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On the eve of summer holidays, many couples set their heart on Lake Como, which is the crown jewel of Italy. This lake can be recognized as one of the most important sights in northern of Italy: an amazing blue surface surrounded by tiny villages and mountains in a blue-green haze.

There are different villas and apartments for a family or a couple, many of which are very affordable if you’re splitting the cost with others / a group. The following are our Airbnb favorites, with the main criteria, of course, an amazing view of the lake. (

Airbnb Favorites: How to Spend an Amazing Vacation on Lake Como

Apartment of the Artist

€ 220 per night

This accommodation has an area of 270 square meters and is within five minutes from the shore of the lake. It does not need special representation.

The apartment will attract you by huge windows, as well as the number of incredible details, canvases with paintings and books as if they were casually left on the floor. All these things turn the apartment into a real treasure for lovers of a true dwelling!

Airbnb Favorites On Lake Como

Ancient Light Villa

€ 120 per night

This is a bright accommodation in an ancient villa with a wonderful garden and a terrace by the lake. What else do you need for an unforgettable holiday together with your beloved one?

Not so long ago the apartment was completely renovated, and now stylish modern furniture is perfectly combined with antique findings. This villa is perfect for loving couples or families and is an ideal place for exploring Lake Como.

Residence of the XIX Century

€ 150 per night

San Giuseppe is not just a villa but an elegant residence, built in the late 19th century in Faggeto Lario, in the midst of a huge green garden.

From the windows of the attic, where the residence is located, offers a picturesque view of the lake. In the living room, there is a fireplace where you can gather in the evenings and discuss the impressions of the local beauties.

Airbnb Favorites On Lake Como

Romantic Place for a Loving Couple

€ 110 per night

This bright and spacious apartment is located in the Art Nouveau villa. The accommodation is ideal for couples who dream of a romantic holiday in a pleasant solitude.

At your disposal are a big and sunny living room, kitchen, bathroom and an amazing bedroom with original antique furniture.

Modern Apartment with a Terrace in a Tiny Village

€ 135 per night

This apartment in the quiet lake village of Pognana-Lario has one indisputable advantage, it is a terrace overlooking the lake.

Just imagine how you eat breakfast in the early morning, peering at the lake’s surface and listening to the singing of birds! The pastel-colored apartment is decorated in a classic style, and in the modern kitchen, you can prepare delicious dinner.

Airbnb Favorites On Lake Como

Manor with a Rooftop Terrace

€ 229 per night

This beautiful manor of 170 square meters was built 500 years ago! The apartment is located on three floors, beautifully designed modern bedrooms are combined with an unusual dining room with stone walls and an antique fireplace.

And on the roof, there is a huge terrace where you can eat, chill out and, of course, enjoy the panorama of the lake. This villa is perfect for a big company or family.

Charming Apartment With a Private Garden

€ 152 per night

The canopy bed, antique furniture, bathroom with vaulted ceiling are not all the advantages of the apartment in Brienno. There is an enchanting private garden where you can admire a beautiful view of the harbor and the lake.

In the garden, there is some furniture for unforgettable breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.


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Photo credits: Rooftops by neil roger. Lake Como by Jessica Bartley. Pognana-Lario by Danny Navarro.


  1. The Manor with a Rooftop Terrace sounds just awesome! I love stone walls, they remind me of home and the terrace sounds like a great place from which to host some great dinner parties or just chill!

    • Hope you have the chance to travel soon! The Manor with a Rooftop Terrace is a dreamy place :)

  2. Cool article. Did you actually get to stay in all these places? They all sound so amazing, I don’t know how anyone would choose.

    • Not all of them, but we’re making our way through! Definitely a difficult one to choose!

  3. The view from Romantic Place for a Loving Couple looks so awesome. And to think it is the cheapest of them all. Does that mean the size is small?

    • It’s pretty spacious for a one bedroom, with a full living space, kitchen, bathroom and an amazing bedroom :)

  4. I was quite intrigued by the first one – Ancient Light Villa. It seems like a lovely blend of old world charm and contemporary. Nice collection that you have managed here.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Ami! Hope you have the chance to travel soon :)

  5. Lake Como is such a gorgeous dream destination! The photos are a reminder it’s been too long since my last trip to Italy. I love the local feel of Airbnbs. Besides, who wouldn’t want to stay in their own villa or apartment in a perfect Italian landscape?!?! Seriously, I’d take any of them, but I’d love to wake up to the views from the Residence of the XIX Century!

    • Isn’t it! On the top of many a list! We love the local feel of Airbnbs also – makes it feel like a much more immersive experience when you’re in an apartment over a hotel. And a villa in Italy is the ultimate dream right! Even if it’s only for a few days – a week.

      The Residence of the XIX Century is a great one – hope you have the chance to plan another trip soon!

  6. I go to Lake Como a lot so these reviews are great for me! We have stayed in a few different hotels & apartments, but not any of these! Wil pin for future reference.

    • Have a great time on your next trip! Glad we could help :)

  7. I would want to stay at the romantic place for a couple just based off of that view alone. Plus, it’s the most budget-friendly. How is it possible to have that kind of view for that price point? That Ancient Light Villa looks pretty magical as well. I’ve never been to Lake Como, but now I have the perfect spot to stay, huh?

    • It’s crazy right! Living the Italian dream! Lake Como is absolutely the perfect spot if you’re looking for a romantic getaway – highly recommend :)

  8. Lake Como is a beautiful destination. If you go, don’t miss out on neighboring Lake Maggiore, which is one of my favorite of the Italian lakes.

    I don’t do Airbnbs as a personal safety choice and just prefer the amenities of hotels over apartments, but each sounds lovely anyway.

    • Thanks for the tip on neighboring Lake Maggiore – the whole region is so stunning isn’t it!

      Always a personal choice, there are some stunning hotel options in the area too :)

  9. the rooftop terrace is for me one great choice. i always see romantic photos and heard good things about lake como. this will help in future plans

    • Hope you have the chance to travel soon!

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