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We’ve named the Sexiest Male Travelers Alive for 2014, and have likewise recently crowned the Sexiest Female Travelers Alive, however after publishing these lists, travelers started submitting photos of…their pets!

The prospect of bringing your pet aboard a commercial flight may sound like a nightmare, however the idea of leaving your most vulnerable family member at home is often unthinkable, and it is estimated that 2 million pets take to the skies each year – and that’s just in the US & Canada alone!

It is becoming more and more common for pets to travel in the passenger cabin on international and domestic flights, and even more join their masters on epic overland road-trips, providing companionship on the often long and lonely road.

So, without further ado, we give you the sexiest traveling pets of 2014, this post brought to you by DogVacay – the best way to find a loving dog sitter for those who aren’t quite ready to bring their pets along for the ride.


Photo Credit: Nerd Nomads

Varga: From Norway, Varga is a 14 year old Siberian Husky dog. She hates flying, though has been all over Norway and Sweden by car. She loves to drive!

A light packer, all she takes with her when she travels is her harness and bed. She loves to visit the Norwegian capital Oslo (2-3 days driving from her home base Tromso). In Oslo she enjoys meeting posh and sophisticated dogs in Vigelandsparken, and going to trendy cafes where everybody gives her a cuddle and some treats.

Apart from being social in the big city of Oslo, her favourite thing to do is to take ski trips in the mountains. She loves to run free in the deep fluffy powder snow, although she is not too happy when she has to pull owner Maria up the mountain side (even though she really is a sled dog…).

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Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Charlie on Travel

Max: Max is no ordinary house cat. After living with a pack of eleven dogs since he was a kitten, he is fearless.

Living in the jungle of Costa Rica, Max is no stranger to adventure travel. Max spends most of his time exploring around cacao trees and ginger snap plants, searching for toucans and tropical birds to watch. Max is always looking for the adventure.



Photo Credit: Mindful Travel by Sara

Kiba: Kiba is a cute dark dachshund who loves traveling with Sarah from Mindful Travel by Sara whenever he can!

He has traveled throughout Spain, the Adriatic Coast of Italy, Sardinia and Paris. He loves visiting new places and playing with other international dogs.

Follow Kiba at

Cindy and Bear

Cindy and Bear: Cindy and Bear are a mother and son duo who are always ready for an adventure! They’ve road-tripped across Canada and soon intend to take on the world!

Cindy’s humble beginnings as a stray and pregnant barn cat have helped her adapt to any situation on the open road. Bear was the brute of the litter and has inherited his mother’s sense of adventure, finding mischief around every corner.

They are looking forward to life on the road and all the new sights and smells they will experience in 2015.

Follow Cindy and Bear at


Photo Credit: Casual

Photo Credit: Casual Travelist

Sherman: Sherman is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and official greeter of Shooting Point Oyster Company located in Bayford, Virginia.

Aside from being an avid boating enthusiast, Sherman spends his days greeting kayakers and watermen, swimming the inlets of the Chesapeake Bay and hunting crabs. He knows he’s living the good life on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

Follow Sherman at


Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Food Travelist

Jake: Jake is an expert packer, and believes in the power of packing light. His favorite travel essential is the packing cube, and won’t allow his owner Sue to access the bag if she uses anything else.

He loves getting to know people from different cultures. He believes that some of the best ways to start a conversation is over a meal, and enjoys taking part in virtual global dinner parties where everyone brings a dish and the stories that go with it.

He enjoys tasting cuisine from around the globe, and is always hungry for more food travel.

Follow Jake at


Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Urlopnaetacie

Lucy: Introducing Lucy from Poland! Lucy runs a blog about travelling with your dog all around Europe.

She was adopted from a shelter in 2013 and since then has been an inseparable travel companion to her owners Aleksandra and Michal.

She wins friends easily and has a large network of pals all over Europe – all she has to do is flash her sexiest dog smile.

