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Travel is an ironic hobby; the experience of being in a new destination is both fantastic and exciting, but the actual travel involved with traveling can be quite another thing.

From long customs and immigration queues, to fees for excess baggage, and shrinking leg space every time you fly, the physical act of traveling can be stressful. And this has never been more true than in the case of flying.

However there is good news! Despite the airlines cutting our leg space, and the transit time through airports getting longer, there are a number of travel hacks that can go a long way to reducing the stress of a flight.

Travel Hacks For A Stress Free Flight

Don’t Pack More Than You Need

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Luggage is one of the biggest concerns while going on a vacation, but it’s important to only pack as much as you need. Not only do airlines now charge hefty fees for overweight luggage, but the larger your bag, the harder it will be to move with.

Lighter luggage means you have a far easier time maneuvering trains, buses, taxis, and other forms of transport without hauling heavy bags. And it also means you’ll have less chance of losing things when you inevitably up end your bag in your hotel room.

It’s a really good idea to make a checklist of the essential items you need. This ensures you don’t miss anything, and don’t need to waste time shopping for a replacement when you land in your destination.

If you can’t downsize anything, try to pack it logically. Before you put it all in your suitcase, stack all the clothes, toiletries, and essential items in separate piles so you can keep an eye on what you’ve already got together.

Keep a Checklist / Take Photos

Bag Suitcase luggage RF

One of the biggest causes of stress when you’re flying is that niggling feeling that you’ve forgotten something. But this is where your packing checklist can also come in handy.

If you physically cross things off your checklist as you’re packing them, keep that piece of paper with you when you board the plane. If you start feeling anxious about having forgotten something, pulling this out is quick and easy assurance that you can relax.

Taking photos of the things you’ve packed works in the same way. And this can be a great idea for people who worry about things like having locked the doors or left the stove on; you may feel strange doing it, but when the anxiety hits you’ll be thanking yourself!

Plan (& Book) in Advance

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Spontaneous travel is a romantic and wildly adventurous notion, though it also has the potential to go disastrously wrong (ie not being able to find a bed for the night), and if you get stressed easily, we highly recommend you make your bookings early.

Especially if you’re traveling during peak season, things like air tickets, accommodation, and attractions are likely to sell out the closer you get to your travel dates. Last minute bookings can be incredibly stressful, so save yourself the anxiety.

Booking early not only means you avoid missing out, but last minute bookings can end up being a lot more costly and might throw your journey off if you are traveling on a tight budget (prices rise during periods of increased demand).

Checking in online is a great way to avoid stress on the day you’re actually traveling – most airlines allow you to check in 24 hours before your departure time.

Stay Healthy While You’re Flying

Since you are not expending a large amount of energy while flying, avoid salty or sugar laden foods as these can cause unwanted bloating, which is never comfortable on a plane.

If possible, pack your own healthy snacks and always eat before you head to the airport, so you’re not tempted by the fast food options at the terminal.

Stick to water as your liquid of choice and always stay hydrated throughout the flight, to ward off any headaches or dryness. Make a point of getting up every hour to stretch, even if it’s just walking back and forth to the bathroom.

If you have a layover, get a massage to help promote the circulation in your body – much needed when you’ve remained stagnant for so long.

Fully Charge Your Devices

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Not all planes these days have power sockets under every seat, and you may not even be able to find an available socket at the airport. So if you rely on your devices, it’s important to make sure that they’re fully charged before you leave home.

Whether you’re relying on an iPad to keep young kids entertained, or need your phone when you get to your destination to book a taxi, it can also be a good idea to travel with a couple of extra batteries.

This way, you’re not spending the whole flight fretting that you’ve got no charge.

Stay Comfortable

One of the biggest causes of stress is discomfort, and that’s not in short supply when you’re stuck for long hours on a plane!

One of the biggest keys to comfort is wearing comfortable clothing. No-one needs to look glamorous on a plane, so it’s best to save your new clothes and jewelry for your holiday. Wear something you’ll be happy to be sat down in for ten or so hours and stick to loose layers that you can take on and off.

You don’t want to be too warm on the plane, but all that air conditioning can leave you chilly, so don’t forget to pack a cardigan and some slipper socks. A small cushion and an eye mask can also make you more comfortable if you plan to sleep on the flight.

If you suffer from things like anxiety or chronic back pain when you fly, certain supplements like CBD products could come in handy. has a range that have shown immense health benefits like pain relief and overcoming anxiety for relaxed traveling.

If you’re thinking about taking supplements however, it’s incredibly important to ensure that whatever you have with you is legal in the country you’re traveling to. While this is usually a given, you should also consider the laws of any countries you’re transiting through.

Vaping is another form of stress relief that falls into this category, of being important to check the laws of countries you’re visiting. Finding yourself in trouble with the authorities is the exact opposite of stress free traveling!

Sleep The Stress Away

Tempur Transit Pillow Review

If all else fails and you really can’t face the stress of sitting through a long haul flight, ask your doctor for a mild sedative you can take while you travel.

If you’re flying alone, make sure you don’t take anything too strong, as you will need to be aware when you arrive.

Anti-anxiety medications can also be good for inducing drowsiness and helping you relax, so research herbal remedies or medications you can try.


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