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Stuck for gift ideas for gifts for people who travel? Well, you’re in luck, because travelers are not difficult people to buy for!

In the lead up to Christmas, we have compiled a great list of gift ideas for world travelers, and also highlighted whether each item falls into the “want it” or “got it” category, so you know which items are based on personal recommendation.

And, because memorable experiences are the greatest gift of all, Tinggly is gifting one lucky reader their Essential Gift Collection valued at $125!!

Enter the sweepstakes at the end to win your choice of over 250+ different experiences around the world! Feel like Diving in Dubrovnik? What about a Canyon Jump in the Swiss Alps? Our Christmas gift to you, or re-gift it for the world traveler you just can’t find the perfect gift for!

Scratch Map – Want it

bbjb-scratch-map-action-web-001Scratch Map is brilliant. Travelers simply scratch off the metallic foil from the places they’ve visited to reveal a bright pop of color underneath.

The ultimate in travel gifts, this is the perfect way to show off where you’ve travelled while livening up your wall with a colourful, totally unique and personalised world map.

Price: $20

SHOLDIT – Got it

Original-1_mediumYou won’t be able to find a better gift for a female traveler than a SHOLDIT scarf! SHOLDIT is a ridiculously fashionable, multi-functional scarf designed with built-in hidden zip pockets to hold and carry a women’s top essentials.

It is perfectly sized to carry everything you would normally throw in your purse, and an extremely convenient alternative to carrying around a handbag.

It’s light, stylish, and will erase any safety worries you might have concerning your money and papers; SHOLDIT gives you the freedom to travel light, and is the answer to discretely stashing your cash while traveling in style at the same time.

Price: from $29.99

Grid-it Organizer – Got it

243_xlargeThe most successful way to avoid a tangle of USB and other cables at the bottom of your luggage.

Grid-it is a fantastic way to organize your equipment, and makes finding chargers and electronic equipment quick, easy and hassle free.

Price: from $19.99.

National Parks Annual Pass – Got it

2013-12-04-2013Annual-thumbIs the traveler in question a National Parks addict? Consider buying them an annual pass to National Parks across the US.

This one-year pass offers access to the nation’s national parks and other federally managed recreation areas like Yellowstone, Yosemite and Arches. There is so much to discover within the US, and this is a great gift for the traveler who loves spending time discovering America’s natural wonders.

Price: $80

Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Writing – Got it

Is the traveler in 9781743216880_p0_v2_s260x420question a budding writer, blogger or dreaming of publishing their travel anthology? Lonely Planet’s guide to travel writing is a brilliant resource, and another of those “ultimate travel gifts”.

Written by a pre-eminent travel writer and bursting with invaluable advice, this is an inspiring and practical guide packed with insider hints and tips, practical writing exercises and examples of travel writing excellence. This guide helps bring the dream job of Travel Writer within scribbling distance of reality.

Price: $19.99 

Canon Powershot SX 60 – Got the SX 40; want the SX 60

81NZvvn1QOL._SL1500_We are constantly asked which camera we shoot with, and the answer is the amazing Canon Powershot.

For those travelers not looking to use a professional DSLR, the Canon Powershot is a fantastic choice for a point and shoot.

Canon produces the best image quality, hands down.  The powershot has the best technical aspects of any camera we have used to date and is incredibly user friendly.

Price: $499.00

Go Pro – Got it

CameraCATpage_Holiday_Top_HERO4You can’t go wrong with purchasing a GoPro as a gift for a traveler – it’s something almost every traveler wants!

The most versatile camera for adventure sports with stunning image quality and amazing underwater capabilities, this is the ultimate gift.

Price: $129.99 – $499.99

Go Pro Mounts – Got it

gopro-gp2013-zoom-001So your traveler has a GoPro, but do they have the essential GoPro mounts?

You’ve got options ranging freom tripod mounts, helmet mounts, wrist housing, surfboard mounts, curved and flat adhesive mounts, roll bar mounts, side mounts, suction cups, chest straps and much, much more!