Follow Lucy at


Photo Credit: Anna Everywhere

Photo Credit: Anna Everywhere

Patito: Patito (Spanish: little duck) has lived all over the world, and is on a mission to break the world record for most countries visited by a duck.

He is the best pet owner Anna had ever had, and enjoys taking walks in each new city to hang out with local ducks at the lake.

He travels mainly by car, and is incredibly well behaved. Despite having a travel box he prefers to sit on Anna’s lap in the front seat and eat bread.

Follow Patito at


Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: The Constant Rambler

Zoe:  Zoe is a 10 year old Weimaraner, which many people don’t know is a German hunting breed.

She has travelled all throughout North America, from Florida to Alaska and everywhere in between. She has slept in more cities than most people have visited in their entire lifetime.

She likes foods and naps, though dislikes thunder and lightning. She absolutely abhors people who refuse to pet her. Some humans might call her a bit of a Prima Donna, but she is a pure bred and is entitled to look down her snout at whomever she pleases. That being said, she is also a humble dog. She is not above licking her own hindquarters.

Follow Zoe at


Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Wanderlusters

Ted the Bear: Introducing the devilishly handsome, yet rugged and incredibly manly, Teddy The Bear.

He is sporting this years après-ski couture and channelling a blue steal model pose. Although content to watch the world go by from his perch on the bay window​​ of his human’s country retreat, Ted loves nothing more than a trip to Europe where he can indulge his love of French cheese and fine Italian wines.

Follow Ted at

Henry and Charlie

Photo Credit: Travel the World

Photo Credit: Travel the World

Henry and Charlie: Henry and Charlie are the furry children of Katherine and Romeo Belarmino, the traveling pair behind the blog Travel the World. Henry is a Yorkshire Terrier, age 12, and Charlie is a Maltese, age 11.  While they don’t always get to travel with their parents, they do tag along whenever a destination permits.

Henry and Charlie live in California and have traveled extensively through California, Oregon, and Arizona.  The furthest destination they have visited in the United States is New York, which was also their first airplane trip.

Henry and Charlie even traveled internationally when they visited Vancouver and Victoria Island.  Henry and Charlie are proud to have been featured by Travel + Leisure in their Adorable Pet Travel Photos

Follow Henry and Charlie at

Photo Credit: Megan Starr

Photo Credit: Megan Starr

Jax: Jax has been traveling since he was a pup as a result of having a mom who refuses to stay in one place.  He has been to around fifteen states in the US, has traveled to a handful of countries, and in two weeks, is about to embark on a move to his third country, Germany.

His favorite things include: hiking in the forest, brand new bones, snow, cucumbers, and road trips.

His least favorite things include being put in cargo during a long flight, when his mom makes him wear his Pittsburgh Steelers jersey, rain, his reflector vest, and escalators.

Follow Jax at


Photo Credit: Tune up and Travel

Photo Credit: Tune up and Travel

Louie: Louie is a mountain-dog! He doesn’t like beaches too much unless they are filled with birds he can chase around, but he does enjoy an occasional float in his canoe.

He spends his free time exploring hiking trails and climbing the biggest rocks and logs he can find. At just a little under one-year old he hasn’t made it out of the country yet, but he has big plans to see Canada and Alaska next summer!”

Follow Louie at


Photo Credit: Carpe Travel

Photo Credit: Carpe Travel

Sophi: Sophi is a beautiful Beagle who has been traveling and hiking with owner Elaine for more than 14 years now.

Her favorite destination is the Colorado Rockies, and she is pictured above at the summit of her favorite hikes in Aspen.

Follow Sophi at 

Iggy and Dudley

Photo Credit: Globe Guide

Photo Credit: Globe Guide

Iggy and Dudley: Iggy and Dudley are the perfect pets for a traveler; Iggy is a French bulldog, and Dudley is an English bulldog.

