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A Few Women’s Travel Wardrobe Ideas

Packing the right clothes is essential, especially if you are going away for more than a week or two. You need to be ready for a range of weather conditions and activities.

Plus, of course, you want to be on trend and look your best. To help you to do exactly that I have spent a bit of time online looking at the latest fashions and have come up with a few essential wardrobe items that are particularly good for travellers.

Pack a Skirt

If you don’t want to spend the entire holiday wearing jeans or trousers, consider packing a skirt or two. A floral maxi skirt – like these here – can be worn for all kinds of activities. They are really comfortable for wearing on the plane or for sightseeing.

The fact that they cover your legs entirely means that you are protected from the sun during the day and the chill at night. They look really glamorous and are easy to dress up or down. You can just as easily wear a nice maxi skirt for a special meal out as you can for walking to and from the beach.

Skirts are versatile, they make it really easy to create different outfits. If you opt to buy one with a floral pattern your skirt will blend in with more of your tops and Fashion girl skirt

Shoe Trends

Our regular readers already know the rule we follow when it comes to footwear. Shoes and boots are heavy, so you should limit yourself to taking only 3 pairs.

You need a comfortable pair to wear for walking and activities. Plus, a pair of shoes for formal occasions, like meals out and some water shoes. These two items need to be lightweight and compact enough to easily pack away into your suitcase.

For 2018, there are plenty of suitable options available. The spiked stiletto pumps that are currently in vogue are great for a night out. They work for virtually any style of outfit. Plus, you can easily find a pair that is low enough to be comfortable and not take up too much space in your case.

If you prefer sandals the flat styles take up less space, so it is good to see slides coming back into fashion.

Sock sneakers are ideal for sight-seeing and wearing while traveling. They are super soft and flexible, which makes them easy to fit into your suitcase.

Shoe Care Guide to travel

Top Options

Most retailers are once again stocking lightweight tops in preparation for the spring and summer. Right now, t-shirts are coming back into vogue.

These are ideal for travelers because you can fit a lot of them into a case. Big logos are back on trend, with retro 80s style t-shirts being all the rage.

Soft, long, baggy lightweight jersey and cotton tunic tops are also back in fashion. This is great news because these lovely soft garments look good with most items and are thin enough to pack away easily.

If you opt for one that finishes mid-calf, you can wear it as a top, an alternative to a jumper or as a short dress. You can find plenty of examples of the various tunic tops that are available, on this page.

Other Essentials

Of course, the above items are not all you will need to pack. But hopefully, it has inspired you and given you some fresh ideas. If you would like more in-depth advice, just check out some of our other packing articles.


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