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It was 110 degrees when we left Los Angeles earlier in June this year (43 degrees Celsius). We were Australia bound after having finished a 3 month road trip from the bottom of the States to the very top. The Californian sun was spectacular, so I boarded my flight in my tank top, shorts and thongs (flip flops…always feel the need to translate there). Women’s travel clothes. 

In my carry on was a spare change of clothes, clean underwear and a light overthrow. 20 hours of flying later and I realized I had made the first rookie error of flight. I wasn’t wearing suitable clothing for the weather of my final destination, and I didn’t have an appropriate change of clothes.

I disembarked in Sydney to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, or as we in Australia call that…0 degrees. I had forgotten the implications of traveling to Australia in June. The best travel clothing for women.

The rest of the world operates under the mistaken impression that Australia is blessed with a sunny climate all year round. And in certain parts like the tropical north, that may well be true. Though for the majority of the country who live in cities along Australia’s east coast, it’s a very different story come June, July and August. Travel jackets for cold destinations. 

For anyone choosing to take advantage of the off season and travel here during winter (and there are still plenty of spectacular things to do), I can’t overstate the importance of the following advice: Sprayway jackets review. 

Pack a Warm Jacket For Cold Weather Destinations

Straight forward advice. Though it’s these prickly common sense tips which we seem to often allow to slip our mind…and I’m including myself in that. And since Blacks has just launched a brand new line of high quality coats, jackets and fleeces designed by Sprayway, I was quite eager to get my hands on something warm. Best jackets for overseas travel which are waterproof. 

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Because a little bit of rain shouldn’t stop you from hiking. And cold weather shouldn’t stop you from getting outdoors. In fact, we actually prefer exploring when the weather’s a little bit blue – lighting is better for photography, no-one else is ever around, and there’s something much more adventurous about being outside during a storm, or trekking through a light layer of snow on the ground. What waterproof jacket should I buy?

In love with the new range from Sprayway, I put in an order for a Parka and a High Loft Fleece and Blacks kindly send them for me to review. I reviewed the women’s range, though there is an equally as impressive range for men. If you’re considering any kind of cold weather adventure in the future and looking for a high quality jacket which will last, you need these too.

Women’s Ash Waterproof Parka

This is a classy parka. Sprayway have done an amazing job with the design. It’s looks absolutely fabulous, though it also boasts premium technology which keeps you both dry and comfortable while out hiking through the rain.

The biggest thing for me as a traveler is that it’s light. Any kind of jacket you travel with is going to take up more room in your bag than another piece of clothing, so I will normally wear my coat onto the plane. The fact that it’s light and incredibly breathable makes this a fantastic choice for both wet and dry weather wear. Fashionable women’s travel clothes. 

The removable hood is a very cool feature making it incredibly versatile for different types of wears. The hood comes off via press studs meaning it’s steadily fastened and fully waterproof while it’s on, though very easy to detach when you need to. How to look stylish when you travel.

The hood strikes the perfect balance between keeping your face completely covered from rain, while still giving you enough room to breathe.

It stops just above my eyes and stays firmly in place which doesn’t impact my ability to see; when zipped to the top there is adequate space to move your neck and breathe so that you’re not being strangled when you button it right up. 5 stars for comfort and practical design.

The fabric is beautiful, and fully waterproof when put to the test. It has a 2 Layer Hydro-dry fabric with a unique marl finish, and an Inso Therm lining inside which is so comfortable and soft, though also very warm. It’s difficult to find a rain jacket which is both waterproof and warm, so in the past I would wear layers just to keep in the heat. Absolutely no issue here though, and wearing this parka means you’ll neither be wet or cold.

There are two hand warmer pockets in the front of the jacket, and I found these extremely useful for placing items like my passport and phone since they’re of a very decent depth. Stylish travel jackets.

There is an external waist belt adjuster, though I personally found this to be mainly for design. The jacket zips up and then buttons up too, so while the belt adjuster is fabulous if you want it to sit tighter around your waist, I didn’t find I needed it to keep the jacket closed or properly in place.