Both of these guys love going on road trips, and especially love hitting up the mountains in Canada’s Banff National Park. While Dudley tends to stick to the trails, Iggy has been known to go for swim in the lake, or even chase deer down a snow-covered mountain!

Their favorite international holiday is Christmas.

Follow Iggy and Dudley at


Photo Credit: Travel with Bender.

Photo Credit: Travel with Bender.

Snuffy: Poor Snuffy has been left to live it up with his aunty in Australia, but the Bender’s get regular updates on him and strive to visit once a year.

His favourite thing to do is eat sand that is flicked up by your feet while walking on the beach. He has travelled extensively though Western Australia, before Bender kids Mia and Caius stole his spot in the car.

Follow Snuffy at

Stuart and Samantha

Photo Credit: Frugal First Class Traveler

Photo Credit: Frugal First Class Traveler.

Stuart and Samantha: Ginger Samantha and Tabby Stuart are best friends, though have very different travelling styles.

Samantha is a true nomad and big game hunter who loves nothing better than prowling her house and moving from room to room to sleep.

Stuart is more a resort-type guy who loves to kick back and settle into his favourite chair for the day.  What they both agree on is the dinner buffet – lamb morsels in gravy beat dry food any day!

Their tip: if you think that your cat will be nervous with traveling, you can look for best cat carrier for nervous cats.

Follow Stuart and Samantha at


Photo Credit: Travel Sisters

Photo Credit: The Travel Sisters

Buddy: Buddy is an enthusiastic little traveler who has been on countless plane rides and road trips.

Buddy enjoys exploring new locations and charming the locals (ok, flirting with the ladies).  Always up for an adventure, Buddy is known to jump into luggage in not-so-subtle stowaway attempts.

Follow Buddy at


Photo Credit: My Tan Feet.

Photo Credit: My Tan Feet.

Piper: Piper is a German Short Haired Pointer, Husky and Australian Shepherd mix who has the heart and soul of a real outdoor adventurer.

She loves hiking mountains, chasing bunnies, frolicking in the snow, exploring waterfalls and playing hide and seek in flower fields. Though she’s not the strongest swimmer, she prefers to be anywhere that has lots of dirt or comfy grass to walk around and lay in for the occasional belly rub. The perfect travel companion for the outdoor lover!

Follow Piper at

Romeo Darling

Photo Credit: Travel Mother.

Photo Credit: Travel Mother.

Romeo Darling: Romeo Darling lives up to his romantic name and is conveniently carry-on sized.

While his preference is Chihuahuas, he’s got a habit of even making the human ladies “ooo” and “aww” without lifting a paw.  And though he’s ten years old, this traveling pooch is still hot enough to make snouts turn as he prances the streets of his current home base in Costa Rica.

Follow Romeo at


Photo Credit: Backroad Planet

Photo Credit: Backroad Planet

Axle: Axle is chocolate miniature dachshund, and he was born to ride.

This handsome little feller has been roadtripping with Howard and Jerry from Backroad Planet for as long as he can remember. In fact, Howard found him in the cab of a pickup truck at a gas station down the road.

It makes no difference whether he is zipped inside Jerry’s jacket on a Harley ride or hanging his head out the window of Howard’s Mountaineer, Axle’s favorite words are always, “You wanna go?”

Follow Axle at


Photo Credit: Divergent Travelers

Photo Credit: Divergent Travelers

Kobe: Kobe is a Hairless Chinese Crested who is always in the nude, and absolutely loves moving. Any moving; running, walking, chasing lights on the ground, car rides, ATV rides, you name it, he loves to move.

His owners Lina and David can’t make it out of the house without him beating them to the car. They are currently trying to figure out how they can fit him in their backpacks for the next few years of travel.

Follow Kobe at


Photo Credit: Turnipseed Travel

Photo Credit: Turnipseed Travel

Oliver: Oliver is one very romantic dog who loves long walks on the beach and cuddling in front of the fireplace. His travel interests include rolling in rotten kelp, hiding in the tent, and rental property redecoration.

