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Australia, as a travel destination, has everything that a tourist can ask for in a holiday spot. Every year, millions of visitors, from America, Europe and other parts of the world make a beeline to experience this vast country’s unique landscapes, pristine ocean beaches, food and wine.

It may look small on the map, but Australia is pretty massive and equally diverse. However, with a low crime rate, combined with a political system which is very stable, makes the country rather safe and easy to travel about in.

In case  you happen to be one of the chosen few, intending to  head to this fascinating continent, here are some tips pertaining to travel safety which will ensure that your holiday is not only enjoyable but safe as well.

Plan Before You Start

It’s imperative to plan your trip to Australia well in advance, especially if you intend to travel by road. Keep a note of emergency contact numbers, which will come in handy when traveling in remote areas.

Ensure Personal Safety

Though Australia is considered pretty safe in comparison with most countries, it is still wise to take sufficient precautions to ensure personal safety. Things like securing your cash discreetly and quickly when using ATM’s, keeping valuables out of sight, keeping someone informed about your whereabouts; common sense things really.

Also, a general tip, though one which applies to Australia as well, staying in a comfortable private home or rented room is much safer than using hostels and shared dorms. Using Airbnb is a great way to stay and make friends and mix  with the locals.

Book Your Taxi Transfers Beforehand

The first cause of concern for your trip to Australia should be your transfer from the airport. Even though the transport network in the country is well developed, it is always better to have a known name waiting to receive you, especially in an unknown foreign land.

By booking your taxi transfer in advance through a company like kiwitaxi, not only you can choose your desired class of car, but will have a driver waiting to drive you to your desired destination. The driver simply spots you with your name displayed on the placard and whisks you away.

Use an Effective Sun Block

Since Australia lies in the Southern Hemisphere, the sunlight is extremely strong and one can easily get sunburnt.

Visitors tend to be casual and underestimate this aspect, resulting in a ruined holiday. A +30 skin protection, even if the day is cloudy, is not only advisable, but essential.

Australia umbrella

Stay Hydrated

With temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius in some areas, you will need to drink at least 5 liters of water everyday to avoid dehydration.

Depending on the environment, your body is sure to lose not only water but important minerals too. Nuts, fruits,energy bars and vegetables rich in vitamins are essential to have in such harsh weather conditions.

Stay Connected

By using e-mail or phone, always stay in touch with your close friends or other family members at all times. Let them be aware of your destinations and day by day travel plans.


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Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; a website dedicated to opening your eyes to the wild & natural world.

Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! They haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on their list.

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  1. I haven’t been to Australia yet but this is helpful and good to know. Especially about the sunblock – I forget to wear some pretty often since I don’t burn easily so it’s an especially useful tip for someone like me! I hope to get a chance to go sometime soon!

    • Glad we could set you up with some tips to keep in mind for when you plan your trip :) Yes, sunblock is especially important here in Australia, and especially for people who don’t usually burn, the UV rays are different here to other parts of the world, so it might catch you off guard is unprepared.

  2. These are pretty useful and practical tips that are sure to stand in good stead when traveling around Australia. Travel is such a lovely experience, but to ensure the experience does not take turn for the worse, preparation for eventualities are a must, many of the steps are simple enough but we tend to overlook many a time.

    • Totally agree, a lot of these are straightforward, simple common sense tips, but I find it’s these tips we easily forget and overlook, so a little reminder serves well every now and then :)

  3. I hear this thing often about Australia – that how small it looks on the map but how big it actually is! So I believe that well now :) Getting transferred from the airport to the hotel is the biggest hassle in a new country, and I agree about making the arrangements before! I have plans to visit this gorgeous country next year, and I’ll follow these tips for sure!

    • It really is a massive country – I’m Australian myself and still haven’t managed to see everything – you could spend a lifetime, truly!

      Excited to hear that you’l be traveling next year! Let us know if you have any questions in the planning / lead up to your trip :)

  4. Good common sense travel tips. Sun block is so important, always. Great tip about the airport transfer.

    • Thanks Jen! Yes, I’ve learnt the hard way about sun safety once or twice!! So figure even though it’s a common sense tip, we could all use some reminding every now and then :)

  5. I love all of these tips. I need to get back to Australia soon, so I will keep this advice in mind. I especially love the “book your airport taxi ahead of time” tip. I try to do this for a lot of destinations because it also just makes life easier and there’s less to worry about upon arrival! Thanks again, Meg.

    • Definitely makes life easier knowing that you have a cab booked and waiting for you. And little things like that are a huge relief when arriving in a new country can often mean a lot of stress.

      Glad you enjoyed the post! Hope you have the chance to return soon :)

  6. These are fantastic tips. It’s funny I used to seriously thinking (thanks to all those internet posts about everything wants to kill you in Australia) that I would need a post like this for just spiders and snakes. Haha, I actually asked our Australian friend how they survive the snakes. But most importantly, I think it’s important to take these precautions everywhere and not let your guard down even in a safe country. I was actually robbed in one of the safest neighborhoods in California, it was almost a joke as everyone I knew who lived there leaves their doors unlocked.

    • Haha yes there seems to be a perception that if you travel to Australia you’re putting your life in the hands of insects and creepy crawlies, but the US has just as many deadly creatures (bears, cougars, sharks) and really you hardly see these type of animals when you’re in the city which is where most people live / spend their time. It’s very rare!!

      Sorry to hear you were robbed in Cali!! That’s horrible :( Goes to show that you’re right though – really travel is about keeping your wits and common sense no matter where you go. Probably the best safety tip we can give :)

  7. I have joked with my husband that everything that can kill you (snakes, spiders, octopi, sharks, etc) lives in Australia. I never think about the other things like being stranded in the heat. These are great tips. I’ve heard that when you get out in the outback there are hours and hours between towns or food! Insane!

    • Yes, it’s funny that that’s the stereotype when really wildlife attacks are probably the last thing which would cause an issue :D

      People definitely underestimate the heat which can be very dangerous if you’re not prepared – the Outback is vast, and yes, you can go hours without seeing anyone inbetween some pit stops! So we try to stress the importance of prior planning :)

  8. I love Australia and have only been once for work and would love to go back and revisit. I would have never thought to book my taxi in advance. I always assumed that taxis at major airports were trustworthy. I like the name kiwitax. It sounds so cute :)

    • The taxi’s at major airports throughout Australia are trustworthy :) We don’t really have any issues with that at all – but booking in advance saves the hassle of locating the taxi queue, waiting in line when there may only be a few etc :)

  9. I love seeing my name on a note in the airport! Sometimes I find it hard to choose the right company to arrange my transfer with. Thank you for recommending Kiwitaxi, I will check them out for my upcoming trip to Australia.

    • Me too :D … Makes me feel special! You’re welcome on the recommendation for Kiwitaxi – hope you have a great trip to Aus!

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