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Doing Vacation Right: Top-Grossing Vacation Rentals All Over the Globe

The advice that travelers often get is to skimp on accommodations so they can spend more money enjoying their travel environment. This doesn’t take into account the idea that the accommodation itself is the vacation.

Anyone who has the money to spend on a luxurious and high-quality living environment naturally wants to bring that philosophy with them on vacation.

If your dream destination is where you hang your hat for a few days, and you have the money to spend, check out some of this opulent vacation rentals from each corner of the world.


They say that if the Greeks had known about the amount of water on the planet, they would have called it “Oceanus” instead of Earth. Great philosophers, but not a lot of savvy real estate knowledge.

A room with the view of the ocean is much sought after, and very expensive. As it should be. For more specific info on this and other luxury properties, check out for more information.

Miami Beach has all the glitz and glamour of the big city on one side and the calm, open sea view on the other. Many luxury properties are found here, and the Atlantic Coast Oceanfront Condominium is one of them. For $2800 a night, or just under $20000 a week, you can enjoy a secluded location on the exclusive North Bay Road, right on the beach.

The space is ample with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, a huge gourmet kitchen with all of the most modern appliances, and the interior is designed with high ceilings and a serious of patio doors and windows to give it an airy, “al fresco” feel that is so perfect for Florida.


If the warm waters of the gentle Pacific are more to your liking, nobody does it better than The Wailea Sunset Estate in Wailea-Makena Hawaii.

Not only can visitors enjoy a vast, verdant property complete with outdoor pool, chic patio furniture and an unobstructed ocean view (unless you count the palm trees) on three sides, but they will also appreciate the opulent interior.

This includes four bedrooms, five bathrooms and unlimited Netflix viewing in high definition. This estate, with it’s newly renovated interior, can be yours for a mere $4,750 a night.

Viva la Playa!

Only one place can compete with Hawaii when it comes to beach-front beauty, and that’s Mexico.

If you have a few thousand more burning a hole in your pocket, for $6000 dollars a night you can rent a private Beach Estate in Punta Mita. The interior is enough alone to occupy your time, with five bedrooms and six bathrooms to comfortably accommodate you and 23 friends.

The butler, cook, housekeeper and driver are also included to answer to your every need. When you feel like venturing out (and we wouldn’t blame you if you never did), you can snorkel, swim or surf on the white sandy beach just outside your door. Or ask your driver to take to to one of the many beach clubs, golf courses or surf shops nearby.

Turks and Caicos

If island seclusion is more what you’re looking for, there’s an even more luxurious villa for rent in Turks and Caicos, just south of the Bahamas. The Babalua Beach Villa can accommodate up to 20 people in 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.

There’s also plenty of space on the beach just outside, which is no less than a mile and a half long and just next to Grace Bay. The price of the Villa includes the use of a glass bottomed boat and snorkeling equipment when you venture into the tropical paradise outside.

Big Sky Country

Luxury is not a concept that comes to mind when you think of Utah, but the real estate values and entertainment potential of this sleepy state have opened up considerably since the Winter Olympics were held here. Park City, Utah is the place for serious skiers or outdoor enthusiasts with money to spend.

For $7500 a night, you can enjoy a private estate home that allows you access to some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the country. Even when there’s no powder on the hills, the wide open spaces and rugged terrain are great for hiking, mountain biking and off-roading.

The house alone covers almost 13 000 square feet and contains a steam room, pool, sauna and several fireplaces in addition to the 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.

Phoenix Arizona

Maybe luxury is less about outdoor activities and more about breathtaking desert views and a sky filled with stars. Move to the west a few states and find yourself in Phoenix, Arizona.

This is where you’ll find camelback Vista, a spectacular modern luxury home built into a mountainside. The waterfalls and pool that line the patio contrast the stark desert outside.

There are also smaller terraces on almost every floor. Inside you’ll find six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a putting green, game room and a fully-equipped gym.

Whether your vacation takes you to the mountain, the desert or the beach, there’s a luxury home away from home nearby with all of the quality and comfort that you can imagine.

If you’re of the opinion that the accommodation is the destination, and that money is no object, spend your trip in luxury and beauty around the clock in upscale surroundings at this or many other exotic and fascinating destinations.

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