He loves riding in the car, snuggling in hotel rooms, and sampling culinary delicacies, preferably decomposing ones. As a Human Society adoptee, he never hesitates to demonstrate his family loyalty, as evidence by his willingness to defend his owners from such predators as goats and squirrels.

Follow Olivier on Twitter @PoochOllie or at


Photo Credit: Family on Bikes.

Photo Credit: Family on Bikes.

Dash: Dash was a rat terrier pup with a love for traveling on bike tours.  Before he was tragically taken in a recent car accident, his next big trip was to be a bike tour from Alaska to Argentina with owner Nancy.

He loved riding in his basket strapped to his owners rear rack, and could jump into the basket upon command.

Remember Dash at:


Photo Credit: Curb Free with Cory Lee

Photo Credit: Curb Free with Cory Lee

Taz: Taz is a baby Beagle who contributes to the award winning travel blog Curb Free with Cory Lee.

He not only loves traveling, but he will also write blog posts for Cory if he begs. And even better, he looks sexy doing it.

Follow Taz at


Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: From Shore to Skyline

Penny: Penny is the most adorable and curious chocolate lab you’ll ever meet.

She loves to travel and visit new places more than most humans do. From digging at snowshoe crabs on the beaches of Florida to splashing through the creeks of the Kentucky forests, this little fur ball has never lost her curious puppy attitude and excitement. She’s the living proof that we’re only as young as we feel!

Follow Penny at

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Meg Jerrard is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging around the world for the last 7 years to inspire others to embark on their own worldwide adventure!  Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

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  1. Adorable pets! I’d love to meet all of these cute travelers–we’ll be in Tromso, Norway next, so I’ll have to look up Varga. ;)

    • Thanks Emily! Enjoy Norway – and say hi to Varga for us!!

  2. I know sex sells and everything but shouldn’t it be ‘cutest’ travelling pets’? Do we really need to sexualise pets? Just a thought.

    • It was just because we had the “sexiest male travelers” and the “sexiest female travelers” a few weeks ago, so this was a spin off of that same series. Good point, but I don’t think it’s necessarily sexualizing pets as it’s a fun and light hearted post.

      Thanks for your feedback though – I hadn’t considered it from this angle, so duly noted.

  3. Ha! Really cute. Way better than your list of ‘sexiest male travelers”.
    Frank (bbqboy)

    • Lol thanks Frank! I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

  4. Awe, they are all such cuties!

    • Right! One of my favorites posts :D So glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Aw I love this! They are all such gorgeous pets.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post! Happy New Year!

  6. They are all so adorable! Thanks for including Jake he’s quite proud and has been strutting around all day in pride.

    • Thanks Sue! Thanks for your great submission – glad we could make Jake’s day :D!

  7. Oliver is so proud to be on this list but his prancing and preening now are getting insufferable. :-)

    • Lol did we inflate his head a bit too much :D

  8. What an absolutely adorable feature, Meg! Axle said to tell you he is honored to have made the list this year and every year . . . . Sending puppy sugar!

    • Glad we could make his day! And glad you enjoyed the list :D

  9. What a fantastic collection of adorable pets. I want to snuggle them all!!! Thanks for including our prima donna pooch :-)

    • Glad you enjoyed the post! The pets truly are all just too adorable! This was my favorite post to put together!

  10. Love the cat duo! Really miss my cat, been traveling nonstop since June 2013…Wish I could take her with me, but she hates the car I know she would hate chicken buses!

    • Lol I can only imagine a cat in a chicken bus!!! Would make for a hilarious…and probably viral actually…video blog lol!

  11. Henry and Charlie say thank you very much for featuring them. While they know they’re pretty damn sexy, they’re very grateful to you for helping share that sexiness with the rest of the world. :)

    • Glad to feature them! They’re so adorable it’s not even funny – it’s no wonder they made it into a feature by Travel and Leisure – totally adorable pets!

