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Finding suitable accommodation is a huge part of travel, and choosing a hotel can be one of the more time consuming parts of our planning. And sometimes we don’t get it right.

But for a sure bet, have you considered staying in a Casino hotel? With luxury accommodation, cheap rates, and some of the tightest security around, casino hotels can be some of the best hotels out there. And who knows, you might just end up paying for your entire holiday just by staying there!

The following are reasons you should consider staying in a Casino on your next trip.

5 Reasons to Stay in a Casino When Traveling Abroad

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An Attraction in Their Own Right

Most Casinos double as Entertainment Venues, and are an attraction in their own right. Boasting a range of trendy restaurants, nightclubs and bars, well as theaters and resort amenities like water parks and swimming pools, chances are you’re already planning on heading there at some point. Why not make transport easy by staying onsite!

For instance, iconic Australian attractions like the Sydney Opera House don’t even come close to seeing the type of tourism numbers that Australian casinos do. Crown Casino Melbourne wins Australia’s most popular destination, welcoming up to 10.9 million visitors each year compared to the 8.2 million visitors sites like the Opera House do.

Gambling is obviously a large part of the attraction here too. If you’re not experienced and a bit intimidated by hitting the floor, you can always play a casino online.

Security is Very Tight

In an age where the threat of terrorism is everywhere, one of the biggest concerns among travelers is security. And the fantastic thing about staying in a casino is that security is always very tight.

Casino’s need to protect their gaming licenses at all costs, so even the slightest hint of a questionable activity will be put to an immediate end. Highly trained security forces are present 24 / 7, and many casinos have a police presence too. Anyone acting violently or suspiciously will be kicked out first and asked questions later.

Additionally, there are cameras everywhere. Though this could be a double edged sword meaning you shouldn’t do anything stupid while staying there!

The fantastic thing about staying in a casino is that security is always very tight.

Some Offer Free Rooms

The most expensive rooms at many Casino hotels are free, usually set aside for VIP players who might decide to show up. Though even if you’re not a VIP player, many resorts will offer ridiculously discounted or free rooms for travelers willing to gamble if they can save on accommodation.

This is because Casinos don’t care about the money coming in from their hotels, and they’re not interested in whether or not you book a really expensive room. They care about opening your wallet where it really counts – the casino floor – so will often use cheap accommodation as a lure.

Search sites like Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity to find bargain deals. Join the email list of the casinos you’re thinking about visiting to receive alerts about promotions. Book midweek to get the best rates.

With the increased move towards online gaming, especially in a post pandemic world, you may even find that casinos, while offering many floor and table game options, will also include free WiFi to entice you into their online game options.

Many will additionally include free spins, bonuses, and practice games (ie golden goddess free slot game), and you may find that logging onto the internet onsite will have their homepage set as default before you can browse online.

Something to keep in mind and be aware of, as many free and discounted rooms + additional perks are intentional and strategic in nature.

Luxury Accommodation

This is not always the rule, as some casino hotels might be lucky to pick up two stars, but for the most part, popular casinos will offer luxury rooms.

You’ll enjoy 5 star facilities and amenities at often a fraction of the price you’ll find elsewhere, and will be well and truly spoiled by staff who are willing to cater to your every move.

For the most part, popular casinos will offer luxury rooms

Fabulous Locations

Most of the top casinos in each country are in fabulous locations, and situated near or even on some of its most breathtaking spots. So if you’re looking to stay in a central location, a casino is usually a good bet.

For instance, the Fallsview Casino Resort in Canada, situated and built around the majestic Niagara falls. A holiday destination in it’s own right which offers beautiful views, luxurious accommodation and a huge range of entertainment for the whole family.

Or Crown Casino, Melbourne. This complex is so large it offers three hotels, and is in the very heart of Melbourne’s bustling riverside. With two restaurants by world famous Chef Gordon Ramsay, this is another instance of a casino being full of much more entertainment than just gambling activities.


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  1. I have zero interest in gambling, but I do love going to casinos. It’s such a fascinating look at another way of life and observing the tools they use to control our behavior are like an entire semester of psychology classes.

    I’d never thought of staying in a casino hotel, but I love the idea! I’ll have to check the local casinos the next time I’m booking something.

    • We’re the same Cori :) I might throw $20 on a table or a slot machine as a novelty, lol but I know I always end up losing it!

      Never thought about it from a people watching stand point, but you definitely get a wide range of interesting types!

      Definitely consider staying in their onsite hotels though, they’re pretty fab!

