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With our busy schedules, stressful routines and little time left for self-indulgence, planning for a spa break should be considered for destressing our busy lives. Not only for the luxury that often comes with the package but for health and well-being.

Here are five excellent reasons to indulge on a regular basis, and look for wellness spots when you travel overseas.

Improve Your Health

Several studies have shown that body massages are not only meant for relaxation but also reduce stress levels, improve the immune system, improve blood circulation, reduce blood pressure and remove toxins.

Some body problems can be solved by relaxing the body and mind. Additionally, taking care of your mind, body, and face would delay signs of aging. Visiting the spa is not a matter of being luxurious anymore but also a matter of health.

Focus on Your Well-Being

Busy schedules are part and parcel of our modern way of life. Cases of stress related diseases are on the rise each day. If we cannot eliminate it, we can at least reduce it.

A spa session at least once a month can give you the much-needed relaxation that your body and mind need away from your busy life. After the spa treatment, you will find inner peace and be able to refocus on your well-being.

Benefits of a Spa Break RF

Access to the Best Skin Treatments

Layers of dead cells on your skin make it appear dull. Treatments that are more concentrated on the natural active ingredients will help to rejuvenate your skin. A skin care professional can ensure that all your skin needs are met and you leave the spa feeling like a new person.

Let Someone Else Take Care of You

Do you find it hard to take care of your skin and body and still maintain busy schedules? Does your face mask become all messy and no noticeable results are achieved?

Relax, it’s about time you book an appointment at the spa. They will carry out all the beauty chores, take care of your body and make you feel beautiful. At the end of the spa session you will be rested and radiant without lifting a finger.

Spa and wellness RF

Learn How to Take Care of Your Skin and Body

Visiting a leisure club gives you the opportunity to interact with skin care professionals. The skin care pros there can diagnose your skin problems and give you a guide on how to take care of it and safe products to use.

The aesthetician at the spa is a master in matters to do with beauty, body and mind wellness. If you have any concerns, you will get the best guidance on ingredients to use depending on your skin type.

Spa treatments have many more benefits to your body than you can imagine. Again, if you have been trying to look for time to spend with your longtime friend, lover, mother or sister, the spa is the perfect place to catch up and make fun memories or rekindle the romance in your relationship.


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  1. So true! I include spa treatments anytime I travel to places where the cost of living is lower (e.g. $15 for 90 minutes massage in Vietnam!) but it would be such a treat even in other parts of the world. Time to start saving in advance.

    • I still remember that the most amazing massage I had was in Tanzania after climbing Mt Kilimanjaro – something like $15 for 90 minutes too. So I’m right there with you on that thinking! Definitely up for comparing different treatments around the world :D

  2. I love spa breaks. A deep tissue massage is my favorite, followed by a long time in the sauna, hot tub, and steam rooms. Like at Ritz-Carlton. Fun stuff.

    • Sounds like bliss! It’s definitely a way to stay rejuvenated and healthy in both body and mind :)

  3. I don’t require much convincing when it comes to taking spa breaks! I fit them in whenever I can, whether I’m at home or on the road. A girlfriend’s spa getaway is also a great reason to travel someplace new!

    • Awesome Francesca! Yes, a spa break is a great way to combine a girls trip with exploring someplace new. Nothing wrong with not needing an excuse :D!

  4. Great, I love spa and thanks for the introduction and sharing. Bangkok and Bali are my favourite spa paradise. :) @ knycx.journeying

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Knycx … Bangkok and Bali are indeed awesome spots to enjoy a spa break!

  5. I love taking a day off and just spend it in a spa. It is so relaxing! Thanks for the above tips and for the reminder that I need to do it again.

    • It’s the best right!

  6. I am dying for a spa break! It’s true that having someone else take care of you is completely different and I really can’t wait for the opportunity to go and get myself pampered or a bit!!

    • We all need this every now and then :) Go and spoil yourself!

  7. Wow, I had no idea that a spa day could help improve my health. It makes sense because whenever I am stressed, I get really sick. Maybe it might be a good idea for me to take a spa day every once in a while to help boost my immune system.

    • Absolutely Leyva … the state of our mental health has definite links to affecting our physical health. You owe yourself that spa day every now and then :)

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