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Wales is a destination with so much to offer in terms of activities, history, railways and beaches. Every corner has something interesting to discover, though there is something about the countryside which is particularly beautiful.

This is our ultimate travel guide to Wales, a list which incorporates the most beautiful parts of the country; everything you shouldn’t miss.

Snowdonia National Park

Snowdonia National Park is one of the most spectacular locations in the United Kingdom. Its rolling hills, rocky peaks and tumbling rivers make for a truly breath-taking sight.

If you’re travelling with your pooch, this is a particularly great place to take them; don’t worry about accommodation options though, as there are plenty of dog friendly holiday cottages in Wales, which are only a stone’s throw away from this park.

As well as attempting to climb the mountain (or taking the train) there are some great activities for anyone who is looking for a dose of adrenaline. Cycling, mountain biking, water sports, fishing, zip wiring and abseiling are all available for you to enjoy.

Snowdonia National Park

Snowdonia National Park

Snowdonia National Park

The Waterfalls

There’s something magical about the waterfalls that decorate Wales, which are cool in the summer and sculptural in the winter.

Swallow Falls lies in the heart of Snowdonia, and is one of most visited sights in the area. You can park up and then head on down to the viewing and safety platforms. If you require more of a challenge you can take a 4 mile walk through the woods and you can also enjoy the views of the Llugwy Valley.

From Castle to Coast

The Wales coast is just as beautiful as the mountains. The rugged coastline here is a mix of dramatic cliffs, and seaside villages just waiting to be explored. If you’re a history buff, Wales has over 400 castles to view.

If you’re a history buff, Wales has over 400 castles to view.

If you’re a history buff, Wales has over 400 castles to view.

The rugged coastline here is a mix of dramatic cliffs, and seaside villages just waiting to be explored.

Local Produce & Delicacies

You shouldn’t visit Wales without trying some local produce and delicacies! Wales are famous for living off the land, their thrifty dishes are made with top quality, local ingredients.

Welsh rarebit is a great dish for cheese lovers. Essentially it is just cheese on toast, but when you taste rich welsh cheese, with the right cider, ale, seasonings such as mustard and cayenne pepper, these simple ingredients suddenly turn into a mind-blowing meal.

Lobscouse was initially meant for miners when they returned home from a hard day’s work, the hearty stew containing carrots, potatoes and meat, traditionally using lamb as the meat component.

Welsh Cakes are a sweet treat, looking like a cookie, or perhaps a pancake, the Welsh cake is a delicious treat that is unexpectedly addictive. If you like the taste of shortbread or sugar cookies, you must try the Welsh cake as the texture is similar and the coating of sugar on the outside is sure to cover your fingers but make your stomach very happy.

Welsh Cakes

Photo CC zingyyellow…!

Bara Brith is a fruity bread loaf. It goes perfectly with a cup of tea, as it is soaked in tea overnight. Traditionally eaten on St. David’s day or Christmas, the bread can be eaten with butter, jam, or marmalade. Don’t buy this from a chain store whatever you do, try a fresh piece from any local shop.

Cities & Sport

If you wish to stay more grounded on your visit, then there are plenty of cities to explore. Cardiff is famous for its nightlife, as well as its shopping. Also, you must try and catch a game of rugby as this is a sport that Wales love, the atmosphere will blow you away.

If you ever get the opportunity, make sure you give Wales a visit. Full of fun, food and history it really does make the perfect holiday destination.


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  1. Aberystwyth is a gorgeous town by the sea in mid wales with great viewpoints, castle ruins, and nice beaches. definitely, a must see spot if you’re in the area. And also, it’s the town with most pubs per square mile n the UK. :D

    • Didn’t know that about Aberystwyth being the town with most pubs per square mile in the UK. Sounds like my kind of place :D Thanks for the tip Sylwester!

      Happy holidays :)

  2. Hey Meg, I’m Welsh, very Welsh, and I’ve never, in all my life heard of labscouse! Sounds like cawl. Maybe a word for it from the far north, close to Liverpool, where “scouse” can be soup or stew. We have a lot of Wales travel posts on the website, we spent all of last summer there, plus…most of my life LOL. I’ll Google the labscouse ;)

    • Hi Alyson, yes, I believe lobscouse is often just called scouse. How amazing to have grown up in Wales … very fond of your country … you have an amazing backyard!!

      Will jump over to your website to check out some of your Wales posts :) Happy Holidays! X

    • Hi Meg (great blog!), Hi Alyson,
      concerning Lobscouse: At the germans coasts we have a traditional meal called Labskaus (pronounce the “a” like “u” in but and the “au” like “ow” in cow). Initially it was a seamens meal, mash includes potatos, corned beef and beetroot, served with a pickled herring and a fried egg. As far as I know, it is the same in Liverpool. I love it :) Kind regards, Katharina

    • Hi Katharina, thanks for letting us know about Labskaus! I obviously need to get back on a foodie mission to try more regional cuisine!