For more information check the product page at Blacks. It’s fashionable, comfortable, practical and versatile. I love it to death.

Women’s Aspen High Loft Fleece

This fleece is the softest thing which will ever touch your skin. And it’s also the warmest thing you’ll ever wear. This super-luxurious fleece boasts a high loft fleece fabric for amazing softness and exceptional warmth. It’s an ultra-cosy piece which keeps out the chill on the coldest of days and it’s so comfortable I’ve essentially ended up living in it. Good quality raincoat for travel. 

It’s a very simple and straight forward design – there is a lace up collar for added warmth and cosiness, and the neck comes right up to your chin which is different from other fleeces I’ve worn in the past, though it’s so cosy you’ll never want to wear anything else again. The interior of the fleece is the same fabric used for the front, so it’s just as warm and comfortable as it looks from the outside.

There are two front pockets which are just large enough to fit a smartphone, and with a very smooth lining for warming your hands. This is the kind of fleece you see someone wearing on the streets on a cold day and wish you were wearing too.

Check the product page at Blacks for more information.


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Megan is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging since 2007, with the main aim of inspiring others to embark on their own worldwide adventure. Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! They haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on their list.

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Blacks provided both Sprayway jackets complimentary for an honest review. My opinion was in no way influenced by the ridiculous comfort and warmth of the high loft fleece, nor was it influenced by the high fashion and practical use of the waterproof Sprayway Parka.

I would be absolutely happy to purchase these items and highly recommend them for travel to cold weather destinations…or for those who suffer through cold weather at home!


  1. I like the look of the first one. I’m always missing a goof travel jacket in my wardrobe.

    • The Parka really is fab, and I’ve been able to wear it as a regular jacket in dry weather too without looking ridiculous :D It’s been great because it’s so versatile :)

  2. D and I are terrible packers. We always manage to pack too many of the wrong clothes and too few of the right ones but a decent jacket each has been a mainstay since our first overseas trip together more than thirty years ago. It is probably the single most important thing (after your passport) to pack.

    • I know that feeling all too well! Happy to hear that you’ve also realized the importance of a decent jacket though – really does make all the difference when you’re traveling. If you end up in a cold or wet destination without one it really can ruin your stay!

  3. I like the sound of the fleece being ultra soft. I have one, and it is from a very reputable brand, but it sure isn’t soft and therefore annoys me.Might look onto this one

    • Definitely consider the High Loft Fleece Paula – if it’s soft that you’re looking for this is the top of the range!

  4. I needed that jacket on a recent trip to BC, Canada. I tried to pack light as I was going on to Utah (which was blisteringly hot), not realising we would be hiking along mountain tops in BC. It was freezing!

    • Oh no! Sorry to hear that you got stuck in the cold Deb – I’ve been in your shoes though and learnt that very same lesson the hard way too so I feel your pain! I’ve started making room for my favorite travel jacket now regardless of where we’re going because I’ve found that when it comes to both the weather and our itinerary, you just never know!

  5. I made the same mistake on my first trip to New Zealand. I had no idea it got cold there! Then someone explained that they are as far south of the equator as Minnesota is north of the equator and it all made sense. Chilly times though!

    • Absolutely – seriously, it was so cold in Australia when we got here that our heating unit was blowing out cold air because it had frozen over from being outside in minus degrees!!

  6. We did the opposite – going from cold grey London to sunny humid Asia so faced the opposite problem in a way. We had to factor in mountain treks however, like in Nepal. But with a backpack to pack in your entire life it’s a bit tricky. We learnt the key to it is layers instead of thick jackets, like that lovely Aspen fleece.

    • Totally understand where you’re coming from there – I backpacked to Tanzania a few years back and while I had to consider clothes for the hot Serengeti while on safari, we then climbed Kilimanjaro so I had to pack clothes for all seasons and weather.

      Does end up taking up quite a lot of room, though I think we’ve now got our packing down to a fine art with rolling instead of folding :D

  7. They both look wonderful on you but I really do like that parka. Living in the Philippines for six years, I’m going to probably need to layer both of them and forget about how I look when I visit home this winter. Not looking forward to the weather, to be honest!

