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A trip to the dentist may not sound like your ideal vacation, in fact, the majority of us actively try to avoid it! But if you’re travelling to Mexico, it’s actually a nice opportunity to get some affordable dental care. Dental tourism Mexico.

There are a lot of cheap dentists in Mexico that offer top-quality services. If you’re a little mindful, you can enjoy first-rate dental services at a fraction of the costs you would have to pay back home. Dental care in Mexico. 

Your Guide to Dental Tourism Mexico

Finding the Top Dental Clinics in Mexico

If you’re thinking about getting dental work done in Mexico, you need to make sure you’re visiting a top clinic. And you can do this through the help of a portal like Dental Departures. Dental costs in Mexico. 

This is an excellent dental tourism portal that helps dental tourists make informed decisions. Here you can find the best dental clinics in all the top dental destinations in the world, including Mexico.

It’s the best source of reliable information on clinics overseas, and goes to great lengths to ensure only the best dental clinics make it to their site. They conduct background checks, plan onsite visits, check staff qualifications and professional memberships, verify legal records and collect real patient reviews.

After all, every clinic would say they’re the best. So you need a reliable third-party source of information to make the right call. All these efforts result in the shortest distance between you and the best cheap dentists in Mexico in this case. Getting dental work in Mexico. 

Top Dental Clinics in Mexico

Sani Dental Group

Located in Los Algodones (also known as Molar City and called the dental capital of the world), Sani Dental has over 30 brilliant dentists across 3 locations. Prices dental work in Mexico. 

The main clinic has 22 dental chairs and is staffed by a team of well-trained and experienced professionals. Here you will find specialists in all major dentistry areas from dental implants to cosmetic dentistry to orthodontics.

Dental Tourism

Clinica de Ortodoncia & Estetica Dental

Located just over the US-Mexico border from Calexico, California this modern clinic offers first-rate dental services in Mexico. You can approach this clinic whether you need a quick and simpler procedure or a complex specialist treatment.

The clinic combines state-of-the-art technology with a welcoming atmosphere, which is a big hit with dental tourists.

Dr. Dalia Dental Care

This dental clinic in Mexico is only a 5 to 10-minute walk from San Ysidro in San Diego. They are members of the American Dental Association and have been delivering world-class dental services since 1992. Good dentist Mexico.

The team comprises specialists in various dentistry fields from prosthodontics to orthodontics to general dentistry.

Compare Prices Before Getting a Treatment

The whole idea of getting dental services in another country is to save money. So how much can you expect to save on your visit to Mexico? Here’s a cost comparison for a couple of popular dental treatments:

Mexico Dentist Prices

Cost of all-on-4 in Mexico

➡Price in the US: USD $26,000

➡ Price in Canada: CAD $33,000

➡ Price in Mexico: USD $10,000 / CAD $12,800

Cost of dental implants in Mexico

➡ Price in the US: USD $4,000

➡ Price in Canada: CAD $5,000

➡ Price in Mexico: USD $1,300 / CAD $1,700

Cost of root canal in Mexico

➡ Price in the US: USD $1,300

➡ Price in Canada: CAD $1,700

➡ Price in Mexico: USD $250 / CAD $320

For the more expensive treatments you can especially travel to Mexico. As for the relatively inexpensive ones, you can get them while you’re already there, or plan a quick trip across the border if you live near a point of entry.

The Reasons For Lower Mexico Dentist Prices

It would really be a let down if you were to discover that all those amazing savings were the result of lower quality dental care. Thankfully, that’s not the case. So why are the prices so low? There are 3 main reasons for that:

➡ Lower clinic operating costs

➡ Lower living expenses

➡ High competition among Mexican clinics

As you can see, lower quality services and sub-standard products are not on the list. It is simply a myth that you have to compromise on quality when you opt for dental tourism. Cost of dental implants in Mexico. 

Is There a Catch?

So is it all too good to be true? Is it really that great that you enjoy affordable yet high quality dental services while visiting Mexico? Yes, it is!

Probably the closest thing to a catch is that you need to find the right clinic. Because let’s face it, you can’t rule out the existence of some clinics that are not up to the mark. Having said that, you can easily steer clear of such places and find the top cheap dentists in Mexico thanks to Dental Departures.

So there you go. Now you know why it’s such a good idea to seek out cheap dentists in Mexico while you’re there. With a little planning you can return home with a more beautiful smile. You can talk to the clinics and ask for a personalized quote before you choose a clinic. Dental tourism Mexico. 


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Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; a website dedicated to opening your eyes to the wild & natural world.

Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! They haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on their list.

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  1. This is fascinating and something I knew absolutely nothing about. I had no idea there was a place in Mexico considered the Molar Capital of the World! It sounds like this is a great way to get quality dental care at a lower cost and also be able to get in a vacation!

