travelers agree on one thing: Cuba is a unique country with a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, the result of several centuries of complex history and mixed culture.

While Cuba’s uniqueness is it’s main appeal, this can also be the cause of much confusion. Life on the island flows at its own pace, so it’s not uncommon that first time travelers rock up unprepared.

To help you out, the following are 10 things you should know before traveling to Cuba. Some of them may seem surprising, or even unbelievable, but all may be of great help while planning your trip, as well as during your stay.

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Legal Travel to Cuba For Americans (Updated Jan 2020)

Posted by on 3:48 pm in Blog, Cuba, Travel Tips | 71 comments

Legal Travel to Cuba For Americans (Updated Jan 2020)

Cuba tourism is booming, and all American’s can now legally travel to Cuba – with some limitations.

American travelers have been restricted from visiting Cuba for years now due to a trade embargo preventing the US from spending money on the island, and while “tourist travel” is still prohibited, travel restrictions are now less severe, and any American wishing to travel to Cuba may do so for one of 12 reasons.

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How Safe is Cuba for Tourists?

Posted by on 10:35 pm in Blog, Cuba, Travel Tips | 8 comments

How Safe is Cuba for Tourists?

Cuba is a country of indefinable magic. Think beautifully kept colonial cities, pristine beaches, awe inspiring nature, intriguing culture, an innate musicality, and food that will leave you licking your fingers wanting more.

Cuba tourism is booming now that their relationship has warmed with the United States, and a lot more people are starting to plan travel to the island.

But exactly how safe is it? You might be surprised to hear that, according to a recent survey conducted by the Center of Responsible Travel, Cuba is one of the safest destinations for tourists in the world.

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Budget Travel Hacks: Tips For Traveling Cuba for Cheap

Posted by on 10:52 pm in Adventure Travel, Blog, Budget Travel, Cuba, Travel Tips | 36 comments

Budget Travel Hacks: Tips For Traveling Cuba for Cheap

Cuba tourism is booming now that their relationship has warmed with the United States, and a lot more people are starting to plan travel to the island.

Though many people are surprised that Cuba is not a cheap country to travel through. And it’s not, if you stay in fancy hotels and eat at the typical tourist taunts. Group tour packages run between $3,000 – $5,000 right now and many times this price doesn’t even include your flight!

Though as US travel restrictions are loosened and tourism floodgates open, there are many ways for you to travel through Cuba on the cheap. And, if you follow through to the giveaway at the bottom of the post, ViaHero is giving residents of Canada and the United States a chance to travel to Cuba for free!

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Countries Which Won’t Let You In Without Health Insurance

Posted by on 9:43 pm in Antarctica, Blog, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Healthy Travel, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Travel Tips, UAE | 126 comments

Countries Which Won’t Let You In Without Health Insurance

There are many, many reasons you should purchase health insurance when traveling abroad, the most obvious being to protect yourself in the case of an emergency, though some countries are beginning to require health coverage as a mandatory condition of entry, meaning travelers no longer have the choice to travel without a plan.

Expat hubs around the world are beginning to require mandatory health insurance before issuing a visa, and more and more countries are deciding to refuse entry without it. Many travelers don’t realize that without the correct insurance, they could be turned away from the destination they are visiting before they make it past airport arrivals.

The following countries are among those jumping on the trend of making health insurance mandatory for those wishing to travel or live overseas.

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Hiking the Mighty El Yunque, Cuba

Posted by on 10:44 pm in Adventure Travel, Blog, Cuba, Writers | 17 comments

Hiking the Mighty El Yunque, Cuba

Cuba is an absolutely breathtaking country, one which leaves visitors both puzzled and captured at the same time. And while many head to Cuba and don’t wander far past Havana, I always feel that in order for my travels to be accomplishing something, I need to get down and dirty on a good, tiring hike. Cuba did not disappoint in this sense.

From UNESCO-Listed biosphere reserves, lush mountain ranges, protected landscapes and endemic wildlife, the diversity of Cuba’s ecosystems astounds and bewilders. Of the many amazing hiking trails throughout the country, some of them completely exhausting though a lot of fun, one which stands out is the El Yunque.

And while Cuba isn’t short on choice if you’re looking for things to do, I can highly recommend hiking as an activity which everyone can appreciate and enjoy.

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