Price: from $14.99

Flight Credit – Want it

Fullscreen capture 1262014 32205 PM-001There’s nothing a traveler will thank you for more than flight credit! So next time you’re considering buying a gift voucher to target, buy them one for their favorite local airline instead.

Alternatively, consider buying them airline lounge access – food, alcohol, internet access and comfy seats, and they’ll be thinking of only you while enjoying that nice hot shower after an 18 hour long haul flight!

Rotation 180 Travel Away Backpack – Got it

R180_MINDSHIFT_TRAVEL_AWAY_GREY_SINGLE_new_largeAn innovative new rotation backpack from MindShift Gear, this is a brilliant new day pack which travelers and outdoor explorers are going to love.

It’s a regular day pack with one small twist – a concealed beltpack  which can be rotated to the front in one swift motion without the need to remove the whole pack from your back.

This brilliant design is great for instantaneous and secure access to your camera, passport, guidebook, tablet, or other travel essentials.

Price: $199.99

Passport Holder – Got it

il_570xN.662920027_di0kEvery traveler is worried about ruining their passport – whether it becomes ripped or torn from being thrown around in the bottom of a bag, or falls victim to humidity and it’s pages become damp (happened to me in Costa Rica!).

A passport holder is a great gift idea, protects your passport, and every traveler needs one!

Price: From $19.99

WakaWaka Solar Charger – Want it

201312-w-best-travel-gifts-wakawakaStaying powered up is a huge concern for every traveler. The WakaWaka Solar Charger is a durable, lightweight and charger that will charge virtually any type of phone or small electronic device in just a few hours.

It also has a built-in light that can shine for more than 60 hours.

Price $79

Sunforgettable by Colorescience – Got it

4688Perfect for the female traveler who is constantly forgetting to apply suntan lotion (me)!

This high quality mineral makeup is the ultimate protection from sun damage – Sunforgettable is a SPF 50 highly refined mineral sunscreen in a self-dispensing powder brush making it easy to apply and re-apply throughout the day for continued coverage.

Ideal for an active lifestyle, and the perfect size for travel carryon.

Price: $52.00

Pivotal Gear – Got it

softcasegearbagslidersingleThe new soft case gear bag from Pivotal Gear will blow every traveler’s mind!

With a new patented PIVOT-GRIP handle which rotates 360 degrees to reduce arm and wrist strain during travel, it’s an amazing piece of luggage, and is a super sturdy bag with a main compartment offering a divider support system that easily snaps into place providing different sections, and all terrain wheels for smooth wheeling action.

A great choice of luggage especially for those who travel with expensive or oversized sporting or outdoor equipment.

Price: $249.95

Tinggly Experience – Want it

At Tinggly, they scour the globe to find the most inspiring top-quality experiences – then let you share them as the ultimate gifts for family and friends.

Their website is full of hundreds of inspiring experiences from over 50 countries, handily sorted into three collections for you to choose from.

Choice is the beauty of Tinggly, and they’ve got bags of it. When you buy one of their collections, you are gifting your friend or loved one the choice of hundreds of unique experiences.

Tinggly Experience

Tinggly Experience – choose one!

Simply pick your price point, and let your special someone select their dream gift from that collection. And, if you spot an experience that you think they’d love, you can recommend it.

From shark dives and skydiving to skiing and sunset safaris, they have built their Experience Collections to help everyone enjoy the unusual and the unique.

All Tinggly experiences can be used within 2 years of receiving the gift, but this isn’t even the best part. They’re giving one lucky reader an Essential Gift Collection for Christmas! Enter the sweepstakes below by clicking on different entry options to win!

Win an Essential Gift Collection from Tinggly


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Meg Jerrard is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging around the world for the last 7 years to inspire others to embark on their own worldwide adventure!  Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

Follow their journey on FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter.

Featured Photo CC Susanne Nilsson


  1. What I want for christmas is to win one of the dozens of travel contests I’ve entered!

    • Good luck with this one! and Merry Christmas :)

  2. That backpack / daypack looks like something I need to test!

    • It’s truly amazing. We got it a few weeks ago and it’s revolutionized my life!!