  12. I love that there is a little patito on this list! They’re all so cute!

    • I loved that we got a duck :D

  13. Trololol, some of those pet photos are the craziest! :D

    • Glad you enjoyed the list!

  14. Ack! Too cute!

    • Some of these are unbelievably adorable! Lol my favorite post to put together :D

  15. I love them! Who would have thought that fluffy companions could make such good travellers. :p

    • I know right! I wish I had had the chance to travel with my pup before he passed last year – he was the best dog ever! He loved sticking his head out the window on the short drive from the house to the grocery store lol so I imagine he would have gone nuts over a proper road trip :)

  16. Patito is my fave :)

    • I’m so glad we managed to find a traveling duck :D

  17. Animals make life so much richer, and even more so when they can travel with you. Great collection :)

    • So true – they’re often the best traveling companions you could have.

  18. Fell in love with all of them but I have a special admiration for the very senior ones: it means they have been loved and happy for a long time. Mia, The Cat (Siamese by chance, not by pedigree) is at the beautiful age of 13 years old and I still remember the day I rescued her and brought her home in a shoe box :) Mia is done with traveling though, she simply gets too anxious.

    • I think that’s true of all of us as we get older – we start wearing down a bit and becoming more and more anxious as the years fly by. So glad to hear that Mia lived a life full of adventure and travel though! It’s those memories which will last forever :)

  19. Stuart and Samantha loved seeing all their fellow travellers, although I don’t think their intentions towards the duckling are entirely honorable, and I think that chihuahua had Stuart scared. They would like to thank you for featuring them, and also to say they love their cat sitter Tracey who looks after them when their servants are on holidays.

    • Lol so the post was full of mixed emotions for them then – probably best we keep it at a post and don’t go organizing a met up convention :D

      Glad they enjoyed the feature – we were happy to include them!

  20. Ah, I was looking forward to this article, such a lovely collection of adorable creatures. I’m not sure our 2 rabbits would make good travellers, even just the drive to the vets or rabbitery is enough to drive them insane.

    I’m often amazed seeing cats as travellers. All the cat owners I know say that you have to keep them indoors for 2 weeks before letting them out so they know the scent to find their way back. Having said that my wife’s uncle says they always take their cats with them and they fit in just fine.

    I love the picture of Cory’s dog at the computer :-)

    • Lol I’m sorry to hear – though i think that may be a rabbit thing in general – ours were the same!

      Corys dog at the computer is my favorite too! I’ve never been a cat person, though I did have the preconceived notion in my head that cats were homebodies – that being said, there is always an exception to the stereotype in any species, so I’m glad I’ve learned that there are adventurous cats out there who are happy to travel!

  21. Love it! I’m partial to bearded terrier types, though that duck really threw me for a loop!

    • Lol I’m glad I included the duck – thought it really gives the post some diversity :D!

  22. Cute pets you have so many ? m glad to have one which is my catty… u inspired me to post… Thnx

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks Arkads!

  23. Well Wow I think I am in loves this pet kitten and not he is brave but adorable also. This is a wonder that how a kitten is alive while there are 11 more dogs. I wish to have same cat like this.

    • Maybe you can look at finding a cat you love in 2016! Happy travels David :)

  24. I didn’t realize so many pets travel with their owners by plane. I would love to take my miniature bulldog with me when I visit my brother and his family this summer. However, I’ve been nervous about having her with me, but seeing these pictures of traveling pets is making me change my mind!

    • Absolutely – people are traveling with their pets more and more every day, and airlines have gotten really good at handling them on flights.

      Happy travels in 2016!

  25. I never tried this but travelling with pets seems a fun idea. Here, in India, we do love pets but i hardly heard that someone is flying with owner.I am sure it’s coming to India soon

    • It’s a big trend especially in the United States at the moment, I’m sure it will catch on in other regions of the world soon too :)

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