  3. What a beautiful area! I might need to go just to try the foods. :)

    • It’s worth it for the food scene alone!

  4. I had no idea that Wales was so beautiful! This is such an informative view of the area, and your photos are absolutely amazing! Adding it to my to-go list! :D

    • Thanks Alyssa! Glad we could introduce you to Wales and hopefully inspire some interest for a trip! Happy travels :)

  5. I know very little about Wales and how much it has to offer! Those waterfalls look amazing. I hope to visit one day!

    • I’m glad we could give you an overview then, and hopefully have inspired a trip! Feel free to reach out if you do decide to travel and have any questions :)

  6. Welsh Rarebit sounds AMAZING! I’v been in Thailand for three months now and what I really miss is good cheese hahahah so that sounds freaking delicious. Also it’s good to know that there are dog-friendly accommodations near Snowdonia…we bring our dog, Gary, with us a lot so I’m glad he can come along when I go to get some of that rarebit ;)

    • Sounds like the perfect destination for you then after so long in SE Asia! And yes, much of the country is very laid back in regards to traveling with pets, very welcoming and dog friendly :)

      Happy travels! Enjoy that Rarebit! :D

  7. It’s funny – I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a travel guide to Wales before! People often post about European destinations but this doesn’t seem to be one of them and it’s clear that it is highly underrated. All these photos are absolutely gorgeous and I didn’t realize that there’s so much to do and see! Adding it to my list!

    • Absolutely underrated – I’m glad we could share some information and photos then … it really is one of those hidden gems which flies under the radar but will blow you away :)

      Hope you have the chance to visit soon!

  8. Love this post and your pictures are stunning! I lived in Wales for almost 5 years and I’m so sad I never visited Snowdonia. Like that, you have included some Welsh dishes in this. Did you get the chance to try Lava Bread? It’s one Welsh treat I would NOT recommend, possibly one of the worst things I’ve ever eaten haha.

    • Thanks Claire! Haha I did not try Lava Bread, sounds like probably a good thing that I didn’t!!!

      Yes, if you do have the chance to return to Wales, highly recommend Snowdonia. Just means you have a reason to head back :D

  9. Wales seems like such a pretty region to explore! I can’t believe there are over 400 castles – that alone is enough to keep one busy for a whole week!

    • Absolutely – it’s stunning! Yes, and absolutely awash with castles – really will keep you busy for as long as you’ve planned to stay :)

  10. What a fun quick guide! I would be all over Snowdonia – I love to hike! And I also would love to eat loads of those Welsh Cakes – they looks so super yummy!

    • Welsh Cakes are just to die for! The food scene is worth traveling to Wales alone!

  11. Okay, now I need to check out Wales. The Snowdonia National Park looks so gorgeous! I would also so love to see all of the beautiful castles. Thanks for giving us a look at this must see area.

    • So glad we could inspire you to visit Wales Natasha! You’ll love it there. Safe trip :)

  12. Wicked post, I’m off to Wales in March so some good tips for me, especially about trying local food.

    • Thanks Suzy! Glad you enjoyed the post – have an amazing time in March :)

  13. Hi Meg .. can you please tell me if in Wales there’s parks or something similar with lake and swans like Stratford upon Avon or something like that ?? My husband and I also like parks like THE Quarry in Shrewsbury or Verulanium park in St Albans …

    • Hi Monica, Snowdonia National Park is definitely a place you should head for lovely scenery and lakes, this is less of a city park though and more of open expanses of landscape.

      There are local parks in every city of Wales though, Roath Park in Cardiff has a beautiful lake, and Cosmeston Lakes Country Park has a lake where you’ll find your swans, and a lot of different migrating bird species.

      Hope that helps! Have a wonderful time in Wales :)

  14. Fantastic living within the country charms. Great!

    • Absolutely Eric, Wales is THE place if you’re after a taste of the country lifestyle. Glad you enjoyed the post :)

  15. Hello
    I really liked your blog. I like more the part from cycling. In Chile not all the People like cycling but I like it. The Snowdonia Park is beautiful. In Chile the most visited park is the torres del paine. He is in the south from chile. I want to go to wales because it is very beautiful. I like the castles because I think I am in a fantasy world. I want to visit the capital city of Cardiff. I saw it in photos and it was very beautiful. Is the rugby fun?
    Good bye

    • Hi Martin

      Thanks for reading our post, so glad we could inspire you to visit Wales – I agree, it’s an exceptionally beautiful country – landscapes quite like Chile I expect! I would love to get your country at some stage and spend time exploring torres del paine :)

      I hope you do have the chance to visit Wales – yes, the rugby is very fun, even if you don’t follow the rules so much – it’s fantastic just being in the stadium and experiencing the atmosphere of the game!

      Happy travels, and thanks for reading :)

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