  2. This is so interesting. I never thought to stay in a casino unless I was there to gamble. But after reading your post, it totally makes a lot of sense to stay in one even if you weren’t going to gamble :)

    • I think a lot of people overlook the onsite hotels for that reason. But they’re usually some of the best! And no pressure to gamble :)

  3. I’ve never considered staying in a casino big it sounds great and I should think about it on my next trip! It’s definitely an extraordinary accommodation!

    • Glad we could give you a new idea for your next trip! Happy travels :)

  4. This is so true. I don’t gamble but have visited Vegas twice and stayed in casinos both times, I was amazed by how cheap the rates were. My husband seems to be super lucky too and always wins (not a lot but enough to pay for a few drinks) as long as I’m not with him

    • Las Vegas is a brilliant example of the value of Casino hotels … we stayed at the Luxor mid week for something like $40 a night .. it was absurdly cheap!!

  5. I’ve never thought about staying in a casino when I’m overseas, but we did stay in one in Las Vegas. The room was huge and because it was mid-week, it was super cheap. We never gambled, but we did enjoy some good food and people watching. You’re right — I really should consider it elsewhere!

    • So glad you had a fab time in Las Vegas Patricia! We stayed in the Luxor while there, also mid week, and had a luxury room for something like $40 a night. It was ridiculous! Obviously they want you to spend your money on the floor, but if you’re not a gambler, it’s a win!

      Definitely consider casino hotels as you visit other destinations too :) Happy travels!

  6. It never even occurred to me that we should try to stay at a casino abroad. You bring up some really great points. I haven’t been successful at getting free rooms yet even in Vegas! But it’s worth a shot abroad! My only weakness would be penny slots though, so the money we save I could be throwing it right back into the slots! You’re right though, the rooms are always amazing! Thanks for giving us the idea, we will check it out on our next trip!

    • Glad we could give you an idea for your next trip! Haha yes the slots are the way they get you! But if you can work out a system of not spending too much, the savings on the room are always a win :)

      Happy travels!

  7. I’ve never even thought of this but you’re so right! I actually really don’t like casinos — the vibe sort of bums me out — but maybe I’ll feel differently in another country! Super keen to give it a go in the future!

    • I think it depends where you go … I’ve found that big Casino resorts have a pretty lively and energetic vibe about them … obviously it’s going to vary hugely from one to the next, but if you stick to the most popular properties that’s a pretty good approach :)

  8. The location, ambience and setting of these Casino hotels should be enough to draw one to these hotels. Never stayed in one, figured they would really be too expensive. But yes if the costs are effective this is a great option.

    • Total opposite of expensive! Very, very cheap for hotel rooms … will obviously vary depending on where you go, but it’s been our experience that Casinos offer very cost effective rooms :)

  9. I have stayed in Casino hotels in Nepal and Sri Lanka coz well if you know the right people, they are free ;) Basically just go with the high rollers. I def prefer staying in those and they are ultra luxury too!

    • Good to know Jo!! Will have to keep that up my sleeve when we make it to Nepal and Sri Lanka … Thanks!

  10. I have to admit that I’ve never stayed in a casino outside of the United States, but the ones I have stayed in were interesting to say the least. We usually travel with kids, but on our last Las Vegas trip, we went bowling in our hotel at 2 am, then caught a movie before heading to bed as the sun was coming up. Crazy stuff!

    • Some surprisingly family friendly amenities and facilities in most casinos which you don’t usually find in that of an average hotel :)

  11. Interesting idea! I had never considered staying in a casino. I’ve only been gambling once in San Juan. But if I went to a place like Vegas I would consider it.

    • Las Vegas is definitely a destination to experience a Casino hotel – probably home to some of the best and most spectacular in the world :)

  12. My husband and myslef are planning on staying in a Casino for 6 nights, in the states. This will be our first vacation, I’m wondering if I would get the better deal to only book a few nights at first and then the rest once we arrived?

    • Hi Jessica, thanks for stopping by! My apologies for the delayed response, we’ve been out of range for the past couple of weeks.

      If it’s peak season I would definitely suggest booking the whole stay, that way you won’t miss out if the hotel books out, and usually in peak season the earlier you book the cheaper it is. The last few rooms left always go for higher prices as they sell out. Also, most have a 24 – 48 hour cancellation policy, so if you got there and then found cheaper rates advertised you could always stay a night or two and cancel the rest for another booking.

      But if it’s off peak season, and there seems to be a lot of vacancy at the hotel, sure, super easy to book two nights and then organize the rest as you go. And you could probably negotiate a rate with the front desk clerk for extending your stay.

      Hope that helps! Have an amazing trip!

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