    • Learn something new every day right! Glad we could give you an overview of dental tourism in Mexico :) Really is a great way to get affordable, quality care … and combine it with a vacation!

  2. I didn’t know Mexico’s also known for their dentists. Philippines also has great dentists with an affordable price just in case you need a reliable one in Asia. :)

    • They are indeed! Good to know about the Philippines if people find themselves in the Pacific instead of Central America :) Thanks for the tip!

  3. I really think that a good dentist is very important and makes all the difference. A disadvantage, though, is if you don’t live in Mexico and you have to come back for appointments after your first visit. But, seems like a good idea if you want to keep coming back to Mexico. Mexico is, after all, a great place to go to! Trips to the dentist + travel, hitting two birds with one stone.

    • I agree with you – it’s true that multiple trips back to Mexico may be in order, though a lot of people head down for one off surgeries like root canals or dental implants.

      That said too, most people from the States find that it’s still cheaper, even when considering your flights and accommodation cost. Which is crazy!! So maybe a beach vacation in Mexico afterwards is a nice reward for sitting in the dental chair lol!

  4. First time I read about dental tourism, quite surprsing! Nice article.

    • Glad we could introduce you to the concept – let us know if you have any questions :)

  5. I’ve heard of Thailand and India as dental tourism destinations, but not Mexico. This info will come useful once I’m no longer on my employer’s dental insurance. I’d be concerned about the clinic quality but it sounds like the DD guide is a good resource to avoid any bad seeds (or should I say teeth).

    • Absolutely – you can find some fantastic dental practices in Mexico – but I do recommend using a resource like Dental Departures to research, so you know you’re getting top quality care. Health and safety always first!

  6. I have legitimately never heard of dental tourism before, but I’m also not shocked. It’s (sadly) exciting to know that there are options relatively close to home that will let you get more affordable dental care. I do wonder what after care would be like if you don’t live close to the border. (Side note: molar capital of the world?! I had no idea!!)

    • Glad we could introduce you to the concept – yes, it’s becoming quite the popular trend to travel for surgeries / procedures to a country with cheaper healthcare. For US residents, Mexico is so close, yet the prices are a world away!!

      After care is something you’ll definitely need to consider – and perhaps talk to individual clinics about before you make your booking. A lot of people usually spend a couple of days – a week hanging out in Mexico afterwards, to recover, and so that they still have access to the doctor who treated them if something happens straight afterwards.

  7. Good to know there’s a way to find a reputable dental clinic in Mexico. I have aunts and uncles who live in Arizona during the winter (Snowbirds) and they get all their dental work done in Mexico — it is so much cheaper there. I’m also close to Mexico, so I may find myself there someday too!

    • Absolutely – Dental Departures is a great resource for comparing the best clinics, reading reviews etc.

      It’s so much more affordable than getting it done in the States! Has become quite the trend – your aunts and uncles are onto something!

  8. Wow Meg; first time i found a travel writer writting about dental tourism. I am a dentist and can completely agree with everything you said in the post. Dental tourism is always a great option but only if you know the exact clinics. Apart Mexico; India is also a great destination for getting dental treatments done

    • Glad to get your approval as a dentist Suruchi! I figure it’s becoming a popular travel trend, so there should be a resource out there which stresses the importance of proper research, and putting your health and safety first :)

      Thanks for the tip on India – closer for me specifically being in Australia, so that might be my next country!

  9. Medical tourism and Dental tourism are the emerging forms of tourism.We see a lot of Medical tourism happening in our place, Bangalore too. But I think that travelling to another country for your dental woes is an attractive incentive. Usually, we tend to ignore or procrastinate when it comes to dental issues, but if I was asked to go to Mexico I would go without batting an eyelid. Of course, there are other factors like price and convenience and Mexico seems to be an apt destination for Dental tourism.

    • Absolutely – they’re becoming quite a huge industry – countries who offer more affordable medical care have a big opportunity. Mexico seems to be a leader in terms of dental tourism specifically.

      I agree, I think that combining your trip to the doctor / dentist with an exotic location is more exciting than if you were to visit at home. Why not get a trip out of it right!

  10. Well, wait a second, what about prescriptions afterward? What if my dentist prescribes pain-killers and antibiotics? Am I allowed to bring it over to the states? Should I fill it in Mexico or will the US (Arizona? California?) Pharmacy honor it? Will border agents allow me to bring in my Mexican meds? These are all important questions! What about my insurance? I assume they will not directly pay a dentist in Mexico…so will I be reimbursed if I pay myself? ALL of these comments look too upbeat to be real. I could be wrong though. What about the dentist him/her self? How do I check their credentials to be sure they went to a decent school and I’m not in the chair with a guy who bribed someone to get a diploma? I’m not trying to say that they are fakers or bad people….I would do this with ANY doctor or dentist I go to regularly! I really want to know how to check them out and research them a bit first.

