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Canada is something of a haven for serious gambling fans, both for Quebec’s fully legalized online gaming and its wide selection of seriously top-notch casinos sprinkled throughout the country.

More than that, with Canada being the beautiful country that it is, many of its best casinos are situated near or even on some of its most breathtaking spots, including Niagara Falls and its Great Lakes. Canada has become a popular gambling destination, with many of the top online casino sites accepting Canadian dollars having taken notice and directly targeting the CA population, resulting in a huge choice of Canuck casinos on the web.

Here are five of the very best casinos that Canada has to offer for casino tourism fans.

Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort

Situated and built around the majestic Niagara falls, the Fallsview Casino Resort is more of a holiday destination than the day-tripping appeal of Casino Niagara listed below.

Along with its beautiful views, luxurious accommodation and oodles of fun and entertainment for the whole family, Fallsview offers one of the biggest casinos in Canada at over 200,000 square feet of gaming goodness with the kinds of mindblowing winnings and bonuses that are usually only found at the kinds of online casinos listed here.

Fallsview Casino and the Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe Falls

Photo credits: Gary J. Wood & Mark Kaletka

Casino Niagara

Sticking to the Niagara area, this Canadian portal to one of North America’s greatest natural sites is a casino and entertainment venue that  makes the most of its setting; both in the gorgeous views on offer from all over the casino and in the Niagara-based theme that gives the casino a very distinctive look and feel.

It’s no slouch in the pure gaming side of things either, though, as it offers more than 1500 slot machines available, as well as 40 table games and 12 poker rooms for all your gaming needs.

Casino de Montreal

If you’re looking for simply huge casinos though, you won’t find bigger or better than the no nonsense gaming haven of Casino de Montreal.

Over five floors of casino space and taking up the entirety of the French Pavilion that was built for Expo ’67, this simply gigantic casino caters to every legal gambling whim you may have.

That it’s situated in one of Canada’s most attractive cities certainly doesn’t hurt matters either.

Casino de Montréal - Montreal Casino

Photo credit: Humanoide

Casino Nova Scotia

For something a bit cozier and more intimate, Casino Nova Scotia is located on the gorgeous Halifax waterfront.

This may not be one of the bigger casinos in the country, and it is a bit less accessible than those built near major landmarks or cities, but that’s a large part of its considerable charm.

Connected by a walkway to the Marriott Halifax Harbourfront, this popular gaming destination is also host to all the benefits of any Marriott luxury hotel as well as easy access to the beach and plenty of entertainment options.

River Rock Casino Resort

The biggest casino is British Columbia, River Rock is located near the Vancouver International Airport for convenience and on the Fraser River, which gives it the look and feel or a gorgeous ski lodge as much as a casino.

Its gaming area isn’t the biggest but it makes up for it with its world renowned poker rooms that have played host to the British Columbia Poker Championships on a number of occasions.

And these are only five of the best gambling destinations in Canada, there are loads more with many of them being able to compete even with these excellent casinos.


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  1. Growing up in Ohio near Lake Erie in the Great Lakes we would always have to drive up to Niagra to go to casinos. Cleveland now has their own, but they are just okay. I didn’t realize there were so many casinos up there! What a perfect excuse for a roadtrip when we are in Ohio! These all look really fun and in epic locations, especially the ones near Niagra!

    • Great excuse for a roadtrip, taking in one of the world’s most iconic views, while gaming at the same time! Happy travels Megan :)

  2. I saw all of the casinos near Niagara Falls when i was there as a kid, but I obviously wasn’t able to go in! I’ve only been to two casinos because I’m not much of a gambler, but this is a great tool for those who enjoy it! Cheers!

    • Maybe you’ll have the chance to head in and check them out as an adult if you’re in the area again :) Happy travels Paige!

  3. I’m dying to see Niagara Falls. What gorgeous pictures and those casinos are amazing. They’re huge. Now I know I can make a longer stay out of it.

    • Absolutely – a lot more to do around Niagara than just the falls. Can try your hand at some gaming with a view! Happy travels :)

  4. Niagara falls is top of my list. What an interesting way to see it, from a stunning building.

    • Absolutely – hope you have the chance to visit soon! :)

  5. I had no idea that there were huge casinos in Canada. As a matter of fact, I thought they were only big ones in Vegas haha. I am not a huge fan of gambling, but the view on the Niagara falls makes me want to stay at the Niagara fall view Casino Hotel.

    • Absolutely – they’re all over the place! Definitely not a monopoly of Las Vegas when it comes to stunning casinos … and the great thing is they’re often entertainment venues with a wide variety of things to do if you’re not big on gambling :)

  6. Every time I read a post that mentions Niagra Falls, I ask myself why I haven’t visited yet. Alas, I am not a gambler, but this is a great list!

    • And the Canadian side of Niagara is the best :D! Hope you have the chance to visit soon … the great thing about the casinos is they’re often entertainment venues with a wide variety of things to do if you’re not big on gambling :)

      Glad you enjoyed the post!

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