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Travel is the perfect opportunity to sport fun looks and trendy styles. But when traveling for business, it can be tricky keeping up with the latest trends while still maintaining professionalism. It also depends on the industry you’re in.

Whatever your business is, bonding with colleagues, engaging in business meetings, and impressing clients is a part of all business travel. In order to make a good impression, you have to look good from head to toe.

Choose a suitcase that compliments your style and makes you look put together. From mid-century to sleek, here are some of our favorite catalog finds and brand favorites specifically for trendy business travel.

The 8 Trendiest Suitcase Sets for Business Travel

American Flyer Silver Stripes Set

When dressing professionally, what colors do you wear? This is important to consider when matching your luggage set to your personal look.

The American Flyer Silver Stripes Set is a professional looking plaid-inspired set that uses silvery greys. Sport any piece of the set with a casual outfit or with a professional one. This gender-neutral set comes with a variety of size choices for whatever you need to travel with.

This suitcase set can go either way to avoid looking stuffy while still keeping it classy.

Traveler’s Choice Set always has great options for literally anything. This also goes for travel suitcase sets for business travel.

The Traveler’s Choice Set is a good set if you want to keep it risk-free and professional. Perfect for those who don’t want flashy luggage, this traveler set is subdued but still sharp and modern.

Let your sales pitch do the talking instead of what you’re wearing or what you’re traveling with. This set does come in different colors, so if you want a bit more flair, other options include navy, orange, and red.

This great traveler set choice comes with eight pieces and made with two-toned polyester fabric. The PVC backing makes it durable so that it can withstand rough storing.

Elastic tie-downs come in the set to keep clothes pressed and items from reorganizing inside your bag. The travel tote for smaller items comes with a padded strap to keep comfortable when going from location to location.

Anne Klein 3 Piece Set

Hard cases are ideal for someone that wants stronger protection for their items they’re traveling with. Anne Klein’s 3 Piece Set is a luxurious looking set that will impress any potential client or colleague.

The gorgeous houndstooth design is a pretty addition to a classy outfit. This feminine design will look fresh with business clothes that use lighter colors and hues.

It has a lovely tan interior that compliments the shiny light brown hard case exterior. Imagine this suitcase set with a powder blue professional button up and black slacks. So cute!

Louis Vuitton Set

For another dose of luxury, we’re including on the list one of the most identifiable travel sets. This garment focused Louis Vuitton travel set is available at Poshmark.

Keep your work clothes neat and avoid having to spend time ironing with this great set. Get your hands on a travel set that you’ll be getting so many compliments on.

This set goes with any posh outfits and are perfect for fashion industry travel trips. Since Louis Vuitton doesn’t officially sell their luggage pieces in sets, you can pick separate men and women’s travel pieces to make up the set of your dreams on their actual website.

You couldn’t possibly dream of better shopping than what is offered by Bangkok’s EM District.

Omni 3-Piece Hardside Set

For the no-nonsense business traveler who prioritizes item protection, this Omni Hardside Set is just for you. Maintain efficiency while traveling in this trendy borderline military style.

The inconspicuous black everything is professional in its simplicity. While it’s durable, it’s surprisingly lightweight.

The hard body case absorbs impact, ensuring safety for your travel items and making sure things like glass cologne bottles don’t break. The wheels have a 360° spin, a necessity for easy traveling.

Samsonite Set

What says “business travel luggage” more than Samsonite? Keep it easy and carefree. Samsonite offers a 2-piece set for those who travel light and simply. Travel with only the essentials and avoid bag clutter.

The handle has a push-button lock and can be retracted when needed. There is an expansion option if you decide you need to bring more than you originally planned.

Samsonite is always in style, so you won’t have to worry about not looking fashionable with a Samsonite suitcase set.

AmeriLeather Set

Keep it classic with a brown leather travel set. Mid-century is in! Professionalism doesn’t have to be all black or grey. Pay homage to the mid-century professional look with a set for leather lovers.

In three quality pieces, this set rocks. It’s a great investment because it can be used for your business travels as well as your pleasure travels.

If you’re worried the brown won’t cut it, it comes in black as well.

iFLY Rose Gold Hard Set

All brands high-end to inexpensive are selling titanium suitcase sets. That titanium look is just so cool and futuristic!

Grab this set from Walmart and save while still looking trendy. Rose gold is very en vogue, so this set will signal your fashionable taste.

This sophisticated set offers lots of packing space as well as tie-down straps to keep your items from shuffling around. It also comes with an expansion zipper to make sure you have a little wiggle room.

Travel Professionally in Style

Gone are the days when people would dress to the nines just to get on a plane. We’ve traded comfort over dressing up. Regardless, we still have that urge to look good while traveling.

However you travel on your next business trip, make sure your bags represent your style while still looking professional.


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  1. I’ve never travelled for business before but I agree that it must be important to have the right sort of image for people to take you seriously. It’s also important to have luggage that can fit corporate clothes without squishing them beyond belief. I personally like the look of the AmeriLeather set because it’s classic and attractive.

    • Absolutely re luggage that can accommodate both a professional image, but also not creasing or ruining your clothing inside. It takes a couple of trips to learn the tricks and hacks for business travel, because it is a different type of travel than leisure. But well suited luggage is the best place to start :)

      The AmeriLeather set is beautiful isn’t it!

  2. It’s hard to find good luggage that doesn’t look clunky and bland, and I think these are all great ideas. I especially love the Omni hardside set. It’s important to have luggage that can make it through a tough day of travel and still look smart at the other end.

    • Glad our suggestions were helpful for you Steve! I agree, there are many sets out there which are pretty generic and don’t set a very high bar. Omni however is fab, and definitely a good choice if you’re looking for something which can withstand some tough travel days.

  3. I like the rose gold set, very on trend and it would match my iPhone! If money was no object I would go for the Louis Vuitton Set for a luxury feel. But you cannot beat Samsonite luggage for being hard wearing.

    • Isn’t the rose gold set beautiful! And so perfect if it matches your phone! Yes, the Louis Vuitton Set is one of those where the luggage makes the trip feel luxurious from the get go. But not a cheap set. You definitely can’t beat Samsonite luggage for something reliable and timeless :)

  4. I travel for work quite a lot, but usually on cabin luggage only. However, that rose gold set is seriously calling me – it looks so stylish and smart and seems like a good price. You’ve definitely made me think because I usually only go with something plain and black!

    • Definitely one of the most beautiful sets! Even if you usually travel with carry on, never a bad idea having a suitcase in the closet at the handy :)

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