    • Hi Christian, in answering your questions:

      1) If your dentist prescribes painkillers or antibiotics you can either wait until you get home and get a prescription from a US doctor, or fill this prescription in Mexico. Many people fill it in Mexico because it’s often cheaper, but you’ll have to make a personal decision as to which you feel more comfortable with – ie Mexican pharmacy employees may not have any medical training, and a large percentage of drugs on the market in Mexico are counterfeit, so you’ll have to get a recommendation from your dentist / do research to confirm that you’re buying from a licensed pharmacy.

      Other pros and cons to weigh up on filling in Mexico vs the US are whether dosages and drug names are different, which is something you’ll have to ask your dentist. Also, keep in mind that product descriptions and instructions will likely be in Spanish.

      2) To bring prescription medications to the US from Mexico they must be medicines approved by the FDA, and you must declare them to customs when you cross the border, presenting a valid prescription. You can generally bring back reasonable amounts of medications for personal use, but they’ll be confiscated if it appears that you’re stockpiling.

      The CBP currently allows you to bring up to 50 doses of a medication without a U.S. prescription. But the laws are always changing so I recommend to confirm on the US Customs website before you travel.

      3) Your insurance is something you’ll have to call them about directly. Every policy is different.

      4) The clinics I’ve mentioned above in this post are the top rated clinics for dentistry in Mexico – if you stick with one of them you’ll be fine. If you visit their websites directly, there will generally be a tab called “doctors” or something like that with profiles of all medical staff, listing their credentials, and which universities they graduated from etc.

      Or you can consult sites like who conduct independent background checks, plan onsite visits, check staff qualifications and professional memberships, verify legal records and collect real patient reviews.

      Hope that helps :)

  11. Great article Meg! Having been involved in this business for a few years now I can say with no hesitation the vast majority of our clients feel they got more than their money’s worth and always comment on their experiences with our dentists. I’ve also been getting my teeth fixed in Mexico for the last 8 years and always impressed with the quality of care…and of course how cheap it is. All a person really needs is a guide to find a good recommendation. If we can do anything to assist you or your readers we’re always happy to offer a free consult. Best of luck with your blog!

    • Glad you enjoyed the post :) Yes, there are really high quality facilities overseas that it’s definitely a viable option to consider, you just need to make sure you’re undertaking proper and thorough research to make sure you do see a quality practitioner.

      So glad you’ve been happy with your dental work to date, and thanks for the offer of a consult :)

  12. I have been to Mexico for a travel and by the time of my stay I have to experience some toothache. The ache can’t be cure by any pain killer. A dentist suggest me to remove the teeth. I have ask him if it is okay. He told me that it is okay as long as I can bear the pain. Then I undergo over the process and it was so fast that I didn’t feel any pain at all. You really have a great dentist there!

    • I’m glad to hear that you had a good experience David, and that they fixed the issue for you :)

      Thanks for reading our post!

  13. We always believe that Mexico have a great dentist. It has been a pleasure on me that I have my dental implants done in Mexico.

    • So glad to hear you’ve had positive experiences Rosaline. That’s the way it should be!

  14. I have heard a lot of “I’m glad we found out about this” kind of comments. I have yet to see somebody share their personal experience after having been to either of the two dental clinics that you mentioned. I would love to hear from somebody who is actually been there and had major work done. I am considering a whole mouth restoration with crowns on every tooth and numerous implants as well.

    • Hi Rudy, thanks for your comment (apologies for the late reply, as we were traveling). People tend to find this post when they’re researching their dental care, and I haven’t yet had anyone circle back to leave an update from after they’ve had work done.

      For reviews of each service though I would recommend checking their facebook pages as this is often a really good way to get real people’s insights.

      Sani Dental Group’s page is and you can click on the tab on the left called ‘reviews’

      Tripadvisor is also a good place to go, and even though they’re dental clinics as opposed to tourist attractions per say, some do often have traveler reviews left just due to the number of people who travel for care.

      Facebook page for Clínica De Ortodoncia is – once again jump to the reviews.

      Dr. Dalia Dental Care is on Facebook here:

      Hope that helps!

  15. Fantastic article, Megan! I’ve read a lot about medical tourism in Mexico and the benefits it provides to patients from all over the world, including the United States and Canada. Not only is there first-rate facilities and knowledgeable physicians, but the reward of exploring a new nation is enormous.

    • Glad you enjoyed the article Gaurav, thanks for reading :) Absolutely, the chance to put an exciting spin like exploring another country on something like dental work can really make a difference!

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