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After the Knot – A Romantic Wedding Anniversary Holiday in Montenegro

Your anniversary is on the horizon and good times lie ahead. You’re looking for somewhere special to spend a holiday and mark the occasion and have decided on a country which is that little bit different: Montenegro.

Here are some of the destinations that make the country such a special place to celebrate your anniversary.

Durmitor National Park

There’s nothing like nature to nurture the tender side in one another. Formed by glaciers this national park is home to 163 species of bird and 50 types of mammal, all coexisting in peaceful harmony.

Best of all, they say that the park has the greatest variety of butterflies in Europe, so don’t be surprised to see gentle flutters of color while you walk around.

Peacock Butterfly

Peacock Butterfly. Photo CC by Trev Grant

If you like gazing up and admiring the majesty of the mountains, you’ll love Durmitor National Park.

There are 48 peaks in this park. The highest of these is Bobotov Kuk and reaches for the skies at 2,523 meters.

Lake Skadar National Park

Why not take a romantic stroll along, boat out on or seat by the largest lake in the Balkans. Dolphin-like in shape, this vast lake makes itself comfortable by lying across the border between Montenegro and Albania, with the former enjoying the majority share.

As well as being awesomely gorgeous, the park is one of Europe’s most important reserves for wetland birds.


Of course, national parks aren’t the only place you can spend some quality time together in Montenegro with Saga Travel or other companies.

In the delightful bay of Petrovac you can amble along the reddish pebbles of the local beach. Head further south towards Lučice beach and you can cuddle up on the sand against a backdrop of cypress and oleander trees and shrubs.

Photo CC by

Photo CC by David Bailey

Thirty minutes over the headland lies the relatively undeveloped Bulajarica beach, for pure, unspoiled relaxation.


For a cuddle-inspiring place to explore while spending time in Montenegro, try the cute coastal town of Kotor. At night time the walls of the time light up and reflect on the water, bestowing an angelic appearance on the town.

Mosey along the marbled lanes and discover hidden piazzas and Romanesque churches and dine on a blend of Mediterranean and Balkan cuisine in the Montenegrin restaurants.

Montenegro greets couples who are celebrating their anniversary with open arms. This country is picturesque and blessed with a tranquil vibe that might just want to spend more than just your anniversary there.

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