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Cruises are a fantastic way to discover the world, and travelers who haven’t yet tried this form of travel are definitely missing out. Couples cruise for the romance, families for the stress free and family friendly environment for their kids; solo travelers cruise to be social, and others to enjoy excursions in multiple exotic lands in one trip.

Though perhaps one of the best reasons to take a cruise is the value for money. Whether you decide on Europe, or to embark on an Alaskan cruise, everything you could possibly need for a great trip is bundled into the one fare. That’s all meals, accommodation, entertainment and transport between destinations at substantially lower cost than if you were spend the same on land for a hotel, taxi, dinner and a show.

No matter what your reason for taking a cruise, the following are 5 reasons heading on a cruise is fantastic value for money. 

Why Heading on a Cruise is Fantastic Value for Money

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Everything is Included

We mentioned this above; cruising is all inclusive, and quite often the per-day cost of a cruise is a lot lower than it would be if you were paying for all of those aspects of your holiday on land.

When you book a cruise, you usually pay one rate up front which includes your room, meals, snacks, entertainment costs and fees for transportation. This is brilliant for keeping to a budget, and means that unless you go nuts with side trips and souvenirs, you don’t have to worry about overspending.

Luxury cruise lines are even more inclusive, and offer the additions of alcoholic beverages, land based excursions, on-board spending credits, and sometimes even flights.

Planning is Stress Free

They say that time is money, and with this in mind, planning a cruise couldn’t be easier or more stress free. With accommodation, meals and transport already taken care of for you, it’s literally just a matter of picking a ship, choosing an itinerary, and booking your cabin of choice.

There’s no need to spend hours searching for accommodation in multiple different cities, and no need for coordinating travel between each new port.

Itineraries are already set for you, meals are in the same place every night, and there are almost no extra expenses once on-board (though check out these cruising travel hacks for minimizing additional expenses).

A cruise is one of the easiest vacations to book; there’s almost no planning involved at all!

Cruising is Cheap

Cruising is cheap because everything is produced in mass; from the tours and entertainment to the food, this keeps prices low. 

Discounts and last minute deals are common as tour operators don’t want empty seats, and kids might sometimes go free which really helps families achieve an affordable vacation during expensive times of year.

And just like with airline miles, many cruise liners offer rewards programmes which will save you money on your next cruise. Every time you cruise you’ll earn cruise promotions; make sure you take advantage of each cruise line’s loyalty benefits which can include free hotel stays, cabin and flight upgrades, free parking, chauffeur services and more.

You Can Eat to Your Heart’s Content

One of the best parts about being on a cruise is the food! Cruises present their guests with an absolutely amazing array of choice when it comes to their meals, and it’s an all-you-can-eat kind of deal with a bountiful buffet available at almost every hour of the day.

You will find a range of different dining options for your every meal and no matter what time of day you are hungry, you can always find a tasty bite to eat. Also, there are many different speciality restaurants aboard the ship that offer a diverse range of ethnic cuisine, in case you are in the mood for Chinese, Italian or Indian.

Cruise liners are also incredibly accommodating to those with dietary requirements or food intolerance, and it’s very easy for those requiring options for vegan or gluten free to eat well.

There are Lots of Activities to Enjoy

When you’re on a cruise ship there are plenty of fun activities that you can take part in, including dance lessons, yoga, keyboard lessons, culinary classes and much more. You can also take a swim in the pool, watch a concert, play at the casino and much more.

It’s impossible to be bored on a cruise ship, because there is always something fun happening. Some ships even have climbing walls, gyms, ice rinks, swimming pools, basketball courts and table tennis. Most activities are free to join, though some will be available at a charge.

You’re definitely not going without by stranding yourself in the middle of the sea!


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  1. We are cruising next month, heading through the Panama Canal. I agree, cruising is a great way to travel cheap, especially if you get a good last minute deal.