  3. Must resist the urge to buy ALL of these things….sending this list along to my friends and family ;) Such an awesome compilation! My family is doing small presents this year since we’re going to Antigua, so the main thing I asked for was Lonely Planet Italy…I’m moving there for the summer!

    • Lol I know! There are so many amazing travel gifts and gadgets out there!! Definitely print out the article, highlight everything and strategically drop it on the bedside tables of family and friends lol!

      So cool that you’re moving to Italy!! Happy travels – you’ll love it!!

  4. Awesome list! I’ve been waiting a Go Pro for forever, so I might splurge and get one for myself this year. I also really like the powdered makeup. I’m so bad about SPF when it’s not super hot and sunny out. The backpack is also really awesome! That is such an amazing idea and now I really want one!!

    • Go Pro is one of the best things we’ve ever bought – seriously, I’m probably going to buy another one. They’re better than any other camera we’ve ever used and the quality is amazing. I can’t rave about them enough!

      Maybe you can print out the article, circle and highlight different things lol and drop it in strategic spots around your house – who knows, they may wind up in your stocking :D!

  5. I would love a scratch map this Christmas or a travel-related scrapbook!

    • Oooh travel related scrapbook is a great idea! I really love physical albums which you can hold – something different to viewing your photos on a computer screen :)

  6. I want a trip to Europe!

    • Me too! Meet you there!

  7. That solar charger would be a great thing, esp when camping in the woods and the batteries die because of the cold :-)

    • Thats what I was thinking too! That would be perfect for you guys, especially with all of the amazing hikes you do!

  8. I could really use a passport holder…and cash!

    • Well I think it’s bad luck to give someone a passport holder without cash in it. I think that’s definitely a thing :D!

  9. This scratching map is so cute! I wouldn’t mind having one! :)

    • I love the concept so much – I want one so badly!!

  10. To win this contest!! :) All of those gifts look awesome. I love the backpack and the scratch map!

    • Best of luck!!

  11. I want that WakaWaka solar charger, but mostly because I’d just love walking around saying WakaWaka all day. :)

    • LOL so very true! Every time I read the brand name I think of Shakira’s “time for Africa” song :D!

  12. Great list! I really want a new backpack for Christmas–the one on your list looks great–I will have to check it out!

    • Definitely do – the rotation aspect of the backpack is amazing and really handy. Very cutting edge – I havent seen anything else like it before!

  13. Love your list and I’d like to suggest one more gift item: an RFID wallet to help protect credit cards from being scanned. BTW, I’m with you on the Sunforgettable; I am constantly forgetting to wear sunscreen!

    • Interesting – thanks for the suggestion Linda! Sounds like a great item – especially now that we’re living in an age where scams are becoming more and more unbelievable; I can’t even comprehend some of the technology they use to lift your details – it’s crazy!

      Sunforgettable is definitely a solution to the sunscreen problem – I use it was a powder foundation in the mornings and then I’m also set against the sun :D

  14. What I want (apart from World Peace) is a ticket to NYC, I’d love to have a white christmas in New York.

    • A white Christmas would be amazing – totally agree! I hope you get those tickets to New York – make sure you also enter the other comp we have running until the end of the week – giving away a $1,000 VISA Gift Card, which would easily cover your flights!

  15. Very cool list of gifts with travel in mind! They’re already good gifts, but especially for travelers! Thanks for sharing!

    • Glad you enjoyed it! Good luck with the giveaway!

  16. Wow! Can’t believe I won! Waiting for the email from Tinggly!

    • Yup, Congratulations!! The email from Tinggly with the voucher went through on the 22nd – let me know if you have trouble finding it and I can forward it through to you again if need be :)

      Congrats again – Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New year!

  17. very nice and informative post thank you for sharing with us, and picking go pro for traveling is a great idea

    • Go Pro is a great gift indeed :) Glad the post was helpful!

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