    • They’re both so comfy! Definitely make sure you’ve set yourself up with something warm before you disembark that plane! Will definitely help with the transition – you get so used to warm weather after spending so long in one part of the world that you forget!

  8. I live in the Philippines, we don’t really need all these winter coats. However, I usually travel during the cold. Back when I was teaching, that was my free time. I struggled to get a decent jacket. I felt like what I had was fine since it never really got that cold here but when I was in Japan and it was 7 degrees, I nearly froze to death. I need to equip myself more with these coats.

    • Absolutely Karla – we get so used to the weather in our home country that it easily slips our mind to consider warmer clothes for other climates when we go. Especially if you haven’t experienced a different climate before like snow.

      Definitely consider setting yourself up with a coat for when you travel – being cold can ruin a trip!

  9. Meg, they look like great jackets! And I can only imagine walking into a Sydney winter in summer clothing. It is good to have lightweight outer layers which also pack small to fit into your luggage.

    • They really are! And I’ll never make that mistake again! Man it was cold!!

  10. To be honest, I’m always missing a good (and maybe waterproof) travel jacket when I’m on the road. I don’t know why, but I just can’t be bothered with choosing one :D I have to get around it, one day!

    • Here you go then, have narrowed it down to two choices for you :D The Parka is actually really fab if you’re looking for something which works well in both wet and dry conditions. Love it to death & highly recommend :)

  11. I’m all about packing light and efficiently (aka: carry on only!) no matter where we go, how long we’ll be there and the temps That means layers layers layers. I’m all about investing in a quality item that is versatile and will last. Like you said, cold, rain, etc can’t stop me from traveling!

    • Yep, it’s started to become all about investing in quality for us too – I realized that it’s much better to purchase something which will last and do a good job re keeping your dry and warm, and when you’re traveling, versatility really is key to keeping your luggage light!

      Definitely look into the Parka if you’re looking for a new versatile jacket which can be worn in the rain :)

  12. I really like the look of the first one – it would work fine over a dress or skirt in the evening too I think? And, detachable hood is always useful, though I have a bad habit of losing them when I actually need them!

    • Absolutely – that’s why I love it so much, you could wear it in a number of different scenarios and it’s still stylish! Detachable hood comes in really handy in those instances where you do choose to wear it out over the top of a dress or skirt lol though yes, I’ve learned to get into the habit of re-attaching things like this as soon as I get back home or to the hotel otherwise I lose them too!

  13. Turned into a model now? :D Great blog :)

    • Hey if you’ve got the looks right :D lol thanks Danik!

  14. I am just about to pack for a trip to Europe and Namibia. The weather and the cold in Xmas Europe is an issue because Namibia will be warm. A light jacket that can keep me warm will be key and I was looking to buy one since I’ve lived in the tropics for a decade! Will check these ones out, they must have thicker winter jackets too right?

    • Definitely look into the Parka then because it’s versatile and can be worn in both wet and dry settings, and it’s very light for a rain jacket.

      If you head over to the Sprayway page they have a larger range of jackets than just these two, and there are thicker winter jackets there too. Thought the fleece is all you’ll need for braving the winter cold – it’s seriously the best thing you could buy to keep you warm!

  15. I guess fleece must be really nice! I need something like this. Right now I am In love with primaloft, small and warm, you can hide it into its pocket :)

    • The fleece is amazing!! Highly recommend if you’re looking for something super warm. Haven’t heard of Primaloft before, will have to check it out – thanks for the tip :)

  16. Good suggestions – the waterproof parka is a good idea; we should always be prepared for any kind of rainy or cold weather to protect our equipment and health while on the road.

    • Absolutely Mary – the amount of times I’ve traveled overseas and found myself in the rain without a waterproof jacket handy. Or had a waterproof jacket however it didn’t provide any insulation. So happy with this jacket now that I’ve learned the hard way!!

  17. Nice article….Thanks

    • You’re welcome, glad the review was helpful for you :)

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