    • Have a great trip Rhonda! Can’t wait to hear all about it … will be following your updates :)

  2. I’ve never been on a cruise as an adult – but a couple of times when I was a child we’d catch a Pacific cruise to Australia from our home in Fiji! And as a child I thought cruising was FAAAAABULOUS because much of what you say above also applies to kids! Everything included, loads of activities, great food and the novelty of being on a ship – what’s not to love? And I may have just talked myself into looking at cruise options for my next holiday :D

    • Sounds like a great way to have taken trips as a child Marion! I’ve done a few Pacific cruises as a teenager, and I agree, they were great!

      They’re equally as amazing as an adult though, so I’m excited to hear what you think after your next holiday :)

  3. We have never been on cruise unfortunately but its a dream. Cruising and hopping islands are high on the list. We agree cruising can work our cheaper and better option if we are looking to avoid a lot of planning. And with loads of activities on board, we are sure there is no getting bored too ;)

    • There’s definitely no risk of getting bored! So much to do inbetween the shore excursions, and on some boats you probably won’t even have the chance to explore the whole ship!

      Highly recommend a cruise :) Hope you have the chance to experience one soon!

  4. We’ve never cruised before and have never been to Alaska. If there was one place to cruise, I think it would be Alaska. I like the idea of not planning anything and just enjoying the beautiful nature that surrounds us.

    • Alaska is a great destination for a cruise, there are so many outlying islands and remote parts of the state to explore which are best reached by boat :) Hope you have the opportunity to book soon!

  5. We have never been on a cruise, something about being bound to ship when in the Caribbean didn’t sit well with the family. But a cruise to Alaska is something we would love to do, there are so many wonderful land adventures that you can add to the cruise.

    • I was pleasantly surprised when I took my first cruise, our thinking originally was very similar, that being on a boat would be restrictive, though some boats are like mini cities and there is so much to do!

      Yes, can highly recommend an Alaskan cruise … there are so many outlying islands and remote parts of the state to explore which are best reached by boat :) Happy travels Priya!

  6. I love cruising for all the reason you mention above. Plus it is nice to be able to see multiple destinations without packing and unpacking. if it weren’t for all the tempting calories, I would definitely do it more!

    • Absolutely! Only having to unpack once is one of my favorite things!

  7. Um…Wine is NOT included- and you can’t bring your own, without a hefty corkage fee….
    So, the trick is to seek the destination you want on the weeks that no one else wants. Then, you get your bargain- and can afford your wine.

    • We’ve been on cruises which offer additional alcohol packages you can purchase so it’s all inclusive, including spirits and wine :) Didn’t know that some boats have a corkage fee if you bring your own – maybe we’ve never made our stowaways known lol!

      Great tip on booking during less popular times of the year – always a great way to get a discount :) Happy travels!

  8. This is my 3rd cruise via Norwegian Cruise Line and I am leaving on Thursday going to Alaska & Vancouver. I plan ahead all my cruise & I’am getting upgrade.My next cruise will be South America on July & Scandinavian tour onSeptember.He.he.Iam not that old but I love the comfort of getting up in the morning & not rushing going to Hotel on every country I’am about to visit
    San Francisco CA

    • Always lovely to hear from a fellow cruise addict :D We’ve done Alaska via land, but not yet jumped on a cruise, I would love to! Have an amazing time!

      South America and Scandinavia sound incredible too – we’re also not that old, but it’s so convenient waking up the next morning and jumping between destinations without having to pack and unpack continuously :D Love it!

      Happy travels Cristina!

  9. I went on a cruise this year, for the first time, and loved the ease of being on the ship all the time. There was no stress getting from A to B and I enjoyed all the food and drink served too. I reckon it’s a great way to really have a holiday and get away from it all!

    • So glad you had a fabulous time Vicky – yes, cruising takes pretty much all the stress of transit out of the travel experience – which, let’s be honest, is always the worst part!!

      Really fabulous choice for a relaxing and hassle free holiday :)

  10. Totally right…I once did an 11 day cruise for $499 that went to Egypt, Greece, Italy, Spain. It was awesome. The only drawback was that it was 4 of us in one room, and one my friends had stinky feet ?

    • Sounds like an epic cruise, and such a bargain price! Minus the stinky feet of course lol!

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